The Death of AirPower: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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RIP AirPower. It's canceled forever. Here's how it happened.
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Mar 30, 2019




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Taylan B
Taylan B Day ago
The truth is air power was invented by Nicola Tesla near the time of his death around 1940 and the government was quick to seize his work after his death. Apple thought they could carry on his research and create this product for the public. BUT as they were researching and developing Air Power they came across the scientific innovation that ultimately led to their demise 'AIR CHARGING' the ability to send electrical energy to distant locations through the medium of air, this was what Nicola Tesla's life had led up to and Apple were almost there they just needed to... BAM suddenly the US government break down the windows to the research facility killing all the scientists and taking all the research covering it up as a failed project. Also lizard men exist and i am a wizard weeeeeeee.
C_R Day ago
that was maybe the biggest joke of 2019, apple still not able to do wireless charging, while their biggest competitor has wireless charging already since the s6 LOL
Creambud 6 days ago
Solution: 1 Whole huge coil!
HSK Gaming
HSK Gaming 9 days ago
Why don't they just use the same technology that Logitec uses for their Power Mat mouse pad? Mouse catches a charge over a much bigger surface than the AirPower would've been =/
Monsieur Bean
Monsieur Bean 7 days ago
That's not even possible lmao
trixalgorhythm 10 days ago
Hahahaha. That insta-stress on the possibility of cancelling Mac Pro. Hahaha.
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi 15 days ago
Nice skin on that mac
theKiNg jr.
theKiNg jr. 17 days ago
Where can I get that MacBook skin???
Xenon575 20 days ago
I really wish they realeased it bcuz it would be such a big innovation
Fieryaleeco 21 day ago
Loved his sort of mental breakdown surrounding the Mac Pro
Asena S
Asena S 22 days ago
I think it’s better they cancelled instead of having something not work or even be a safety hazard. More respectable.
BalthazarTheGreat 24 days ago
Apple is weird they where once a company who wasn't afraid to innovate and show the world they can bring new technology to market better then anyone else can I mean it's what made iPhone so legendary. They gave up with the under display fingerprint scanner, they abandoned 3D touch, and they just seemingly quit with air power... Like what happened here since when did apple become a pussy? If it takes courage to remove the headphone jack, remove saphire from your camera lenses. And remove peak performance from you aging iPhones but can't take a few simple challenges? Sooner or later people will notice this trend and won't buy into the apple image.
Yurick's Channel
Yurick's Channel 26 days ago
I'm just bummed that we'll never officially hear the Airpower charging sound
Leveraged 27 days ago
Airpower, former member of Earth Wind and Fire.
AE MC 27 days ago
The realization of a possible cancelation of the macpro 😂😂😂😂 LOL
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 28 days ago
Apple fails LOL love it
Weez naz
Weez naz 28 days ago
I don’t get why Apple didn’t wait until 2018 to launch AirPower. Would have given them time to fix issues, and avoid this embarrassment.
MichaelR8783 29 days ago
Just by those 2 claps alone, Marques has single-handedly killed AirPower. Some sources say that a few months back, the Bixby speaker was killed when Marques said the words “Meme review”.
Sara Mahfud
Sara Mahfud 29 days ago
ur one of the least obnoxious and most down-to-earth tech youtubers on this website, i enjoy ur videos
Sara Mahfud
Sara Mahfud 29 days ago
it sounded like a good idea tbh, but pointless
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Month ago
QUESTION: is samsung can do it, why cant apple?
The Golden Greninja
I still don’t get what the point of wireless charging is. I mean it’s cool, but it seems that there isn’t really anything that makes it makes it better than a regular charger right?
Nicson Flores
Nicson Flores Month ago
The iPhone 7 doesn't support wireless charging right,? Why are you putting it on the air power?
x r
x r 17 days ago
Nicson Flores it’s an 8+
Wetosi Month ago
Bruh just use Galaxy Buds with Note 10
Jayson Cooley
Jayson Cooley Month ago
Definitely just laughing at Apple. Ain't nothin changed XD
Kashif S.
Kashif S. Month ago
Airpower? How is this different from wireless charging thats been around for years? One mat for multiple devices, and an interfacing app?
