Captain Disillusion
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Captain Disillusion faces the scariest of all nemeses.
Written by
Alan Melikdjanian and Samantha Kuk
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Creative Commons Images:
• Dolly Parton accepting Liseberg Applause Award 2010 - by Curtis Hilbun
• Dodie Clark You Tour at Brussels La Madeleine - by DancingInSpace

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Apr 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Global Eyes
Global Eyes 9 hours ago
How about you debunk the fake ass pandemic
Божидар и Николай
I thought the car was a green screen lol
shakenj 15 hours ago
Bro where do I get that "Im 39 and Im completely addicted to coolmath games" shirt
Duncan Day ago
I want that t shirt
brachios squill
yo that outro before the real outro song is nice whats the name
I'm supporting the channel
ReTRo VeRGiL Day ago
I got serious anxiety thinking this is the end of this channel
Modest Man subscribe?
Editing good content shit- yoda
Ahmed Barak
Ahmed Barak Day ago
He is one of those youtubers Who spend alot of time on Editing their Videos.. Hats Off To You Cap.. Subscribing to you is thr best thing i have ever done..
Pure Natural
Pure Natural Day ago
What a great video.
Mike TheMemest
I like how his hair gets more white-er
Political Theorism
I’ve always felt that the “Dobby” one moves a lot like a puppet. The legs look like they’re being raised and lowers by strings. But maybe that’s just me.
Jay Day ago
Wow he is like the James Randi of videos.
wonkey noodle
sub your neat
Thismans Soup
These visual edits are crazy bro
he should have made a birthday celebration for him or one of his friends start when the countdown ended
Troy's EDC Solutions
Just wow !!
Vomes Day ago
Did somebody say Vomes?
Vomes Day ago
Oh wait Vomez...
T Y Day ago
Seriously, the level of dedication and effort putting to this video is higher than most Hollywood movies
Rodney McLachlan
Yay, CD is awesome!
Anish Katta
Anish Katta 2 days ago
You are the real internet superhero
Only Real UFOs
Only Real UFOs 2 days ago
Best UFO sightings filmed by me. ruvid.net/group/PLEBS6PzPNC1QLNpuqevFj6Tjz13seK31F
Lito Fredo Official
Who is this good and only uploads once a month!?
scevipie 2 days ago
When his countdown doesnt show weeks Weeks: *sad noises*
CHILL SQUAD 2 days ago
This guy deserves a million dollars per episode ! Christ he is good !!!
Jen Smith
Jen Smith 2 days ago
david sanders
david sanders 2 days ago
Does this guy have a channel where he just breaks down things, without all the drama/showmanship crap?
冬Yuki 2 days ago
I need that coolmath games shirt
_sweetie pot pie
_sweetie pot pie 2 days ago
dude fr this vid is great.
much better im the 1 thousand dislike ::) i liked the video doe
lol see 999 likes so you know what i gotta do
Albert _
Albert _ 2 days ago
Yo I watch the corridor guys and in one video they say they that they would like to to colaborate with you but can’t reach you. This pandemic sucks but maybe you can reach them and plan a video
Renbran Ebio
Renbran Ebio 2 days ago
Bros, his videos is like a movie. Its too advance.
MahGhuuls 2 days ago
Yeah nice decade so far
Lukas D
Lukas D 2 days ago
AHA! I finally found a mistake CD! 5:27 and 6:00 we can see that you for all these years have used CGI to make fake feet. EXPLAIN!
Lukas D
Lukas D 2 days ago
I know all subscribers of CD will say this is true. You have some of the highest quality and effort content on all of RUvid. Keep up the good work!
Liquify_90s 2 days ago
At 4:14 someone said it was to much fortnite😂🤣
Vhector Design Studio
One of the best videos on youtube. Damn!
Feather Pen
Feather Pen 2 days ago
That was oddly moving
Legendary spud
Legendary spud 2 days ago
Zaim Personal Acc
I just watch Captain Disillusion old vid.... And he say children on the intro so i would like to comment at he's new vid about he's Intro cause i'm not a kid.... And he's new video say that he wont say children again so yeah. Yea u know. Maybe this wasting your time to read but if u read fast may not. Like if u read till this end.... Like and Subs Captain Disillusion Video or you will be not smart like Captain
Abdullah Jabbar
Abdullah Jabbar 2 days ago
This Alan guy suspiciously looks like Captain Disillusion!
Evil GOD Joe
Evil GOD Joe 2 days ago
its been long....
Luke R
Luke R 2 days ago
Disillusion disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.
ANGEL DINI 3 days ago
he's fuckin good
Justin Case
Justin Case 3 days ago
Stange... I'm 40 and never heard a whisper of this dude until this week on 'that' side of RUvid... I totally appreciate the skills displayed in these vids being a Blender Artist myself...mad props! Especially if you had to use 2.4- for any of the early episodes.... TG for 2.5!! Anyway Im guessing that maybe this was some generation after mine, because this sure didn't play during the breaks of Saved by the Bell, and certainly not after He-Man, G.I.Joe, or The Real Ghostbusters. No memory of this on Nickelodeon either... wait a minute here! 2007!? How are you guys nostalgic about this tube?? Lol it practically happened yesterday... I mean, yeah, if it had followed Thundercats or something. Hahahehe...ahhh kiddies...
