The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Played Too Good for His Age - Mbappe WHO?!

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📌 The day Cristiano Ronaldo ''CR7'' played too good for his age against Manchester City 14/02/2004: 1 goal, 1 assist & sensational performance (1080p/HD) by SLIZHENKOV l HD
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Comments 100
SLIZHENKOV l HD 5 months ago
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Yordan Artigas
Yordan Artigas 4 months ago
Do you mean FIFA World champion winner 19 yr old Mbappe? lol
JOHN SALAZAR 4 months ago
Ninja should kill himself
JOHN SALAZAR 4 months ago
+JOSEPH J SALAZAR me too I hate him so much. Just like I hate Ninja
obiechinaldo 4 months ago
SLIZHENKOV l HD ruvid.net/video/video-NSay1hFDTwc.html
cR7 CR7
cR7 CR7 5 months ago
What is your Name MUSIC
Kamarul Hisyam
The last Man Utd player who was worthy of no. 7 jersey.
Stockholm Syndrome
Mbape won world cup btw
I'm gonna put some dirt in your eyes
This is the age when Messi and ronaldo fans unite against these 13 year old mbappe fans
Stef A
Stef A Day ago
Fuck your bonus vid
Tim G
Tim G Day ago
I love the topics of your videos! "The day Ronaldo became a household name" etc, etc. Those early games that break out someone's career are incredible! Do more vids about more different players, with this topic, please!
nateynie. co
nateynie. co Day ago
3:40 best moment
Murtic 7
Murtic 7 2 days ago
that time I was young too ... what a memorie like ya bro c7 xD
KayCi 2 days ago
Mbappe haters everywhere.Mbappe has achieved many great things and he is only 20 years of age.Won the world cup,went to quarter CL final with monaco and scored against buffon(while messi did that in 30 yo).Won the golden 2018 and won the u20 ball'on dor award.Stop comparing messi ronaldo mbappe neymar.Shut the fuck up and enjoy them.
Darrell Alston
Darrell Alston 2 days ago
Does a black player do anything worthwhile to you soccer fans? Mbappe has a World Cup before 20...can the other two say that at 20?
d4ve19 4 hours ago
Pele, Eusebio, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Henry. Those black guys were pretty decent! He's too young to judge at the moment. Could become an all time great or just very very good like Rooney and Owen.
Zane R
Zane R 4 days ago
This is a shit Man City team. No one is doing what Mbappe is doing at his age. Winning a world cup for France at his age is unreal.
Emma A
Emma A 4 days ago
Poor Ronaldo he didn't even understand what he was saying
Theking Ofghana
Theking Ofghana 5 days ago
But mbappe won the World Cup!
Unmaiyane Thamizhan
FYI that kid at 5:41 is Mbappe
Holy Cucumber
Holy Cucumber 6 days ago
Niggas got Messi’s and Ronaldo’s cocks deep down throats. Outstanding players but best off all time? No way. You have to be born in the 90s-00s for you to say something so silly.
lakshmanbalaji11 7 days ago
who knew he would be getting 5 ucls
ToXiC_JyNx Yt
ToXiC_JyNx Yt 7 days ago
1:33 Portsmouth
Jake Gibson
Jake Gibson 8 days ago
The absolute best footballer to ever grace the game bar none
Jo Mama
Jo Mama 8 days ago
o die in a young age because even he was ontological qhphnhpdd Ugly *
Tarisayi Mbogo
Tarisayi Mbogo 8 days ago
Alan Smith’s voice has never changed has it
LevyC Chilufyajr
LevyC Chilufyajr 9 days ago
I think i saw a little Jese Lingered amongst those kids
Мартин Йорданов
Mbappe at 19 is so much better than ronaldo
Anas Azzaoui
Anas Azzaoui 10 days ago
He waas jist fast but good
Albanian Bits
Albanian Bits 10 days ago
sa gjynah ka qen
Tamim Shohidi
Tamim Shohidi 10 days ago
Mbappe WHO!? -One of the good fan of CR7 😂
Eyoabyohannes Amha
He was his role model dumball and first of all he is now a very good player so think before u act or commenting 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Tamim Shohidi
Tamim Shohidi 10 days ago
HAWfilms 10 days ago
4:02 the crowd was like “yeah” then “ohh” then “yeah” again I found it funny 😆
Miraser 6 days ago
Miraser 6 days ago
1 sub With No Videos
Mbappé en français
Maximus 32
Maximus 32 12 days ago
It was a time when both Ronaldo & Manchester City didn't knew that one day CR7 will become one of the best footballer & Man.City become one of the best club.
