The Deep Sea Meta

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May 26, 2018




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TierZoo 2 years ago
Hey everyone, check out this one minute video I made for my patreon! ruvid.net/video/video-H39SFzjsCUQ.html Even if you aren't at all interested in pledging, I still think the video turned out great and looks cool, so give it a watch!
Donald duck guner
Donald duck guner 9 months ago
Your RUvid is too OP
Doubledekercouch - games & whatever
TierZoo nerf blob fish plz, I keep getting rekt by them
TheSupaLuna Year ago
That sponsor segway was as smooth as my jawline after joining the Dollar Shave Club.
Marino Zugan
Marino Zugan Year ago
Love the inclusion of the walking with dinosaurs music
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Year ago
patreon - check ads - check Wtf - check ---..
100 subscribers with no videos challenge
3:01 the only bait fortnite kids need
Bentley Brown
Bentley Brown 2 days ago
I pray to god that this becomes a real game
Gianni Tonetti
Gianni Tonetti 2 days ago
I love how he sticks random smash bros stuff in his vids like ZeRo at 5:00 just perfect!
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
The abyssal server is post game hard mode.
Keeby! 4 days ago
this some subnatica shit
Peanut Jelly
Peanut Jelly 5 days ago
0:26 Me: Noticing that all the safe animals are all deer like things.
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades 6 days ago
4:55 What is this clip from?
Shadow Jenkins
Shadow Jenkins 7 days ago
I knew animals were using Dollar Shave Club, Evil Bob told me about it back in the day. Bob knows his stuff.
Brendon Terra
Brendon Terra 8 days ago
Devs need to put in the Covenant of Artorias item so outside players can join the abyss meta without dying instantly.
Sandra Müller
Sandra Müller 9 days ago
Btw sleepers sharks can live 400 years.
Frenzy Fishbowl
Frenzy Fishbowl 10 days ago
“Never use light to see, it only gives you away” Dragonfish mains: am I a joke to you?
asweetduck 14 days ago
the abbysal server is just hardcore mode for the marine class
just a smøl tøwn gir
This ad Transition made me laugh
Well Feed Duck
Well Feed Duck 15 days ago
5:00 See, the top kill counts of the game. Dude, look at that, there it is the plasmodium. For those who don't know, the plasmodium is a built more widely known as the malaria main. Duuuude.
AlekzHertz 16 days ago
Upvote just for that segway
Levferno 18 days ago
I love the mystery of the deep sea meta. I think that is why it’s so interesting.
Liam McFadden
Liam McFadden 20 days ago
Eidolon wyrm
Sean Parker
Sean Parker 22 days ago
I can't 'fathom' why anyone would dislike this.
Bloo Phish
Bloo Phish 22 days ago
I really hate the abyssal servers, I tried being a low tier fish main and I kept getting killed by the anglerfish! Devs pls nerf the anglerfish
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 26 days ago
Smoll Fish: Hadoken!
UltraViolet 27 days ago
Ah using the best Pokemon game for the intro
Kaveevin 27 days ago
Wait dollar shave club delivers to the abyss?
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore 28 days ago
Deep sea is the 2B2T of Outside Change my mind
Seth Vlogs
Seth Vlogs 28 days ago
Ive never wants a real life the game so bady. Imagine if you could be an animal
Kerlene King
Kerlene King Month ago
As a deep sea meta veteran I can safely say that everyone down there is pretty chill.
Ornella Francis
Ornella Francis Month ago
Greenland ,the Caribbean and central America are not in a continent why did the chart at the beginning of the episode label Central America and Greenland and the Caribbean as apart of North America ?
David Paul
David Paul Month ago
"Buying gf" definitely bait :P
Nicholas Saxe
Nicholas Saxe Month ago
you should make a tier list about the fish we eat no sharks by the way my dad ate a fresher shark
Michael Song
Michael Song Month ago
There ought to be a long overdue fish tier list. Not shark, not dolphin, not deep sea creatures, but exclusively fish.
ian Hartman
ian Hartman Month ago
Is that mustafar
Friendly Old Bum
5:01 horseshoe crap haha
jayvhon calma
jayvhon calma Month ago
Deep sea meta is like 2b2t
Robin Marty
Robin Marty Month ago
Amazing stuff, like laways. Youforgot Cyanobacteria in your highscores list !
BigBadSeed Month ago
Ranz Month ago
the 2b2t of nature
Corn on the cob
Corn on the cob Month ago
DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB you mean a club that shaves hairs of dollars
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Month ago
imagine if this really is a game and we are just the avatars
What game is this channel covering? Its really interesting and i wanna play it. So if you know, i ask, may you tell me in the comment.
