The Curse of Harrenhal (Game of Thrones Theory)

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There was a deleted scene where Varys tells Baelish "...the curse does frighten me. Did you know every house that has a misfortune of holding Harrenhal has died out?"
My tinfoil is that this isn't only exclusive to those who were holding the fortress nor who became Lord of Harrenhal, but to every character who had ever stepped inside the castle will die (before the series ends). That means [spoilers] Jaime Lannister will be next.
Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry are safe because they were all paid by Jaqen's, Rorge's, and Biter's life. The death of Tickler, Amory Lorch, and the guards could also be the "death (debt) that was paid," but they were a red herring; they were all destined to die, whether Jaqen kills them or not. Whereas Jaqen and company were not supposed to be in Harrenhal in the first place if not for Arya saving them.
Jaqen, Rorge, and Biter were the key in saving Arya and her friends' lives. The three men in the cage were temporarily saved by Arya, and in order for their death to be re-paid, she picked Tickler, Amory Lorch, and Jaqen (Arya wanted the guards but Jaqen claimed it must be one name, and she did; she named him first), but despite that they (Jaqen, Rorge, Biter) all died anyway and it luckily re-paid for Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry's life.
And what about Brienne? Well, she could die beside Jaime ("In the arms of the woman I love"), or she might be safe because of Roose's guest right- "You're now under my protection." Locke ignored this, unfortunately, but she was later saved by Jaime in the bear pit. Meaning Jaime's death, who is already cursed even if she had not saved Brienne, will be paid again for Brienne's life (or it could be Jaime's new unborn child with Cersei that will be paid). Just like Qyburn's life was saved by Talisa and was later re-paid by the death of her unborn baby. (As for The Mountain, he is already *technically* dead but Qyburn raised him from the dead.)
Edit: Bronn did save Jaime's life in Spoils of War. Which means... Hmm. Nope, it still stands. Remember, Jaime also saved Brienne's life in the bear pit. Double curse. He is definitely dead in the final season. (As for Bronn, it doesn't matter-he was never inside Harrenhal. He will live, I think.) - 8/20/18
But hey, that is just a theory, a film theo-WHO THREW THESE POOPS ON ME??

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Comments 80
Steven Ancel
Steven Ancel 16 days ago
Love the clip of finger talking to the girls who will kill him. He taught them too much.
loddergermane 17 days ago
why not naming tywin at first?
Wanderingwalker 1990
Still hate seeing that shrimpy dude called clegane.. it’s either the big one or none 😂
Izzy LWHDF 18 days ago
I found it badass when Jon was Lord Commander, Olly was his faithful squire and Ed and the others went to grab Mr "Friends in court" for execution. But I never understood why Alliser Thorne moved out of the way. I liked Alliser for that coz Slynt was a twat but I never understood it
Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser
26:52 peta ?
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 23 days ago
The Curse Of Harrenhal is just as bad as THE MADDEN CURSE. No the more I think about it "THE MADDEN CURSE " is worse. The MADDEN CURSE has knocked a lot more people out for the season.
Chilled vibez
Chilled vibez 24 days ago
29:18 what Is he
Daniel Cho
Daniel Cho 27 days ago
Janos disobeyed Jon because of his pride and dipped out at the last moment because of his cowardliness. No integrity. That's why he died.
Daniel Cho
Daniel Cho 27 days ago
Here lies Janos Slynt He had powerful friends in court
Taurus Silver
Taurus Silver 28 days ago
Theory falls apart with aya tho...she didnt die?
maxdecphoenix 28 days ago
boy, that last bit... with Jaime and Brienne... LOL! You can tell this was made before the finale... I know a certain youtuber who DEFINITELY had their expectations subverted...