Rijal Muzikers
Rijal Muzikers 10 days ago
+K.N. Netteb no
K.N. Netteb
K.N. Netteb 10 days ago
kaustav kesh
kaustav kesh 12 days ago
Still not even 1% close to Messi's natural talent.
Angry Wheel 7.0
Angry Wheel 7.0 11 days ago
Ronaldo's talent to work hard prove that is more important than natural skill talent of Messi . Cr7 is the goat.
Yash Dhawan
Yash Dhawan 13 days ago
He still plays too good for his age everytime he is on the field
Jin Baka
Jin Baka 13 days ago
*Ronaldo* #BEAST
s3kushi 13 days ago
It’s funny they know foreign players can’t speak English that well and yet they still interview them
Antares 14 days ago
Victor Cerqueira
Victor Cerqueira 14 days ago
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 14 days ago
“Are you confident?” “ Sorry I don’t understand” Gary: “Here let me try....are you confident?”
Dime Ques
Dime Ques 14 days ago
Mbappe already won World Cup barely at 20. Once he gets balandor and wins champions league then what
Dario Di Stasio
Dario Di Stasio 14 days ago
The Hole in Dans Sock
Look at the pitch quality. Jesus.
baharat2 15 days ago
World cup holders what???? Ronaldo(B), Ronaldhino( B), zidane(F) and well...........
Ewee Aaww
Ewee Aaww 15 days ago
Jesús. Que feo es el hijueputa
Vivek Saikhom
Vivek Saikhom 15 days ago
Sponsor by Vodafone OMG
Mus3 15 days ago
After he left Manchester, I wasn't the same for me, still, wish he did well, but i was never a fan like before.
tony vaseem
tony vaseem 16 days ago
You’re not ugly,You’re just poor.👑
lol lol
lol lol 17 days ago
Mbappebis good player but messi and ronaldo are better
Fer Lou
Fer Lou 17 days ago
Suarez is more deadlier than Ronaldo.
Ash .P
Ash .P 16 days ago
AT7 Productions
AT7 Productions 18 days ago
Mbappe is good but Ronaldo was a beast
Pablo Ribeiro
Pablo Ribeiro 18 days ago
He’s pace is simply ridiculous
Olav Langli
Olav Langli 18 days ago
And now he is in court because he sleepy with one of those gold digging lying sluts...
Daniel Osborne
Daniel Osborne 19 days ago
His decision making back then was poor. Something messi has never struggled with
Dejan Beložanski
Dejan Beložanski 19 days ago
Mbappe it’s nothing
ssep12 19 days ago
When he was humble and didn’t know what confidence meant. Now he’s beyond confident, now he’s arrogant.
Simba Boerboel
Simba Boerboel 16 days ago
No he is just a winner
Prostě Borec
Prostě Borec 16 days ago
Hes not arrogant, its just his winner mentality.
Ash .P
Ash .P 16 days ago
Arrogant really he always was like this U can see how he is when he plays that's not arrogance its passion Zlatan is wat u calp arrogant
BINBI Vlogs 20 days ago
kill this love => Cr7
Rasa Rozite
Rasa Rozite 20 days ago
Rasa Rozite
Rasa Rozite 20 days ago
It’s natural talent. You can’t learn it!
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift 21 day ago
Yusuf Chagtai
Yusuf Chagtai 21 day ago
3:46 people underestimate how good that cross was.
aaron Field
aaron Field 21 day ago
That was some great team back then
Fabri Caruso
Fabri Caruso 22 days ago
A la misma edad mas o menos messi metio un gol igual al de maradona contra inglaterra
Gilded WWE
Gilded WWE 22 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo's Champions League Season | 2018-2019 | Music Video
Ivan Pecotić
Ivan Pecotić 22 days ago
He played RW
Apex o r Fortnite
Apex o r Fortnite 22 days ago
mbappe who mbappe is better than u
Michael Madsen
Michael Madsen 22 days ago
mbappe 38kmt..
