The Complete American Horror Story Timeline | Season 1 to Season 9 (All Seasons)

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Ever wonder how all the events of American Horror Story fit into one timeline? Ryan and Greg take you back through every season of AHS in chronological order. From the early Roanoke days and the origins of the Coven witches, to stops at the Murder House and Hotel Cortez, and of course, all the way to the Apocalypse and back to in time to 1984.
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Feb 7, 2020




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Comments 100
GameSpot Universe
GameSpot Universe 8 months ago
What's your favorite moment in the entire American Horror Story series?
hi hi
hi hi 16 days ago
When marie leavau killed the other voodo
Hardy Dolge
Hardy Dolge 19 days ago
Liz tayor and Iris storming in guns blazing at the countess
Lukeyj129 27 days ago
Some Person
Some Person 2 months ago
Stevie Nicks or Axman murdered, the Lady in White episode in 1984, reveal of the 10 commandments killer, reveal that Violet Harmon is dead, Michael getting hit by a car and Constance let's him die, the reveal of Roanoke being a TV show, Bloodyface Jr being killed, the rise of the new SCUM by killing Kai, or likely just seeing Dandy be a star while drowned. There are some great twists in this show, and just enough mystery that we can debate so many topics for years to come.
Caroo 3 months ago
I liked when Lana escaped out of Briarcliff showing the middle finger to Thredson xD
Travis James
Travis James 4 hours ago
Sorry, but no witches were burned in Salem. They were drowned and crushed.
James Williams
James Williams 2 days ago
If it weren't for these timeline videos I would have forgotten everything by the time I start a new season or try to get someone else to watch them.
Nessuhhh Playsss
Nessuhhh Playsss 3 days ago
Flyboy Steven
Flyboy Steven 3 days ago
AHS - American Home Shield
Danny Harris
Danny Harris 4 days ago
Apocalypse was such a chaotic season...
Emily Baxter
Emily Baxter 4 days ago
I accidentally started ahs on season 8 and now I'm so confused pls help
agustin cabrera pauli
Fuc**** unbelievable! Amazing job guys! You brought me back a lot of memories I have forgotten! Again excellent work! Greetings from argentina! 😀
Dalkia6911 6 days ago
What about the Lana Winter show when she kiiled her son?
Stormyy145 9 days ago
So is election not really apart of the universe cause there’s nothing spiritual or mystical about it
It's Marie
It's Marie 12 days ago
There shouldn't have been another anti-christ because a craigslist medium with a hollywood agent said that it's supposed to be a spirit banging for his buck with a human in order to produce the anti-christ but hey what do I know? Also, let's not forget Nan refused to live amongst her sister witches again and goes back with Papa Legba coz he let's her play.
America Woke
America Woke 12 days ago
Rick James' cameo made the most sense.
Timothy Nguyen
Timothy Nguyen 13 days ago
How many people got killed ? I counted 163
Unfried Fries
Unfried Fries 14 days ago
Thought that was Walter White in the thumbnail!
ray ray
ray ray 14 days ago
I like how each season is connected in every way , AHS did a veru good job with everything
夢野月子 14 days ago
Hashibira inosuke??!
Ilaria Varotto
Ilaria Varotto 15 days ago
So the only thing that bothers me about apocalypse is Emily and Timothy's son becoming the new spawn of satan in the changed timeline. The only reason why Michael langdon turned out to be the antichrist was because he was the result of a ghost (tate) impregnating someone alive. And Timothy and emily are clearly both alive....so that confused me
D Woodard
D Woodard 17 days ago
I thought Arden was the one who cut Elsa's legs off?
Nicole Grosvent
Nicole Grosvent 17 days ago
He real name is hans gruper he took up the name Arthur Arden after fleeing to the states.
PizzaPete 17 days ago
Ah, the apocalypse is in 2020. How fitting.
