The Dangers of Quicksand

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Yay, got around to editing the rest of the footage from the timelapse day I spent with Comacchio. We explore the Lost World, coming across a beautiful yet deadly lake, populated by deer and exotic birds and surrounded with quicksand. Apologies to anybody who was offended by us using Holy Entities in vain.
I'm aware that if you get stuck in quicksand, you can't SINK since it's heavier than you are. You're more likely to die from exhaustion trying to escape. Make small circular movements with your limbs to create a layer of water between you and the clay and you'll more easily be able to slide out.
Of course, the goal wasn't to see what it's like to be stuck in quicksand, but rather HOW people can get stuck in what seems to be a silly situation. It looks like people walk on it, expecting it to be solid, then when it gives way under one foot, they shift their weight to the other to support them which breaks the ground under their other foot as well, causing both feet to be stuck in the quicksand.
With me, I didn't feel it break- it was more as though the ground wasn't there any longer. I immediately collapsed onto my knees and spread my weight as best as I could. It sure makes your shoe heavy. It eventually dried, allowing me to hit my shoe against the ground to get most of it off, though it's still a ghostly white colour.
An exciting and different day. We wouldn't have tried it after a spell of wet weather, that's for sure.



11 июл 2014

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Jasminder 2 дня назад
Oh yeah yeah
Jerdua 2 дня назад
That would be an awesome place to take acid
Tinker Turner
Tinker Turner 4 дня назад
Click bait prick!
Terje 3 дня назад
*BUMMER!* I was waiting to see somebody gets sucked down........... now I have to go to Pornhub to see it 😂
Martin en Nadine
Martin en Nadine 5 дней назад
Ben Tisdale
Ben Tisdale 6 дней назад
This guy sounds like 3kilksphilip
Memestream 6 дней назад
Ben Tisdale if I say forgot to switch accounts I suppose you’ll respond with r/wooosh
Ben Tisdale
Ben Tisdale 6 дней назад
Ben Tisdale
Ben Tisdale 6 дней назад
They are the same person, idiot
Fitz Gerald
Fitz Gerald 8 дней назад
Are there big animals beneath the Sand that are eating you when you get stucked?
rbodell 10 дней назад
When I was about 10 I was so scared of the water I wouldn't take swimming lessons at a pool so my friends took me to a quicksand pit and taught me there LOL. Another time we were board and talking about something to do and somebody suggested lets go swimming at the quicksand pit. You should have seen three adults standing there loose it LOL. We finally had to show them.
Nurazianie Abdullah
Nurazianie Abdullah 10 дней назад
Sink the prawns🤣Mr quicksand.😒
Cypher 11 дней назад
I lost a shoe once in quick-chickenpoo
Phil Graves
Phil Graves 11 дней назад
You two Nancy's you should have just made a gay porn video. Sissies
Elias 12 дней назад
Your stupid
Memestream 6 дней назад
Elias big chungus pfp
Noglastic 13 дней назад
I read some of the hater comments and here is what I think. Some of these people want other people to die. There.
Luis Ruiz Beza
Luis Ruiz Beza 13 дней назад
Stupid humans
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier 13 дней назад
Oh damn a martian
Zz Man
Zz Man 13 дней назад
I wanted to see someone being pulled out of it.... Boring!
Andreas Jarud
Andreas Jarud 13 дней назад
do it yourself try not drowning
TouchTooMuch 13 дней назад
As a kid growing up i thought quick sand was going to be more of a problem than it actual is.
Nill Gddy
Nill Gddy 13 дней назад
Really dangerous . Clickbait
Robert Isaksson
Robert Isaksson 10 дней назад
Nill Gddy not clickbait
Menkiee 12 дней назад
Nill Gddy Clickbait? Is the video named "Guy drowns from quicksand" or something? No, so clickbait my ass.
Andreas Jarud
Andreas Jarud 13 дней назад
it is really dangerous
janessa brum
janessa brum 14 дней назад
Lmao where’s there car
johnny kev
johnny kev 13 дней назад
sʜᴏᴠᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴜʀ ᴀɴᴜs
Scoovy The Toaster
Scoovy The Toaster 14 дней назад
How is this click bait he was showing how dangerous it is fucking libtards he didn't put anything about dying. Ben Shapiro would not be proud.
Ross Thomson
Ross Thomson 14 дней назад
"but how do people get stuck, are they just stupid enough..." Literally two seconds later falls due to the quick sand and almost gets stuck😂😂😂
Rob H
Rob H 14 дней назад
There's quicksand like this where I live up near the 395 and death valley turnout on the dry lake bed you can easily leave solo to walk or bike and not come back they call it the white powder
Mike Clar
Mike Clar 15 дней назад
Waste of time watching this.. oh a mud puddle it must be quick sand look at my dirty shoe. Run
The Meme Inspector
The Meme Inspector 14 дней назад
Underneath the crust of the earth there is a deposit of quicksand. When he broke through he fell on all fours to distribute his weight.
Alexia Medina
Alexia Medina 15 дней назад
i got nauseous watching this
Mike Pollard
Mike Pollard 15 дней назад
Perigine folcon
Logan Boxy
Logan Boxy 15 дней назад
Hey idiots in the comments wanting him to die, Shut up. Why do you phycos want him to die?
Midnight 17107