Heartkeeper Kate
Heartkeeper Kate 28 days ago
People who didn't die after going to Harrenhal *Arya* *Gendry* *Hot Pie* *Jaqhen H'gar* *All the other Lannisters around that table* *Fuck knows how many Stark soldiers* *Fuck knows how many Lannister soldiers* *Fuck knows how many Karstark soldiers* *Fuck knows how many Bolton soldiers* *Fuck knows how many civilians who were liberated*
Dowhat Iwant
Dowhat Iwant 28 days ago
I quit watching when Janos died, he was the best.
Ron NJ Mo
Ron NJ Mo Month ago
Whenever I do the next right thing I see ...... 7:52
Cleo Glover
Cleo Glover Month ago
Rob shouldn’t have killed Karstark honestly. That was his second biggest mistake
maxdecphoenix 28 days ago
Robb was done by the time he killed him. His claim was unravelling, and i think he'd already pissed off Walder Fray by this point, so his demise was already in motion. Killing Karstark was irrelevant to that outcome. Robb lost before he ever got out of the North.
Rob Polaris
Rob Polaris Month ago
Thorne was grinning when Slynt was defying Jon. I'm sure he thought Jon didn't have the nerve to kill Slynt. I wish we could have seen Thorne's face when Janos head was rolling.
Dieter Lindermann
Donald Trump should be the lord of Harrenhall.
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Month ago
The most soothing scene was Lord Baelish's death.
Bradley Wedge
Bradley Wedge Month ago
I actually hate the jump around of the cut scenes and the lack of any sort of continuity in this compilation. Sorry.
jaSs sâwâÑ
jaSs sâwâÑ Month ago
He had friends in capital too😁
White Rook
White Rook Month ago
Nothing is more disgusting than a coward and a sniveling person who boasts and then when they are about to die for their crimes.
Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston Month ago
This was a precursor to her God status
adamrushd8096 Month ago
People we never see, we haven't seen Howland Reed yet(boy this man must have been good at hiding seek when he was a kid). And we have yet seen these friends at court that Janos Slynt keeps yammering on about it's almost like they don't exist, these friends didn't even visit him at the wall nor did they send a Raven hell they didn't even send a little commissary.
sohail jarral rajput
No friends of his helped him get out of that misery...pity 😆😆
pkphantom Month ago
Just putting this out there, but I seriously think Brianne put Cersi to shame in terms of their respective auras when they met for the first time. Yes Cersi was allowed to talk more and was plenty aggressive, but she came off as so salty in that moment to me lol
Sean Lum
Sean Lum Month ago
The way Tywin says "Or what? You'll kill your own father in the privy?" Always made me laugh
Jesse Cook
Jesse Cook Month ago
"What're you gonna do, stab me?" -victim of a stab wound. "What're you going to do, shoot me on the privy?" -Tywin Lannister seconds from being shot on the privy.
Zack Armstrong
Zack Armstrong Month ago
Did anyone ever realize that when Arya names JaQuen to kill him self he says “unname me” that’s the only time he speaks in the first person
Zack Armstrong
Zack Armstrong 26 days ago
Max Buist ya also “uname me”
Max Buist
Max Buist 26 days ago
"and I was always aware"
Zack Armstrong
Zack Armstrong Month ago
Adi B I’m only on book 2
Adi B
Adi B Month ago
In books he said unsay a man's name.
Rouhsif Benschop
looking into it i think its because it works with given names, the first name that was given was a nickname too so having been named his given name would still apply, and he would have to die in this case so he had a right to say ''me'' since his given name was in danger
It's interesting that Stannis knew that Janos Slynt betrayed Jon Snow's father and served his death. He never told this to Jon. He watched Janos die for treason by Ned Stark's bastard son in odd circumstances. And he gave Jon a small nod for this.
FORREST GUMP 16 days ago
King Stannis is my God
nobfaic Month ago
The curse of Harrenhal is one of the many things which was supposed to be answered by the finale. It's a little unnatural that every character to enter it has died.
John Mason
John Mason Month ago
they call him little finger cause he has a little cock.
Gandalf The White
Texas hodor.
