The Cheapest Gun You Can Buy!!! and why it's not horrible...

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Mar 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf 3 hours ago
John Hancock
John Hancock 6 hours ago
that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen If that blows up in my face do not resuscitate me
mirola73 17 hours ago
Get a second hand gun, there are TONS of those and some must be cheaper than USD100.
IT’S ALVIS! 18 hours ago
Broo that game bs I played it on pc
Wangchum 22 hours ago
I feel like it should be muzzle loading
Wiley Macknally
Wiley Macknally 22 hours ago
You know one day he’s going to let us know his opinion on hi point
Jonah L
Jonah L Day ago
B Lee
B Lee Day ago
Can’t spell 50 cal without 5 at least you know it’s yours😂
Slugger Day ago
In America responsibility and guns are the same thing
getskared Day ago
Pretty sure a lot of us could make one of these in our garage for less than $100
Logan LeBlond
Looks like a mini blow torch
Josh Simon
Josh Simon 2 days ago
SOOO... this was made for like.. contract killers?
rb67mustang 2 days ago
0:34 , You can't spell 50cal without a 5, now that's what I'm talking about!!! Lincoln is a little Matt, with bigger expectations!!! But yeah, he was just saying what his dad, Matt wanted him to say.
Bellybob 2 days ago
Warface still sucks with its hitlag
Ricky Lafollette
Ricky Lafollette 2 days ago
You throw up everytime u say hi point yet u can't destroy them lol
Maxwell Roberto
Maxwell Roberto 2 days ago
Young human, my child, for some reason, I’m going to trust you with a gun, son, it’s a 9 mil, I WANT A FREAKING DESERT EAGLE! BUY ME ONE!
Alexander Johnson
Dude have the barrel threaded and put a silencer on it
Ricardo vazquez
Ricardo vazquez 2 days ago
Hahahaha nice entrance
ken shaw
ken shaw 2 days ago
Good pic of that ring,dude,yup that's the first and last thing you see on an Aggie..
Matt Lucero
Matt Lucero 2 days ago
Beat your kid
Andrew Lobato
Andrew Lobato 2 days ago
well.. I guess a hooker can hide this gun... in her... pursy (that's an awful joke)
Foxy_gaming05 _
Foxy_gaming05 _ 2 days ago
Why does it look like my screw on water hose gun to not waste water
1-800 no one cares
This looks like something you'd make in prison.
Dwc 4life
Dwc 4life 3 days ago
Lol you should do more skits with ya kid 😂
richard davie
richard davie 3 days ago
If you think nothing is worse than a Hi Point, you've never seen a Rossi.
miguel 3 days ago
it still easier and faster reload than a musket
Super Mario Brayden
It’s cheaper than the cheape- uh cheaper than the chea-UH I think I’m gonna throw up,cheaper than the cheapest UHH High point-uHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh
Ricky Lafollette
Ricky Lafollette 2 days ago
Yet he can't destroy them lol
Andrew Pham
Andrew Pham 3 days ago
Modern day musket
diddle the poodle
Dude that's dangerous shooting with all those rocks on the ground like that. 😨 richochets like fuck. Especially if you are shooting buck at low targets.
RiceScum 3 days ago
it's a high tech flint lock
Willy Milano
Willy Milano 3 days ago
Will the barrel fly out when you shoot if you didn't lock it in properly? I have so many questions about that gun and all of them involve how dangerous it is to operate. I bet something will break after 40 shots and you'll have to throw it away.
ArylMatrix 3 days ago
Put a red dot sight on that
Vadudu Plays poop
demoranch: probably nothing...could break it! Its also good :) me: if nokia made a gun...
How To Get Out Of Babylon
Nothing worse than a hi point... Says the guy with ten working hi points hshahaheeheehee
Sunspot Penumbra
Sunspot Penumbra 4 days ago
Yeah, that's for suicide.
The Techno Guy18
The Techno Guy18 4 days ago
Maybe your kid wanted a *Dessert* Eagle.