Hitler Adolph
Hitler Adolph 23 days ago
whos the blonde kid tackling?
Promati Srl
Promati Srl 23 days ago
are you comparing playing a world cup, with playing a single match against not even today's manchester city?
Morocco 23 days ago
Now mbappe in french league !!!and he can't performing level like that
max wood
max wood 23 days ago
Nice dribbling and skills but glaring lack of end product. Was only 19, though
max wood
max wood 21 day ago
Zo Fa
Zo Fa 21 day ago
Messi was already a master at 19
Onuorah Austin
Onuorah Austin 24 days ago
Сергей 24 days ago
Don't forget, its PREMIER LEAGUE !! NOT FRENCH!
lil dalí
lil dalí 24 days ago
He’s good, there’s no denying that, but you can tell by him playing in the last few years that he only cares about scoring goals and, in comparison to messi, he doesn’t love his club. Messi loves FCB, but Ronaldo has never cared about any club he’s played for. I think it’s pretty evident who loves the game and who loves the money.
Dont mind Bro
Dont mind Bro 24 days ago
Plz don’t be disrespect to mbappe by comparing him to the most overrated player in history
jack hundson
jack hundson 24 days ago
Mbappé he'll never get the capacitys of Ronaldo at his age .......Ronaldo at 19 was a BMW and his skills was so creative.....
Eyoabyohannes Amha
He is just 20 and see how he is playing fool😋😋😋
Dragon Force
Dragon Force 23 days ago
ronaldinho far better than cr
Xuelin (Nick) Cui
Xuelin (Nick) Cui 24 days ago
I am glad I don't see players like them with Man Utd any more. Oh by the way I am a Liverpool supporter.
David Logan
David Logan 24 days ago
7:11 Ravel skinning Ronnie!
Imad 26 days ago
the things you can do when you don't know what "confident" means !
Will Hedley
Will Hedley 26 days ago
I think Mbappe is more than a fair comparison to Ronaldo as when they were that age they were very similar. Messi has proven to be a different breed in terms of skill and intelligence. It’s not fair to say Mbappe isn’t near the level of Ronaldo at the same age.
Promati Srl
Promati Srl 23 days ago
I Agree with you. Mostly. But the thing is, Mbappe played like this in a world cup, that is another story, we are not talking about some match in psg. In addition, in this video CR7 is playing with M. City, and to be honest, it's not as shiny as today's m. city...
Nitesh Tendulkar
Nitesh Tendulkar 26 days ago
Messi has far better control on football....while ronaldo is a faul player.....
jake zlomek
jake zlomek 27 days ago
This is some sloppy football. I remember this game well. Runs himself into trouble constantly
Benjamin Oosthoek
Benjamin Oosthoek 23 days ago
JoaoL15 27 days ago
Love the fair play 5:01
ho lee fook
ho lee fook 27 days ago
Why this hate against mbape is also too good
DjBacto 28 days ago
Man time flies
Gabriel Salgado
Gabriel Salgado 28 days ago
Mbappe who? World cup winner that's who and at such a young age.
Swag4life 28 days ago
It's not a joke to compare them at age 19
levan Mitagvaria
levan Mitagvaria 29 days ago
levan Mitagvaria
levan Mitagvaria 29 days ago
levan Mitagvaria
levan Mitagvaria 29 days ago
CofeeAuLait 29 days ago
I'm just grateful I was born in the age of Ronaldo and Messi. Best players to ever grace football.
J Medrano
J Medrano 5 days ago
+Ball is life hell nah...back then it was no pussy shit like now.
Al Cipta
Al Cipta 6 days ago
Ball is life 1. R. Carlos was one of the greatest because of his attacking attributes not his defensive ones. Hes also old by the time he met messi. 35 yr old nesta owned messi. Hell, even chilean defenders own him. 2. Anyone who says current defenders are better than those from baresi era is retarded. Even old maldini, cannavaro and nesta still owned modern players. Even ashley cole, cafu and gattuso owned cr. 3. If stats are all that matter then romario is better than both messi and cr7. 4. "Even if i played for million years i would still never reach maradona's level" - messi.
