The Cowboys' window has closed to make a deal with Dak Prescott - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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With the possibility of no fans in attendance at NFL games, many are speculating that the salary cap could take a significant hit for the 2021 season. And with rumors that the dip could be anywhere from 50 to 80 million, all teams can do is speculate how much to save now. This is rough timing for Dak Prescott who is still currently holding out on the Dallas Cowboys. Hear why Skip Bayless believes that this situation will close the window on the Cowboys signing Dak.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
The Cowboys' window has closed to make a deal with Dak Prescott - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 80
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez 14 days ago
Both idiots suck! Skip and Sharp are BLM idiots.
Alvin Dennis
Alvin Dennis 14 days ago
Everyone keeps talking about the $$$ but no one is truly listening to the comments of both camps. If you really listen, it appears that the discrepancy is about length of term. Length of term is what gives Dak leverage and control of his long term future. Can't really blame Dak for not giving up that control when you look at what has been done or should we say not done thus far. Jerry has gotten more than double his return on Dak and his rookie contract especially coming out of the 4th round. With all of the promises that came out of Jerry's camp since his rookie season that have not come to fruition to date, do you really think that Dak should trust his prime years to such inconsistency with a long term contract. I wouldn't do it on my job and the majority of you wouldn't do it on yours. You would try to leave yourself with some viable and tangible options. If there is any monetary discrepancy it's Jerry trying to bargain less of what's deserved if it doesn't come with the length of time he wants. Jerry needs to just pay the man his 35-37 for 3-4 yrs (you're paying him that much if not more under the franchise tag anyway) instead of Jerry's demand for 5-6 yrs.
Michael Carraway
Michael Carraway 17 days ago
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton 18 days ago
There’s only one peeps that could fight with Shannon , and that was that steriods popping bill romo,yep bill romonoski
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton 18 days ago
I’m not in favor of kneeling ,but I don’t think I would say a peep ,look at derick Carr he says something and no one blocks for him and gets his fool neck broken , watch out drew brees watch out
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton 18 days ago
Put cap in there Shannon my man
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 19 days ago
Shannon wants Dak to be over paid because it will destroy the team
Rickto Lucero
Rickto Lucero 20 days ago
Times are tough for a lot of people right now why do they think that they can be so special to get That much money. Lots of us Would be lucky to just have a dam job. Laid off in The oil field.
Kyle Morgan
Kyle Morgan 20 days ago
I hope so.
Infovest 20 days ago
Haha, Cowboys are doneso! Guarantees a win for every opposing team in 2020. Point blank.
Dak is just being ridiculously greedy here. He has done nothing to deserve 35+ mil per year.
Cornelius Lyles
Cornelius Lyles 20 days ago
Pay that man! You paid Zeke, paid ot,paid wr. He runs the offense. He had the 4th best QBR in the NFL. They had 1 of the best offenses in the league. Dak did that. They paid Tony Romo and Daks done more and is better!! Rookie of the year also.
Robert Beggs
Robert Beggs 21 day ago
Cowpokes sucken hind teats and skip your not on base with anything about Dallas Dak attack hates u and sharp.
Ryan brady
Ryan brady 21 day ago
Don't care anymore. Pro sports are dead.
Bj Spencer
Bj Spencer 21 day ago
The cowboys see what we all see Dak is probably not the future!
Reggie 21 day ago
Let's go out and get one of them lil white QB's that Stephan A Smith says that plantation owner Jerry Jones loves instead
Vincent Petulla
Vincent Petulla 21 day ago
Where else on Earth (besides Dallas) is Dak going to get at least 30 million?
Hooper Bloop
Hooper Bloop 23 days ago
The Cowboys need to pull the franchise tag, seeing that he hasn't accepted the offer. I don't know who put the idea in his head that a middle of the road QB deserves more money than anyone else in the history of football, but it's not going to happen with the Cowboys. They already offered him way more than he is worth. Cut him lose, and let him deal with reality.
Steven Inmon
Steven Inmon 23 days ago
He better play very well or next year Dak may not be in the NFL at all
Bannon Productions
Bannon Productions 24 days ago
Just uploaded an Amari Cooper 2020 highlights to shotta flow 5, go check it out‼️🔥
Mary Palya
Mary Palya 25 days ago
90 thru 3 weeks against the 3 of worst 5 team i mean they played 6 games against 4 of worst 5 teams
Rob Hicks
Rob Hicks 25 days ago
So if Dak don't sign then where is he going to go?
