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The official live video of "The Communion" by Decibel Worship at Lakewood Church.

The Communion is available everywhere now:
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Your blood, shed for me
My hope, eternity
Your grace, shown to me
Gives me life, and now I see

Your broken body is my healing
Your sinless blood gives my redemption
Your chosen suffering brings perfect life to me
Lord Your sacrifice has made me whole
Through the cross I am forever Yours

Your love, poured on me
With the oil of Your spirit
The anointing, breaking fear
I’m alive, I am free

This is a holy moment with You
I open my heart to all You wanna do
I still my soul to remember the cross
Where You took all my shame and restored all I lost
Where you took all my shame and restored all I lost

The Communion
Words and Music by Michael Davis
© 2020 Decibel Worship

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Comments 147
Decibel Worship
If this song has been a blessing to you, please share with us in the comments below! Your story is special & precious to us and we love to hear from you!
Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
🕊💖🕊💖🕊Thank you Jesus for your stripes you took upon your body as payment for my complete and permanent HEALING and Thank you for your PERFECT SINLESS BLOOD that you shed for the for the total and complete and permanent forgiveness of ALL of my sins!!!💖💖God Bless you Jesus and I LOVE YOU forever and completely as you first LOVED me.
marty nelson
marty nelson Month ago
I listen to this song everyday when I take my daily communion. Reminds me of my victory. Thank you.
Jasmin Legaspi
Jasmin Legaspi 2 months ago
Keep on singing ur song,,God bless u more
Entiewnam Mukhim
Entiewnam Mukhim 2 months ago
Amen Glory to God ❤️❤️🙏🙏 i can hear the holy spirit and the healing while listening to this song God bless you thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Entiewnam Mukhim
Entiewnam Mukhim 2 months ago
Amen Glory to God ❤️❤️🙏🙏 i can hear the holy spirit and the healing while listening to this song God bless you thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Ariadne K
Ariadne K 2 days ago
What a blessed song 🙌🏼🙌🏼 this is a DEEP PRAYER 🙏🏼 THANK YOU JESUS
John George
John George 3 days ago
The lyrics of this song are definitely Holy Spirit inspired . Please listen carefully and let your soul be lifted .
Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
🕊💖🕊💖🕊Thank you.....SO BEAUTIFUL!!!💖💖
Yahweh Yeshua
Yahweh Yeshua 18 days ago
Beautiful voice
Frank Lesho
Frank Lesho 18 days ago
This song is beyond special ! I play it daily when I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth , it is so uplifting. Completely changes my mood for the good. Every night my wife and I play it for our communion. If you believe in Jesus this song will pick up your holy spirit and manifest it 100 times.
Thora Dollenberg
Thora Dollenberg 20 days ago
What a blessing, use it everytime I break bread. God bless your ministry. From Krugersdorp South Africa. 🇿🇦 Jesus is Lord.
Willemien Venter
Willemien Venter 21 day ago
Beautiful..thank you💟🙌
Jennifer Dayao
Jennifer Dayao Month ago
When I first heard this song before the pandemic covid -19 burst out I want to go home in heaven, it gives me peace from my heart.
Yahweh Yeshua
Yahweh Yeshua Month ago
This song is very much special to me. Very close to my heart ❤️ I thank God for releasing this beautiful song from His heart for each one of us. May be I sang this at least 100 times. This is a powerful.dynamic.revelutionary song that would transform people to the image and likeness of Christ. Thank you so much. As God used you to sing this song to the broken...It's my prayer that May the Lord God Almighty YHWH bless you to touch the nation's through your powerful and anointed voice.
Joseph Lampano
Joseph Lampano 3 months ago
Forever grateful to you our Heavenly Father
FRANCE ESTRERA 3 months ago
This song caught me and my emotions as I am coping up with the tragedies happening to my life. My cancer is so painful but when I heard it the spirit of relief touched me. Thank u Lord
cecilia malabanan
cecilia malabanan 3 months ago
I am so bless in.this song, praise God you used your voice to.the glory of GOD,.really this song is anointed by God and te writer of this song,....GOD bless
ESTHER WANGUI 3 months ago
Great song .Full of Biblical truth's.Gjod bless new creation church
cecilia malabanan
cecilia malabanan 3 months ago
What a beautiful song,.all the lyrics anointed by GOD , and the beautiful voice glory to God
Catherine Nyamiru
Catherine Nyamiru 3 months ago
I love this song it reminds me of the cross. His voice is tender... feels like Jesus tender love.
