The CHEAPEST Guitar I've Ever Played! - What Does It Sound Like??

Darrell Braun Guitar
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Is an ultra-cheap guitar worth buying? Let's find out!
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Aug 11, 2020




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Comments 100
Darrell Braun Guitar
GLEN: We should totally start a guitar company! LARRY: Dude! Let's do it! Both at the same time: GLARRY!!
Shoe Shiner
Shoe Shiner 4 days ago
My first bass is a Glarry! Works pretty well for a newcomer like me
gwugluud 77
gwugluud 77 15 days ago
Boris Sinkovec
Boris Sinkovec Month ago
It was actually Garry and Larry and Garry wanted to sell good stuff and Larry had the better idea of selling crap. And since Larry was the power bottom, crap it was.
John Norris
John Norris Month ago
Thanks for saying it's light.. does that include any dive??
liuntika 2 months ago
I know these guitars, it was branded as "Irin" also... :)
Duane Park
Duane Park 16 hours ago
Wow, that was fun for me to watch. You covered all the same aspects that I would explore in a new guitar purchase. As to the hole in the guitar body neck area, it wouldn't surprise me if that is there to facilitate the production and/or painting process. Great camera work to show us close-ups of the features that matter!
briansantonia santonia
Can I have that sir?
Wander Muffin
Wander Muffin 19 hours ago
My guitar is like 20 but sounds not that bad
Kralixo Day ago
There’s 10 dollar guitars at 5 below
SPLDLTA Arco 2 days ago
You mean the guitar I bought for methods classes😬😬 I wish I had known nylon strings didn't hold their tuning
Marco Huerto
Marco Huerto 2 days ago
i like it but i have to change the neck because the feeling of the neck is weird but i also love telecaster
Robert McCormack
Robert McCormack 3 days ago
Actually nice for such a budget price
Smashed Candle
Smashed Candle 4 days ago
Glarrys ukuleles are good
Przemyslaw Sadowski
The neck pick up sounds half decent. Better than some Mexican made telecasters.
Aimee. 7 days ago
14:44 😨
Bonifasius Eiga
Bonifasius Eiga 8 days ago
my guitar only arround 22 usd
Jay Dillon
Jay Dillon 8 days ago
Glenda and Mario
audiophile man
audiophile man 9 days ago
NIce review, Darrell, I always appreciate your reviews! Thank you!! 👍👍👍
Dlanodd 9 days ago
Jake tenis: hold my 50 cents
P3chv0gel 11 days ago
To my stupidity, even a 8.9$ guitar would be wasted
talal zahid
talal zahid 11 days ago
Arli Zan
Arli Zan 11 days ago
You get a cloth case plus a corrugated case, so that's good.
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner 13 days ago
For 80 bucks I'd imagine a plywood body and a pine neck. Hard to believe what I'm seeing with my own eyes right there.
roflpie 14 days ago
my guess for that hole on the neck mount might be a way they mount the base for painting since it looks like the other 4 holes were put in after that big one since it has a bit of paint seepage through it
vince's variety channel
That neck pickup sounds fantastic for the price just leave it in the neck position and enjoy until you can afford something better
Orman Oğlu
Orman Oğlu 15 days ago
I started with the first $ 8 guitar. now I'm playing the $ 60 guitar
MrCoffeekelly 15 days ago
I bought one of the 90 dollar jasmine acoustic guitars a few years on amazon. It's actually pretty nice for the price. Sounds great.
Lil Fryy
Lil Fryy 15 days ago
Finally a cheap guitar that isn’t a Stratocaster with a white pick guard
Danny Fournier
Danny Fournier 15 days ago
Clean it sounds awful but dirty covers up it's flaws .
Stephen Crandell Sr
Would that be a good beginner's guitar
Jimmy Ngo
Jimmy Ngo 16 days ago
I just bought a Freeman stratocaster last week for US$80,00. It sounds really cool! The shape is beautiful and looks like an expensive guitar. I love it!
Brian O.
