The Craft of Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds
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In Theaters July 3rd.

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Jan 3, 2020




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Comments 100
D L 3 hours ago
Not me hahahaha
cabbageturnips 4 hours ago
I want to marry Jodie Comer!
JJ studios Justin
JJ studios Justin 6 hours ago
When’s this coming out
JokerCirca66 19 hours ago
Did that movie ever come out, it looked bad.
Kevin James collaboration in the plans?
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford 2 days ago
callyharley 2 days ago
Should just put Jodie Comer Scouser.
Gnoll 3 days ago
Ryan Reynolds Acted w/ Jodie Comer (Emmy Winner)
ItsInvis Mitchell
it didn't come out in july
ItsInvis Mitchell
I thought her name was Emmy Winner
K Kundera
K Kundera 4 days ago
Jody Comer won an Emmy and other awards? Oh wait...who The Heck is Jody Comer 😅😅😅? Can anyone tell any of these young “blond” girls apart nowadays.
Billal Mansha
Billal Mansha 4 days ago
Ryan Reynolds Was in green lantern
skylark 4 days ago
"sitting here"
tomkoval2 5 days ago
and the movie isn't released - still ! over a year after first trailer ! f... you 2020 !
The making of Multi- Waves
Damn kinda wanted this to come out
Nickjb89 8 days ago
That's not even her accent 🤣🤣
john Baldock
john Baldock 8 days ago
What Wait? Jody is a Massive Scouse!! He Would Never Understand Her!!
Kabe Lamb
Kabe Lamb 10 days ago
I was your fan since u started on Two Guys a Girl and a pizza place.
TheDudeAbides 10 days ago
It should say "Look at me I'm Rynal Reynolds" ruvid.net/video/video-sCk1qpYMKis.html
Suraiya Jowaheer
Suraiya Jowaheer 11 days ago
Suraiya Jowaheer
Suraiya Jowaheer 11 days ago
Love Ryan always
Xone9 11 days ago
Deadpool and Villanelle together? Whoever the target is won't come cheap.
Don Quarnstrom
Don Quarnstrom 11 days ago
I so wanted to see this movie. Damn you, 2020
Don Quarnstrom
Don Quarnstrom 11 days ago
Ryan is a funny dude. Sorry about that while green lantern thing.
Blair Brown
Blair Brown 11 days ago
Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds. Potential future Doctor candidates.
Maxxis 12 days ago
I need a drink of Dwayne's Teremana tequila after watching that. A BIG drink. Five in fact.
Yosof 12 days ago
Poor Ryan Reynolds
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta 13 days ago
Just put in his net worth. The system would explode.
Assailant 13 days ago
1:08 No no no Ryan, I think that is very relevant.
Eddie Ortega
Eddie Ortega 13 days ago
Hugh Jackman is at it again lol 😆
Ahmet Kurum
Ahmet Kurum 13 days ago
Remember when this came out 2 months ago? What an awesome movie. And that Wolverine cameo? Best one since X-Men Days of Future Past.
Justin Mangus
Justin Mangus 13 days ago
best one, participation reward
Pratik Chaudri
Pratik Chaudri 14 days ago
Aviation Gin : It will make you a Free Guy.
Varshith Vattikuti
Varshith Vattikuti 17 days ago
emmy winner
L C 27 days ago
zyaskya sters
zyaskya sters 28 days ago
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Mili Month ago
I actually do think "sexiest man alive" is relevant
Tejas Bode
Tejas Bode Month ago
She looks like Ivanka Trump
ohtrueyeahnah Month ago
"the main guy in Green Lantern"
arrghgarry Month ago
ryans funny ,but the film looks woprse than green lantern
Peter Macansky
Peter Macansky Month ago
Jordan Woodhouse
She's fit
EdTheSeal Month ago
This movie is like Elden ring We barely got any news and it hasn’t been released yet
anonymous bosch
anonymous bosch Month ago
Fucking love these gin ads
Abhishek S
Abhishek S Month ago
wavingdragon 2 months ago
So both Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer can read the text on the screen... Well Ryan is Deadpool. Does that mean Jodie is gonna be GWENPOOL? Shoot the movie already!
Leo Sanvictores
Leo Sanvictores 2 months ago
Literally the smartest guy! lol haha
Varshan B P
Varshan B P 2 months ago
I am happy that Jodie is a lead in 2 Disney (Fox) movies. It's just the beginning.
Patty Sullivan
Patty Sullivan 3 months ago
When will I get to see this ? It’s July 2 today
Jason Zuckerberg
Jason Zuckerberg 3 months ago
Edurne Ace
Edurne Ace 3 months ago
Tag yourself, i'm "'Sitting here' (2020)" and "I was nine!"
Richard Warnock
Richard Warnock 3 months ago
Maybe one day He'll get best supported Actor to Hugh Jackman!!!
ThePink Unicorn
ThePink Unicorn 3 months ago
Jay Velasquez
Jay Velasquez 3 months ago
No better time to have a bottle of Aviation than this
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 4 months ago
Hollywood garbage? ......ohhhhhh shhhh yeaah listen if ya just could stop that'd be great ya see really don't want anything to do with Hollywood scumbags so if move along that'd be great thanks
Willy Williams
Willy Williams 4 months ago
Funniest. Can't stop laughing when I saw "Sexiest man alive"!
NightFlower 4 months ago
God, they have so much chemistry together, their sense of humour mash really well, this movie is gonna be good!
gabriela saab
gabriela saab 4 months ago
Oh my Gosh!!! I love you! Ryan and Jodie! the best...
Bhupinder Nayyar
Bhupinder Nayyar 5 months ago
what type of shirt he is wearing? Any link?
