The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 12 340
Kari622 30 minutes ago
Wow what a hot mess!
Joshua Janeo
Joshua Janeo Hour ago
Sequels are unnecessary. They're only doing it for the money
Arctus 2 hours ago
I am somewhat of a diehard fan and like 99,9% sure Anthony Goldstein was mentioned in the books. Also, i visited england lately and was rather impressed the screenplay wasn t as shit as i expected, but really good. Black hermione was totally unnecessary in my opinion and sucked. Eddie Redmayne is a brilliant actor in my opinion and makes for a great newt scamander. That would be all fine and dandy, but more movies are way too much. Sad to see my favorite childhood universe getting abused by it s original creator that badly.
cheesus 5 hours ago
im not a harry potter fan, ive watched pretty much none of the movies, but i hated the ending. i dont know why but all i could think of it was "oh theyre copying infinity wars end.", mainly because of how many people died, then it just ends after one final scene.
p9nt6gr6m 6 hours ago
this video should be called "the crimes of jk rowling"
Ruh Roh
Ruh Roh 8 hours ago
Oh my god, the ending twist was so fucking stupid
Alex R
Alex R 8 hours ago
3:20 holy shit that CGI looks dreadful
Ashley lol
Ashley lol 11 hours ago
I've never watched or read any of the books or movies of Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts, so when everyone wanted to see this movie I was just as confused. I just slept all of the time, not the best critic but it sucked.
Mic Carter
Mic Carter 14 hours ago
Stop. Think. Has Rowling ever written anything she hasn't thought through? (Barely involved with Cursed Child btw, she only wrote the skeleton and contributed ideas and post war facts like names of the Kid's and occupations etc) look up the meaning behind the name Nagini. You'll be given hope :) c'mon guys... It's becoming too trendy to complain for the sake of complaining. Let's remember that we're fans. Who cares about Dumbledore being gay? Did you ever want to stop and think about the mans sexuality? Lol if we dump on everything, we will be left with nothing. Maybe it's not the best work she's done. Just don't ruin the rest of it all by making it so muddy you know? Let her tell HER story. HER... Story
Too Invested
Too Invested 15 hours ago
now i loved the first fantastic beasts its my fave harry potter film (harry potter being my faveorate book and film sereise) but i came out of cog more confused then anything else like i couldn't tell where anyone was in a fisical sense or what anyone's plan was like why the ministry went to take down grindalwald so slowly or why no one stopped them on there way in and then throw in a bunch of visually overwhelming cgi and to me it seems like having flamelle in the film was them just pandering as hard as humanly possible and i have 0 issues with newt as the main charicter in a larger scale setting but it cant be presented like he was a majour player he wouldnt have been give him a background mission revolvong around credence AND THATS ALL WITHOUT MENTIONING THE BULLSHIT THAT IS NAGINI AND QUEENY IN THIS FILM AS WELL AS THE SCENES THAT ONLY EXISTED FOR THE TRAILER TO MAKE THE FILM SEEM LIKE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THE TRAILER MADE IT SEEM LIKE IT WOULD BE ABOUT THE CREATURES A SMALLER SCEME IM GETTING IRRATIONALLY ANGRY SO IMA STOP THERE
VocalCalibration 15 hours ago
Fantastic Beasts 3: J.K. Rowling's Woke Fever Dream
Scortch 2000
Scortch 2000 17 hours ago
17:27 hey wanna know how to fix this? Have newt acio some shiny thing that the creature was holding but was unwilling to let go of... I'M A REAL WRITER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JelloFluoride 17 hours ago
Rowling went full retard.
Micah Hobson
Micah Hobson 18 hours ago
For me, only this year, there has been something of an uprise of black creatives who are all (simply put) sleeper black creatives. Why is it taking so long for the rest of humanity to just be accepted? ffs, youtube...
Trevor Aspinall
Trevor Aspinall 19 hours ago
Star Wars the clone wars (2003) 💔💔💔
Lily3071 19 hours ago
I am pretty sure Anthony Goldstein was mentioned in the books though
Soupnakee 20 hours ago
Accio worked on a fly in goblet... js
Prof.Dr. Baum
Prof.Dr. Baum 21 hour ago
Im just gonna Jk rolle here and Redcon this movie so it never existed
lil edgy teen
lil edgy teen 21 hour ago
So like I liked this movie Still do But now I realize I am wrong
Coren la Volpe
Coren la Volpe 23 hours ago
The only HP franchise movie I watched was Fantastic Beasts 1 and I liked it. Kinda don't want to watch any others tbh.