Brian O. 16 days ago
A great mod rod! The finish is super cool. But yeah , I would be upgrading the hell outta that puppy! 🐉💀👽🎸🎶🎵🧠
mikeyboyrocks123 17 days ago
I have several glarry guitars. I love them. Beautiful finishes, I get them set up and replaced the pick ups and rock out
Darren Fitzpatrick
Darren Fitzpatrick 17 days ago
dude bro, I think you need to trim your thumb nail a bit lol
Robert Craig
Robert Craig 17 days ago
I bought a really Cheap guitar for $3.00 at a yard sale for a little girl. It sounded crappy (( bad ). I fixed the frets ,did a little work on it, and turned it into a $5.00 dolllar guitar. Gave it to a little girl. She was happy with it and its now a million dollar guitar
beep 18 days ago
I have a glarry ukulele. Haven't played it for so long
Marcel Kippie
Marcel Kippie 18 days ago
I think the Neck pic sounds great, realy great but much worse then the bridge pic i did not heard befor. Thats complete crap!
Angie Roa
Angie Roa 18 days ago
I want to get this guitar for now and later when I get better at playing guitar I want a fender mustang
j petes
j petes 19 days ago
Mine arrived yesterday and I love it. For what it is, I think it’s great! One note: My neck was not satin, it came completely unfinished. Now, for $89 bucks, it doesn’t really bother me. I can finish it myself or play it as is. For a “backup” axe, or an instrument to take to an outdoor gig where the weather forecast calls for rain... its PERFECT. And FYI, I LOVE the sound of that NECK PICKUP! The bridge p/u, being microphonic and all well... meh. But I could and probably would not be shy about playing a jazz gig or a solo gig using just that neck pickup. My fret ends were surprisingly acceptable! And for an unfinished neck, it was smooth and very playable. I bought the “Butterscotch Blonde” model (my wife is a hot blonde, I guess I’m a sucker for blondes) but upon comparing Darrell’s blue version to mine... I like his better. All in all... for $89 dollars it’s an incredible buy. Thanks Darrell! Btw... I don’t have a problem at all if you do, but I’m just curious; are you compensated by the sellers or manufacturers of the guitars you present? I frankly hope you are, I think you do a good clean review, I’m just curious is all. Thanks again, glad I bought it!!
don crockett
don crockett 20 days ago
I might be wrong but I would be willing to bet the hole in the neck pocket is how they hung it to paint it
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller 20 days ago
See I got mine for 2 bucks.
Leonard Muth
Leonard Muth 20 days ago
That's a perfectly decent guitar for the price
Θανάσης Γεωργιόπουλος
After 3 months from posting i wonder how the fretboard is regarding dirt...seems pretty unfinished
ボン 20 days ago
9:35 made my day
Micicovschi Alexandru
I have a 50$ guitar and i have it from a year,minor problems and the g don't sound If i do barr chords
Ricke Gurn
Ricke Gurn 21 day ago
One thing to note about Glarry guitars is if you are interested in buying one to modify, keep in mind, the routing is slightly off from specs used in Fender replacement parts. You will need to route the pickup holes 1/8" to accommodate a new bridge pickup. The pick guard is specked to Glarry's pickup dimensions which means you will need to buy another pick guard that is cut to fit your neck replacement pickup. Also, the switch and pots are smaller than Fender replacement parts meaning you will have to buy a new plate along with your new pots and switch. If you plan to replace the tailpiece to fit your bridge pickup replacement, the strings on the Glarry ARE NOT through the body. Which means, your Fender tele plate will require you to drill string holes through the body in order to feed your strings through the bottom of the Fender Tele tail plate. Lastly, the screws for both the tail plate and pick guard all need to be reset to the new parts as the holes do not match. If you are not comfortable with modding guitars and working with tools like routers and drills, this is not the right instrument for you to modify.
### 22 days ago
Ashtray with barrels? Nice
fnersch 22 days ago
I just got one just like yours. 60 cycle hum galore! It will have to go under the wrench for several issues. The thing is very solidly made. Cost: $79.95 + free shipping. Is the ash tray grounded on these? Mine buzzes when touched (possible string grounding issues). Should these guitars be hard tailed?
Grizz 22 days ago
Is there a Canadian company this guitar can be ordered from?
B4D-W0LF 23 days ago
I think since this guitar "comes with a microphone," you can probably record a whole album with it!
B4D-W0LF 23 days ago
I want the best unbranded guitars. that would be rad.
