The Complete Legend of Zelda Timeline - Legend Of Zelda to Breath Of The Wild

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The Legend of Zelda franchise has told the tale of Link, Zelda, and Ganon countless times and fans have speculated on whether or not all the games fit in one cohesive timeline. Until Nintendo confirmed that they do in an official Nintendo book, Hyrule Historia. So let's unpack and explain the complete Legend of Zelda timeline on the Leaderboard!
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Nintendo's Legend Of Zelda series has spanned many games and the latest game The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild we wanted to look back at the story of this iconic series. So with the help of the Hyrule Historia that Nintendo put out, join us as we break down the complete Legend of Zelda timeline. It includes Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.
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Mar 2, 2019




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What timeline should we do next?!
Stop It
Stop It 5 days ago
Jacob B
Jacob B 10 days ago
Vaughan YT
Vaughan YT 15 days ago
MajycalMotion 20 days ago
Animal crossing
Mr. 0lvera
Mr. 0lvera 22 days ago
Do metal gear timeline. Or kingdom hearts timeline.
Romaners SJ
Romaners SJ 4 hours ago
this guy is the boy in creppypastas named Ben
N Forbidden 2.0
N Forbidden 2.0 23 hours ago
Potato Potawto
So you’re telling me..... link F U C K S???
Cathy Day ago
Farore’s name is pronounced Fair-Or, just saying
Squished Toon Link
Actually Skyward Sword is the start of the timeline, that's when the Master Sword was foraged
Bunny Emperor
Wait... So how many links are there?
Jacob Reynolds
We’ve played as 12 so far
Dragon 2 days ago
I played Zelda for about 30 minutes when I was around 10 years old. Idk which game it was but I’m so annoyed that I didn’t continue. I was too afraid to get through this maze with giant boulders rolling around in it and I never passed it. The only thing I really remembered was saria’s song, but I didn’t remember who saria even was lol. My memory is just on something
Dragon Day ago
Dragon it’s ocarina of time if you have the 3ds get the hd version and replay it is my favorite Zelda game
Matt Boi
Matt Boi 3 days ago
I’ve played 4 Zelda games so I kinda understand
xDisaster 07
xDisaster 07 3 days ago
24:06 hyrule warriors age of Calamity 😋😋😋😋
Diet water
Diet water 3 days ago
Age of Calamity: Exists This video: THIS LITTLE MANEUVER IS GOING TO COST US 7 YEARS
Penny Girl
Penny Girl 3 days ago
Science: no History: no Zelda science and history: absolutely!!!
BJ studio’s
BJ studio’s 3 days ago
Botw goes in the fallen hero timeline fact one link nearly dies fact two lynels, lynels only appear in fallen hero timeline
BitcoinTijmen 4 days ago
My man's raised by a tree!
Hellionn 4 days ago
9:21 You meant descendant right?
Grant Normann
Grant Normann 4 days ago
I guess the news of the sequel that shows actual ganondorf means that all three timelines are now connected and calamity ganon was just an extension of his soul or body or whatever. And according to the “making a champion” book, the races of the original champions of the divine beats was unknown, meaning that it’s possible the Zora and Rito hadn’t completely evolved to be separate races yet, which would explain how the zora came back after the timeline where they became rito
CoffeeCat39 Coffee
Ngl why does everyone want to see links.. awaken master sword?.....
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 4 days ago
There really is no accurate timeline. A lot of them are just standalone games.
assassins gaming
assassins gaming 5 days ago
I still dont get how the fallen hero timeline happend
GoMhaaad 5 days ago
You did a bad job explaining the timeline, read the comments, no one knows what are you blabbing about.
GoMhaaad 5 days ago
7:30 ... you OK? you started spouting non-sense.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 5 days ago
Does it really make any sense to put them all into a timeline? I mean the earlier 2D games aren't even set near the start, and all the characters essentially just reappear in each group of games. To me it makes more sense that there's a few unrelated groups of games, so BotW is just the start of its own group, with its own lore
Tossy Bros.