Giancarlos Benitez
Giancarlos Benitez 26 days ago
Its not a game. He is just talking about real life in a fun way.
Plati Poem
Plati Poem Month ago
Who is watching this from the link of acapella science ? 😂 I watched them all
lucf Month ago
2b2t for the outside
F U G L Y B O I Month ago
Where are my Gulper EEL players
Graphik Dezigns
Graphik Dezigns Month ago
The sleeper shark probably wins against the giant squid because it wakes up.
Hector Williamson
That’s our (new zealand’s) national museum in the start clip! Yay!
orang Month ago
Jodi Bosh
Jodi Bosh Month ago
Agler fish be like: LET THERE BE LIGHT
Jodi Bosh
Jodi Bosh Month ago
Agler fish be like: LET THERE BE LIGHT
Gavin Parker
Gavin Parker Month ago
You have the best segways
MarioSMG64 Month ago
Seems like he just starts yelling halfway through the video
YouNeedHealing Month ago
a common meme voice-spammed by abyssal players is "Cthulhu ftaghn"
Comrade Danny
Comrade Danny Month ago
"Hadouuukin!" Alright you got a new fan and subscriber.
Cheesy Circumcision
why is there always 1 segment from his videos where he's yelling lol the end of the sleeper shark bit i thought he was about to ground me
Nikkaela Loves Frenchfries
bruh is that rayquaza on the thumbnail?
Raizen Month ago
4:55 OMG thats ps1 game disney's atlantis the lost empire, wow what a game that was
Mr. Russet Potato
To be honest though, hagfish are really damn horrifying
Ray Rowley
Ray Rowley Month ago
Tube worms have a protective tube which they hide in. I doubt if they are hiding from the heat, and if it was just to keep them in place it would not need to be so big. This leads me to think that there is some kind of predator that could be driving this evolution but which has not been documented yet.
Jason Maldonado
Jason Maldonado Month ago
god Month ago
Damn I think it needs a nerf
Yogistein Animations
i hear that the only way to go there you need to have 1 chunk
Not xd Toast
Not xd Toast Month ago
Crime Man
Crime Man Month ago
Huntail and gorybess
ahmad Bakeer
ahmad Bakeer Month ago
1:00 mr tier zoo
PrinceJestr Month ago
I'm only liking this because of the SEAMLESS transition to the sponsor. Makes me wish I grew a beard.
Buttery Tomatoes
3:23 god i love this channel and the editing.
JOHN1 ZAMORA Month ago
Yo, is there any open clans I could join in the Arctic server? I'm a Basking Shark main. If you guys need one...
Tonda Drozd
Tonda Drozd Month ago
2b2t: We are the most famous anarchy server ever! Deep Sea: hold my beer
Inge Steiner
Inge Steiner Month ago
Dollar shave club: is named dollar shave club Also dollar shave club: buy our 5$ starter pack Me: Lies, deception.
Ruby Parker
Ruby Parker Month ago
hagfish are the coolest I was so disappointed that this video didn't expand on them much :,( maybe in another video! I'd love to see you cover their slime it's super neat! Plus they can digestive though their skin!
Micah Godsey
Micah Godsey Month ago
Moose are relatively safe 😂😂
federico savoia
federico savoia Month ago
This guy is a fucking genius
lIlIllIlIIl Month ago
that smooth transition into the sponsor tho
notagoodsitrep Month ago
Most cephalapod mains vs whales: NO FUN ALLOWED I GUESS. Whales: Get ganked noob. Abyssal cephalapod mains: ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA Whales: MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA
“You can pretty much just forget that the stealth stat even exists” Blue planet: “most deep sea creatures can’t see red light” So does that count as stealth?
Technically it does. There are a few builds specialising into seeing with red bioluminescence as a lot of stuff down there is red. (like a whole lot of animals)
Rocco Accurso
Rocco Accurso Month ago
Discovered this channel today, i already love it
Silent Soul
Silent Soul Month ago
The abyssal server players are fucking scary
Aiden McLaughlin
Yersinia Pestis highscore lol
Romain Vasseur
Romain Vasseur 2 months ago
the "distraction" flashlight around the 3 min mark is in fact micro organisms that can glow if eaten, making the predator visible, so they spit them out. it is a defense mecanism
BurnManSam 2 months ago
why you scrEEEm about sleeper sharks... hurt my ears man lol
Matt James
Matt James 2 months ago
Most people who watch this channel are gamers who learned biology using game jargon. I am a nerd who learned game jargon with biology, my field of study.
OffAndSphere 2 months ago
then humans come in with the latest craftable gear and annihilate the region
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