The Console Wars

Drew Gooden
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The Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat & Historical Center: houseofgg.org/
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music used:
1:38 - ruvid.net/video/video-BDwGNdhVP80.html
3:47 - ruvid.net/video/video-avGbnVlH5C0.html
5:07 - ruvid.net/video/video-DNWaJU8nNno.html
5:46 & 11:51 - ruvid.net/video/video-6RO7K4W-c9g.html (thanks ChrisRayGun for reminding me about this song)
7:32 - ruvid.net/video/video-5lew-LTRCcI.html
13:42 - ruvid.net/video/video-zWJqaVqi8Ik.html (thanks EmpLemon for showing me this one)
The rest are various songs from www.epidemicsound.com/
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 60
- oaklolk -
- oaklolk - Month ago
console more like video game console
Daniel Large
Daniel Large 2 days ago
Cause no one will console me
Nick Christiansen
Rheana Smith r/woooooooosh
MonkeyMan Gaming
MonkeyMan Gaming 7 days ago
ohhhhhhhhh rekt
The dank leader
The dank leader 8 days ago
Furtix 9 days ago
anna Lol
Mars Kahn
Mars Kahn 43 minutes ago
I've bought skyrim 4 times...
Mars Kahn
Mars Kahn 44 minutes ago
thats me I have Xbox 1 and ps4 and my bank account is uhhhh conflicted about the new releases
Sanatorium Nugget
You have friends
Lauren Letzelter
Lauren Letzelter 2 hours ago
Disneyland adventures is fantastic u take that back ☹️
Pratyush Praveen
Pratyush Praveen 4 hours ago
Me who has never had a gaming console and plays on a potato pc: Yeah the console wars are stupid
tired of people who are annoying
How dare you say Viva Piñata is not appealing, I have put too many hours into that game.
Josh Burcham
Josh Burcham 5 hours ago
Ok but the Sam and Max games are still really funny and worth playing
eipg2001 10 hours ago
I see Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album back there.
jeebs621 14 hours ago
I miss the 360 interface, the new Xbox one UI is so shit
Messy Lawnclippings
Messy Lawnclippings 16 hours ago
Ok so I grew up with an Xbox but my dad has a ps4 and it’s super friend
Emcee Hammer
Emcee Hammer 16 hours ago
I made a non chalent comment about how I'd wouldn't mind getting a playstation and I'm not shipping you my 8 year old nephew got mad @ me because x-box. Him and his 8 year old friends already rage @ each other over which console is best. Boy do they start young.
Senior Whoopy IRL
Senior Whoopy IRL 16 hours ago
Sponsored, by CarMax. Clever sponsorship actually
whome 20 hours ago
heres a comment for support
Stringer Strang
Stringer Strang 22 hours ago
I always switch consoles every generation to get a new experience but now ? I’m just buying both I need both! You made me too indecisive the smart decision is both !
Manatee J
Manatee J 22 hours ago
3 billion dollars for a movie?
Shane Turley
Shane Turley Day ago
The PS is an air conditioner and the Xbox is a mini fridge
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 Day ago
I’m personally going for PS5.
Gubby Bones
Gubby Bones Day ago
I have good memories of going to my parents friends house where they had a pool and they had a wii and we just swam and played wipeout THE GAME on wii
Mohammed Bukhowa
12:50 that's called ghost space i think
Nicholas Lewis
In conclusion: Get a PC
Loafey Day ago
Alright don’t hate on Sam and max
Lextheloser Day ago
Drew, has anyone ever told you about our Lord and Savior, PC?