Auron1Roxas2 23 hours ago
The crimes of grindlewald doesn't suck you idiots are just so stupid you don't understand that this movie is apart of a new saga and isn't meant to answer every question. Take a moment to pull your heads from your asses and stop crying over JK Rowling giving fans literally what they asked for and go actually read the HP books.
coollary1 Day ago
No, this is not a Harry Potter fan review why this movie wasn't good. Someone please redo this with proper research before I lose my shit and do it myself
Raimonda Šakytė
BORING. Stopped watching before reason number one. If you start from Harry Potter and JK, you just explain for people who do not want to watch it in the first place. Everyone I know liked the movie. I wanted to see if this hate had anything to do with Amber of many lies. Time totally wasted.
Antek Ławniczak
Wait there was another one!? Fuck that shit
rantan1618 Day ago
omg dude, you need to get a handle on your vocal fry
Oozaru85 Day ago
Anthony Goldstein has been in the books. The 5th book, to be precise. Did you even read them, lol? Do some research, geez. Was it too much work to type the name into google search? And yes, my first thought when I read his name back when I read the book was: Goldstein? A jewish kid in Hogwarts, lol? Because as you said. Goldstein is a stereotypical jewish name.
Joy Nicole
Joy Nicole Day ago
"magical buttplug" 😂😂😂
이하늘 Day ago
this video is soo satisfying the crimes of Grindalwalds reminds me of the Last Jedi
Natalie C
Natalie C Day ago
The only thing I will say is that he seems to be very experienced and knowledgeable and everything except how to pronounce JK's last name. It's just like Kelly Rowland. It's a pretty common name. It's pronounced "Roe-land."
Roisin Doyle
Roisin Doyle Day ago
I actually really loved the crimes of grindelwald
Trashbender Sarah
I remember my teacher reading us the first HP book as a kid. Rowling, wtf did happen tho?
jernfuglen Day ago
I also realy liked the first movie. Still haven't seen the sequel.
uh wot
uh wot Day ago
Nobody: Not even sex addicts: J.K Rowling: Dumbledore had a passion for BBC thats why he couldn't truly love Grindelwald and be true to him.
uh wot
uh wot Day ago
I'm a harry potter fan and I hate these films. I dislike everything about it. Not to mention the fact J.K Rowling tried to rail Donald Trump, I mean for real, lmao, it seemed like she jinxed herself.
G. Monte
G. Monte Day ago
She actually said that they're gay? I mean okay but...why?
Tim Archnase
Tim Archnase Day ago
I thought dumbledore acted pretty gay in the books.. no but srsly I think he was gay for grindlewald when he was younger that was part of the reason he was so close to him, or so I always thought
Michael Celatka
I come back to this vid just for the recorder 😂
Avery Hilbig
Avery Hilbig Day ago
I loved all eight Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was the first Wizarding World film I actually hated.
Avery Hilbig
Avery Hilbig Day ago
I agree with you. This film is one of the worst movies of 2018.
Jenna Day ago
I mostly agree with you, athough Grindelwald went back for the blood pact, the one that was stopping Dumbledoor from fighting him (that he told no one about for some reason, letting them think he just didn't want to fight his old bf). Didn't like that much, I prefer the idea that he was afraid/ guilty over the whole Arianna/Grindelwald issue and couldn't face it... Also, the Ministry specifically wanted Newt to find and kill Credence, due to Newts familiarity with magical creatures and having met Credence before... Also when Credence 'explodes' a little piece of the obscurial escapes, its seen clearly on screen... Also, I think Newt says in the first movie that the Swooping Evil feeds on negative memories first. All the muggles but Jacob associate all the chaos with purely negative things soo (but yeah, its pretty weak...). Also WTF!! Aurelis-Credence-Barebones-Dumbledoor?!?!?!?! No. Just no.
Lieutenant Newbie
I though it was dumb the way they killed off what’s his name... well Leta’s bro. i SwITcHeD tHE BaBIeS aROuNd.
Booper Dooper
Also Leta HERSELF. Like, she's in this entire movie, a promising new character, and then they just decide to kill her off for literally no reason, as stated in this video. I mean, she literally has like fifteen minutes of flashbacks, which we can now consider to be WASTED TIME, because she's fecking DEAD ALREADY.
evan mackey
evan mackey Day ago
me before 26:05 oh okay its pretty bad but it still might be fun to watch. me after 26:05 (to be honest there is no meme, reference, or quote i could say that could accurately show my anger with JKR. after cursed child this was my last chance for her and she magically made it disappear along with all of the other shit in hogwart's halls before they added plumbing.)
Untidy Echo
Untidy Echo Day ago
I refuse to watch the crimes of grindelwald
hey QT
hey QT Day ago
someone saw jenny nicholson's video.... you're someone
Chelli Reyes
Chelli Reyes Day ago
this video is so hilarious omfg THANK YOU
Recruit Main
Recruit Main 2 days ago
I didn't even know it was part of the Harry Potter franchise.