Atle Andrei Nybakken
Today on Days of our Dakota...
Christopher Samaan
Christopher Samaan 25 days ago
wow.... Skip actually made sense! That is a miracle!
Master U
Master U 26 days ago
Dak dak is fools Gold. Lol. . . Am a Steelers fan. . . Football guru. . . Dak will be another disaster. . Oooooooweee
Master U
Master U 26 days ago
Dak dak is a CFL guy. . Or a NFL backup. . . Facts🏈🏈🏈
33moneyball 26 days ago
Dak was competing against the awful Redskins, the awful Giants, and the mediocre/injured/8-8 Eagles...and couldn’t make the playoffs. That’s a horrendous look. The NFC East was the worst division in football and a supposedly great team/QB couldn’t win it. 9-7 does it lol.
Mel Hayes
Mel Hayes 26 days ago
Byron Jones is the highest paid corner in the league and has 0 interceptions over the last 2 years... getting paid has nothing to do about being the best at your position.
Jose Viezcas
Jose Viezcas 26 days ago
Die hard cowboys fun but for sure time to say bye bye homie
soccerholden13 27 days ago
It would be funny if the Cowboys won a super bowl this season with Dak and then let him walk after. Aka what the Ravens should have done with Joe Flacco.
Ali Razvi
Ali Razvi 27 days ago
Dujuan Hayes
Dujuan Hayes 27 days ago
Wait wasn't skip giving a's all year though now he not that good 😂😂😂
Greg 28 days ago
Skip was a lot more likeable this ep
Charles holly
Charles holly 28 days ago
Give me the tag 30 something million give me the tag !!!
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
But if Dak use his legs with his threats around him and the run game with Zeke and TP he can be the MVP but Dak slow a lil bit
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
So he don't know how to use his legs
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
Skip u right Dak is not the other black QBs,they know what it's like to run from the police Dak dont
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
Don't let that D play half as good as they can,that will be too 13 D but if we play to par,too 3 to 5 on D and that offense can be number one in all Calgaries
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
He got the team to eat on D and the threats to devour any D
Marvin Malbrough
Marvin Malbrough 28 days ago
That's great he don't deserve the F tag
Teri Davis
Teri Davis 28 days ago
I just want to know which quarterback will step up and give Mahomes a run for his money 🤷🏿‍♂️
Cryptoboy2017 28 days ago
Dak is just toxic now. Not worth it to keep him at this point.
PHOENIXQ2024 29 days ago
You cannot mention Dak in the same category as any QB who is the focal point of his team and or offense.
Justa Mutt
Justa Mutt 29 days ago
give dak the same contract cousins got plus one dollar
Eric Percifull
Eric Percifull 29 days ago
35 million a uear 5 years, 110 million g. Play under franchise tag 1 year offer the same or less depending how he plays, no franchise tag let him look.
BlacOps Assassin
BlacOps Assassin 29 days ago
Man bout time we doing real shows..💯🤝
wickedman22 Reyna
wickedman22 Reyna 29 days ago
He wants more money and the world is in a crises I would understand if we weren't in the situation they would have paid him but when there not going to make money back plus he's an 8/8 quarterback Romo was and ever will be better
J H 29 days ago
Send Dak to the Pats
Gunnermike MFD
Gunnermike MFD 29 days ago
bring back Tony Romo!!!
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher 29 days ago
No way does Dak deserve the money he wants. How many playoff wins? One in four years. Blaming the defense is old.
reginaldino enchillada
Lol. Its unique bcz the salary cap was Jerry's idea. After he leveraged himself to buy the team he said we need to set a limit on money.
dan goble
dan goble 29 days ago
Lucas Sheary
Lucas Sheary 29 days ago
"Who do I think is better? I think Deshaun is better, and I've been saying that from the beginning!"...... ya okay Skip 👌
Post Tramatiq
Post Tramatiq 29 days ago
I rather Dak gets sign because Andy Dalton is better than Dak.
Distorted 29 days ago
Jonathan Griffin
Jonathan Griffin 29 days ago
I really don’t think Dak wants to be a cowboy.
Ningnong4u 29 days ago
Draft a QB in 1st rd next year draft. Problem solved. Dak wouldn’t get this kind of offer from any other team. Better yet trade for Aron Rogers.