Conku 17 days ago
Montanas brother didn't commit suicide, her brother was the best man that was murdered also no mention of the timeline discrepancy with the night stalker being trapped at camp red wood upto at least 2019, but also being at devil's night in hotel cortez in 2015 and dying in prison 2013, and also being at devils night 2022 I believe
Sei Shōnagon
Sei Shōnagon 18 days ago
So Anastasia Romanov is a witch? It does makes sense if you play fgo
Xxxtentacion 🔥fan
my fav moments are anything with emma roberts and lily rabe
David Sinfield
David Sinfield 20 days ago
Jay Tenefrancia
Jay Tenefrancia 22 days ago
So the night stalker escaped camp redwood? He's kinda older in Hotel tho
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz 23 days ago
I still say Violet realizing she was actually dead was the biggest plot twist in AHS history
Brandon Lira
Brandon Lira 24 days ago
night of a thousand tates**
5 Minutes of TWICE
5 Minutes of TWICE 25 days ago
Okay but why isnt Kyle in AHS: Apocalypse?? Where was he?
Kiley Rae
Kiley Rae 25 days ago
The only mistake I caught was you said Montana blamed Brooke for killing her brother Joey, when Montanas bro was Sam
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios 26 days ago
2016: Donald Trump Wins the Presidency.... This triggers Aly. YO SAME FAM!
Jordon Jensen
Jordon Jensen 27 days ago
My favourite moment was when she died
Robin Assels
Robin Assels 27 days ago
So with the time travel, does that mean that Madison and the black guy don't bring peace to the murder house?
Catsu Guy
Catsu Guy 28 days ago
Quick thing, Stanely wasn't killed, he was turned into a freak
Michelle Chinodya
Michelle Chinodya 29 days ago
i dont get it really
Tom Lawal
Tom Lawal Month ago
I didn’t come for the recap. I came to watch “Greg and I”
George Thomas
George Thomas Month ago
I feel sorry for you because I lost track of everything and how it connects after just a couple seasons. Mainly because they the same actors for a dozen different people!!!! Like WTF
Tovan asmoro
Tovan asmoro Month ago
Me crying inside because im a slow learner 🤣
Lady Hawk
Lady Hawk Month ago
I liked the show in the beginning but then the show tried to normalize men on men sex , lesbians, interracial marriage ,pretty much all the social BS being shoved down our throats.
This show is bonkers.
Jeannette Holland
"Let's go through all the AHS history" Begins in 1500s Then "Let's skip to the early 2000s" Lol
Maggie Rappa
Maggie Rappa Month ago
35:05. I find nothing false in that statement
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera Month ago
never watched one episode but thought it would be funny to be so confused. it was funny
Matthias Hornung
a big problem with the timetravel is, that mallory convinces queenie not to go to the hotel cortez. With Queenie not going to the hotel, Ramona Royale doesn't feed on Queenie and getting more power, so she doesn't get the power to confront The Countess. The Countess wouldn't get the idea to leave the hotel and so John Lowe doesn't catch the Countess in a weak and distracted moment to kill her. This leading to John Lowe not finishing the ten Commandments killings. This would change a lot of the ending of AHS: Hotel, so that in the end in 2022 (after the apocalypse) Billie Dean Howard wouldn't speak to Ghost John Lowe and getting spooked by the rest of the serial killers. But the ending of AHS: Hotel has to be in the timeline, when Mallory kills Michael, because the apocalypse happens 2021 and the Interview with John Lowe happens 2022. So that means, that technically the end of AHS: Hotel wouldn't work, because in both universes (apocalypse & non-apocalypse) there wouldn't be a interview with John Lowe in the Hotel. (And even if John kills another victim for his last commandment and the rest of his life would play out, like in the ending , Ghost Countess wouldn't sit on the hotel-bar and hook up with the guy, and Ramona wouldn't be as healthy as she was, because of the measels of the children she killed and their blood she drank (only the witch-blood of queenie made her powerfull again))
A Person
A Person Month ago
Damn this show is violent.
thatblerdoverthere B
Me: watching yt vid to see if it's worth watching the last 4 seasons I've skipped Video: it's mostly a coke fueled fever dream Me: 👍
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb Month ago
The burning times only happened in Europe (no witches were burned at the stake in Salem FYI) - in America, witches were hung - there was a hanging tree in Salem on Gallows Hill. (this is in reference to the Salem witch trials "heating up" comment) lol
George Thimakis
George Thimakis Month ago
Who the fuck said pepper was one of the favorites not near one of my favorites or anyone i know lol but I'm for real tho
Clayton Fields
Clayton Fields Month ago
Queenie did not die during the seven wonders.
Am C
Am C Month ago
I really hope that in future seasons we will get more of 80s and 90s because I really like the fashion style and music that 80s and 90s represent. 🤗
CCB Month ago
how does the night stalker go to devils night in the hotel if he’s trapped by the ghosts in camp redwood???