Mama Jinks' Kitchen
Mama Jinks' Kitchen 4 months ago
I love this song uhh im emotional listening this song.God is risen.
wonderful worship. all glory to Jesus forever and ever . Amen
Elsa Roberts
Elsa Roberts 4 months ago
This song is my prayer before my communion with Joseph prince.. or when I feel I need to remember what the lord Jesus did for me on the cross. thank you..
Joanita Justine Wanyana
when he took all my pain and restored all i lost
Ms. M
Ms. M 4 months ago
Thank you Decibel Worship for this song. The moment I hear it on one of Pastor Prince service, I know the Lord had touched my heart. I am a believer praying that God will show his unconditional love for me. This song about the communion really imparts something in my heart that on the CROSS God showed his LOVE for me and to all the people around the globe. Continue to write songs of worship for God so you can inspire more people. God bless you Decibel WOrship. To God be the Glory!!!!
Joy R
Joy R 4 months ago
I love this song too., beautiful words.💕
Faith M
Faith M 5 months ago
This song is powerful and anointed thank you Jesus 🔥
Vincent Kinyua
Vincent Kinyua 5 months ago
Jesus be praised forever!
Margaret Rose Quiogue Subramaniam
I love this song. Has kept me rejoicing during my chemotherapy treatment period.. this more than just ministered to me my ailing body those days, but I began to believe, His broken body made me whole, restored and healed me..nothing is too hard to those who believe in Christ Jesus.
Thee Paw
Thee Paw 6 months ago
Amen Amen
Lyn San Jose
Lyn San Jose 6 months ago
Joaquin2008 7 months ago
Oh My God, this song is 🔥🔥🔥
Sandra Nair
Sandra Nair 7 months ago
God Almighty no one loves me like You do Amen
Sandra Nair
Sandra Nair 7 months ago
I Thank You My Jesus Christ for everything You do for us Amen
Chandarb367 Bhan
Chandarb367 Bhan 8 months ago
This song lifts me into heavenly realm
Gerard Sitinjak
Gerard Sitinjak 8 months ago
Neesh H
Neesh H 9 months ago
I asked Holy Spirit a question in my heart about communion this morning. He led me to Joseph Prince's teaching on it. I came across this beautiful song. It has blessed my soul in so many ways. Thank God for your ministry 👏👏
Valjean Davis
Valjean Davis 9 months ago
This song is such a blessing to me and is so deep in my spirit that I hear it in my sleep without playing it. I hear it when I am cooking, I hear it when i am driving etc. It is actually glued to my soul and spirit. WOW! Thank you Jesus for you are my strength in the good times and the not so good times. It is my delight and privilege to know you and to be loved by you. Thank you for being my cleansing blood, my Lord, my Peace, my Keeper etc. I am totally convinced that you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life for me. BLESSED BE THE GOD OF MY SALVATION!
joyce thomas
joyce thomas 7 days ago
AMEN! From, Dr. Joyce Thomas Retired dermatologist in Athens, Georgia USA
julija mileryte
julija mileryte 9 months ago
nice song, but you look more like a super star instead a worshipper of God.
Shilu Imchen
Shilu Imchen 9 months ago
For this song karaoke available? I need it
Analie Baguyo
Analie Baguyo 9 months ago
Last night I hearing and meditating this song.God felt God manifestation.I received my healing.Thank You Lord Jesus for Your broken body 🙏🏻thank you Pastor Michael Davis your a man of God.God bless you
Victor Yosua Ariel Siregar
Thank you Jesus, I love u so Much, thank You For Ur Broken Body n Sinless Blood.