It's like me and homework :(
TofuDaTurtle 3 days ago
Did alen have the logo of *coolmathgames.com* on his shirt?
TofuDaTurtle 3 days ago
I like how the hours revealed without needing to, as if to say *"IDGAF, HURRY THE HELL UP"*
Belak studios
Belak studios 3 days ago
What happened to captain d, did her disappear, or Evan worse, die? I've watched all out his videos hundreds of times over the years, and it makes me cry the cgi tears of Cool math games.
Sahith Sivalanka
Sahith Sivalanka 3 days ago
When are you planning to face reveal?
marc paolozzi
marc paolozzi 3 days ago
ton avis Moi fake tu vas voir mon vidéo facebook facebook.com/LongLifeChile1/videos/241903637105688/
marc paolozzi
marc paolozzi 3 days ago
The animation Place
Your effects areas good as the cat and the hat movie which is a good thing since that’s a blockbuster movie
YouTube Bot
YouTube Bot 3 days ago
Wait I just got it, your a brain of a human grafted onto a robot, that took me to long
mohin kumar
mohin kumar 3 days ago
Captain can you make a bloopers for debunking
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers 3 days ago
queen somebody to love
Renato J. Rodríguez
Great job, get'em all Captain...!!
Skatta_Hg 3 days ago
Nice Video but why do you always need so much time to Make a Vid? Is it because you dont find any Video you could debunk Or is it because of yous Special effects that are Hard to make and Take a long Time?
desoria 3 days ago
captain, you don’t need to stress yourself out and post super often, you can always take a break and we will always understand 💜
PANDECOCO 3 days ago
Cicret Bracelet update
Yeet Potato - PG3D
Anyone notice Captains hair changes everytime the timer changes
Halberd-3 Day ago
It gets more grey! I love this channel. The logo is rusty at the end too.
Nice Guy
Nice Guy 3 days ago
He is really talented
Jay Home
Jay Home 4 days ago
Be nice to see an episode regarding the UFO videos by the Air Force recently and whether those video's are real or doctored! What could possibly be going on in the videos. Love to hear CD's take on those incidents!
Renofeels Good
Renofeels Good 4 days ago
Does this video mean that he's quitting RUvid?
Renofeels Good
Renofeels Good 3 days ago
Leah Wilson
Leah Wilson 3 days ago
Renofeels Good No this video is about haters complaining that he takes a long time to upload and it shows how stressed he is with his deadline timer
marquezzj 4 days ago
Hi captain I recently discovered your existence (20 may 2020)... you are the best... I am watching everything you have done. Thank you Captain D!!!!!!
Michael M
Michael M 4 days ago
Every video is an adventure :)
Kitten Khaous
Kitten Khaous 4 days ago
I have watched a lot of your videos and enjoyed them. And in a separate video talk about the comments you get you spoke about paint huffing and It brought up a memory of something else I have seen. I want stress the fact that I love that you found a theme and stuck with it so I would never want you to consider the comment that follows as something is critical of make-up choice that is 10 plus years old. But it would seem that metallic paint is the high end choice of real paint huffers. In a Vice News video Romanian Underground Homeless showed "Bruce Lee, king of Romania" whom has a "series" of drug adled photos of him in silver paint. So I guess I am showing what ADHD is good for in connect widely different things and finding humor when all life is simular. see pictures from google search but this is my favorite images.app.goo.gl/WKoxvigvMf3mGaPs9 I hope you take this in a positive and humorous way in which it is meant. Or maybe all silver people look alike. :)
joe slob
joe slob 4 days ago
You never put enough shiz on you tube I am retiring and no cake in this time zone kAY! get back to the egg! We love U but stop sukinn in cake to eat unless you got mental in the real world. Love you most but back down to a level GOD GAVE A ROCK...10-4 I'm standing 10-2 I need more you tube!
battle pup
battle pup 4 days ago
Can you check this out i'm confused ruvid.net/video/video-lUR6QzwleP8.html
NoobKing767 4 days ago
Cpatain D: it's not aimed at children also captain D in basically every other video: Greetings children
Fernando 4 days ago
You are a genius men!!!
Hmodey Abd
Hmodey Abd 4 days ago
You're great.
Vader 86
Vader 86 4 days ago
Burh Apex Legends it's just a app for a home roofing company like boy
MissingSlayer 4 days ago
Great work CD!
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming 4 days ago
Debunk the Siron Head footage
Sai Vamsi Prabhakar K
Where r u Captain d
Станислав Макаров
there is a fake video: ruvid.net/video/video-x6VS8yf5OWU.html
Because I feel like it
Do siren head please
Silent Sahara
Silent Sahara 4 days ago
wait, there is no CD merch? that makes no sense
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