The Death of AirPower: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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RIP AirPower. It's canceled forever. Here's how it happened.
Nomad base station: amzn.to/2CJUtbb
Base station with watch: hellonomad.com/collections/power-apple-watch/products/base-station-apple-watch
Gruber's blog post: daringfireball.net/2018/09/iphone_xs_xr_series_4_apple_watch_event
RIP AirPower graphic: 9to5mac.com/2019/03/29/airpower-buy-now/
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Mar 29, 2019




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Comments 80
HighCat710 2 days ago
They should have water cooled it
Jason Fete2Fete
Jason Fete2Fete 7 days ago
I think the KEY to apple port-less iPhone is AirPower. Not the dock connecter or USB-C.. That's why I think it was discontinued (couldn't get the communication between iPhone and computer worked out along with power).. (Transfer power and data over Airpower) ideal. What's your thoughts?
Raúl Fernández Perez
omg! i played a list from your channel and i have seen most of them, lol
Connor Garrett
Connor Garrett 8 days ago
Honestly only rich people were going to buy AirPower anyway
Reilly Russell
Reilly Russell 12 days ago
I don’t understand why they can’t just create a beveled edge thats a bit bigger than needed, so it forced you to put things in your spot. I’d honestly just purchase this just so my chargers dont wear out and to build the habit of putting my phone in a specific spot when im not using it
SAPllak 2008
SAPllak 2008 15 days ago
Apple: we can do it next year Science:*am I a joke to you*
Naveen Arjune
Naveen Arjune 17 days ago
I want air power
Cosmic Games
Cosmic Games 18 days ago
Marques looks like if Bradley Beal and James harden had a kid
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos 23 days ago
You filmed the goat Joanna stern
Joe Leamy
Joe Leamy 24 days ago
I’d rather not wake up to my end table on fire.
Watch For Sure
Watch For Sure 27 days ago
But why do they need to power all the coils at once why not that particular coil where the device is laying by automatically detecting the position of the device. This way at any given time they have to power only 3 coils at once if all three devices are charging and not all of the coils. Weird.
Mr Dannie
Mr Dannie 28 days ago
"You ever heard the Tragedy of airpower the wise?" "No." " I thought not. It's not a story Apple would tell you."
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 28 days ago
Lol Samsung being one for he first companies to have thermal problems with one of their phones
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 28 days ago
Airpower would've been so cool for Apple but of course the way Apple described and we're going to do it f'd up also hopefully soon we'll get airpower but we get also get like android airpower maybe by Samsung or another android company
K A 28 days ago
Steve would have done it
Mr_ KhanZ
Mr_ KhanZ Month ago
Fate Breaker
Fate Breaker Month ago
Air power tailed because apple doesnt know how to make shit. This is what happens when apple tries to make their own hardware and do it in house. Give the plans to Samsung and they will build it for them....just like they are doing with almost all their other hardware.
Suika Suika
Suika Suika Month ago
better not sellin dangerous stuff
Trọng Vinh Lê
Because they wanted to sell each product's wireless chargers seperately 😃
Hero5 Month ago
Coming from the future, Mac Pro will not be canceled & MKBHD will be enjoying his sweet MacPro! On the side note Airpower is going to be revived again.
D R Month ago
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Month ago
I'd rather have them not ship something if it won't work. Apples behest mistake in this whole ordeal was announcing something that was "beta".
Isaiah morgan
Isaiah morgan Month ago
Is this the first time marques has cursed?
kaciao 2 months ago
Hey Marques I come from 2020, you may need to come back to this topic. It has been risen from the dead.
Icy Clan
Icy Clan 2 months ago
This vid is exactly a year ago
Potatoblues 2 months ago
Quarantine Day 1: 6:11 Marques having a breakdown, you're welcome my dudes.
guardmcfly 2 months ago
6:09 this was my favorite part
Isaac Oz
Isaac Oz 2 months ago
3:22 even your bleeps are high quality 😂
Vardhan Shah
Vardhan Shah 3 months ago
Marques : "Nobody buys a Mac Pro" Also Marques : Buys a Mac pro
Dylan Lopez
Dylan Lopez 3 months ago
Yo his intro hits different when you have headphones
Bear Bishop
Bear Bishop 3 months ago
Mac Pro did arrive ?
jackson 3 months ago
ₚₗₑₐₛₑ 𝒹ₒₙ'ₜ 𝒸ₐₙ𝒸ₑₗ ₜₕₑ ₘₐ𝒸 ₚᵣₒ
Skullbonk 3 months ago
Just release it as a heating pad
Ryan Potchebski
Ryan Potchebski 3 months ago
Where did you get that macbook skin? It’s incredible!
Hannah R.
Hannah R. 3 months ago
Say what you will about Apple, but at least the products they *DO* put out are safe and don’t spontaneously explode in your pocket. Lookin’ at you samsung >.>
TJ BARN 3 months ago
'what's up guys cabby hd here"
Abdulrahman Ademuyiwa
This guy got worried about a "very real" problem he just made up about apple cancelling the mac pro .
Retro Doc
Retro Doc 4 months ago
LOL. Apple is pathetic.
Martin Zapanta
Martin Zapanta 4 months ago
Anyone know the music in the intro?
