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Check out the official The Current War trailer starring Tom Holland! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 4, 2019
Starring: Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult
Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Synopsis: The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world.
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Jun 25, 2019




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Comments 1 177
widerling 6 hours ago
Thomas Edison was a thieving and cunning parasite. He patented hundreds of inventions and didn't accredited the rightful makers.
thanachart Maneechote
101 Studios: We need some of the actors from Infinity War to make a movie called "The Current War" Marvel: Then who is it? 101 Studios: Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland Marvel: M'kay (Calmly)
Byron Kingsley
Byron Kingsley 11 hours ago
Dr. Strange vs. General Zod
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 13 hours ago
Looks good
Sharri Garvin
Sharri Garvin 21 hour ago
Wonder if there will be any mention of Lewis Latimer.. Probably not
Cre Henge
Cre Henge 22 hours ago
So Weinstein has been forgotten again?
Jake Garza
Jake Garza 23 hours ago
Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, he bought the patent hired 50 interns and they perfected the patent
ISJST Day ago
I hope they show how Edison and co stole Tesla's work.
Chris mayo
Chris mayo Day ago
Imagine where we would be as a society today if they all WORKED TOGETHER instead of all the skull Fuckery that went on’ and to think about all this knowledge which is now over 100yrs old and we are still on a gasoline/oil system for automobiles and still dicking around with Coal’ it’s a travesty and a crime against humanity that the few control the many.
warren WTF
warren WTF Day ago
Edison is a scumbag no different than the people running this world and the CEOs in huge corporations
Fraidy Cat
Fraidy Cat 2 days ago
Well I'll make sure I never but anything from Westinghouse. That jackass.
Illidan Stormrage
Ffs Edisons belly was a category 5 graveyard full of dead corpses all day long. This is ridiculous
B Md /Shihab Islam
electrik boss
jollyman423 2 days ago
Better show Tesla in the positive light in this movie
Lu C.M.
Lu C.M. 3 days ago
OMG! Dr. Strange vs Spiderman. I gatta see this... 😅
ALEX GONZLAR 3 days ago
Hahaha..!! 99% of people disappointed because the movie is not about Tesla, but Edison. Hey..., is amazing how "social media", ( proven NOT accurate 100% all the time.!! ) has influenced all of us. Truth or not what we have been told about "Tesla vs Edison" ( Obviously, Tesla the "victim" and Edison de "bad guy" ), have you ever thought that before social media ( specially Facebook and Instagram ) all we appreciate and respect Thomas Edison as a great inventor and hero and barely know so few or nothing about Tesla..?? 🤔🤔🤔 That's why I want to watch this movie...; maybe it will clarify and show us better who both guys really were, and not only believe what "social media" tell us...... don't you think so..?? 😉👍
Teng De luna
Teng De luna 3 days ago
Earth #1 Nikola Tesla who invented electricity.
Nick Pesce
Nick Pesce 3 days ago
Thelongmanable 4 days ago
*_John D. Rockefeller said "Competition is a SIN"..._*
Just a Dad
Just a Dad 4 days ago
Tesla genius, Edison thief and a businessman. 😁😁😁 It's ok only ppl got f in the end as always
Artur Garncarz
Artur Garncarz 4 days ago
I hope movie will show Edison as a thief who he was. Tesla was a true inventor.
Star Wars Fever
Star Wars Fever 4 days ago
Why does it feel like such a young cast for this movie even though most of these actors/actresses are in their 40's.
jay double U
jay double U 4 days ago
the band tesla started this back in 1986-7
Bryll Matthew Salvador
Who's here beacause of FGO
scaly raptor 1944
Isnt them docter strange and spiderman? That's the second time there in the same movie
Southern California DeplorableHenry Lindeman 2
Edison was a plagiarist and a scumbag oh, and while I'm at it let me throw in Westinghouse to boot
Control Z
Control Z 4 days ago
Nick F
Nick F 5 days ago
Edison was a POS I really hope they show that in the movie.
History OnPoint
History OnPoint 18 hours ago
He was a POS, the lowest of the low.