AHS Universe Slays
It's all because of the Butterfly Effect created by the witch Mallory in 2021. She used Tempus Infinitum and traveled back in time, and she changed events. Because of this, an alternate timeline was created (the Butterfly Effect). The fact that people's faiths are changed, proves this.
carlina white
carlina white Month ago
I've see all 8 seasons; and btw: season 6 roanoke: is a mini-tv series, not an actual season, which was disappointing, but the other seasons made up for it.
Bucket Boi
Bucket Boi Month ago
Im not sure why, but I think the natives who banished the spirits and the soviets that beat the tsar’s daughter are bad ass
Ronald Graham
Ronald Graham Month ago
Fan Theory: The mysterious man that Lady gaga meets at Cortez is Bobby jr.
Alice Lam
Alice Lam Month ago
Wait...... so AHS said that there would be an apocalypse in 2020? Wow, considering our real 2020........ 🤔. Haha
Lorelei Martinez-Neddo
Dudes. This is crazy good.
Tara Hubble
Tara Hubble Month ago
my favorite scene is "Satan has one son. But my sisters are legion, motherfucker." gives me chills everytime
Cody Begg
Cody Begg Month ago
Just over here picturing a night of a thousand "tails"
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Month ago
09:56, rolls a doob, watches this. Morning y'all.
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Month ago
I mean this as a time in actual reality, not a timestamp in this video.. ah fuck it
Dorothy Smith
Dorothy Smith Month ago
I'm rewatching season 1 (murderer house) and in episode 11 it shows that Tate saw the original lady of the house in 1984. I wonder why the show never related "American horror Story: 1984" back to that episode somehow even as a passive note. I do love how "Apocalypse" goes back to murder house though and ties up some loose ends. This episode also mentions Roanoke. I'm starting to really appreciate how the whole series kind of ties into itself in different places.
AHS Universe Slays
Wait whut? The lady in white in 1984 is NOT the same character as the gohst lady in Murder House. They are completely different characters and have nothing to do with each other. They're not even related, but just portrayed by the same actress; Lily Rabe
Ray Lynne
Ray Lynne Month ago
Great video...just one thing, Montana's brother was the best man, not Brooke's fiancee, that's why she blames her, because she thinks Brooke slept with her brother and got him killed because of the affair...which never happened
Kris Narahara
Kris Narahara Month ago
Thank you!!!! Omg I just finished 1984 and I was literally thinking if something like this exists
Coconutcat44 Month ago
Trevor was one of the best characters, fight me on it.
AHS Universe Slays
One of the lamest, worst charactets ever... Very forgettable as well
Matt Demo
Matt Demo Month ago
I was never really interested in the American Horror Stories but when I first saw the "Hotel" season that drow me In. It reminds me of "The Shining" and each room has a different evil spirit that gets stronger with every stolen soul😈
lovey Month ago
y'all really have no idea how in love with Evan Peters I am. also freak show was the least interesting season Imo idk why I just didn't vibe with it. ALSO I absolutely love this show I could talk about it forever
Fire Tarrasque
Fire Tarrasque Month ago
I *really* dislike Freak Show. It's kind of... Really fucking ableist.
AHS Universe Slays
What do you mean?
Flegette Rippy
Flegette Rippy Month ago
Ah WOW, thanks guys
Gianluca Egleston
Can any explain how Richard rameraz gets from the camp to devils night if he’s trapped at the camp. That’s something that is still bothering me
AHS Universe Slays
@Byron Lee That is not true. Halloween takes place on October 31th. Devil's Night on October 30th. Also, the Richard Ramirez of 1984 remained young until 2019 (because the gohsts of Camp Redwood kept killing him), but the Ramirez in Hotel is an middle aged man, so what you're saying doesn't make sense. It all has something to do with Mallory performing Tempus Infinitum in AHS: Apocalypse. It's all because of the Butterfly Effect
Aküma Month ago
Finally a series which can keep up with the timeline complexity of Once Upon A Time.
