The Complete History of Carrie White | Horror History

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Carrie White is the titular character of the first ever Stephen King novel, a high school story of a teenage girl with telekinetic abilities and her revenge on her cruel classmates. In this video I'll be going through the entire chronological life of Carrie White, including the details of her relationship with her mother. I'll also be doing a complete breakdown and analysis of her character.
This will cover the entire known history of Carrie from her conception to her story's end. Please note that this will only analyse her character as written in the book. I will show clips from the movies as a visual aid, but for the purposes of Horror History, the book is canon!
#Carrie #StephenKing
0:00 | Intro
1:00 | Conception of Carrie White
1:30 | The Birth of Carrie White and the Rain of Stones
4:36 | Grade School
7:10 | Middle School
9:00 | High School Locker Room Incident
18:28 | The Black Prom
26:35 | Carrie's Rampage
--About Horror History--
Horror History is a series that analyses specific characters, monsters, places or events in the fictional worlds of your favorite horror franchises.
--About Carrie--
At the center of the terror is Carrie (Spacek), a high school loner with no confidence, no friends... and no idea about the extent of her secret powers of telekinesis. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teen becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse who, with the help of her "special gift," causes all heck to break loose in a famed cinematic frenzy of fire and brimstone!

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Dec 21, 2019




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The Amagi
The Amagi 10 months ago
Thanks for allowing me to be your TA
Mackenzie Hunia
Mackenzie Hunia 27 days ago
meh Belle Delphine is scarier
Brian Larsen
Brian Larsen Month ago
Chris Tavernier
Chris Tavernier 4 months ago
Unreal Lilac mommy Olmom Mammon pop moommmom m mmo mom POP mmm ompmmm POP mom POP mommmokmp m I’ll mom MmmmompmpmmomolmpI mo m mom POP mmm POP mopmookmompm m K Omoopopm mokmom
Kira Aisling
Kira Aisling 6 months ago
Oh I wanna try!
hanyu 9 months ago
I’m going to too
Phil Isaak
Phil Isaak 15 hours ago
Loving your tie and of course, the video!
Ophelia Draws
Ophelia Draws 18 hours ago
2:34 actually, Carries grandmother (actually her great grandmother) Sadie Cochran wasn’t a firestarter, but telekinetic like Carrie
Zynyiah Riley
Zynyiah Riley 20 hours ago
8:18 that laugh tho
Bethany Brookes
Bethany Brookes 22 hours ago
This movie/book just shows how spineless most teachers are and how Carrie snapped because of all the abuse and no one stepping up to do anything about it. Bunch of pussies! Carrie reminds me of one of my friends, who was driven to the point where she wanted to kill herself because of the cunts at my school that bullied her when she wasn’t with me or the others. She never told us... and I only found out the full story after she stopped coming to school and she finally opened up to me. When she went to report the bullying to the teachers they didn’t fucking do anything because they didn’t think it was necessary. One boy sexually harassed her on multiple occasions and never got punished and still hasn’t and he’s now done the same to another of my friends, another boy made jokes about her killing herself by saying “oh you’re not dead” and shit like that, a group of bitchy girls called her fat and talked about her all the time whenever she was alone and made sure that she knew they were talking about her... BUT THE FUCKING SCHOOL DIDN’T DO ANYTHING CUS THEY’RE FUCKING SPINELESS. We had 3 separate cases (that I heard of) of sexual harassment by teachers at our school that the teachers attempted to cover up to protect the image of the school, instead of protecting the students. They made a girl take her jewellery off because it would offend the reception kid’s parents, then had the audacity to spout about how diverse the school is and how they embrace individuality as they literally stripped away someone’s identity. One of our school counsellors called a girl a hoe because some explicit pictures of her got leaked and the person who leaked them was never punished. A male teacher said to a girl that it would be her fault if she got raped because of how she dressed... he said she would deserve it. Someone else was threatened with a knife by another student and when reported the teachers said there was no proof so they couldn’t do anything... I don’t even think they spoke to the other people that were in the classroom and the teacher they had for the lesson this occurred in somehow didn’t see or hear anything. All they fucking care about is their image and the kids with the good grades so they can keep their ratings up. THEY’RE FULL OF SHIT. No bullying policy my arse! Children’s safety is the priority... hmm are you sure it’s not “fuck the kids, we need to be seen as the best no matter what”. Those dicks are more worried about you’re wearing a fucking hoodie and if you get fucking A+’s than if you’re mentally ok. This shit needs to change its fucking bullshit! Granted there were a few good teachers at the school... but most are dicks
Eiman Shakeeb
Eiman Shakeeb 23 hours ago
Does anybody notice that hes wearing a tie that is same as the shining rug ?