Zinogre Vz
Zinogre Vz Month ago
I liked the scenes with the Citywatch but after Season 3 it seems they were forgotten by the writers!
Pontiac2001GT Month ago
and friends, may talk in secret... yes?
ByJordi Month ago
So Arya and Gendry and Hot Pie should have died, if it just counts that they had been in Harrenhall. Cuz many many people died, that were just there
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman Month ago
6:34 the man that passes the sentence must swing the sword.
DJ Universal
DJ Universal Month ago
It's not the curse of Harrenhal...It's the curse of game of thrones
Mussumba Felix
Mussumba Felix Month ago
6:07 is one of the most memorable moments of Ser Alyser Thorne
Pizza Time
Pizza Time Month ago
I completely forgot about Rob at Harrenhall
The Witch King of Angmar
varys is like: oooh he ded
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez Month ago
i dont give a shit anyone has to say but did i just saw a fucking bear grab a sword swing and punch the lady
Neo Neo
Neo Neo Month ago
I dont know what the fuck any of this has to do with or how it relates to Harrenhal. But thanks for the randomly-put-together compilation.
Willstriker264 Month ago
"I was commander of the city watch in Kings Landing boy." "Now you're here. Must not have been very good at your job." Not even the blistering winds of the long night can cool that burn.
Ayob Elnaggar
Ayob Elnaggar 24 days ago
Yah and he went from this to "she is my queen"
Swarm TV
Swarm TV 2 months ago
Weird Al Yankovic really doesn't like fat Mr. Clean.
orangejuiceofmine 2 months ago
I mean it just seems like Harrenhal is the Central station of Westeros and well tons of people tend to die in Westeros
Roll3 Park
Roll3 Park 2 months ago
13:15 it is sad that he was poisoned by his enemy
Mia Mia
Mia Mia 2 months ago
The king himself made you a lord yet left you unprotected fool
DRAGOTH BELMONT 2 months ago
27:39 why would you do that you stupid bitch? i never understood the reasoning of Arya for doing that to a Man
NorthernZeus 2 months ago
Sure when I talk to people like...” the man is hungry” the man needs to pee” “ the man has not looked in your bedroom window” People call the cops and file restraining order. Is it the sword and armor It’s the sword and armor right?
Madison Wenzel
Madison Wenzel 2 months ago
The curse is less about death and more likely just the loss of what you hold most dear, for some that is their life
Butt-Heads Name R
Butt-Heads Name R 2 months ago
Amazing editing, Stop Hodoring.
maddy Rawat
maddy Rawat 2 months ago
Arya and faceless man didn't die
Wayne Adams
Wayne Adams 2 months ago
they cut off mad heads in this show, yo.
Ethul Wulf
Ethul Wulf 2 months ago
Apparently Arya isn’t affected by the curse for some reason or another
Jill Austin
Jill Austin Month ago
She took antideath meds before the show
Vahin Mohan
Vahin Mohan 2 months ago
What about curse of king's landing. All families which ruled king's landing ended up with just a single member surviving or no one at all. Be it the targaryen, baratheon,Tyrell, lanisters
R. Sos41
R. Sos41 2 months ago
I don't see what Breanne and Jaime has to do with Harrenhal.
[Nocebo] Derperfier
[Nocebo] Derperfier 2 months ago
7:50 The Mannis shows his approval.
Bart Klaassen
Bart Klaassen 2 months ago
Lord rickard karstark never held harrenhal in his own right. This is the order in the series: - Lady Whent - Lord Tywin Lannister - Ser Gregor clegane (- Lord Janos Slint) - Lord Roose Bolton - Locke - Lord Petyr Bealish
Jacob scuito
Jacob scuito 2 months ago
Lesson: If you are noble born don’t go to that castle
Corey Allender
Corey Allender 2 months ago
looks like arya is the only one to survive harrenhal
Alejandro B.
