The Comprehensive Guide To Living In A Society

Lessons in Meme Culture
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This video says a lot about society.
Please comment if you know more about this meme's origins.
Hey so, some of you may have seen my old “We Live In A Society” video that I put up in early 2018, and may be wondering why I took it down. Basically, I didn't like the old video because it was missing some information, and with the interest it was getting from the new Joker movie, I didn't feel as if it represented lessons in meme culture to the best extent. So I made a new, updated and better video about the meme.
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Oct 27, 2019




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Comments 663
Stev Hussar
Stev Hussar Day ago
This is like a much better version of Behind the Meme.
Jaff Dee
Jaff Dee 2 days ago
I thought these gamer memes were a joke...
Adeesh Up
Adeesh Up 4 days ago
We live in a society where Epstein didn’t kill him self ✊😔🔫
Muffin 4 days ago
We live in a society where [PAY $9.99 FOR BOTTOM TEXT]
Equality Peace
Equality Peace 5 days ago
STFU with your gamer criticism. You're either with us or with society.
BlueFieldGamer 6 days ago
People's say We live in a Society because it sound egdy The same as Joker in the 1989 Batman movie Has you ever dance with the devil is the pale moonlight
IamThe Spy!
IamThe Spy! 6 days ago
We live in a societ y
Fred Durst
Fred Durst 6 days ago
There it is. GameGate. Thanks for bringing up ethics in games journalism.
Glitched_ 6 days ago
Lmao “work of the devil” bruh doom is about slaying demons
Poochi Gang Lads
Poochi Gang Lads 6 days ago
We live in a society 😔
KasirRham 6 days ago
We live in a society... Where we need to take better care of each other as humans
Darck SK
Darck SK 6 days ago
"wiping out my over 19 pdf books":Ok BoMeR
videon Mode
videon Mode 8 days ago
um did you know that gamers are LITERALLY the most oppressed minority in the world?!
Jenya Lebedyev
Jenya Lebedyev 10 days ago
D Man
D Man 11 days ago
This says a lot about our society.
-CFW. Magic-
-CFW. Magic- 12 days ago
I'm Liven't
Blackpilled Saint
Blackpilled Saint 12 days ago
Wow trump is actually retarded if he thinks the incel epidemic has any correlation with video games.
Blackpilled Saint
Blackpilled Saint 12 days ago
Women don’t like nice guys because personality doesn’t mean shit. Women love *attractive* guys, personality is irrelevant to sexual desire.
I like Scribbles
I like Scribbles 12 days ago
This is basically an over complicated way of how in the killing joke the joker says,” just one bad day can make a man go to lunacy”
BEE Keeper Tree
BEE Keeper Tree 12 days ago
Chad and STACY ......☹️
GG Allin
GG Allin 13 days ago
"Are you having any Bruh moments?" "All I have is Bruh moments".
PerfectJaffa 13 days ago
Them boobs better be the same size or im gunna go cra cra
Nixs 66
Nixs 66 14 days ago
M14 gang
Pedro Paulo Faria
Pedro Paulo Faria 14 days ago
You are the good version of behind the meme
Nihil Ego
Nihil Ego 14 days ago
It doesn't matter what society we live in, because I'll be God-Emperor of the world very soon !
Ninjaslash52 _
Ninjaslash52 _ 15 days ago
I’m a “nice guy” but a lot of this shit is cringey why can’t I just be a douchebag without being associated with these cringelords
Federico Antonietti
Wait why is there an Italian shitty meme?
Frostynugboi 15 days ago
Im surprised there was no mention of r/Gamersriseup
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith 16 days ago
I never thought analyzing memes could be so interesting
LORDBADASS 16 days ago
I was dangerously close to becoming a “nice guy” back in the mid 10’s. I was REALLY into the Amazing Atheist & anti-SJW videos on RUvid.
ORONTHEON 13 days ago
Same I was in the tacky atheist boat myself
mediocre gaming
mediocre gaming 16 days ago
The fact that we live in a society says a lot about our society.
Riccardo Pattarin
Riccardo Pattarin 16 days ago
At 5:53 you choosed to show the Logo of An italian meme page about trap which has nothing to do . However the vid is pure and genuinely meme culture. 10/10 This comment was mad by the *Italian memers' association*
Ermhs Parasoidis
Ermhs Parasoidis 18 days ago
Oh men , the guy make this video is such a Normie For What real meaning is of "we Living In A Society" See here ruvid.net/video/video-hB7aw93InHk.html
Ray Arnold
Ray Arnold 18 days ago
Anyone can jump into a pool of chemicals
Ray Arnold
Ray Arnold 18 days ago
Anyone can become the joker
G A R F 19 days ago
We do live in a society
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk 19 days ago
It's called being alive
theKruseship 19 days ago
We may live in a society, but people always seem to forget... We die in a society too.