raven dark heart
If only Professor Xavier was in that Universe he could have taken her away for a better future
Lisa Miracle
Lisa Miracle Day ago
I love your tie 😀😀😀😀😀
Melody Fc
Melody Fc 2 days ago
Pray to god bro that’s not godly what you said
Sergije Stojanovic Louis
that shining carpet tie tho
glitterdarla 5 days ago
Good for Carrie! Slaughter those troglodytes!
Sarah Vanzo
Sarah Vanzo 6 days ago
His tie...
Maddie Merchant
Maddie Merchant 9 days ago
it’s crazy how similar the musical is to the original movie
NCC Liquidus
NCC Liquidus 12 days ago
If only Carrie would have gotten help from Charles Xavier
Nick 13
Nick 13 13 days ago
I never watched any of the movies or read the book but Carrie has a pretty satisfying ending
Addy Bate
Addy Bate 14 days ago
Sissy Spacek KILLED it as Carrie!!!!!! she was fantastic!! but then again, she always is, such an amazing actress!
Drawesometoons 14 days ago
So theres a murdering maniac on the loose because of her circumstances. When Joker did the same everyone went mad.
Ayaan King
Ayaan King 15 days ago
Ngl eleven is a bit more powerful then carrie imo
Ayaan King
Ayaan King 9 days ago
@Maddie Merchant Your opinion.
Maddie Merchant
Maddie Merchant 9 days ago
hellll nah
Jennifer Lidie
Jennifer Lidie 15 days ago
there was only 1 bucket
Marcus Senter
Marcus Senter 16 days ago
Ah yes the middle school. The 6th circle of educational hell.
Daniel Levin
Daniel Levin 16 days ago
Carrie was made into a musical and the LA version is the best by far.
Nexus 16 days ago
the stones were also used in stephen king's rose red.
Daniel Levin
Daniel Levin 17 days ago
How is it that the company my dad works for sponsors like every RUvidr and sponsors CZ like every other video? That's another mystery for a video.
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
her mum things anything normal is sinful, when was prom sinful? it’s just a graduation party but of course americans do sex which pretty taboo where i’m from sex before marriage is look down upon aka not cool
B Roane
B Roane 15 days ago
Carrie’s Mom is an example of someone who is very extreme in her beliefs, but most of what she does and says is not in the Bible
Zach McGowan
Zach McGowan 18 days ago
Liked and subscribed because the AIR YEET editing. I needed that laugh.
PropsMovv 20 days ago
This is why i am a Atheist
Natalia Washington
The actor from 2002 ver. Looks the creepiest because the whole time her hair looks like it’s wet and it just sends a creepy scary vibe
wittafa 22 days ago
King is brilliant and needs to be celebrated more
MonkeeJuice 22 days ago
You need to do futures videos like these on Christine
plague lad
plague lad 23 days ago
"She then air yeeted the child off his bike"
David Douglas
David Douglas 23 days ago
dude you're hilarious. I saw your Screen Rant video and subbed and unsubbed from them.
Harvester of Shine
Harvester of Shine 25 days ago
I'm still waiting for the Torrance's. I hope you eventually make those. And one for Christine.
Rae Jean
Rae Jean 29 days ago
Please do a video on The Rage Carrie 2 :)
Nope carrie is a Hitler. Jesus fyck king for birthing the bully revenge cringe in fiction
Vicente Hizon
Vicente Hizon Month ago
Tailpipe: What’s up guys? It’s Tana Mongeau.