Xcaliber 29 days ago
It's so good to be back in this chair...code words from skip...I couldn't take another whole day with enerstine and whatever the dog's name is...🤣🤣🤣
Danielle Barnes
Danielle Barnes 29 days ago
Derek Prescott don't have nothing to worry about cuz I play defense when's championship and put defense against social media James Stacey Robinson/Hernandez Aaron Hernandez 81 Royce Freeman Denver broncos running 28. What are you talkin about the football season hasn't started football educating. That's how you shut down a broadcasting show on RUvid lockdown Texas. I am on the team I am not cut so what are you talkin about. Derek Prescott is on hold because of me so y'all need to back off.
Daz Dealz
Daz Dealz Month ago
Why would they make a deal with Dak? They have Andy Dalton now and he's 1000 times better than Inaccurate Backup Dak
Christopher Allinder
Dak is always going to be one thing. Empty calories. He will have good stats because he’s on a good squad, but he won’t beat good teams to get into super bowl. Those are just the facts. Love romo but it’s the same ole thing
klepto dathief
klepto dathief Month ago
dak stoopidAF, sign asap! with the rona and economy tanking everyones getting paid well less now..sign now! i thnk all sports salaries will tank now due to covid19 and no fans no revenues! sign ur deals now!
zaknyfein z
zaknyfein z Month ago
Russell Wilson is head and shoulders better than Dak...seriously Skip.
zaknyfein z
zaknyfein z Month ago
Dak is an average QB whom I am not really sure Jerry needs...
blachloch1 Month ago
Makes bringing in Dalton on the cheap look like a pretty smart move...if the cap drops and he still demands to be overpaid let him walk.
Y.ustise Month ago
Invite Jake FrommStateFarm into that studio. We got some things to discuss
Andre Mckinney
Andre Mckinney Month ago
The window closes on the cowboys every year for over 20 years when the playoffs start lol failure before Dak and failure with Dak because jerry jones is the owner slash GM
Maxsonyte Month ago
I’m calling it: he will be tagged, and in 2021.... he will be the next QB of the New Orleans Saints.
Poorly Dunbar Videos
Been saying it for MONTHS that the cap is dropping and Dak overplayed his hand. Love being right.
L2THEC1 Month ago
That ended perfectly , Me and Ernestine are on the 5th stage 😆😆😆, and he meant that ...
Antonio Mendez
Antonio Mendez Month ago
MrCaptaincoffee Month ago
Wow doing some great P. R. For dak.. outside of Tom Brady and rg3 who else is this guy selling for?
gary robinson
gary robinson Month ago
I would let Dak go. He isn’t that good and really isn’t worth slapping a tag on him. It makes him think he is worth that every year. Seattle,GB, and KC are by far and away the best in the league. The guy in Oakland /LV isn’t far behind. He just doesn’t have the legs but is great arm if he has the pass blockers up front.
gary robinson
gary robinson Month ago
Dark doesn’t have a good touch. They’ve got the leprechaun at backup and he is likely a better QB. Dak will never have the touch. A few years without a good offensive line he will not be mobile anymore.
Jack Sasquatch
Jack Sasquatch Month ago
Dak is a middle of the pack quarterback.
scotty morgan
scotty morgan Month ago
WTF Shannon "The Cowboys should have thought about this before hand." So you telling me that they should have predicted that Covid-19 was going to cover the nation, and thus we may not have a season and it will make the Salary cap go down. Yep smart words.
Aron Beagley
Aron Beagley Month ago
As a Cowboys fan and yes I'm a fan of Dak, I'm done with this. Dak is not worth more than 32 million / year. In big important games he has yet to prove he is worth more. He is not Lamar Jackson. He is not Pat Mahomes. He is not Arron Rogers. He is not Drew Bree's. He is not Russell Wilson. He has yet to show that kind of talent. Let him go Jerry! Let him try his hand at the free market and if there is someone crazy enough to pay him more than 32 million/ year than let them have him. It is going to take at least a year for Mike to get his system in place. If we loose the season than fine, pick up a QB in the draft and let's move on.
Frank Stange
Frank Stange Month ago
Leave Eli alone he is not bad quarterback its his offense line and bad defense
Rich Kurek
Rich Kurek Month ago
Cut DAK bring in CAM.
dick welch
dick welch Month ago
Bayless need another job.
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