Ball is life
Ball is life 6 days ago
+Al Cipta lol this is about Messi Ronaldo and Maradona. Messi toys with Roberto Carlos who is one of the best lb in history. I'm not even gonna argue with you because you're one of those people who exaggerate and overglorify the past. Stats dont lie and Messi is the greatest ever, Ronaldo Second.
Al Cipta
Al Cipta 6 days ago
Ball is life lol kids these days. If 37 yr old maldini could handle in prime gerrard in '07 ucl final what makes u think prime scirea and baresi couldnt? Old nesta and messi met 5 times and messi could only scored once from penalty. Those are facts. If u think clowns like ramos are better than kohler, baresi, bergomi then its clear uve only watched football for less than a decade
Peter Leash
Peter Leash 6 days ago
Sorry.. Maradona was the best ever.
Robyn Month ago
LUL "too good for his age" yeah when he was 11 that game he played better, for 18 he was pretty trash for me
Ed blackcardigan
SHIFTY Month ago
Beckham isnt even worthy enough to tie Ronaldo's boot laces.
Nitesh Tendulkar
No control on ball....Mbappe is way better at this age
riley biers
riley biers 27 days ago
Mbappe has control?😂😂 Bro r u sure u know who mbappe is?..or wtf ball control is?
DumDum Month ago
The good thing and the thing you should respect about CR is the fact that he never let his fame get the better of him, he kept improving.
DumDum 16 days ago
+Ash .P With what match i have seen from him in Argentina it seem he doesn't even care at all he is that type of player thats why i like Ronaldo more cause CR always want to win. Messi doesn't seem to give a shit if win or loose he doesn't show or he don't know how to show his emotions instead CR go berserk if he is loosing.
Ash .P
Ash .P 16 days ago
+DumDum I mean he doesn't do magic with Argentina
DumDum 16 days ago
+Ash .P You didn't got my comment i am ronaldo and rm fan since i can remember . what i meant with overshadow is the fact that messi can do magic in single matches and everyone is talking about him is a fact. Yea ronaldo can turn the tied in matches too but is usually a team effort with him finalizing. messi doesn't give a damn about team effort he need one perfect touch to turn into woodo style shit no matter what keeper no matter what defense he has in front no matter how many players he have to pass he does it.
Ash .P
Ash .P 16 days ago
+DumDum overshadowed from Messi lol it's just this season Messi is playing good check last three ucls
DumDum 16 days ago
+Ash .P yea what he did to mu was nothing compared to what he did to rm but people tend to not appreciate him cause he always has been overshadowed from messi doing some magic.his goal ratio at rm is unbeatable i don't think anyone can beat that up ever 311 goals in 292 matches is extraordinary. Even now at 34 of age at Juve he is still a goal machine 20 goal in 28 matches is pretty good even for a player at his prime.
Kelvin Ogbeide
Kelvin Ogbeide Month ago
Baby lingard hanging out with the legend himself....CR7 is football.
Jacek Kuc
Jacek Kuc Month ago
Ronaldo = RAPIST !!! go to hell
attk177 Month ago
I won't believe Ronaldo ever even began to understood fergusons thick accent. There is just no way
Top 5 haircuts of all time
Kane Ogier
Kane Ogier Month ago
Best part of the whole thing is Gary Neville with the classic English 'say the world louder and it'll suddenly translate to portugese'
baggies37 Month ago
Ronaldo is better than messi, fact. He's doing in in multiple teams. Messi is great but for true greatness needs to do it everywhere. Ronaldo does it for club and country.
1337Demo Month ago
if u can play permanently in the best club in history, would u not?
Sachin Dhanbir
Sachin Dhanbir Month ago
Best Fergie signing ever!
Mike McGee
Mike McGee Month ago
????????? I didnt see anything ???? What am I missing he had 1 lucky assist? He couldnt dribble past anyone he just out ran some of them? Im going to call BS on this one!
S3M NE Month ago
But mbappe won the World Cup so yea... Messi and Ronaldo didn’t 😂😂🤫
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