Ricky Wilcoxson
Ricky Wilcoxson Month ago
Carrie was a Mutant
tom Holland
tom Holland Month ago
I got my period when I was 17
Mark Gregory
Mark Gregory Month ago
It’s always like they say be careful what you ask for they wanted a monster and Carrie gave him one
Kayla Owens
Kayla Owens Month ago
Man I just discovered you and I've read ALOT of horror, specifically Steven King. So just expect alot of comments on your older videos 🤣🤣
Spectral Thief
Spectral Thief Month ago
I need a summer horror movie, so we can see you shirtless 😍
prince lamar
prince lamar Month ago
How is this supposed to be scary its just sa
Roaming mountain Hippie
Just found your channel been enjoying the videos. my gf hates you now as I just did a perfect spit take to the monster mash
Bailey Mills
Bailey Mills Month ago
I recommend watching this and dead meats Carrie video. You will love it
Brooke Musick
Brooke Musick Month ago
This man is cute asf and tells me everything on my favorite movies. 😍 #areyousingle
Serenity Aleman
Serenity Aleman Month ago
they made her into a monster. poor Carrie
That weirdo in the corner
He’s right you do learn taxes during the prom!!! 😂😂😂
Sam Month ago
Zackary Sustar
Zackary Sustar Month ago
I need more horror history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany Weaver
Brittany Weaver Month ago
my favorite stephen king story 💞💞💓
JJ Month ago
But man, high school girls are mean and horrible.
Ashlei Kerby
Ashlei Kerby Month ago
Is anyone else reminded of 11 from Stranger things?
kevin guzman
kevin guzman Month ago
This channel is fckn great
Possum Boy
Possum Boy Month ago
Going to be sad and blunt- Carrie, in my opinion, is not a horror story. It’s a supernatural tragedy, one of a bullied girl who wants to fit in but was unable to, who wanted to be normal but was denied it all her life, be it by her mother, her peers, or her telekinetic abilities. If Carrie had not had her abilities, if the book was instead about a girl who was bullied, with a religious overbearing mother, I have no doubt that the tragically abrupt end to her life would not have been any different, and she would have killed herself. I’m a victim of bullying, and the only thing that got me through alive was the support of my loved ones. Carrie never had that support, and in fact was denied it her entire life. Carrie is a tragedy, and if you’ve been bullied, it’s one that hits so close to home that some scenes are unbearable and painfully real.
Possum Boy
Possum Boy Month ago
What kinda self-own is calling your kid a spawn of the devil
David Moreno Belmonte
The content is great..... the host is..... oh well....
Happy NancyBear
Happy NancyBear Month ago
Dude, you don't know what it means "To Flash" a guy? It means to flip up your shirt for a second and show him your chest. If you are a girl. Nothing to do with the song.
Mieneil Zah
Mieneil Zah Month ago
She truly gifted child.With super abilities.Not a demon possession.Her mother too naive to acknowledge that.If Her mother more knowledgeable .Surely she will be good person not a traumatic daughter.
happy.edits2 Month ago
Big Bad Biss
Big Bad Biss Month ago
I feel bad that Carrie was about to get a happy moment but then his prom date died lol
Gabe Green
Gabe Green Month ago
carrie white vs darth vader
Iron Finn
Iron Finn Month ago
The ending is sad tho...
That weirdo in the corner
Is it just me or does his tie look like the floor from the Shining?!?
Sacred Wiccan Shamanic journey
Your sense of humor is stupid. I came here for the video not stupidity. Loose the stupid shit. Why can’t you just do the video like so?
Dan Medearis
Dan Medearis 2 months ago
When he spells Carrie instead of saying "C-A-R-R-I-E" he says "K-A-R-R-I-E"
Daughter Of Hades
Daughter Of Hades 2 months ago
Am I the only one who legit shipped TommyXCarrie? Cause he genuinely fell for Carrie the second he saw her true beauty and I just absolutely love their awkward interactions.
Jason Tanner
Jason Tanner 2 months ago
You should do Firestarter
M_Stanfield5441 2 months ago
Y'all aint got altars in your living room 🤨 how else are you supposed to praise the lord with the homies
Playmation Nobi
Playmation Nobi 2 months ago
2:20-2:23 - That was so much funnier to me because Carrie actually said that in the novel.