Mariana V
Mariana V 2 days ago
Wait what? Didn't they establish children born of love potions cant feel love?
It’s TMNTfan2000
I really enjoyed the first one, but the sequel is really REALLY bad.
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 2 days ago
"we have magical sex crimes in harry potter" technically, we always did. merope gaunt wants her plot line back. I spent half of this video barking out laughter because of the jokes and the other sighing because I spent money to see this movie opening day. Christ this is really this bad and remembering half of it makes me angry because you do forget how your universe works to the point your fans are sitting there watching a movie and going "that's not how that works!". aoigtbjaeuthaj that stupid love potion plot line played for the lols I hate it.
Patrick Callang
Patrick Callang 2 days ago
"What's wrong with letting a magical zookeeper go to Guam?" I'm from Guam! Thanks for that, sir ✌
Art3mis1990 2 days ago
this review is addictive. I can't stop watching it again
Sid 2 days ago
Still better than Captain Marvel
loidolt _nerd
loidolt _nerd 2 days ago
Well when you are one of three people who likes fantastic beasts then my sister and I are the other two
Mr. Sharkticon
Mr. Sharkticon 2 days ago
I fell asleep during this movie it was so boring
zeitGGeist 2 days ago
fuck black people playing white characters, that's never happened the other way round. lmaoooo the entitlement of this video might as well be anti-captain marvel or anti-ghostbusters
Wyatt Cavanaugh
Wyatt Cavanaugh 2 days ago
This is really lowering my opinion about j.k rolling I used to think she was just a children’s book author but now I know the truth
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
nobody: jk rowling: dumbledore was a jewish queer black disabled sex worker who lived threw the holocaust and stonewall
Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez 2 days ago
Probably is too late to say but, I remember being at the Cinema waiting outside the room when this movie was playing out, and all people got out with sad, angry and dissapointed faces...
Blockistic 2 days ago
i thought tina was cuter than queenie but thats just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
BREXTON DICK 2 days ago
Blockistic she is
Helm Thunderson
Helm Thunderson 2 days ago
Really cracked me up in this vid, though I did some digging. Turns out, Anthony Goldstein was not retroactively written into the story. He was mentioned in the fifth book, meaning he is as old a character as Luna Lovegood. It is nothing major as he only receives a mention by name, but he was not created later on at least.
Isaiah Braddock
Isaiah Braddock 2 days ago
Does Jk rowling know that Voldamorte MILK NAGINI!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL HEACK
No one: JK Rowling: Dumbledore ate ass like he was starving
_Roy_1_ Me
_Roy_1_ Me 2 days ago
No one: JK Rowling: You are gay and have been all along, Harry’s gay, Ginnys a man and all his children are gay incest babies
1 2
1 2 2 days ago
No one: JK Rowling: Harry is a bi-curious tennis racket.
Mike 2 days ago
21:36 Leta and Corvus were sent to America because Lestrange found out that Kama had made an unbreakable vow to kill his child
Keyboardje 2 days ago
You know what I think? I think Jay (not really Kay) Rowling swallowed the last time turner. Every time she says something she changes the past, the present and the future.
Gabi Nocito
Gabi Nocito 2 days ago
his p o k e m o n
Lucas Ramos
Lucas Ramos 3 days ago
Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman 3 days ago
When the book series is over, J.K. tells us that Dumbledore is gay. Okay. She lets some people write a Harry Potter play, and we learn that Hermione is black. That's funny, because in the books, every time we meet a non-white character, J.K. makes a point of telling us that the character is non-white. AND she let Warner Bros. cast a white girl to play Hermione in 8 films. Plus, in the play we learn that given minor provocation, Cedric Diggory could've become a Death-Eater, even though "The Goblet of Fire" portrays him as perfectly noble and decent. Now we have a couple of new films that introduce a previously-unknown Dumbledore brother AND imply that Professor McGonagall is decades older than the books claim that she is. So.....has J.K. just given up? Does she simply not care anymore? Has she caught whatever the disease is that made George Lucas make the Special Editions and the Prequels? Should we call it "Greedoshotfirstitis"?
SaphireKancer90 3 days ago
How did he survive? ...maybe, I don't know, magic?
Ibrahim Altaha
Ibrahim Altaha 3 days ago
the memory part is all about the last movie , when she kissed him in the rain (the memory potion didn't work on him well) thats why he is getting back his memory gradually. the kiss had some spell that negate the memory wiping rain bull shit, anyway the movie sucks however. JK RAWAULING !? you just should stop writing 1 week a month, cuz if u do , u might end up with a bad story.