Alejandro B. 2 months ago
Being in that book or show is a curse, 99% of them dies or suffer a lot
RJoans 2 months ago
*It's Free Real Estate* :)
тёмный лепрегном
how the F can this be theory somehow be right if half of all characters die in GoT, and Arya is Alive as well as Pie and Gendry.
RW Cavallero
RW Cavallero 2 months ago
Well this is an old theorie, which was saying that thoose characters would die in season 8.
Franklin Sninsky
Franklin Sninsky 2 months ago
Tywin was playing mind games with Rob the entire time sheesh, Roose tried to warn him too
Franklin Sninsky
Franklin Sninsky 2 months ago
For Lord jannis it was " The curse of being the only character on the show a bigger pussy than Sam " hahah it was so satisfying when john ended his shame
Just(Not)Me 2 months ago
17:00 how tf he knew she was dead?
Just(Not)Me 2 months ago
@Matthew Kelleher oh thanks
Matthew Kelleher
Matthew Kelleher 2 months ago
Because right before this, Tyrion literally says he killed her with his bare hands.
Sergeant_Chris 2 months ago
I love the parallels between Robb executing Rickard Karstark and Theon executing Ser Rodrick. The music that plays is the Ironborn theme, not the northern one(which is very unusual for a Robb scene) and the act is also hastily thought, without them considering the consequences in front of the prospect of their authority being challenged. It even rains in both scenes.
fo exipni
fo exipni 2 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clibaited So do you
LabTech 2 months ago
There is no curse. Everyone who was in possession of it in one form or another after House Whent was deeply involved in the events of the War of the Five Kings which saw many fortunes rise and fall; it was then followed by the aftermath and Dany's invasion. Whether or not they'd ever even been in the Riverlands didn't make a difference when those sorts of things are going on and nobody really won. Before House Whent, it was simple economic inevitability: Harrenhal was built by the Ironborn under the assumption that the whole of the Riverlands would support the lands under compulsion, just as the building of Harrenhal had been under compulsion. It simply wasn't a structure that was built to be supported by anything less than an entire kingdom of slaves. After the Targaryen Conquest, the lands apportioned to those who held Harrenhal simply weren't enough to maintain it properly; thus, every family that occupied it was continually operating at a loss, which in a medieval feudal society meant their fortunes and prospects would be in continual decline. It might've also just been the case that the Ironborn made a structure too big to support in any capacity, and that it's almost immediate destruction after it's completion meant that nobody ever found out if Harren the Black built something unsustainable.
IrishCarney 22 days ago
And along with the economics of it, I wonder how the melted ruin could have been seen as a viable defensible castle, however large.
roadiejames 2 months ago
Everyone who draws a sword at harrenhal dies.
Travis Price
Travis Price 2 months ago
At least he had a lot of friends in court.
Tamara Salas
Tamara Salas 2 months ago
Jamie did die in the arms of the women he loved
Julius Morgan
Julius Morgan 2 months ago
so joffrey was fiddling with himself while his lackie got sent to the fucking night's watch?
Ethan Snider
Ethan Snider 2 months ago
32:55 "But you love him?" "Like a brother, your grace :)"
Arjuhnly Nomio
Arjuhnly Nomio 2 months ago
Brienne, arya, and hotpie somehow survived or delayed the "cursed of harrenhal.
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 4 months ago
Jaqen H'gar never died lol
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Trebor 5 months ago
Umm this doesn't seem like a "theory" per say
Squelch 5 months ago
The mountain became a different actor in the start it wasnt hafthor
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 6 months ago
I don't get it.
Thomas Daywalt
Thomas Daywalt 6 months ago
there's no argument that it is curse it shouldn't be own or held
Robert Maheu
Robert Maheu 6 months ago
not sure the point of this video
Another random Tristan
@Mason Miller The title says theory.
Mason Miller
Mason Miller 6 months ago
lol seriously? The point is whoever held Harrenhall died off. Obviously must not be to bright if you can’t see that
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