TF2Fan101 2 months ago
Question: Did Ms. Desjardin die? Because she was one of the few people at the school who didn’t deserve to die.
Lexi Manchester
Lexi Manchester 2 months ago
I feel bad for her, but at the same time she does also murder a bunch of innocent people. 🤷🏼‍♀️
XtremeKaiba 2 months ago
"The Blue Ribbon Laundry" was where the "Mangler" was kept, another Stephen King Story.
Michael mayne
Michael mayne 2 months ago
“So that little fucker gets air yeeted” 😂. I just discovered your channel ,love it, but you’re funny as hell dude.
Thubtan Rinchen
Thubtan Rinchen 2 months ago
Carrie sounds like the girl from Rose red, Only thing is, rose red had a tony bit better family
Charlotte May
Charlotte May 2 months ago
i think it was a gift from god. i feel like when god messes up it gives you something to fix the mistake. real story, my dad was very abusive and i think to correct that god took him out of my life at a young age, i sincerely think it was to help her
Short Cryptid
Short Cryptid 2 months ago
Damn I forgot how sad the book was versus how cool the movie is
Lemon Pop
Lemon Pop 2 months ago
Wait... why did Carrie have her first period so late? 😬
Leander Berg
Leander Berg 2 months ago
Maybe there’s 2 genes the tk gene and the pk gene
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik 2 months ago
I’m subbing because you look about 93% identical to my older cousin. That includes the good jokes, storytelling and overall line delivery.
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 2 months ago
So Carrie is partially inspired by Stephen Kings own childhood
Benjamin CS
Benjamin CS 2 months ago
May 28 is my birthday, I WAS BORN WHEN CARRIE DIED
JorDAMN 2 months ago
If this would have been a modern YA novel the first part would be the same but it would end with Carrie moving in with her nicer neighbours and getting lighthearted payback by using telekinesis to throw pigs blood on her peers instead...
David Mccallum
David Mccallum 2 months ago
Stop with the forced puns and jokes
Erika Harris
Erika Harris 2 months ago
"That look." But I'm not going to do it right here cause' I don't want to do be a father xD love this guy.
Joshua Sepeda
Joshua Sepeda 2 months ago
Have you thought about doing a video on Christine? I've always wondered where Stephen King got the idea for that book.
ShojoBakunyu 2 months ago
...like paying taxes. 😹😹😹😹😹
ShojoBakunyu 2 months ago
The remake had to take everything up to.stupid levels. 🙄🙄🙄
ShojoBakunyu 2 months ago
Shit.... This is actually hard to watch... Take out the religion and TK and replace it with orthopedic surgeries and you have my childhood.
vicky badaxx
vicky badaxx 2 months ago
“The next layer of hell...commonly known as middle school” I felt this in my soul 😂
Sunshine Lindsey
Sunshine Lindsey 2 months ago
Carrie is innocent 😇 SHE DIDN'T Deserve this she is innocent Please don't die sweet girl
Quan Emerson
Quan Emerson 2 months ago
I've been a fan of this movie since I was a child, but now I have to get the book
Squirmel King
Squirmel King 2 months ago
My last name is White... are we related lol
Andy Britton
Andy Britton 3 months ago
I love Carrie White just as Mike loves Eleven, Belle loves Beast/Prince Adam, Jack loves Sally, the list goes on
Thowdown2 3 months ago
Beef boss with the cameo
avaorchid 3 months ago
Chanting what? Does YT have rules against saying "plug it up"?
Ryan Bustamante
Ryan Bustamante 3 months ago
At school I'm considered one of the "Popular" kids, but I always try to befriend the kids seen as outcasts
Shayla Birkner
Shayla Birkner 3 months ago
Why man why What are those what the Heck
Topcat 3 months ago
@0:48 which of the two died of seizures?
Annie 3 months ago
i'm a carrie white apologist first, human second
Siren Harrell
Siren Harrell 3 months ago
Love your tie
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 3 months ago
aka Carrie was a bitch
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi 3 months ago
She a prick
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