Tossy Bros. 5 days ago
So with the Release of Cadence of Hyrule, I still think that there is a gap to be filled in-
ImNotHere 5 days ago
I enjoyed A Link Between Worlds, and OoT out of all of the games
CC Cant
CC Cant 6 days ago
better change this soon
Manuel Araujo
Manuel Araujo 6 days ago
Perhaps the new game calamity age will explain how breath of the wild connects
Maksim Tribiani
Maksim Tribiani 6 days ago
I had been saying it since majora's mask was the newest game. I always told people that it is not the same link and Zelda in every game. With that said what I really wanna know is where does the legend of zelda cartoon series and the three cd-i games fit in. I have read online that there is a 4th timeline known as "the hero arrives early" timeline and, that is where the cartoon and cd-i games fit in. I have not yet confirmed it though.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 6 days ago
CD-I and cartoon aren’t canon
FioscoTM 6 days ago
I simply CANNOT WAIT until Zelda 2: Electric Boogaloo
Magma Gun
Magma Gun 6 days ago
22:10 you need to let it go
professor chaos
professor chaos 7 days ago
Zelda: there's evil a foot Mermaid Man: EVIIIILLLL
BlooJay 7 days ago
So are Link and Zelda being reborn like Ganon is?
M. G.
M. G. 7 days ago
I can’t believe it I found a timeline that is more confusing than the kingdom hearts timeline lol 😆
Leinard Esteves
Leinard Esteves 7 days ago
Did they go back in time? Why was link a child in minish cap?
Leinard Esteves
Leinard Esteves 6 days ago
Jacob Reynolds so Link and Zelda are namesakes in this universe like how Batman is?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 6 days ago
Because it’s not the same Link in every game
Mouad El Moujaddidi
You speak way too fast. Of course, everyone in the comment section is confused...
Justin Case
Justin Case 8 days ago
Meanwhile.. Hyrule warriors, age of calamity.
Amir 8 days ago
15 mins, so far I understand what's going on. I'm just really surprised that most or all the Links and Zeldas are actually different people. As a person who isn't into the series because of how deep the lore is, it came as a surprise. I've ALWAYS wanted to play this series but the lore kept me from moving forward.
Gustavo Cunha
Gustavo Cunha 8 days ago
You missed Link's Crossbow Training
Ultimate Nintendo fan
I call new zelda timeline: “The champion timeline”
Sharmie S
Sharmie S 8 days ago
I’m back here to know where we put Age of Calamity please
carlosaround 8 days ago
Where does Hyrule Warriors fit in 🤔
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 6 days ago
It’s not canon
Magaman 1001
Magaman 1001 9 days ago
Legend of Zelda breath of the wild 2 coming soon...
Lazy Sloth Mobile
I'm still playing old school games for example the old school emerald Pokemon game
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele 9 days ago
Who's here to watch this The Legend Of Zelda timeline video after the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity game trailer announcement from Nintendo?
ya boy
ya boy 9 days ago
There is a game missing... Link's crossbow training
MaryKatii 22
MaryKatii 22 9 days ago
Whos gonna tell her theres a botw 2..
Valhalla Gaming
Valhalla Gaming 10 days ago
I think you meant descendant not ancestor
Pie 10 days ago
Was old sheikah technology ever used greatly in other games? That might help.
Dectura 10 days ago
how come they never kill him but only seal him
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 10 days ago
They have killed him before, he reincarnates
Michael Switzer
Michael Switzer 10 days ago
I like to just play them on there own and not think about all the connections and timelines. Except for the obvious sequels like majoras mask. But it is cool to see it all laid out.
Link Faron
Link Faron 11 days ago
My theory is that maybe the Ocarina of Time was found or something. Or maybe one of the sages converged the timelines because they thought it would be better for Hyrule. Or perhaps Ganon could have done this himself, but there's one thing: I haven't seen much reference to the Triforce in BotW at all except for Zelda's sealing power. Does she have the complete Triforce?
trenton9 11 days ago
If you want a totally chaotic timeline introduce either A) a multiverse or B) split timelines. I'm not liking this split timeline. To use a current but someday outdated expression, 'it does the most.'