JC Nelly
JC Nelly Month ago
so m computer is very slow right?. well im listening to the slowed version of stressed out but theese are the comments
Joanne Hunte
Joanne Hunte Month ago
This was simply brilliant!
little miss vampire
Is it just me or am I the only one that thought acoplyse was boring in the first episode
sistereric Month ago
it was very boring, like the beginning was strong and then the end was just meh
Caden Poor
Caden Poor Month ago
We still don't who was driving that car that killed Addy... smh
washkoskat Month ago
The first time we see Jessica Lange, Constance Langdon, comes in the back door at the Murder House...pure evil. I still get a chill remembering I've watched every episode since
Brandon Sharp
Brandon Sharp Month ago
Can someone make a list of all the episodes in chronological order?
Hara Crafts
Hara Crafts Month ago
montanas brothers didnt die from scuicide he was shot by emma roberts soon to be husband in ahs 198somthing
alfa ohmegga
alfa ohmegga 2 months ago
1984 was just ok. There were a few other seasons that were way better I'd say the first 4 maybe 5 to be exact.
Luke Adams
Luke Adams 2 months ago
This feels like reading tea leaves. That fract that they were able to track all of this "dartboard" style writing is amazing.
Why Zoe gotta keep dying
Chanel Capps
Chanel Capps 2 months ago
Cecilia Quezada
Cecilia Quezada 2 months ago
Take a shot every time someone dies in ahs
KittenPyroNao 2 months ago
It's these timeline videos that make me want to watch the shows now
Braiden Gills
Braiden Gills 2 months ago
in 1984 when benji and his son hug for the first time. that made me cry like a little baby:)
Vicaria Williams
Vicaria Williams 2 months ago
Please do seven deadly sin I love the show but I need help on the past events
Vicaria Williams
Vicaria Williams 2 months ago
I'm rewatching all of them because of y'all
Vicaria Williams
Vicaria Williams 2 months ago
Yesssss 😍
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan
Dope breakdown
Blayne D
Blayne D 2 months ago
It really is a great story. However I just find some seasons so hard to watch, they are so out there
Steph Smith
Steph Smith 2 months ago
If she was the first Supreme and is Immortal, why do al the other Supremes sicken and die?
Some Person
Some Person 2 months ago
So Elizabeth Short was from Boston, tying Hotel to that city. And who was the guy with the chiseled jawline at the end of Hotel? You said it was in 2022, so is it possible that is the grown up next antichrist at the Ned of apocalypse who was meeting the death cult to recruit the spirits for something? I seriously cannot wait for next season to come out, and in curious to see if these are all in the same universe or if this is a string theory type universe whever major decisions change the future and cause a split between the two universes...
Ram Jam
Ram Jam 2 months ago
i feel like everyone hates apocalypse but i think it was so amazing
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 2 months ago
They killed Kajagoogoo? Too Shy band?
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 2 months ago
What are the seven wonders
Lala land
Lala land Month ago
Witches trials
Monsieur V se refait
honnestly the dates of born are useless like most of them is just filling empty time for the video i think, because you could tell just the normal age and a little back in the years was appropriate especsially for roanoke and the hotel, annnd others, but the date of BIRTH is useless i mean at the time you watch every season it's ok, they invented and perfectly distilled the rest after in the following seasons, and it fits well how you tell the story, pices by pieces starting whith the end etc, yeah at 18:25 it makes actually sense really lol, i just didn't watch the last season exept the 2/3 first episodes then i stopped because this 80's thing is really not my thing. OH and i just watched the whole 1987 season and i finally like it, ^^
Funk Mate
Funk Mate 2 months ago
11:42 if I remember right, they didn't murder him.
Matt Lufcy
Matt Lufcy 2 months ago
18:40 Her brother didn't commit suicide, he was shot by his roommate at the wedding that you just mentioned a few seconds ago.
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 2 months ago
Brock getting stuck in santa Monica traffic had me weak🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
angel dubs
angel dubs 2 months ago
So if all of the seasons are connected then how are there multiple same people in this one universe
Lala land
Lala land Month ago
They are connected the creator already stated a while ago lol. And the reason they use the same people it’s because the creator loves to use them.
Joe Smartballs
Joe Smartballs 2 months ago
I am Your Nytemare
I am Your Nytemare 2 months ago
Meep, pepper and Ma Petite were the only innocent characters on the show.
Bree Lovexoxo
Bree Lovexoxo 2 months ago
New sub! This was awesome!
Oisin Rochford
Oisin Rochford 2 months ago
One of the only things I find scary is burying people alive
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