Kayla M L
Kayla M L Day ago
Watch Seventeen Again with Tia and Tamera Mowry
osterToast3r Day ago
My loyalty is to Nintendo
mey Day ago
Mass effect ost 😭😭😭 I feel kinda nostalgic
Harlow Wise
Harlow Wise Day ago
mini fridge or internet router
LEGO Star Wars oh yeah
“Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, probably should have rented that one.” 😂😂
Drew Ott
Drew Ott Day ago
I Agree game pass is good however I don’t have enough time to play all of them lol
Ukima Day ago
imagine paying for xbox live 🤣🤣🤣 this is why I don't care about consoles anymore
Geeky Bros Collector Kings
Holy shit pewdiepie just commented on your video
Geeky Bros Collector Kings
I have both plus switch, so I couldn’t give 2 shits
Spencer Brayman
One look at my profile picture should tell you which one of the two I prefer
Duke Day ago
I’ve always been with PlayStation since the PS2, and it’s been one of my favorite console.
Ema 2 days ago
For some reasons I have amazing memories about the g-force game on the DS
Rad Ry
Rad Ry 2 days ago
if you exit out of Netflix on PS4 you just hit the PS4 button in the middle again and it takes you straight back.
Davis McClure
Davis McClure 2 days ago
“You’ll destroy your brand new copy of madden 08”. *Angry Scott the woz noises*
Shaquille Fernandez
Man I wish sony had a game pass... I dont count ps now as a game pass.. like drew said its mainly to play old games....
curpum xy
curpum xy 2 days ago
the background music was from mass effect!! a great choice
Eh eh eh eh
Eh eh eh eh 2 days ago
Man, I love the X-Station Playbox. Such a beautiful console ❤️❤️
Bunlikely 2 days ago
My most used console is still my 3DS, that's where my cooking mama is
Subim gautam
Subim gautam 2 days ago
why don,t you make gaming channel ?
V Medi
V Medi 2 days ago
Cool content.
JTNApollo 2 days ago
Thats weird because I have the first generation ps4 and inviting people and taking screenshots works fast for me And also if you exit out of YT or Netflix you cloud just press PS twice and it goes back into it
Good Dog
Good Dog 2 days ago
Chloe W
Chloe W 2 days ago
I obsessively played this PC game where *i think* I raised dogs and/or cats. It was like a super-simple Nintendogs for the computer in about 2003/4? You could buy little flea circuses in it. I’m aware that there’s little to no detail there but I’ve just realised that that game stole hundreds of hours of my childhood that I can’t remember. Why can’t I remember it? Why so scant details? Was it even animals?! *OH* and that design a garden one that seemed so complex and I always got bored of
Micahthatguy 2 days ago
In order to record video games faster double click the share button it will start recording
JamGames 3 days ago
You should make a review on sam and max(the game about the dog.and rabbit noone cares about) the 2nd and third game might give you some 'interesting thoughts' that would be great to see
ΞVΔLUTE 3 days ago
13:40 shit had me dying 😂🗿
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 3 days ago
If you made picture of hotdog merch.....I uhhh I would buy
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 3 days ago
At 14:00 when are you going to talk about Nintendo??
Shabbii 3 days ago
I prolly won't get a Xbox just cause I'm loyal but the fuckin ps4 menu is so slow. Doing anything is slow. Messages. Opening stuff. Party's. But also ps4 exclusives are largely my favorite games. Bloodborne is top 3. Spiderman is great. God of War was an experience i like to remember. The only non exclusives I play are subnautica and destiny
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 4 days ago
I've always found brand loyalty incredibly bizarre and the conversations I've had with the people involved even more bizzare. The iOS vs Android debate I find especially annoying.
Zak Srdanovich
Zak Srdanovich 4 days ago
Imagine not having nvme storage
nols 4 days ago
Lol consol gamers
The toxicguy
The toxicguy 4 days ago
Just grow up edgy 7 year old I never thought I would say that but well I did now I have both and they are bad In their own way I don’t have pc but it’s better
SlachymcBlip 4 days ago
Drunken Hobo
Drunken Hobo 4 days ago
Why is the Marsha P. Johnson charity about black trans lives when Marsha was a gay man who wore drag? He wasn't transsexual in any way. Seems a really backwards look that just because the man was gay and wore women's clothes then he must be transsexual. It's the kind of thing Iran does to their gay people.
Christine Bealing
Omg that little clip of jump start threw me back to childhood
ƗŧsȺȼɇ 4 days ago
Is Drew a Radiohead fan?
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