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant 11 days ago
Me, Can’t even understand Zelda 1 also me hmmmmmm Zelda timeline that seems interesting
WonderGames YT
WonderGames YT 11 days ago
the only zelda games ive played is majoras mask, and links awakening {switch remake}
LoneToast385 -ToasterGaming-
In honor of her bff Damn friend zoned
Chriss_TV Xenoverse
me who only played oot3ds: huh
John Gomez
John Gomez 12 days ago
This could be all solved by Hyrule Warriors.
Dal 12 days ago
Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts: two games full of baddies who can’t call it quits. Anyways I’ve played LoZ for many years and I still have to watch these timelines every now and then to understand wtf I’ve been playing.
Troy Lance Balingit
the first one I finished was the Ocarina arc then go for the others like link of the past and four swords so I have two to go the wind waker and the BOTW reason I did't finish wind waker was the gamecube cd of that one was broken and can't find another copy :( so am jumping BOTW now just sharing
Anh Tien Quang Nguyen
I swear Hyrule is a kingdom made up of Batman and Ganon is the Joker. They never kill Ganon and keep "sealing" him away.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 11 days ago
Ganon has been killed before, he comes back regardless
Jaunty Vampire
Jaunty Vampire 13 days ago
You scared the hell out of me when you said that baby was tingle.
yooringonghan 14 days ago
the ultimate solution: *DESTROY THE TRIFORCE* or basically plead for the 3 goddesses to somehow get rid of the Triforce
Sosboy 2550
Sosboy 2550 14 days ago
“Ganon is dead for good this time” Breath of the wild 2: (c" ತ,_ತ)
*TK GALAXY* 14 days ago
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhh, I still don't get it Nintendo: Yeah, neither do we kid
The blueber
The blueber 14 days ago
hmmm botw 2 comes soon soooooo UR NOT DONE YET >:)))))))
John Bresciano
John Bresciano 15 days ago
World: Floods Zora: Guys quick we gotta grow wings swimming is NO LONGER AN OPTION
Arquinas 15 days ago
I think you forgot Hyrule Warriors. The entire plot of the game is basically "All of the timelines merge" although it wasn't made by Aonuma, it was still officially sanctioned by him and published by Nintendo. So after the Chaos that takes place in the era of that game, we get to Breath of the Wild's timeline in the far future, after the (arguably second) technological golden age of Hyrule. As there is evidence in Skyward Sword which is chronologically the first game that such technology existed hundreds of years BEFORE Skyward Sword takes place to begin with. However, it could also be argued that BotWs "10,000 years ago" is referring to this era before Skyward Sword and could indicate that the machines were used to seal Demise, before the Hylians along with Goddess Hylia departed to the skies to hide from Demise. This does mean that Calamity Ganon as an entity has not been imprisoned for the past 10,000 years, but rather has been imprisoned over and over and over again throughout the series which culminates in the seal breaking by 100 years before BotW. It's hard to piece together the ultimate continuity of the timeline because of the events of Ocarina of Time and Hyrule Warriors wrecking absolute chaos into the events of the series.
DesertEagle90 16 days ago
So in other words... Legend of Zelda is basically the Code Lyoko of Nintendo as Ganondorf/Ganon is X.A.N.A? We mind as well add “Return to the past now!” in the credits! 😂
Aaron Padilla
Aaron Padilla 16 days ago
If they ever make a Legend of Zelda movie they should start with Majora's mask cause that would be dope.
ANDREW_THE_GOAT 16 days ago
They should've said that they killed Ganondorf's Malice-Shiekah tech puppet, given the trailer for 2
uthman ishfaq
uthman ishfaq 16 days ago
i want there to be a mm sequel
uthman ishfaq
uthman ishfaq 17 days ago
how did the hero of time die then
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina 17 days ago
The Zelda timeline is more confusing than String Theory
Jason Random
Jason Random 17 days ago
10:55 But the first branch aka the child Timeline is the cannon time line. The adult Timeline and the fallen hero Timeline line are both not cannon.