SandandSun 24 days ago
"$89 dollars"? You are saying "89 dollars dollars". Either use the dollar sign or the word "dollars", but not both.
Maruniku's Experience
Hi Darrell - shipping the Glarry to Canada - was that tricky? Was there an extra shipping cost involved?
Frank Moreland
Frank Moreland 24 days ago
At lot of people dont realize that stuff we use to buy before the internet existed, all came from China and the American middleman marked it up 100 sometimes 200% . I believe thats Capitalism as in capitalizing on your hard earn money for maximum profits!
Big Doug
Big Doug 25 days ago
Hi Darrell, can you tell me if you have done a video on the AIO Wolf Les Paul?
HEY TLAKOR 25 days ago
In my country Indonesia there is 83$ guitar you can buy it on bukalapak app or shopee app
Norwood G.
Norwood G. 27 days ago
Dont buy made in CHINA may come with VIRUS.
Chris Easterday
Chris Easterday 29 days ago
Which brand do you like better? Glarry, Monoprice, or Firefly?
Joseph Cottone
Joseph Cottone 29 days ago
For The Price, You Can't Go Wrong. Great Guitar To Give To A Beginner Or To Customize.
boyskout boyfriend
just ordered one
gevansmd1 Month ago
With new strings, pickups and other small mods it sounds like a total investement of under $400. Which means, why ever buy a $2,000 or more guitar???
Ben Keating
Ben Keating Month ago
Epiphone? Ouch. My sheraton felt that
Archie Hilaus
Archie Hilaus Month ago
Hi idol can you gibft me some electric guitar because Im poor man I want to learn to play guitar please🙏🙏
RefUser Month ago
Any chance of "vintage guitars" demo?
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez Month ago
When he was mentioning cheap guitars in the beginning and uttered ephiphone I felt attacked lol 😂 my custom Ephiphone inspired les Paul Gibson was close to 700 that ain’t cheap !
Joe Manning
Joe Manning Month ago
I bought a Glarry Burning Fire for my son for his first guitar. It had the same problem with the frets and the neck was cocked forward because the pocket wasn't properly routed. I went with the fire because of the humbuckers. The neck also had several uneven frets that were creating dead spots. I only paid $69.00 for it so I expected this. Also minor wiring and output jack issues. I corrected all issues and threw on some 10's and now it plays excellent. He has moved on to a MIM Strat but the fire was a great guitar to see if he would stick with it before spending more money. Just be prepared to do some work.
chris overholts
chris overholts Month ago
I bought the glarry strat. Its good to look at but absolute junk. just buy a used fender mim for the right price. You're welcome. I do plan on using it to practice luthier skills like fret work and other experiments I'd rather learn on a cheap guitar tho. So good for that! Love the channel DBG!
zazoomatt Month ago
Thanks DB !
Elam Garek
Elam Garek Month ago
OK. I couldn't stand it and I bought one of the Glarry Guitars, based on your review. Thanks for the tip, Darrell!
Rather Not Say
Rather Not Say Month ago
I'm old and have seen alot in my years as a working musician. Back then we couldn't afford strings we had to weave them out of discarded radial tires. Whenever we would audition for new bandmates you would see all kinds of gear. Sadly, the gear didn't represent the skill of the player (except for the vocalist with the First Act microphone, he sucked). Usually the more professional the gear the poorer the player. Not always but I guess you expected more from a Mesa Boogie and vintage Les Paul. The point of the rambling is gear is nice but doesn't make the player.
Andrew Mueller Ananta Babaji
They make great hard shell cases for incredible price, but one for my Les Paul $43 as good as Gibson case!
Flow Month ago
You're making me mad I'm about to leave the video
Flow Month ago
Me too
Flow Month ago
Play it
Boris Sinkovec
Boris Sinkovec Month ago
Glarry has shot themselves in the foot by increasing their prices by over 30% and NOT increased the quality of the products any. They are now uncompetitive. Monoprice has guitars in the same price range (their Teles are cheaper) with much better construction and design. Their Tele has strings through the body as well as a well padded gig bag thrown in. Glarry is moot at this point for all their offerings.
EasyAzPiE Month ago
the hole is there so they can paint it easier...