Midnight 17107 16 дней назад
Why does he sound like Fitz?
Memestream 6 дней назад
Midnight 17107 he doesn’t lol that’s like saying anyone with a British/Australian accent sounds like him
faizant15 16 дней назад
Change the title to Dangers of your camerawork. Fuck i felt i was gona throw up
Ryminister de papworth
Ryminister de papworth 16 дней назад
Is this just outside st Austell ?
KasukeGamer 16 дней назад
Ah take in the nature sounds
Des Junior
Des Junior 17 дней назад
Recommended to watch this too huh?
Jeff Anthony
Jeff Anthony 17 дней назад
I want a refund on that 5:50 of my life I'll never get back.
Andreas Jarud
Andreas Jarud 16 дней назад
why did you watch this then
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis 17 дней назад
I like the fact that the camera guy said are people stupid enough to actually keep on walking in relation to the quick sand. Um hello, your stupid enough actually where you were. 😂
B.D W 17 дней назад
Englishness = 👍
Garfield 17 дней назад
But how about SlowSand?
SampleText 15 дней назад
It would take 10 years for your legs to be completely covered up... oh and yes, only the legs
david lombardo
david lombardo 17 дней назад
garbage video
Andreas Jarud
Andreas Jarud 17 дней назад
garbage comment
Matt Sharpe
Matt Sharpe 18 дней назад
Mmmmm “Johnny Johnny “ girl hottest ass ever
Brad Joseph
Brad Joseph 18 дней назад
Wow!! SOOOO dangerous..!! You guys are really living on the edge!!
Andreas Jarud
Andreas Jarud 18 дней назад
You know that this video is informing you not a vid about ppl stuck you dumbass
*Nothing is Real*
*Nothing is Real* 18 дней назад
Edgy Kids: Klikbait
Benton Pickens
Benton Pickens 18 дней назад
Hollywood has made quicksand seem like it is something it isn’t. It depicts it as this inescapable death trap that swallows full grown men whole, but that isn’t true. On average, 1-3 people are killed by quicksand every year. While it is true that the more you struggle in quicksand, the faster and deeper you sink, pools of quicksand are rarely more than a few feet deep. The surface of a quicksand pool is very thin and often looks exactly like solid ground, but it cannot support any weight. Instead of drowning in it, what usually kills people stuck in quicksand is actually exposure to the elements. Quicksand is usually found in remote areas, so if a hiker got stuck in it, they would most likely die of dehydration or heat stroke. If you ever find yourself stuck in quicksand, here is what you should do: 1: Do NOT struggle. The more you move, the harder it will be to escape. Try to remain as calm as possible. 2: yell for help. Use anything you can to get someone’s attention. Scream, wave your hands, screech, throw rocks, anything you can to get noticed. Just don’t struggle too much, for you might sink further into the quicksand. 3: assess the situation. Look around you. Look for any sticks or rocks you can grab onto. If there is a tree nearby, look for any overhanging branches you can grab onto. Also, take into account the things you have with you. If you have a backpack, a phone, or even just a jacket, those things can help you tremendously. 4: how to escape. Lay down on your back. I know it sounds crazy, but the more you can spread your weight out, the better. Try to get your feet unstuck. Don’t yank them out, go very slowly. If you loose your shoes, it doesn’t matter. Your life is more important. Army crawl your way to safety. Get on your stomach. If you have a backpack with you, you can use it to prop up yourself. Put it on backwards and use it to keep your face away from the mud. If your hands get stuck, remember: pull them out SLOWLY. If you panic, you will sink faster. Once you get to shore, dont immediately stand up. Continue to crawl for a few more meters, just to make sure you are out of danger.
Benton Pickens
Benton Pickens 12 дней назад
Menkiee thanks!
Menkiee 12 дней назад
Benton Pickens This was very helpful. Thank you for being a decent human being instead of those other people in the comments screaming "clickbait" or "I wanted him to sink in the quicksand" . I learned alot from this comment😃
Loopyloop L
Loopyloop L 19 дней назад
2019 everyone or just me
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier 13 дней назад
Anthony16000 19 дней назад
the csgo guy
Colby McKay
Colby McKay 19 дней назад
This looks like one of those cheap pov horror movies for some reason
the weirdo alien
the weirdo alien 19 дней назад
His leg broke omg look 10:36
Wxnder Land
Wxnder Land 19 дней назад
Can I eat the clay shit
baller boiii
baller boiii 19 дней назад
Looks like Artist's clay
GRIM SHIFU 19 дней назад
Y were people saying they wanted them to sink an get stuck that's fucking in humaine wanting people to basically die
Mystic Odyssey
Mystic Odyssey 20 дней назад
4:58 sexy!😻
cameron boomer
cameron boomer 20 дней назад
That looks fun
mike larochelle
mike larochelle 20 дней назад
tattoos are grafitti! just stupid! half sleeve , full sleeve! why not get a sweater?? or just a normal brain
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier 13 дней назад
"The dangers of millennials"
Malaya Knight
Malaya Knight 20 дней назад
Oh it’s Quicksand, steps on the quicksand, Sinks, surprise Pikachu meme
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