Vine is Not dead
Vine is Not dead 4 months ago
Only Apple could make a wireless charger this important
Patrick Loftis
Patrick Loftis 4 months ago
1:48 I found the problem: iPhone 7 doesn't have wireless charging
sam1370 4 months ago
5:58 subtle sponsor
Slash 4 months ago
RIP Kobe.
Martti Suomivuori
Martti Suomivuori 4 months ago
If you have an AirPower toilet, be sure to take cover when you flush.
Ray 4 months ago
“Why I have been saying explained at the end of my vids. Explained!
Yack Yack Tech
Yack Yack Tech 4 months ago
Having a Laugh
Damien L
Damien L 4 months ago
Only Apple could generate an entire news cycle by NOT releasing a product.
Alexx Alexii
Alexx Alexii 4 months ago
Apple: "Our technology is better and has no mistakes" Airpower engineers: "Yea.... about that"
Elvin Chateauvert
Elvin Chateauvert 4 months ago
butterfly switch engineers: "yeah....yeaaaaaah....about that"
Raheem Hussain
Raheem Hussain 4 months ago
Apparently the iPhone 12 is gonna be completely wireless and there's rumors that Apple just been working on the AirPower these past 2 or 3 years and re-release it for 2020 for iPhone 12.
Barrie Wright
Barrie Wright 4 months ago
like a few other company's that have shipped products that turn out to be dangerous, apple did the right thing , its better to be safe than sorry ! .
Lucas Schnatz
Lucas Schnatz 4 months ago
We were on the verge of greatness
Tech Factz
Tech Factz 4 months ago
6:12 Don't cancel the Mac Pro btw, omg they could cancel the Mac Pro. Apple's been canceling unannounced products, the Mac Pro is unannounced. They could cancel the Mac Pr- they're not gonna cancel the Mac Pro, it's too important... Nobody buys the Mac Pro though... Please don't- oh my god
Samuel Ng
Samuel Ng 4 months ago
Couldn't they just made a rectangular coil?
Michael Granberry II
I don’t think I matters. Science is hard .. reviewing it isn’t. Love your channel though.
Airam John Villareal
The ending could be a meme😂😂 the anxiety😂😂
Jd Gomez
Jd Gomez 4 months ago
6:06 - 6:27 Pure gold, Marques.
E.J. Cartagena
E.J. Cartagena 4 months ago
Hi from 2020. They didn't cancel the Mac Pro. They finally announced it. And you bought one. And I'm jealous because your build is worth my salary for 1.5 years.
Ishaan Vasudeva
Ishaan Vasudeva 4 months ago
Kinda bummed
Layla way Moye
Layla way Moye 4 months ago
I am using my iPhone XR and i have been using it for 2 hours straight and It is not even warm and I’m not using a case
Hansa 5 months ago
**clap clap** Airpower review!
Toasted 5 months ago
That server in the background lol
Chandy Alexander
Chandy Alexander 5 months ago
Wirelessly charge a wireless charger-
Paul Son
Paul Son 5 months ago
I thought it read death of air powder
BlueAnimatesYT 5 months ago
They removed the AirPower mat in AirPods
Who dis
Who dis 5 months ago
I’m super sad that they canceled AirPower
swaggity waggity
swaggity waggity 5 months ago
I completely despise apple but man would that have been amazing.. it's really a shame it got cancelled. The concept behind it is so cool.. it sort of would've tied the whole ecosystem together but oh well :/
Magdy Kamel
Magdy Kamel 5 months ago
RIP Air Power2018
Wii Matt
Wii Matt 5 months ago
Thumbnail: mr. cook... I..I don’t feel so good
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar 5 months ago
the mood swings you got while talking about closing or non closing of mac pro.. dude you should be wanting for replacement of Matthew Mc Conaughey ...lol
KillerPi 5 months ago
Wireless charging just doesn't make sense to me. The tech is a step forward but the practicality is three steps back it seems. Can anyone tell me what the deal is?
Fernando de Menezes
Fernando de Menezes 5 months ago
I was sure he said "ex wife" freedom lol
Spaghetti boi
Spaghetti boi 5 months ago
He did the meme review clap in the beginning of the video lol
Alex Ward
Alex Ward 5 months ago
They're not gonna cancel the Mac Pro Wait they can cancel it There's no way Omg they could actually do it I'm so nervous rn
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar 5 months ago
If I would ever wanted a better charger, I would instead change that connector which can be damaged with daily use with something like magnetic connector which you can unplug easily. Wireless charging is very very inefficient and useless unless you are having your phone charged while you move around room, Which is not possible.
Isham Trivedi
Isham Trivedi 5 months ago
1:03 - "...but our team knows how to do this." AirPower: "I'm going to ruin this man's whole team."
Binaya Ghimire
Binaya Ghimire 5 months ago
It's funny to see this "mental breakdown" video after his Mac pro second impressions video 😂😂
Tanner G
Tanner G 5 months ago
Came here right after your Mac Pro video to hear you panic about the possibility of them cancelling the Mac Pro lol
Malik 6 months ago
Use an ice pack no?
Nick 6 months ago
Wireless charging sucks and all the tech nerds are obsessed with it. YOU CAN’T USE YOUR PHONE WHEN IT’S CHARGING!!! “progress” 🙄
Reto Walther
Reto Walther 6 months ago
4:13 What‘s the name of this WirelessCharging Pad?
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