Freshy Fishy
Freshy Fishy 17 days ago
The shortest era: golden era
gg p2722
gg p2722 17 days ago
I think botw it the 3 timlines conversion
ANN THEgamer
ANN THEgamer 17 days ago
23:12 here you go paige nwn
Liam Holloway
Liam Holloway 18 days ago
This is an interesting video! Still goes way over my head though and that’s someone who’s been playing Zelda games for over 20 odd years haha. My advice is just take the games at face value and play them as individual games. There is obviously a rabbit warren of lore tying everything together, but it’s not linear in the slightest, as in: there’s no requirement to have played the game previous to understand what’s going on, unless it’s a direct sequel of course. (For those worrying about having never played a Zelda game and think it’s too late) Much like Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls in a way, certain lore ties the games together, but they’re very much individual games and amazing ones at that! Almost 30 now! Here’s to another 30 years of Zelda ✌🏼
The genieus and the amazing lamp
Did u do the Kirby timeline
GreyWolf 18 days ago
Botw 2 is about to make this a whole lot harder
Omxga 18 days ago
videodude23 18 days ago
Is it me, or am I the only one who got nauseous after watching this
Uhhh 99
Uhhh 99 18 days ago
you should also have included how the hero of time died and then how he appeared to TP link
Johanna Charpentier
Wow. And me who thought the story of Zelda was simple 😅 i guess i can go back to playing BotW. I just wanted to know who is this Impa who told me wake the 4 monsters or sthg.
Yash Fofaria
Yash Fofaria 19 days ago
Let me round everything up in as little words as possible They refuse to kill a guy who tried to *literally end the world* and there’s a lot of reincarnation shinangans
Devweeb 19 days ago
These guys make shitty timeline videos. It just seems like they went off Wikipedia or something. Sometimes their facts are wrong
memelord1642069 19 days ago
Remember hyrule warriors? Sure it's not canon, but in that game all the timelines merge, so maybe that's why there's stuff from every timeline in breath of the wild?
wHeRes tHe lAmBsAuCe
its come to my attention that maybe i shouldn't be watching this at 12:07am im so confused
Óscar Merlos
Óscar Merlos 20 days ago
Love your love for the mighty Gorons
VinnyMartello 20 days ago
Wow... I've been a Zelda fan for literally 20 years and I still didn't know this stuff and I'm still confused!!!
Josh Fite
Josh Fite 20 days ago
I believe they did converge, all three and unfortunately this game isn't actually cannon Hyrule Warriors its the first game seen with link wearing blue and has Dark beast gannon aka the final boss of the game, and also the map is practically identical but the game isn't cannon but it makes the most sense
Caolán O'Chearnaigh
What's the name of the song that plays during the explanation of Twilight Princess?
Xeno Android
Xeno Android 21 day ago
Me only play Majora's Mask and not yet finish the game:Hmm i want to learn TLOZ timeline Also Me after watching the whole video:My math homework was easier then this
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
My a couple of theories. 1) Is that Botw belonging in , uniting or being the ultimatum of all timelines is b.s. More on that later. I have a theory that Demise comes from Lorule because he comes through a crack/fissure in the ground. Demise is the antithesis of Hylia the Goddess of Time making him the God of Space which allows him to cross dimensions. After a failed attempt at claiming the Lorulian Triforce (which is destroyed by wish) he learns of another Triforce through Dowsing with his Sword Ghirahim.And being the God of Space becomes the first to cross dimensions. Skyward Sword happens yada yada yada. (Also Since Link from SS was the first pure hearted Hero to travel through time with the Master Sword that's where the Title Hero of Time comes from making OoT Link the 2nd Hero of Time.) Now to BotW. I profess that BotW takes place in the child timeline. The reason why is because there is too much evidence that points to it. The biggest point for me is the fact that when Hyrule and its people are left undisturbed they develop technologically like Crazy. Evidence to support comes in SS where if they hadn't been disturbed by Demise they would have continued to advance on the surface
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
P.S. Given enough time the Zora's would've evolved into the Ritos just like the Kokiri into Koroks. The Zora's only became militarized and used weapons/armor in 1 Timeline (the child timeline) because in the Adult they were wiped out and/or became the Rito tribe. In the Downfall timeline they never became militarized and relied mostly on Magic Based Attacks. Also their design in Botw closest resembles Twilight Princess. And this is kinda just nitpicking but I support the theory that all Games that use the Twilight Princess Master Sword design are all in the same vein. Namely SS,TP and BotW.
