The Dagestan Chronicles - Ep 7. (All-Access of Eid Mubarak with Khabib & his family)

Anatomy of a Fighter
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The Dagestan Chronicles presented by Will Harris Productions
I am back with another episode after shaking off this jet lag from being n Russia for days. Here is episode 7 of the Dagestan Chronicles (The Celebration of Eid al-Fitr)
As you all know, back at UFC 223, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov invited me to Dagestan, Russia.
Me being the trooper I am, took him up on his offer and came abroad to witness and learn more about the people of Dagestan.
Directed by Will Harris Productions
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Jun 23, 2018




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Anatomy of a Fighter
Sorry I been quiet for a week since UFC 229, but I have some huge events I am covering in November and will be putting a lot of content on the channel soon. I am honored for the success I have been having and its all due to the grind and the fans. Thank you.. I am in the current situation of seeking sponsors to help AOF grow. I only been around a year, so I know things take time. If you want to help, here is a go fund me to do just that... www.gofundme.com/anatomyofafighter
VEGA YT 2 days ago
Брат қазақстанға кесей
VEGA YT 2 days ago
Брат казакстагға кеси
Клпг Асью
Нодира У
Нодира У 4 days ago
Но Г 5р
Омина 11 hours ago
В 1924 году русские вместе с чукчами отобрав земли узбекских ханств образовали ранее не существовавшие новые государства предателей Казахстан Кыргызыстан Каракалпакстан Туркменистан
Омина 11 hours ago
В 1865 году когда Царская Россия начала захват земель узбекских ханств Хивинского Ханства Бухарского Эмирата и Кокандского Ханства казахи кыргызы каракалпаки чукчи и туркмены перешли в сторону русских и предали узбекские ханства
noman ronaldo
noman ronaldo 15 hours ago
No camera
Амин Гусейнов
6:10 C.Ronaldo in Dagestan
down2own. com
2 words for these people: Alpha Males
Anvarhon Hamidhonov
Река просто супер !
Уланбек Турдукулов
Ассалам Алейкум Дагестан! Хабиб конечно молодец💪
Cheeco Ms13
Cheeco Ms13 3 days ago
What a great man true gentlemen
Джурабоева Нигора
Ассалому Алейкум Эпилепция Это от Джина Могу Помочь Я Буду Чистить От Джина С Помощью Военов от 1 Месяца До 3 йох Месяца Исмотрия уково Сколка Количество Джина Это Зависит от Количества Джина Осталний болезни Я буду Лечить С Помощью Ангелов И Руками Биоенергием Исмотрия Уково Какой болезни Могу Помоч Я Избранные от Бога Духовни Лекар Ганижан Джурабаев Знаю Причини всякий болезни Могу По Визами тоже Йездит И Вилечит Могу Сотруднечит Мне Нужен НОБЛ Учоний Все Это доказать Или Спонсор Если возможност Есть Помогите Мне Я Из Узбекистана гор Фергани Будьте Здоровы Ватсап Телеграм Имо Тел:(91).107.16.94.
Andry Febriansyah
Babushkaa :)
Feruza Rozyyeva
Feruza Rozyyeva 3 days ago
Салам алейкум из Туркменистана привет Хабиб мы тебя очень сильно любим жлайю тебе здаровя и удачу бериге себя пока
Гм Болтаева
Здавствуйте Хабиб как вы там все семья родственики друзя соседи живы здоровы передайте от меня всем Ассалом алейкум ва баракатикум
fahad husain
fahad husain 3 days ago
Whatever good you see in this person, it is only because of Islam, and belief in the oneness of ALLAH
Зафар Сатторов
Eid Mubarak!!!!! Habib Noormagomedov
Хищник о
Хищник о 4 days ago
За его скромность его и любят
Еркеш Ергалиев
Еркеш Ергалиев
بكرaa aaبكر
السلام عليك يحبيب
بكرaa aaبكر
Alvu Habab
بكرaa aaبكر
حبيبنا يحبيب
Zafar khan Raimov
Курбон хаит Байрами!
RT-Kazanova City
RT-Kazanova City 5 days ago
Как всё же люди дружно живут.....даже завидно......)
Mark 5 days ago
Эх жаль что отец Хабиба умер😭
Bushido Samurai
Bushido Samurai 6 days ago
Слишком много смеха ''
Айна Айсякаева
Все инастранцы пишут гаржусь Кавказ табою💪 хвала Аллах что мы Мусульмани
Zane Johnson
Zane Johnson 7 days ago
I want to turn Muslim I am lost brothers
H -
H - 2 hours ago
Watch merciful servant videos. I learned a lot from them.
Neutral Bruh
Neutral Bruh 2 days ago
Sure brother, go to your nearest mosque and ask to meet the imam and tell him your problem
Saharسحر 7 days ago
I want to marry a Dagestani guy ❤️send me Location, please .