VXLO YT 4 days ago
just give him a 45.acp
Creeker 4 days ago
Hey warface! I play it all the time
Tri Angular
Tri Angular 4 days ago
Its basically a mini hand cannon
Reefy M
Reefy M 4 days ago
Warface lowkey a great game for ya broke ass people like me
Jirka Martinek
Jirka Martinek 5 days ago
Blind peaple WTF is this is this a glu gun
Jago Bromley
Jago Bromley 5 days ago
Could you make a vid standing far away from this thing and firing it without the barrel?
Manuelslayor 5 days ago
You beter have your backup rocks if you miss or it does not die in 1 shot
Asian Anims
Asian Anims 5 days ago
Boi wants his desert eagle
Dre Negro
Dre Negro 5 days ago
How much is that
Lois H Frazier
Lois H Frazier 6 days ago
"Rat is what its called. Its good for like snakes ... or rats"
Vincent Pergola
Vincent Pergola 6 days ago
Awesome sketch with your son dude! Lol
Daniels 6 days ago
Lol i like too desert deagle
Lawson Langley
Lawson Langley 6 days ago
Before you watch the video, spoiler, it’s not horrible cause it’s not a hipoint
Mr Nemesis
Mr Nemesis 6 days ago
noisy cricket
Timothy Garrett
Timothy Garrett 6 days ago
I cheated.... I saw the thumbnail
Noah Lol
Noah Lol 6 days ago
Bye me a desert eagle
FEBRIZIOtv 7 days ago
what is this gun called, i think i missed the name? no link either
Michal Štein
Michal Štein 7 days ago
when they don't call their hits
COCONUT HEAD 7 days ago
Man these ninjas be attacking me I need that lmao
Glaive Tingco
Glaive Tingco 7 days ago
here in the Phillipines this is like the mini version of "sumpak" its an improvised tube gun. they were made in prisons or in the slums where there are few resources.they are usally chambered at 22 or 9mm to lessen the recoil because they have no handle after all
Justin Yanez
Justin Yanez 7 days ago
You know the hi-point is really trash when he says that a single shot 9mil is not as bad
Mr Gunslinger
Mr Gunslinger 7 days ago
5:00 Amm...nope. It was designed 60-70 years ago for resistance fighters in Europe, they were dropped en masse in France by the US to arm the resistance against they nazis.
Physicz Keps
Physicz Keps 7 days ago
If I die to this I am using the "my ping is over 200" excuse
Radin MPN
Radin MPN 7 days ago
Omg I love warfare too
Fate _
Fate _ 7 days ago
That looks like a glue gun
Daquann Skinner
Daquann Skinner 7 days ago
Thats racis "niniga attack" u really wanted to say n**** attack
Bardhok Beleshi
Bardhok Beleshi 7 days ago
the desert eagle is overrated
Game Trooper
Game Trooper 7 days ago
That one kid at a nerf battle when his parents won’t let him get a gun less than a dollar
Dane Leo
Dane Leo 7 days ago
Pee pee
Nice competition gun 👌
Marko 21
Marko 21 7 days ago
you have such as adorable son!!
borka 0
borka 0 7 days ago
Oooo yeah My daily dose of North América. Pd: it's only a joke
Richard Vanwinkle
Hipoint is a great brand for cheap
Youll Never Know
Youll Never Know 8 days ago
EPA will want to check your property for lead contamination someday
KandaPanda 8 days ago
...poor cops. now, anything that looks like a hot glue gun is a real threat.
Knuckles 54
Knuckles 54 8 days ago
ham sandwich
ham sandwich 8 days ago
was that kid at the start legit
That's pretty impressive for a cheap one shot pistol it's actually pretty powerful for what it is
TheSkeptical DOG
TheSkeptical DOG 8 days ago
No casings, no traces.
Hello Gello
Hello Gello 8 days ago
Nerf Jolt
Altaïr ibn la ahad
Did he get his deagle?
Mr.Realism 111 Mobile
If only the kid was more convincing tho, it would’ve made it better
Can I mount an ACOG on it?
The Yeet Corgi
The Yeet Corgi 8 days ago
Website please.
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