Admin Partsworld
Admin Partsworld 10 months ago
Thank you Lord!!!
Jenobia M
Jenobia M 11 months ago
Thank you brother for uploading this song..Really felt the love of Abba once again through this song❤️
Linda Kwateng
Linda Kwateng 11 months ago
I'm overwhelmed with teary eyes by Jesus' love for me whenever I listen to this song. The Holy Spirit's presence is in this song.
Mountain Fox 145
Mountain Fox 145 11 months ago
Praise God! I love this song!
ximenamonita777 11 months ago
Si, esta canción ha bendecido de una manera especial mi vida. Gracias. Dios los continúe bendiciendo grandemente. Ustedes son luz para el mundo con su música.
Marco Robillos
Marco Robillos 11 months ago
I am just grateful and thankful, because Jesus took up my shame and restore all of my loss.
Rohit Rohie
Rohit Rohie 11 months ago
Oh jesus ur love is amazing lord
Rosemary frank
Rosemary frank 11 months ago
Cindi Carpenter
Cindi Carpenter 11 months ago
I am so bless and encouraged everytime I hear this beautiful song! I listen to this prior to taking Holy Communion...Your broken body is my healing..your sinless blood gives my redemption...Thank you Jesus for the finished work at the cross!
Mercy Abraham
Mercy Abraham 11 months ago
I listen to this song numerous time in a day. It speaks of God’s love for me and my right standing with the Lord through Jesus Christ
Neethle Cheryeth
Neethle Cheryeth 11 months ago
Heard this for the first time today and I’m listening on repeat!! Every word and beat of this song is touching my heart!! Amazing job!! 👏🏼👏🏼Praise the Lord!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tina Iska
Tina Iska 11 months ago
KUYA JUR 11 months ago
im so blessed about this song. i really love the meaning of this song. im crying while im watching. God bless to your channel.
Angelin Pradeepa
Thank you Jesus!!! 🇮🇳
Marta H.Garcia
Love love this song 💓🙌🏼🙏
Marta H.Garcia
I try to sing along and before the end I’m already in tears filled with the presence of God🙌🏼
Murithi Josphine
Lapdiang Kharbuli
Thank you Jesus Through the Cross I Am Forever Yours
Valjean Davis
Valjean Davis Year ago
I give praise to Father God for this song which takes me into the throne room and gives me the blessed assurance that His presents is in me. I am so broken when I hear this and realize that redemption is for all who will believe and accept Jesus as Savior and LORD. Father use this song to reach more and more people. I am grateful for your grace and mercy!!!!
ludwig9393 Year ago
Hny S
Hny S Year ago
titiriolo riolo
The powerful song, i am filled, the song its all about Desiree of God from Genesis till Revelation❣️✝️
Tion Tion
Tion Tion Year ago
Sometime I reallly wish jesus never exist At least there is no hell nor heaven. It so sad ,that there is this seperation
Theresa Hunton
Theresa Hunton 11 months ago
We brought the seperation, He is the one trying to put us back together but some wont return. Thats not His fault my friend.
Unchained Spirit
Unchained Spirit 11 months ago
I understand where ur coming from friend but it's not Christ u should wish didn't exist. If there is anyone that never should have existed it's the devil. Without him the fallen angels wouldn't have followed him into rebellion. Without him the fall of Adam never would have happened. And we never would have been separated from God. Without him evil, suffering and death would never have entered into the world. But Christ has restored everything for us as u know brother, through his sacrifice despite everything the devils done. And the good news is the Devil's time, the time he has ruled this age of the fall of man is almost up. Thank God and our Lord Yeshua that in the end he won't be able to drag everyone with him to his destruction as he desires to do.
Ru Maphutha
Ru Maphutha Year ago
No matter what I go through in life, "Through the Cross, I am forever His"🙏🏽🙌🏼
Hrangchhuana Sailo
Amen 💐
rose bir
rose bir Year ago
i cried buckets listening to this. such anointing
Davis Content Creator KE
Beautiful Music...
Tion Tion
Tion Tion Year ago
His whole album only. 1 song?