Bassam Alasker
Bassam Alasker 6 days ago
Orange County CA
Suxrob Xolmirza
Suxrob Xolmirza 7 days ago
Хабиб братан мое из таджикистан
Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari 7 days ago
Khabib, a warrior in and out of the octagon. Love your religion, your family, your country and your origins above all. This is priceless. This is worth more than any belt. Muslims and Christians must stop all disagreement. May God and Allah bless you. 🤲🏻☝🏻
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan 7 days ago
Masha Allah Deer kha Grana swabi Loy Afghanistan 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫
The Eagle
The Eagle 7 days ago
Yusuf Ayaz
Yusuf Ayaz 7 days ago
He meets and talks to kids with so much respect as if they were grown men. That tells a lot about their culture.
Rryujin my Boo
Rryujin my Boo 8 days ago
Am i the only one that is not a Muslim here ??! I mean i respect them and all other religion of corse
I'm KHAN 8 days ago
Now we know what's the reason of success behind khabib .Islam ..so much love and pray from family.. and .loyalty..humbleness...
Назаров Асад
Назаров Асад
Юсуф Ходжаев
Маша Аллаҳ брат Ҳабиб!
Салмон Сухроб
Саламалекм хабиб я таджик маладец
Хайбула Маламагомедов
Хабиб сила алугьу акбар👆👆👆👆💪💪💪
deleted channnel boy
I love that's guy
Aditya Chauhan
Aditya Chauhan 11 days ago
Why there is no women in whole town/village ??
H -
H - 2 hours ago
Sa Eagle some were in the video and they moved out of the way, so I don’t think they want to be seen
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 10 days ago
There is but he was requested not to show them because theyre sacred, their beauty is only for husband and family not for a random perv watching
Хайрулло Боймуродов
Алхамдулулах асаламуалайкум Хабиб 👍👍👍👍
Monkey Meme
Monkey Meme 12 days ago
01:02 But throughout the Video...All the doors are closed🙅🤦
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 12 days ago
Bruh its a metaphor, everyone is welcome to others homes, its a small town so they know each other. The 🤦🏼‍♂️ goes to u instead
Sea and Sky song
Sea and Sky song 12 days ago
Thank you so much for this video will Harris production. Hope you got more successful with your beautiful work.
Шарофиддин Сафаров
Поздравляю Брат! Исстина за АЛЛАХА! Тебе Большой Салам и Ты Лучший!Держись Исстиной и АЛЛАХ вознаградит Тебя Брат!Ты Лучший!
Рамазон Хасанов
Хабиб ты малодец. Я таджик .
Ama Diouf
Ama Diouf 12 days ago
Islam is just beautifull and have nothing to do with arabic culture... The values of this religion are the same everywhere. In Africa, EUROPE, AMERICA OR ASIA... It's love, faith in God, doing good around yourself....
Ama Diouf
Ama Diouf 2 hours ago
@H - i am not telling thee opposit
H -
H - 2 hours ago
The Muslims in Dagestan aren’t Arabs though, they’re from the caucus, original Caucasians.
mr doom
mr doom 13 days ago
i really respect him as an athlete and as a person
F Santos
F Santos 14 days ago
Khabib who are you? I wanna know who you are mate.
muhammad osama
muhammad osama 14 days ago
He is current ufc lightweight champ
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor 15 days ago
"Islam is like the mosque of Cordoba. For those outside it, it's a forboding fortress, but for those inside it, it's a beautiful botanical garden." Ya Allah, keep me inside your beautiful deen, Amin.
KhanKratos 15 days ago
This is Islam ladies and gentlemen ❤️ 🇮🇳
Tajammul hussain
Tajammul hussain 15 days ago
12:38 Future UFC title contenders!
Самираи Некматзода
Здравствуйте дорогие друзья у нас одна сестра болна деньги нету чтобы вличит ему пожалуйста помагите нас вот карта Сбербанк 5336690389085020 пожалуйста помогите нас.
fegasd 15 days ago
Religion is for idiots with lack of brain and self respect. It is so stupid to be a member of any religion, bc it all depends where you are born. If you droped out of pussy in Dagestan, you are muslim, and you dont even get a choice to be something else. And that is a huge problem... not having a choice. Khabib is great athlete, and seems like a nice, smart guy, and that is why I believe he is not really religious. If you own a brain, you are not religious, bc that bullshit stroy about Jesus, Muhamed, or whoever, is just a stroy, wroten by a man, not god...
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 12 days ago
Well as a muslim i believe that quran wasnt written by man, it logically couldnt have because of the scientific evidences and miracles, of course u dont believe that but im not insulting ur atheism am i. Relgion creates morals, atheism doesnt. Thats a fact. Atheism is subjective islam is objective, thats a fact. Who are u to say what is right what is wrong when u have no subjective criteria, u do as u please with regarding the law of the land with no guidance. No religion or atheism has no guidance except islam,its the guidance of everything u need
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 12 days ago
Of course i agree that we should have a choice with no social pressure too.