Lord Impaler
Lord Impaler 5 days ago
I suck at video games
I swear anyone movie with two avenger cast members just ruin the entire movie
Griffin Sutek
Griffin Sutek 5 days ago
Why is Tesla being framed as the bad guy? He was actually the better person
Rubab's World
Rubab's World 5 days ago
Anthony Misiano could haye playef the role of Nikola Tesla
Linda Leibhart
Linda Leibhart 5 days ago
Uh, Edison was profoundly deaf by age 14. His speech would have been noticeably affected. Yet Cumberbatch speaks perfectly. I am very disappointed in the film producer’s failure to treat Edison’s character with historical accuracy. And what might that suggest about the veracity of the film in general. Very disappointing as well as an insult to the deaf community.
Roast Terry Roast
Dr. Strange & Spiderman. I've been waiting for this!
erin g
erin g 5 days ago
tell me why i just changed a light bulb in my bathroom and this trailer came up as the very next advertisement
Hammad Alikhan
Hammad Alikhan 5 days ago
This is the only movie i want benedict to lose in . Pls dont destroy tesla once again
Pennywise The dancing clown
Edison was a con artist
Roy Batty
Roy Batty 6 days ago
O boy..... here comes Hollywood.
T Abel
T Abel 6 days ago
I've been waiting my whole life for someone to make a movie about this feud. It literally shaped the future of our global energy network
PA Hiker
PA Hiker 6 days ago
Well, all I can say is that there had better be an AC/DC song somewhere in the soundtrack
US 6 days ago
Ok. Thats Spider Man and Doctor Strange. Cannot unsee.
S Williams
S Williams 6 days ago
Now all their missing is an elderly blind woman with red glasses who is highly intellegent.
Athanasius Contra Marxism
Tesla > Edison
CementRoots 7 days ago
all Edison was the same, as Lori Greiner is now.... stealing people patents and calling them his/hers AKA Both POS
jessica lieber
jessica lieber 7 days ago
ricdog1979 9 days ago
NIKOLA TESLA SERB from croatia
crimsn80 9 days ago
Would be nice to pay my "Tesla Bill" and not my "Edison Bill"
MagicMania 9 days ago
OMG I could not be more excited to watch this movie!!!!!!!!!
Lovely Human
Lovely Human 10 days ago
My sister told me that her class was teaching her about Edison the other day and basically hailed him a hero, not once mentioning the fact he stole a good lot of "his ideas." They didn't even bring up Tesla's​ name.
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 10 days ago
Studying for Power Engineering. This is so far the best movie for me
Gaming Hype
Gaming Hype 10 days ago
Anyone who'll work for the better of society will be ruined by the government. It's a Fact.
Gaming Hype
Gaming Hype 7 days ago
tudorjason 7 days ago
Especially when an idea can be monetized
Gmailaccount Services
Imagine if the two didn't bunt heads what could have been.
Bolgernow 10 days ago
Tingles. Sheer tingles. SO, honestly, ready!
Abhi mř. çøøł
Abhi mř. çøøł 11 days ago
Long live The King TESLA!!!
Galactic Hobo
Galactic Hobo 11 days ago
The music for the trailer is actually fire, isn't it?
Majskatt 11 days ago
Timeline of the movie is very confusing, in fact Nikola Tesla quit on the spot when Edison refused him the 50k USD he offered if he improved his motors which he did. But in the movie he continues working for him and they portray the offer as a joke that Nikola Tesla was to stupid to understand or something. Ontop of that the character of Nikola Tesla received only afew minutes of screen time. I would call this a biogrophy about and in favor of Edison.
Ritik Dubey
Ritik Dubey 12 days ago
Look like a fake informative movie Edison didn't even discovered the bulb he stoled patent and later was also proved guilty by court
Lovely Human
Lovely Human 10 days ago
I'm pretty certain the film shows this. Thankfully, Tesla appears to be the hero of this story.
Weasy Mac
Weasy Mac 12 days ago
This looks pretty dark for a movie about light bulbs.
Janeth Chavez
Weasy Mac your comment is pure gold 😂
kopfgeldjagar 13 days ago
Waiting for all the avengers jokes.
Nico Nikko
Nico Nikko 14 days ago
*Professor Hulk:* I'm looking for Dr. Strange *Ancient One:* Unfortunately, Strange used the time stone to go back in time to work on his light bulb
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