Leya Mustapha
Leya Mustapha 5 months ago
Jodie Comer is going to win an Oscar one day.
wavingdragon 5 months ago
Ryan Reynolds Best Leaked Trailer (2014) "No, that wasn't me!"
wavingdragon 5 months ago
This is an ingenious advertisement for Jodie Comer.
Andrea Becker
Andrea Becker 5 months ago
It’s so easy to love Ryan Reynolds!
OligarchySlayer 5 months ago
Hugh Jackman made 180 sock accounts .
hun23nam 5 months ago
Annique B
Annique B 5 months ago
That was so...........beautiful
Soldierwolf 6 months ago
The best one he did was with Deadpool and The soccer guy😂😂😂😂😂
Maya Lucia
Maya Lucia 6 months ago
Jodie Comer's made it lads!
Grug2.0 6 months ago
Zip it thanos
Mimi 7 months ago
An add I watched twice in a row without skipping..
Ouroboros Studios
Ouroboros Studios 7 months ago
The best comedian.
0dillywillywatson0 7 months ago
What age is the movie
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 7 months ago
#craftsfrompoor 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨 crafts to sharing poor that's stupido him #sharealotoffakecrafts 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨whether on how you show it as a rejected and poor desire from others #sosharemopala 🔪💏😠🚽😈🔫😘💣🔨 ang kabaduyan ng gawa mo para to influence others para ewan sila din ay maging kabaduyan kagaya mo napakawalang hiya niyo naman i share mo kaya ang kabaduyan ng gawa sa mga negro para pangit ang Tumanggap ng gawa mo kagaya mo na pangit din ng pagkasino ewan Ba sa yo ewan bakit matanda ka ngayon dati hayop na bata ka pa out away
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 6 months ago
ewan ba sayo bat tumanda ka na dati hayop na bata ka pa to get out away as itapon mo na ang mga crafts mo
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 6 months ago
para mga pangit din ang tumanggap ng gawa mo gaya ng pagmumukha mo na pangit din out
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 6 months ago
I don't think I share mo kaya sa mga negro ang poor desiring class crafts mo
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 6 months ago
influence others by making it kagaya mo na napakawalang hiya naman overdefected
Edlaurence Morales
Edlaurence Morales 6 months ago
so share mo pala ang kabaduyan ng gawa mo ngunit bitin para share mo pa sa others it so badoy para maging gaya sila
Myella Wafflecake
Myella Wafflecake 7 months ago
*sexiest man alive* Ryan: that’s not relevant Me: how is not? it’s the truth!
Bharath V
Bharath V 7 months ago
like Health ledger Ryan Reynolds' has a little deadpool in him that's why he is breaking a fourth Wall in the Bafta Emmy Circle
Axel Dobbins
Axel Dobbins 7 months ago
this is a film i honestly can't wait to watch ✌️
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake 7 months ago
Boss i realy wanna by funny like u ! 😁 but one of us ! Geerts!
Nazlı Şahinkaya
deadpool sitting next to villanelle wow that's a challenge
Gage 2k3
Gage 2k3 7 months ago
This movie is gonna be nuts
Crazy VillainFan
Crazy VillainFan 8 months ago
The two biggest killers in the world in one room: Deadpool and Villanelle
4D bullshit Patroll
4D bullshit Patroll 8 months ago
Just watching 6 Underground on Netflix. If there was a real Ghost squad taking out tyranical elites the first elites they would have to take out are the Hollywood elites for writing a plot so moronic that it can only be described as false flag prep propaganda designed to reinforce perspectives and make CNN look credible. Woeful. Other than that, great movie. Especially the bad guy with "the man, the legend" T Shirt.
OligarchySlayer 8 months ago
Her last name is literally one o away from making her a Coomer.
Oluwatomiwa Adekeye
Oluwatomiwa Adekeye 8 months ago
Jodie Comer Emmy Winner Ryan Reynolds
Gail Adie
Gail Adie 8 months ago
For some reason, this showed up on my feed....... ruvid.net/video/video-M_DupMPxTcM.html
baby lolbit
baby lolbit 8 months ago
i hope saw 9 will have ryan reynolds i would be sad if he isn't when it comes out like ryan walks in and says you know i can't die after he is ''killed off screen'' just my own thoughts ik it won't happen but it would be so cool
DreScythe 8 months ago
It should say Ryan Reynolds/DEADPOOL
Ezequiel Soto
Ezequiel Soto 8 months ago
Hola soy de ARGENTINA y no entiendo tu idioma pero te apoyo jaja
my avatar Don't ask
my avatar Don't ask 8 months ago
Deadpool 3 Still waitting
Mahadevan Mahadevan
Mahadevan Mahadevan 8 months ago
GhettoSquidward 8 months ago
Let me get some clout.
BernardoJpc 8 months ago
I need to watch this filmmm
Luis Brandon
Luis Brandon 8 months ago
Hugh jackaman y Ryan in dead piola and Wolverine
OZ man
OZ man 8 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-j6Pv67nates.html youtube kanalıma abone olup beğenilerde bulunabilirsiniz.Şimdi den çok teşekkürler come on Ryan ,follow me guys
Batman 13
Batman 13 8 months ago
Ryan Reynolds: Best Advertiser
신동길 8 months ago
is she in the strange things right??
신동길 7 months ago
Lamers 아니야 내가 봤단말이야
Lamers 8 months ago
Ken Fereday
Ken Fereday 8 months ago
TERRIBLE - vision
TERRIBLE - vision 8 months ago
Hello . Just watch your film on Netflix. 6 underground. Dam it was good. Ok bye
Mansab Ali
Mansab Ali 8 months ago
Ryan reynolds: 1998 best kiss nominee
kajal Kumari
kajal Kumari 8 months ago
Girls who loves Ryan Reynolds like.
Basement Gang
Basement Gang 8 months ago
His views are more than his subs
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