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
And finally my last point is development. 7) In that Yes names from alternate timelines are In BotW but keep in mind : Hyrule was never disturbed. So given enough time all the people from the Adult and Downfall timelines would come to be born,the Kokiri would become the Koroks and eventually all come to exist in one timeline. As is evident in BotW. So yeah. I'm pretty sure there's more points but that's my case +/ theory is that bottom line TL/DR: Demise is from Lorule and BotW takes place IN the Child Timeline between Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventures. (And I hope Botw2 doesn't screw with that theory 😁)
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
Beyond that there's Hyrule Castle in general which is almost identical to Twilight Princess BUT if it came After Twilight Princess it would have been reconstructed after having been Destroyed by Ganondorf when he attacked Midna. My biggest points which is why this is in the child timeline are that and the following key points. 1)The child timeline is the only timeline with Any metion of "Divine Beasts". Twilight Princess is the only game where Links Wolf Form is considered a Divine Beast. And the machines the Guardians pilot are deemed as such. 2) Ganondorfs possesion capabilities. In Twilight Princess when he possesses Zelda he does so in a manner very similar to what occurs in Botw when he takes over and infects the Guardians. Watch the cutscene,the method is almost identical except for the fact that Ganondorf seems to use Twilight Realm based abilities and later uses the same techniques with his own Malice. 3)Hyrule Castle is almost identical to TP in Botw albeit with some differences likely because it was destroyed in TP the battle between Ganondorf and Midna (which i stated above) 4)The other timelines don't quite sync up with Botws Backstory. The Imprisoning War and the Final Flooding of Hyrule. If it came after either of those games where is any mention of the 2nd princess Zelda after the Adventure of Link or any traces of the Spirit Tracks if it were in any way related to new Hyrule? 5)Botw Takes place BETWEEN Twilight Princess and Four Swords adventures. I probably should've opened with this but by placement for this comes from the Lore that in FSA the Ganon battled then is a reincarnation of Ganondorf and prior to that every form was the revived original incarnation. After Ganondorf is defeated in TP what happens to his body is never seen but he isn't outright destroyed either. It isn't until BotW that princess Zelda Eradicates Ganon and later in FSA is when the reincarnation comes. 6) BOTW Ganon resembles Twilight Princess Ganondorf more than any other Ganondorf in the Timelines. Look at Calamity Ganon or Corpse Ganon. The Hair,the Teeth,the Beard. Most importantly,the Head Piece and the shape of it. They all closer resemble TP Ganondorf.
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
So yeah,when The people of Hyrule are left undisturbed they advanced Tech like crazy. If Demise hadn't attacked in the Era of Hylia they would have continued their already impressive developments. Hyrule in Twilight Princess was allowed to develop from OoT because Ganondorf was never able to execute his Coup.
SexyMr BurtBurt
SexyMr BurtBurt 21 day ago
(I didn't get to finish when i accidentally hit post and idk how to edit LOL)
Jaxon Hodges
Jaxon Hodges 21 day ago
Skyward sword was my favorite game
Skopin 21 day ago
I can't wait to play Zelda 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Samantha McCarthy
Samantha McCarthy 22 days ago
Did you know Marin from link's awakening is dark link
jereman618 ahYT
jereman618 ahYT 22 days ago
I have every game cuz my family use to have nes or snes and old consoles and games so yahh
NyanFrancy 23 days ago
I only played spirit tracks but I couldn’t finish it cause my Nintendo broke :( I wanna play breath of the wild so bad but we can’t afford it
Ggletsplay 23 days ago
Link left with the ocarina of time because he was searching for Navi. Navi flew off after he returned the master sword in the temple of time during the ending of the story in oot.
maltesto_ 3o
maltesto_ 3o 23 days ago
I played every zelda about 3 times But its really hard to understand 😅But logic in some way I think... Öhm Yeah
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