Melnyx Month ago
Kashif S. you always can just connect 1 coil to 1 device. But you need it to be in the right spot and people wanted to make 20+ coils so you could lay your things wherever you wanted on the charger. It just isn’t possible yet without creating too much heat in the progress
HeavyIzThaCrown -
I dislike all the sassy jokes, it’s a good thing they discontinued it instead of releasing a subpar product.
mario serenko
mario serenko Month ago
Having a laugh lol
konnorxxstew Month ago
my airpods 2 dont have the airpower mat
Evan Liu
Evan Liu Month ago
Cancel the 1k stand pls apple
Don Seo
Don Seo Month ago
damn why cant an advanced company like apple make a simple wireless charger? samsung makes them. hell even chinese companies make some decent ones...
Melnyx Month ago
Don Seo Why should they make just another normal charger? They tried something unbelievable, but couldn’t overcome physics yet. It isn’t that difficult to understand.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head Month ago
Samsung didn't knowingly release a product that had issues and less than 1% of total sold units was affected by that issue.
Daba Dokubo Asari
Bruh. 20 to 30 coils. How sway? How
Brian Cole
Brian Cole Month ago
I mean, that charger you showed at the end is much more functional than AirPower would have been. When you have your Apple Watch on your nightstand, you want it propped up so you can see the time, not laying down. Plus the bend of the watchband would likely have disconnected it more often than not. I'm okay with cancelling things that aren't working. We've seen this happen plenty of times with other companies (companies that are legitimate and somewhat ethical that is) so it's okay.
JL Naleus
JL Naleus Month ago
6:06 Marques having an existential crisis.
Below18tech Month ago
Bro can you gift me a iPhone 😁😘😘
Below18tech Month ago
Very poor no credit card ☹️
Melnyx Month ago
Below18tech sure, just gimme credit card info so I can send it to you
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres Month ago
I knew this was gonna be a big fail.
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres Month ago
lnjinn Tunn
lnjinn Tunn Month ago
lmao @apple, hahaaaa funni, l use a note8, l stay behind for 2 reasons, 1, l cant afford and don't want to afford the latest and the greatest tech, 2, l have so much fun staying behind looking at and checkin out all the stuff that fails vs those that shine on. l get to hear about it all at work and on the internet, thanks mkbhd 26aug2019dellthecomputer
famas Month ago
4:45 nice mirrored reddit comment.
Neo Month ago
1:39 Joanna from WSJ
Jason J
Jason J 2 months ago
30 heated coils= a note 7 experience
Jimmy Tod
Jimmy Tod 2 months ago
Apple finally admitting they made a defective product and decided not ship it. Baby steps apple baby steps. Maybe one day apple fuses will prevent pp bus chips shorting to ground.
Loopdy Loop
Loopdy Loop 2 months ago
my airpods wireless charging dont have a diagram of airpower
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas 2 months ago
People say stuff about Samsung but then apple can’t make a wireless charger, right
Melnyx Month ago
Alexander Thomas Samsung didn’t even try to make something this ambitious. They don’t want to release just another wireless charger with 1-4 coils. They fking wanted to make a 30+ coil charger.
Anabel 2 months ago
From 6:09 to 6:26 Marques was internally dying from Apple canceling the Macbook Pro
Gadgets Girl
Gadgets Girl 2 months ago
Nice video session. Love it.
The Mazeシ
The Mazeシ 2 months ago
Wireless chargers are a waste anyways and its not good for your brain :-)
王嘉 2 months ago
Which wireless charger is MKBHD using when 4:13 ?
Not your Business
Not your Business 2 months ago
Not your Business
Not your Business 2 months ago
Lol fuck Apple, and really fuck a Mac
Joshua Luckett
Joshua Luckett 2 months ago
This guy helped me remember I’m a nerd. Thanks bro
Mike Leyva
Mike Leyva 2 months ago
It’s amazing to see how much this channel has grown. I’ve been a subscriber since I was a wee lad.
BloodRaven NSP
BloodRaven NSP 2 months ago
*Here cause cant afford an iPhone*
Mikko Korhonen
Mikko Korhonen 2 months ago
Sounds like there are claqueurs in the keynote audience.
Swole Souls
Swole Souls 2 months ago
Mark ass brownie
Aaron Storrer
Aaron Storrer 2 months ago
It's nice to know that even Apple executives make the mistake of not listening to the engineers. Happens in other companies all the time...
Satsui Nohado
Satsui Nohado 2 months ago
Who's sick of the William Painter ads?
Abhishek Gaikwad
Abhishek Gaikwad 3 months ago
Dropping a like just for that mental breakdown over the Mac Pro cancelling 😂😂😂
a 3 months ago
Who cares 🤦‍♂️
Nils R.K.
Nils R.K. 3 months ago
I bet people in the future will remember AirPower, and then blame the Mandela effect when they can’t find anything about it.
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