Mimicr3y 3 days ago
I haven't see the comments yet but i think there would be alot of J.K. Rowling memes Edit : I knew it
Hattes 3 days ago
It's Rowling as in bowling.
Z GAMING DUDE 3 days ago
I have now watched this movie 3 times and only by watching your video I understand it.
Nathanial Miller
Nathanial Miller 3 days ago
I don't know how many times i've watched this video lol
Jarradmcream 3 days ago
Appreciate that faint bloodborne soundtrack in the background 😍💦💦
Des 3 days ago
LOL Great video, subscribed
Angel B.
Angel B. 3 days ago
the smash joke at the start made me snort
Divine Fantasy Author
It's true, a lot of people with stein in their names are Jewish
Tyrone Riboet
Tyrone Riboet 3 days ago
Dind ding ding Thats right Im a Ling Ling
heres the thing, GREAT ACTORS bad movie
Kyles Isler
Kyles Isler 3 days ago
SJW's ruin everything.
Evening moon
Evening moon 3 days ago
with the accio spell thing he could've obviously been summoning something INSIDE the creature's pocket (since it has like infinite storage in its little pocket) and dragging him that way, not directly summoning a living creature
Camila B
Camila B 3 days ago
I like the character of Newt and like seeing him in the movie but yeah, he didn't need to be on it, but hey, fantastic beasts can't be fantastic beasts without beasts 😂 Also, we know for sure Dumbledore is defeating Grindelwald or whatever because it's on Dumbledore's card thingy along with the zombie alchemist guy xd
Carlos Marte
Carlos Marte 3 days ago
Ezra looked like the guy who shot that church up lmfao I’m dying.
elijah mikle
elijah mikle 3 days ago
You can't kill something that was already dead. This was an attempt to create a new franchise off an old theme. It's amazing it got two. Normally it would of died after the first. Hint, no Harry Potter. Trust me there will be a third. The real problem is the fans are growing up and they are not attracting a new generation.
Megasystem !
Megasystem ! 3 days ago
I’d rather watch a movie adaptation of my immortal
Spike Prime
Spike Prime 3 days ago
Can someone please tell me what that music is right at the beginning of this when Newt's doing that weird dance? It's bugging me that I can't find it. Plus, annoyingly, there's no credit at the end.
LORDBADASS 3 days ago
JK Rowling is like a less fun, more pretentious Akira Toriyama
TrashMouth Glore
TrashMouth Glore 3 days ago
Also I love Queenie and I absolutely hate what they did too her in this movie
Jazzous Doduo
Jazzous Doduo 3 days ago
The only reason I would have enjoyed this dumbass movie is if Dumbledore and Newt were boyfriends. I don’t know why I wanted that but this movie is dumb and their relationship wouldn’t have added to the story anyways
TrashMouth Glore
TrashMouth Glore 3 days ago
I feel like it's only important that Newt is in the movie because they wanted to have more Hufflepuff characters seem important cause they weren't really important to the main story. Plus people, such as Myself, Like Newt. And it's just easier for Jk to piggyback after another story.
TheJolle 3 days ago
Rowling is suffering from Lucas syndrome: 1: Create a successful original series that everyone loves 2: Start retconning the original series by adding bullshit that no one cares about 3: Create a prequel series that feels like cashgrab and can't reach the quality of the original And the last part is going to be.... 4: Sell the rights to your series to Disney
Thunder Eagle
Thunder Eagle 3 days ago
This is what happens when you try to make 10 movies/too many fucking books to count about a world that's just ours except there's one school for magicians. Worldbuilding requires a WORLD. A singular place is not a world. It's the equivelant of making a franchise where the local McDonald's sells furniture.
Emma Stajduhar
Emma Stajduhar 4 days ago
Maybe there’s a different McOnicel
Emma Stajduhar
Emma Stajduhar 4 days ago
It’s not a potion it’s animal venom
Emma Stajduhar
Emma Stajduhar 4 days ago
He needs to move to wizards death row that you can’t apporate to or use a port key to get there
Estêvão de Oliveira Passos
Write your own darn book then. When they're as successful as Harry Potter, you can then produce a prequel as good as your standards. See, there's always 2 paths. Either you support what you love or go on and become a critic of you don't approve. The answer to your problems is rather simple: stop watching Harry Potter universe movies. Not gonna happen is it?
Will Yorkin
Will Yorkin 4 days ago
You should review Halloween (the original and the 2018 sequel) maybe a Halloween special next halloween
Baran Bener
Baran Bener 4 days ago
No one: Jk Rowling: dobbie killed Toby Magguerie
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