The Chiefs' key to a Super Bowl win is to stay relaxed - Tim Hasselbeck | SportsCenter

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Ryan Clark and Tim Hasselbeck break down the Kansas City Chiefs' performance vs. the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game, and how they can win Super Bowl LIV.
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Published on


Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 470
Jayden Heath
Jayden Heath 26 days ago
Paytc Pay The Creator
Playing loose and playing to win and not not to lose will most definitely be key. Just as important will be for KC to put the game in Mahomes hands, arm, legs, and brain. And play very well on special teams so they don't have to rely heavily on their defense (which is playing well) and coaching staff which I don't think is as good as the 49ers coaching staff is. Controlling the game in the trenches might also be important. Matching the 49ers intensity or never letting it really get lit could be big for KC to make this game the one sided victory it should be based on how explosive they are. And the fact that of the two teams KC after getting robbed with a sketchy lining up offsides call last season and should be playing as the defending SB champs really are more deserving IMO.
teddy mills
teddy mills Month ago
Sounds good. The more you need to win the more pressure you put on yourself. So just go out and play your best and let the results manage itself.
Michael G
Michael G Month ago
The Chiefs had better figure out how to run the ball because the Niners are going to confuse Mahomes and that passing game.
Maynard Runkle
Maynard Runkle Month ago
Who cares about their fan base? It is not their fan base out there on the field in Miami.
Maynard Runkle
Maynard Runkle Month ago
The need to stay relaxed is going be important when they are on the receiving end of San Francisco's offense.
Daniel Trickey
Daniel Trickey Month ago
Everybody talkin' QB's, WR's, Running backs, tight ends. What did the Niners have that won their games? Defensive and offensive lines.
Angie Mcelroy
Angie Mcelroy Month ago
You guys have been wrong the entire playoffs. I watch you guys pick a winner and pick the other team. The Chiefs deserve the win but do not have the offensive line to stop any teams. If you know a 4 man rush can flush a QB all you need is to bracket Mahomes in.
Gilberto Banuelos
to stay relax! ,and when they step into the field will come the nightmare, you cannot relax with that kind of defence and by the way dee ford is coming after them how you gonna be relaxing😆no way!🥶
Firas Month ago
Gilberto Banuelos respect goodluck to you too my friend
Gilberto Banuelos
@Firas well, is just a point of view of what I saw everything can happen,good luck with the chiefs👍I'm ready to see the game GO NINERS🏈
Firas Month ago
Gilberto Banuelos youre funny your D stopped trash teams only. Against a good team like the saints y’all let them score 40+ points. Chiefs win big no doubt
Big Jay
Big Jay Month ago
Congratulations to the Chiefs and their fans! Should be a great game! 😉 Signed- 9er fans
Kevin Bull
Kevin Bull Month ago
Who is Tim Hasselbeck to give advice about preparing for a Super Bowl lol? He actually missed a Super Bowl trip and victory by a year twice. In 2006, he was a 3rd string QB and was odd man out in 2007, that team went on to win without him. He signed with the Cardinals. The next year, they asked him to comeback he said no and that he was retiring with ESPN. That 2008 Cardinals team went to the Super BOWL, without him haha!
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man Month ago
Key to Chiefs SB win is Jimmy G being forced to throw over 15 times. If Chiefs win SB they go Back to Back appearances.
Micheal Austin
Micheal Austin Month ago
Why when u rushing for 7 yards a carry nobody can beat you more ways then the niners
Mattathias Macabees
Should be a great super bowl game ( commercials and political drivel aside).
Ronnie hasbrouck jr
"He's a BAAAAAAAAD MAN!"....... Mahomes is
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson Month ago
KC contained Derrick Henry and the Titans offense in the process.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Month ago
RUvid stop sending me Lemonade ads!! Oh and Let’s go Chiefs!
Marty Moody
Marty Moody Month ago
All that matters is that THE PATRIOTS ARE NOT PLAYING!!!!