FaggotEditor 20 days ago
disliked solely because of 5:12
Orophlacious 20 days ago
Glad to see this video actually covered the subject of the meme without any kind of stupid attempts of humor to blur the lines, and also still made some solid points about the people using this meme. Jokes aside, gamers and a lot of people invested in nerd or nerd-like media such as games, comics, anime and more, have a lot of self-reflection to make in current time. It's not much of a stretch to say that a lot of the people worshiping the Joker movie, probably don't realize they are part of the problem the movie criticizes, considering the huge amount of hateful, edgy and loud people online doing the kinds of things seen in that movie, just rarely taking it to the physical world (not that it's any less bad this way).
Harsh Mahar
Harsh Mahar 20 days ago
We live in a society. Admit it
Mike F.
Mike F. 21 day ago
SO FUCKING NAIVE “Video games is no unhealthier than ur average entertainment” yeah dumbass. does that make video games any better?? HOW MANY HOURS DOES 1 human participate in EACH “entertainment”?? Huh buddy? OVER TIME VIDEO GAMES WILL HAVE AN EFFECT ON U. TRUMP IS 100% right, u fucking peasants. Edit: HUMANS PLAY VIDEO GAMES FOR A LONGER DURATION/added with gambling currencies/friends playing with u... it’s overwhelming for a growing brain and y’all don’t realize it till ur 21 and A FUCKIN ZOMBIE
talsapps 22 days ago
You are a normie
Cram_Dead 23 days ago
Some of these memes legit made me fucking cringe so bad I had to look away from the screen
Cram_Dead 23 days ago
Gamers are the most oppressed class
stacey HCLF
stacey HCLF 24 days ago
Dank 24 days ago
Lesson in Puffer Fish Eating a Carrot meme
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 25 days ago
"I'm a nice guy" *also relates to a serial killer who committed war crimes, animal abuse, child abduction, mass genocide, domestic abuse, and being a clown*
Federico Poletti
Federico Poletti 25 days ago
Channel boomeristically called "Lessons in meme culture", justifies ZQ -> that's says a lot about society
AW W 25 days ago
We live in a despacito
SoA is better than TWD
Idk how to feel about this meme. At one side I find it funny and true in so many ways, because there are so many self preclaimed 'intelligent' and 'woke' people. On the other side, they disrespect one of the most iconic villains of all time. But the thing that bothers me the most is this simple fact: You should understand the origin of the Joker (especially Heath Ledger's and Joaquin Phoenix's) and know the antidote for it. But don't sympathize with him. At the end of the day, he's a evil being, who would kill you without hesistation by burning you alive. So you wanna know how to be a good person instead of a nice guy? Try to understand Carl Jung's Shadow. That's a step forward. Edit: And Muay Thai. Or BJJ. Or Boxing. Idk choose something, where you can legally hurt and getting hurt by other people. It helps a lot
TedBacon12 27 days ago
7:39 where tf did burkina faso go
Tomás Villaplana Chavarría
Joe Mama
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 28 days ago
This video says alot about society...
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 28 days ago
And yet we live in we.
Meff 69
Meff 69 28 days ago
Nuked memes. Yes. Those are the final step in meme evolution.
kevinhugg Month ago
Could you make a video about where the fuck the "st" cat came from? It feels like I've been lookin everywhere on the internet but I can't find the origins to that image. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Danker Beef uploaded a video a couple of months ago called "st" where the cat is the first animal appearing. PLEASE make a video about it, it's just so cute.
kevinhugg Month ago
Here is the highest quality image I could find of the cat: imgur.com/amsxCY8 (Posting this in replies just in case it gets removed for having a link)
wesly exist
wesly exist Month ago
Nice tf2 picture
OmegaChase1002 Month ago
hold up, you read huffington post? yeah, im done watching, see ya.
Jake Turner
Jake Turner Month ago
Give us Doge
Ak Flip
Ak Flip Month ago
Do the Fat puffer fish eating next
Paul Abe
Paul Abe Month ago
Why would anybody target Felicia Day? That's Veronica Santangelo!
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