The CHILD FRIENDLY Version of GTA 5!

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Comments 80
Daffierpig70935 4 hours ago
you should have did missions with this lol XD
ZeezRawesomE 7 hours ago
Mason Burton
Mason Burton 7 hours ago
This reminds me of zoo tycoon
Quadra 9 hours ago
Who else clicked on this video cause your mom hates violence
Ar'Kaishielle Davis
Ar'Kaishielle Davis 22 hours ago
More like Gkf
Petros Benakis
I am subscribed
Maliki Hernandez
He should of at least tried to run into a gas tank
Footbulla Periodtt
I subbed
Tonka 2 days ago
Ned flanders
*huh wheres the game gone*
Rigvet [GD]
Rigvet [GD] 2 days ago
New title: BYC 5 (Borrow Your Car 5)
james phillips
james phillips 2 days ago
what about the strip club
Francisco Pineda
Francisco Pineda 2 days ago
I would like to see the purge
Connor or Zack
Connor or Zack 2 days ago
the most cringiest youtuber
asho E
asho E 2 days ago
Go into the millitary base and either shoot a rocket at people and get a heli/ plane and crash into the ground. Sits calmly in his seat.
Sapphire Paradise
No offense, BUT WHO WOULD PLAY THIS!? You removed everything fun in GTA Well, not you, you didn't make the mod, but you know what I mean
Fabian Tapia
Fabian Tapia 2 days ago
4:50 kidnapped
tattle cat
tattle cat 3 days ago
Mom: *gets me safe version Me: whats the point?
Isaiah Felkins
Isaiah Felkins 3 days ago
Can u play as giant Trever taking over the city
DarkyBoode32 4 days ago
Normal GTA is better than kid GTA. It’s more fun.
Emma Gardner
Emma Gardner 4 days ago
Gta forza edition pretty much
Daxton88 Cabral
Daxton88 Cabral 4 days ago
Love your videos
Celine Kim
Celine Kim 4 days ago
Nought's laugh makes music to my ears
Reenna Russell
Reenna Russell 5 days ago
I ever saw the best RUvidr
Fencepac Central Command
You can make
Jelly man jamie
Jelly man jamie 5 days ago
If gta changed into this all the tryhard would cry
patato people
patato people 5 days ago
What was that laugh 6:07
patato people
patato people 5 days ago
Wait so he has 3.57 million subscribers but only about 400,000 veiws????
Mobile Task Force9872
Nought is F. A KE
Ritz_ Jay
Ritz_ Jay 8 days ago
No mid rolls in this video, wow
Alessandro Omar
Alessandro Omar 9 days ago
Why are you so mean to godzilla? You haven't even let a chance for godzilla to win a fight. Do it please nought
Wolf Joseph
Wolf Joseph 9 days ago
I hate your laugh
onder koffer
onder koffer 10 days ago
what happens if you take a stripper home?
jeroen vandenbos
jeroen vandenbos 10 days ago
I touct that midnicht club complet edition the friendly part wash anyone
Farbod Rasouli
Farbod Rasouli 10 days ago
You forgot the strip club man
Courtenay T.
Courtenay T. 11 days ago
“Hey mom can we get GTA V?” “Mom: we have GTA V at home” GTA V at home
NYC Transit Fanner Boy
It would be awesome if my mom would let me play this version *It would be awesome if I had a device powerful enough and it wasn’t so expensive.*
Gaming Spider 1957
Gaming Spider 1957 11 days ago
4:48 kidnapping with a free candy. van has never been easier
joo Gottis
joo Gottis 12 days ago
And you should of went to the military spot to see if they would follow you
joo Gottis
joo Gottis 12 days ago
You should change the name to gfa5 for grand friendly auto 5. Because there is no THEFT
Xzavier Robinson
Xzavier Robinson 12 days ago
Let’s be real the most people who play gta are kids
JMTheBaconGod 13 days ago
Mr.GoPro7 13 days ago
What’s grey and can’t swim....... a van full of strangers
Cyris Spivey
Cyris Spivey 13 days ago
Why would people make GTA to a child game
Listerous 15 days ago
Get a bulldozer and see how much people you can collect
Aidan Cox
Aidan Cox 15 days ago
Killing people in child friendly gta 5 be like: would you be ok if i were to shoot you
Rubin Qorrolli
Rubin Qorrolli 15 days ago
Nought I love ur videos keep up the good work🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😀😀
x q
x q 15 days ago
Child version me: ha ha
Ethan Vancko
Ethan Vancko 16 days ago
Is there a version with NO FUCKING COMMENTARY
Kezia Alford
Kezia Alford 17 days ago
This mod just ruins the meaning of gta. Just use the mod where there is no stripers
ICEY CHANNEL 17 days ago
Aye 700th dislike jk
Hadiza Ibrahim
Hadiza Ibrahim 18 days ago
You are my hero
Mitali Bose
Mitali Bose 19 days ago
Luv u nought keep up the awesome stuff
Aman 33
Aman 33 19 days ago
Go to military base
Alfie BOND
Alfie BOND 20 days ago
I love your video’s search up Lauren bond I subcribed to you 🌋
Aidan Foster
Aidan Foster 21 day ago
Not true
Aidan Foster
Aidan Foster 21 day ago
Richard O’loughlin
You should buy everything in Los Santos
Wolf Link
Wolf Link 21 day ago
Ahhh that ‘back in my days’ thing
world with Aiden
world with Aiden 22 days ago
Can you make another zombie outbreak video
Simone Ward
Simone Ward 22 days ago
dude there's literally someone smoking in the passenger seat 6:25 XD
harry precious
harry precious 22 days ago
Mattis Vainumäe
Mattis Vainumäe 23 days ago
Logan's Learning Channel 2017
I thought GTA 5 already was child friendly??!?!?!!?!!
Monkey Arellano
Monkey Arellano 25 days ago
Me:SCREAMING AT HIM TO DRIVE IN WATER :him:let’s just go in the water:me:😤
Lucas Weber
Lucas Weber 26 days ago
papyrus The cool dude
What if you go past the Boarder with a plane? It usually explodes if you do that
katie moody
katie moody 27 days ago
Remember to subscribe and hit the bell there nought
katie moody
katie moody 27 days ago
Its should be called kgt
Hasan Azzawi
Hasan Azzawi 28 days ago
Passive mode
CrystaIkake Playz
CrystaIkake Playz 28 days ago
Lol 😝 😆 😂
Mogorosi Maphane
Mogorosi Maphane 28 days ago
Can. You make vehicles be. Bicycles
Viktor Viky
Viktor Viky 29 days ago
Perfect for a child XD
Cuong Tran
Cuong Tran Month ago
Rock star:this can be in GTA iv
2029 Kahea Bartlett
You should be a good man in gta5
David Cedeno
David Cedeno Month ago
2:14 reminds me of stampsycat laugh just me?
TGS_Cliz Month ago
Very energetic start of the video xD
Nadia Khan
Nadia Khan Month ago
I love you
Landon Foley
Landon Foley Month ago
I have GTA it's not his hard
Oliver Patterson
I fought it would have children
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