Tracey Buckner
Amen!!!! Your broken body is my complete healing!!! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!
Judy mbuthia
Judy mbuthia Year ago
I can't explain how grateful I am to discover this song! It's reminding me to keep on looking up to cross of Jesus even as I continue believing for mama's healing. God bless you Decibel Worship.
jassica khokhar
Loved it
jassica khokhar
hwee kim Goh Dionzon
Love it!
Lydia Inaku
Lydia Inaku Year ago
It's my first time hearing it, I'm greatly blessed.
Cc Bb
Cc Bb Year ago
Immanuel, Shalom, Amen, Hallelujah! 🙏
Sherly Spong
Sherly Spong Year ago
Praise the Lord! this song really touches my heart... thank You Jesus! Your broken body is my healing, Your sinless blood gives my redemption, Your chosen suffering brings perfect life to me. Lord, Your sacrifice has made me whole.
simion singsit
So powerful ...! I have rarely heated any song on the power of communion...This song says it all.So Blessed
simion singsit
****sorry rarely heared...
jojadan Year ago
Thank you so much for this anointed song! Luv it! ❤️ I only knew about this song tonite when I watched the Communion video by Ps Joseph Prince 😃 Every word in the song is His truth and what Jesus has done on the cross for you and me! Halleluia! 🙏🏻 Keep singing for Jesus and impacting lives for God and His Kingdom 🙏🏻 Sending blessings from Malaysia 🇲🇾 🙋🏻‍♀️
Cynthia Bbmulan
Cynthia Bbmulan 10 months ago
Oh yah me too 😊😇
Celicia Paruag
This is a very touching and real song describing the work on calvary. Thank you.
Blessing B
Blessing B Year ago
Still, remember when he was singing. The spirit of the living God was flowing in Lakewood church that day🥰🥰
karen ngunjiri
Thank you Jesus.What a beautiful song.
Susana Larrabure
Thank you my beautiful God! For your broken body I am heal! Thank you Jesus for your love
Jada Bissoon
Jada Bissoon Year ago
This song says it all about Jesus's sacrifice for all of us 🎶🙏
Hny S
Hny S Year ago
So nice 👍
Joseph John
Joseph John Year ago
Amen! This song is so bliblicaly fit. All the Glory to Daddy God! Through the cross I'm forever yours! From Haiti!
kashish ram
kashish ram Year ago
I heard it for the first n cldnt stop myself fm hearing again n again. Yr broken body is my healing ...... Wonderful lyrics touched my heart . Thnx for sharing this amazing composition with us .Praise the Lord
Sara BoBo
Sara BoBo Year ago
Beautiful, I am enjoying this wonderful worship.💖
lady's walk
lady's walk Year ago
I am blessed through this song!
T.F.S.G. Year ago
Thank you Jesus! This song is a great gift. It heals my soul 🙏🏼✨
V Dang
V Dang Year ago
Thank you this song is a blessing
David Ward
David Ward Year ago
Always slain my this - break bread with it often.
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes Year ago
Through the cross I am forever yours....
Kevin Tsanglao
Just enjoy the praise the song
Kevin Tsanglao
The best song in my life 😍😍😍😍
Violet Love
Violet Love Year ago
This is my first time hearing this song and i can tell that the songwriter went through something and received such a blessing for pressing through. Hallelujah Jesus! Took all my shame and restored what was lost ... That line has blessed me right now. God knows what i mean. Thank u Yaweh.
Dori Laymon
Dori Laymon Year ago
Beautiful... So healing... Love and miss you Michael
Kate TV
Kate TV Year ago
I am so touched by this song. Praise the Lord!
god563616 Year ago
I remember this I was standing up the whole time because the holy spirit was ministering too me through this man of God THANK YOU JESUS
Debora Novita Sari
Love this song so much 💗
Dulce Saira Deragun
Amen! Amen!
Ma.Ysabel Quinzon
I love this so much.so touching😢
sandy carmon
sandy carmon Year ago
Will use this wonderful song during communion at our home group along with home communion. Thank you all.