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Month ago
In KC, nothing exciting ever happens. That’s why the fans live and die depending on what happened in the stadium. Not so in SF.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart Month ago
I REALLY think that their last 2 games helped them a TON! They went down in both and came back! SF will hit them hard early, but if their defense can keep SF under 40, they can and should win! Despite maybe the worst mistakes you could ever make in a playoff game, basically handing SF 17 first half points, GB was still able to make it a game late. A BS call late or GB would have had the ball w a chance to cut it to 7. KC’s offense is similar to Arod’s early days. They may punish SF.
Garrett Murray
Garrett Murray Month ago
Go 49ers
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan Month ago
I luv to troll u
Cheifs gonna lose.. ha ha.... They deserve it too.. They act way too cocky.. Congratulations to 49ers Superbowl Champs.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
Pride comes before the fall. Your statement might have just cost the 49ers the title.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
You're being a homer. Stop getting insecure because you know the Chiefs have the best chance of any team to upset your 49er season.
Goober Mcgoobs
Goober Mcgoobs Month ago
Super Bowl is a blessing and a curse. No greater terrible feeling as a fan than to watch your team lose the Super Bowl and the opposite is a great feeling too. Glad I don’t have to watch the Super Bowl this year biting my nails all game
Joseph Boadu
Joseph Boadu Month ago
KC deserves this win. However, I have this feeling that Titans lost their energy, even though they knew they were gonna lose anyway.
William Spencer
William Spencer Month ago
KC won’t beat SF if they start that slow I’m sorry. It’s gonna be a good one but SF defense is just that good.
anthony Month ago
PlatanoGames Month ago
I was looking down and thought Kevin Hart started talking 🤣
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez Month ago
San Francisco going to smash on them haha !!
Boowt Bwj
Boowt Bwj Month ago
Willas Brown
Willas Brown Month ago
49ers win Super Bowl 30-28
Jj Mench
Jj Mench Month ago
Where are the Cheatriots ? It’s over Pats.
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
Some solid analysis and advice from Matt Hasselbeck’s brother.
ATL 1 Month ago
DH only 19 carries, are you kidding me.
money wuan
money wuan Month ago
Im a lions fan can i jump on kc bandwagon???
Shawn Powers
Shawn Powers Month ago
Please jump on!
Tyler adkins
Tyler adkins Month ago
Niners gonna win it all...that defense is nasty. Mahomes won't be running around like he did against Tennessee.
Shawn Powers
Shawn Powers Month ago
Chiefs D>Niners D
Spic Democrat
Spic Democrat Month ago
To prepare for the Super Bowl Andy Reid will go on an all bacon diet !!!!!
Emcee Ace
Emcee Ace Month ago
What type of destruction would a team wreak havoc upon the league on with Andy Reid as an OC & Bill Belicheck as the DC? Insane, Propeosterpus are some words that come to mind.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Month ago
I’m just glad to see two upcoming quarterbacks going at it for the championship.
JrGSXR !!!
JrGSXR !!! Month ago
49ers is to nasty good luck KC
Julito Maraña
Julito Maraña Month ago
Who wins chief or 49???
Joey B
Joey B Month ago
KC Chumps are going to LOSE in the Super Bowl.
SuperJohn12354 Month ago
The titans defence played the saints, then the Texans, then the patriots, then the ravens, they played more snaps than all the other defences combined in the playoffs, that's why you need to take off the KC coloured glasses and think about the game in that context, you could see the titans just ran out of steam in the second half. The 49'ers are going to smack KC in the nose and control the game, KC just beat a team that played 3 road elimination games in a row GL against a defence that's played the least snaps and is health , with a good special teams and offence.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
You're delusional. Tennessee was the hottest team entering the playoffs and shut down the greatest RB in the league. Stop hating on the Chiefs just to leverage your 49ers. Can't you just respect and appreciate greatness???
Conrad Wright
Conrad Wright Month ago
Defense wins championships. Enough said.
Jimmerson Minor
Jimmerson Minor Month ago
If the KC Chiefs lose this SB ....there will be suicide watch...I feel sorry for the organization like I felt for the Chicago Cubs.
owen daboss
owen daboss Month ago
Patrick mahomes should’ve been in the Super Bowl last year he’ll be ready come Super Bowl Sunday
Daniel Trickey
Daniel Trickey Month ago
The Saints should have been in the Super Bowl last year.