Dan Mark TV
Dan Mark TV Month ago
Wow! How i wish i can buy also my own guitar❤ Btw fan here from philippines❤
Maria Castro7
Maria Castro7 Month ago
Lloyd Albert Cordero
Holy!!! moly! how is the shipping time? how long did it take given we have a Pandemic. are they a US company? US to Canada shipping, I am in Vancouver any feedback will help
Nightshade Kelly
60 dollars acustics are on amazon
Pirushu Month ago
These guitars look pretty good, even if they weren't for playing, they are at least for decoration
Isaac Mullins
Isaac Mullins Month ago
Bought this guitar about 2 months ago as my first guitar and I have had so much fun. I put a set of strings on it, roller string trees, and it plays pretty good. Stays in tune. Like the one here, the bridge pickup was really microphonic and the output jack went bad after a month, so I replaced the bridge pickup with a GFS Lil Puncher XL Humbucker (Sounds really good compared to the one it replaced) and a Switchcraft output jack. Definitely not an AMAZING guitar, but an amazing value that is good to learn how to mod guitars.
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers Month ago
I don’t play guitar but I’ve enjoyed your series on an expensive guitars. What do you do with them do you keep them in your collection?
David Bell
David Bell Month ago
The bridge pickup is giving me Rickenbacker vibes
Shaxi Month ago
That's better intonated out of the box than my Ibanez lol
artofnoly Month ago
I'm theeeeenking that the two guys that started the company were Scottish... Glasgow and Barry. Aaaachhh!!! They're doooin' orkay! Wonder if they knew grooondskipper Wullie from the Simpsons?
Zero Foord
Zero Foord Month ago
The hole in there is on practically all cheap pre made guitars
jay warren
jay warren Month ago
Can you do an Epiphone dot neck? I’d love to see that. I also have a Chinese Epi Les Paul. Love to know how both of those stack up.
99% Perspiration
I'll bet the headstock doesn't break off.
Lé Polisher
Lé Polisher Month ago
Dont you know who George Larry was? come on Darryl!
Mary-Ann S. Andrew
Darryl how did you order a Glarry guitar to Canada? It won't accept my mailing address, they say States only. I want to try my first project guitar this winter.
Joshua Durand
Joshua Durand Month ago
That's pretty good. I've owned some Glarry guitars and have the ability to upgrade the pickups. I have a hot overwound tele bridge i would love to install in a cheap fiddle. I also have a spare tele neck p'up. Of course it's gonna have to wait... I'm poor. Darrell, want to donate to the "I want a new guitar to mod" fund? I accept ALL cash donations and if you're writing a check 1,000 is spelled one thousand. ;) Lol. I like your videos, sir!!!
Jonathan Alejandro Sanchez
LOL it sounds like the guitar tom morello used for killing in the name for real, no kidding.
plastic beach luv
This is the brand my after school program would use for the guitars. I got a wave of nostalgia seeing and hearing this :')
Reese Cunningham
That guitar sounds awful
George Szweden
George Szweden Month ago
Also, please review a Samick Greg Bennett
George Szweden
George Szweden Month ago
I have to give it to them for the maple fretboard, name brand companies charge a lot for that for some reason. I like maple fretboards cause they're way easier to clean in my experience
Daniel Waller
Daniel Waller Month ago
Ugh.... what’s the name of that song you’re playing at the beginning?! I know I know it but just can’t think of it. And the guitar actually sounds better than I would expect for that price!
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Month ago
It does look pretty damn nice to be fair
Joku Arts
Joku Arts Month ago
Is it a good starter guitar
Carlos Valderrama
I suppose the hole in the heel Is for hang the body during the Paint job
Great project guitars especially for beginners like me who want to take a guitar apart and play with modifications. I bought the green Strat style and it looks great.
fnersch Month ago
Great demo. I bought a Glarry Tele and case. Superb stuff for the price. Now to trick it!
Steve MacLeod
Steve MacLeod Month ago
Looks like quite a value, some wax potting for the bridge pickup would be a quick and cheap upgrade, an hour of time and some wax, the semi-hollow (string-through bridge) tele on their site looks awesome too, great review!
Christopher Jackson
I bet that bridge pickup would sound awesome for "Long Cool Woman".
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