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 12 days ago
Thats the thing u say khabib isnt religious yet he says many times that hes a devoted muslim. Ur just like the russian christians that went against imam shamil, imam shamil (ra) was a great warrior for islam and finished his education in the arts of sciences in the middle east he came to dagestan and protected it in the caucuses against the christians that wanted to takeover. They found out and heard that he was a great warrior that overcame manymany challenges. They didnt believe he was a muslim, they said he was too good to be a muslim, they were so arrogant they called him a christian, they made up things to show that this imam shamil wasnt a muslim but a christian, why because they didnt like a great person being a muslim. They went so far that they called him the grandson of a christian king that fell out with his brother. Basically what im saying is that u are like those christians, because u hate the fact that hes muslim and are so arrogant. Dont be so disrespectful too. If u are an atheist ok, but dont force ur religion on others and say its stupid. Einstein was a smart scientist, he was a jew.
Dibyany 16 days ago
6:25 Khabib laughing at his way of speaking english xD
Jamila Mirzamatova
Jamila Mirzamatova 17 days ago
Брат за Брат
Аллаху Акбар
Davlatkhodzha Khaybatov
Салом хабиб шери алох ба пеш як точикистон миомади
sheikh Qayyum
sheikh Qayyum 18 days ago
Imagine if a robber broke into khabibs house
2mwillis 18 days ago
Khabib looking like a beast
Сухроб Официал
Гуш кунед чи мега ruvid.net/video/video-cuf0EWcpFds.html
Jihadi John
Jihadi John 21 day ago
wow it looks like such a chill environment...everybody knows each other
HYUNDAI Islamabad Pakistan
Love you my man khabib ♥️♥️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
dr. SMILE 21 day ago
very peaceful and beauty...
Edem Djokotoe
Edem Djokotoe 22 days ago
Will Harris, you're the man!
burninghouse 22 days ago
I love how kids just randomly started pushing up
Sa Eagle
Sa Eagle 10 days ago
They do be tough
ha'sn tp'zi
ha'sn tp'zi 22 days ago
I love how khabib looks at every bag from the kids He's like a kid too he enjoy with them
deepak bhatt
deepak bhatt 22 days ago
Mother father same ... That was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Tani Tosku
Tani Tosku 22 days ago
Selam Aleikum Khabib🇦🇱
Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans 22 days ago
4:38 I think everyone did that LOL
Glen Durant
Glen Durant 23 days ago
Mr. Khabib i like how real you keep it and how you show so much respect. God will reward you and maybe this helps in the octagon.
pooya zarei
pooya zarei 23 days ago
زنده باد حبیب ماگمادوف
Хозяин Тайги
12:24 я отжался 20 раз тк подумал, что это он мне крикнул
Хозяин Тайги
такой классный, искренний парень.. я ещё больше его зауважал и маленько, по мужски, даже полюбил)
Умед Киёмов
Бобошо Курбонов
Худо нигахбонат бошад Хабиб
I like so much Khabib Nurmagomedov
عبدالله الشمري
احفظ الله يحفظك متواضع وخلوق واحلى اهل قريته ناس تحس ارتباطهم بدينهم
shubham chaturvedi
shubham chaturvedi 26 days ago
3:53 no 2 booolshit guy my cousin brother
Nabil 92
Nabil 92 26 days ago
This guy no. 1 bullshit my cousin brother this guy... Hahha 😂😂😂
Mtem Dlamini
Mtem Dlamini 26 days ago
They also pray for him before he fights, wow.
CHERNOTA Abdula 26 days ago
ауф леее
Сабир Буриев
Тибя вапрос ниту абсалютна👆👆👍👍👍пишит узбик
Faris Hope
Faris Hope 27 days ago
These people have all the reasons to be happy beautiful religion, beautiful nature, and beautiful faces. Their only problem is being close to the brutal Russia.
Joji peer
Joji peer 27 days ago
Lov u khabib brothers ma sha Allah...❤
Рамазан Умалаев
Где русскоязычные?
Jamy Lanyster
Jamy Lanyster 27 days ago
Whole Turkey🇹🇷 loves you our brother Khabib
XTECH PAK 27 days ago
love and respect from #PAKISTAN
Abdalla Saleh
Abdalla Saleh 28 days ago
coffin man
coffin man 29 days ago
you’re the best 🤲🏻
Rawand Salaye
Rawand Salaye 29 days ago
When Khabib speaks the best English of them all XD
مثير للإهتمام
The kids go out to get candy every year and bonus the might run into khabib just wandering in the streets what a good role model
Xargxes 29 days ago
Khabib ''This is second bag'' Nurmagomedov
john doe
john doe 29 days ago
All the little guys wearin Gucci lol.
Enia Shiro
Enia Shiro Month ago
That cake is amazing
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