C- Ray
C- Ray Month ago
owen daboss yea Brady just got in the way luckily he doesn’t have to worry about him this time 👌🏽
zosoo7 Month ago
Chiefs fan here. Would you trade teams? I wouldn't. As good of a matchup as I can remember. 49ers are absolutely good enough to win it. BUT, the Chiefs got PMII, and the 49ers don't.
Syliss Jackson
Syliss Jackson Month ago
The 49ners have defense and the cheifs dont
frank sanders
frank sanders Month ago
I really enjoy Ryan Clark.
sabbottart Month ago
No chance for Chiefs against San Fran. None.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
You're completely delusional. The 49ers stats are biased.
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420 Month ago
As long as Mahomes is in KC they can do anything
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz Month ago
49er GaNg!!!!!
Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas Month ago
Chiefs will win super bowl because of the 49ers weakest link....Jimmy G 😅. Chiefs ain't the Packers!!!!
Chris Keable
Chris Keable Month ago
Thank you for your expert analysis Tim I never would have guessed
Eddie1776 America!
The key to winning was turnovers. KC had zero against the Titans. The Ravens had three turnovers against Titans. Green Bay had three turnovers to the 49'ers. Two of those turnovers were early in the game when it really mattered. I don't care how tense or relaxed the Chiefs are. If they don't give up the ball they will probably beat SF.
Xi Yang
Xi Yang Month ago
History repeats. Phili coach takes a Missouri team back to the Superbowl to win it. Then hands it off to his OC.
Benjamin Valenzuela
Xi Yang I was literally thinking the same thing. But, if he is able to win it all this year, I think he comes back for at least one more season and possibly two.
Jesse James
Jesse James Month ago
Sorry to rain on the hype parade but the 49ers have a solid defense and I don't think the Chiefs are ready for it. Jimmy G gonna steal the spotlight from Mahomes and earn his first Superbowl ring. Keyword earn. I know he has two with NE but he was on the bench.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin Month ago
You're being a homer. Stop getting insecure because you know the Chiefs have the best chance of any team to upset your 49er season.
Bryan Month ago
Did dude really say "Kansas SHITTY Chiefs" 1:49 haha
Michael G
Michael G Month ago
Why, yes, he did, Bryan. Yes, he did. I guess we know how Ryan really feels about them.
Big Bird
Big Bird Month ago
Evan Chen
Evan Chen Month ago
Imagine if chiefs still had charles and hunt... hunt and Jamaal at rn, kelce at tight end, hill, Watkins hardman, robinson at wr and mahomes at qb along with this current defense would easily torch every defense in the NFL with ease
Shawn Powers
Shawn Powers Month ago
After seeing Henry I was thinking Christian Okoye...now that offense would kill it!
Walter Schivo
Walter Schivo Month ago
Imagine if the NFL actually stood up and said a person like Mostert should never be on any NFL team and to let real players play the game.
Shawn Kristoferu
The key is SF front four versus Mahomes. If the Niners get to sack him a few times, Niners win. If they can’t reach him, KC wins. Mahomes can scramble & SF lost to Seattle & Baltimore, both scrambling QBs. Niners will run wild against KC & get their points but if Mahomes is untouched, he will outscore them. He is an incredible QB. I expect scores around 80-90 so the safe bet is over 52,5.
Shawn Kristoferu
yungxanhoe: could not agree more.
yungxanhoe _
yungxanhoe _ Month ago
Shawn Kristoferu if a team can’t stop the run then 49ers will win time of POSSESSION..basically keeping Patrick off the field but i feel it’ll be a tight game
Shawn Kristoferu
yungxanhoe _: They won’t so 49ers will get their points but KC needs to outscore them. That is the matchup for me. KC is #26 rushing defense so no way they stop the #2 rushing offense of the 40ers.
yungxanhoe _
yungxanhoe _ Month ago
Shawn Kristoferu the real question is can KC stop 49ers running game
ckalnicki Month ago
Kermit wins one.
forreal pat
forreal pat Month ago
Superbowl time! lol🏈 Awesome. FREE label' Polo Pimp
forreal pat
forreal pat Month ago
Its on. 😁 lol lol lol
Velshyrym Month ago
It was a fluke
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