The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

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The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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Apr 8, 2019




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Comments 80
Luka Banko
Luka Banko 14 hours ago
Liam is so wholesome
Jade Shell
Jade Shell 22 hours ago
One of the best shows ever!! :)
tisha lannister.
It's amazing how *Nikolaj Coster-Waldau* sounds so much like *Jaime Lannister.*
Mario Ruben
Mario Ruben Day ago
Fitting that the king gets the last word
Peter Kirgan
Peter Kirgan Day ago
If you suffer from insomnia either watch this or Lord of the rings! Able to cure sleep acnia
chris baltazar
5:26 still friend zoned😭
Vishal Thakar
My favorite is Aarya stark infact I named my daughter in her name. 'Aarya'
Bobcats Dixi
Bobcats Dixi Day ago
We may not like the writers anymore but the love for the cast shall never die
Desi 2 days ago
Uggh it was so good...im so sad that they had to rush the ending just because of money and not caring about the show anymore...directors come on people
Desi 2 days ago
And jon (kit) and her (rose) married in real life uggghh!! "there was something really specially when working with rose" 😭😭 i cant its so fucking cute...
Red Sol
Red Sol 2 days ago
The fight between the hound and “Brean of fucking Tarth!”
aakshii sriivastav
Okay, it's been a year since it ended and I'm still pissed at the ending. YOU GUYS RUINED YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE. CONGRATUfuckingLATIONS.
Gauransh Mohan
Gauransh Mohan 2 days ago
Best show ever
AngeeTV 2 days ago
Currently watching the final season and Peter is correct everything is cinematic like watching a movie every episode
Ultimate Soljda
Ultimate Soljda 2 days ago
4:06 😂😂
Candice Colebrooke
It took me one week to watch the entire series. GoT consumed me until I completed it.
Yo that's too much. It took me 2 weeks atleast
Gu An
Gu An 4 days ago
We too remember......sadly.
STUD_OF_ SCIENCE 4 days ago
Well😌😌❤ Season:8👈👈👈 Audience Remembers..😞😞😭
Count Vader
Count Vader 4 days ago
fuck cersei
Airotkiv 4 days ago
It's so weird seeing Sandor with a not-burned face
Nicole Santi
Nicole Santi 4 days ago
Finally watched this during quarantine. Loved it . Didn’t love the ending much
FaustyArchaeus 4 days ago
And they ruined at least 2 seasons
William 772
William 772 5 days ago
Damn Maisie grew up so much since season 1
Chan Michael
Chan Michael 5 days ago
1:48 priceless scene!
brandon tembo
brandon tembo 5 days ago
who else feels some type of way when they see cersei
KV M 5 days ago
Three top Heart wrenching moments. 1. Ned Stark Death - Set the entire course for the show. The suffering, the becoming of "Arya Stark". Torture of Cersei. 2. The Burning of princess Shireen- Game of thrones. Goodness! The coldness in the name of the God. Red woman remained so dark through such incidences. 3. Episode of Hold the door - My God. This was a lot troubling. A man who sacrificed his entire life's speech ability just because he was controlled by someone. This is my personal favourite. Somehow can't find enough words to put it. It just strikes so deep.
Sneha Lenka
Sneha Lenka 6 days ago
Jorah and daenerys have the same relnship as ian and emilia
Pierre G
Pierre G 6 days ago
Here's the thing : nobody has ever seen Becky Lynch and Sophie Turner in the same room. Think about this
Ritik Kratzel
Ritik Kratzel 6 days ago
Bran:but it must and it will be good. Me: are u kidding me!
Gama Sennin
Gama Sennin 6 days ago
"Everyone's been so invested in this story, that we never want to see this come to a close. But it must. And it will be good. " WHY TT__TT Ill be honest, I love all seasons, even the last one. Yet, the way the show ended and in general the last season left me disappointed here and there. I don't even know where to begin.
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 6 days ago
I just love seeing the cast like this!
dyypak Ghewthey
dyypak Ghewthey 7 days ago
A big thank for Lockdown it took 8 only days to complete GOT. all season Man: Hmm I came here for ned stark.😔
Nika Vandevyvere
Nika Vandevyvere 7 days ago
Imagine this being your fookin first acting job
rafi mohammad
rafi mohammad 7 days ago
Damn these onion ninjas
Historical Otaku
Historical Otaku 7 days ago
Kit missed the seasons when his dialogue wasn't "i dunt wantit" and "your mah kuween"
look at arya🤣
Dolat Ram
Dolat Ram 8 days ago
How extraordinarily difficult it would have been for them to make this epic series.
Trix Sta
Trix Sta 9 days ago
Just watched GoT for the first time in lockdown. Honestly have got to say one of THE BEST shows ever made!
Timote Loumil Marcelo
This is disgusting they just destroyed the season 8
Oscar Blanco
Oscar Blanco 9 days ago
I miss this show so much... not so much the last season.
duhawma 9 days ago
Hold the door! Hold the door! D & D are trying to get in!
Tender Jude
Tender Jude 10 days ago
I wish i could erase my memories and forget that i watched game of thrones then i could watch it again
Md Raiyan
Md Raiyan 10 days ago
I never want this show end
Felix Gabriel Montanez
iain glen accent surprised me
Mayank kanojia
Mayank kanojia 10 days ago
Funny Clips With Minkion
Ima miss GoT so much, especially the actors 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bilal Chaudhary
Bilal Chaudhary 10 days ago
No bran, it was shit.
Neeraj Agrawal
Neeraj Agrawal 10 days ago
I wish GOT make 9 season, and Emily should come
Trinitive 11 days ago
Still weird to see Peter Dinklage speak in an American accent lol
阳彩 11 days ago
You can tell they did these interviews before they finished filming because everyone was so excited and happy
Harsh Meena
Harsh Meena 12 days ago
Ser Jaime Lannister was the smartest of them all. The typical Disney prince types. Just give him a cape and he becomes the prince of dreams of all the girls in the world.
Sofia b nair
Sofia b nair 12 days ago
You could've given me a spoiler alert sign 😂😂😂🙌
maddxcat 12 days ago
5:39 this shot DESTROYED ME after watching season 8
The Ritesh Show
The Ritesh Show 12 days ago
Uff after watching this I want to watch GOT again but the SEASON 8 still hurts.... Why HBO why? Why did you ruined the greatest TV show??
Joshua Foley
Joshua Foley 10 days ago
The Ritesh Show seasons 1-4 are still good
Mr. Catcher
Mr. Catcher 12 days ago
This video is better than season 8.. beleive me
Yarrak 12 days ago
Lena be looking like a hobo
Mr T Mapogo
Mr T Mapogo 13 days ago
7:34 why you shouldn't ask a girl about her age.
Ahsan tariq
Ahsan tariq 13 days ago
I watched All The Fucking Season In Lockdown 😂😂 Now I need season 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1000 please Make More season I'm Just Loving GOT ❤
DavidAWA 13 days ago
Props to the casting directors choosing such great people who hadn't done something like this before.
Shahnawaz Kharadi
Shahnawaz Kharadi 14 days ago
This is very strange thing about show that, In first Episode we all might have thought at some point that Bran Stark would be the King and from 2 to 72th episode we have never thought about him becoming the king And then Sudden Bran the Broken.
Kate Schmidt
Kate Schmidt 14 days ago
The hound and Arya stark,.. name a more iconic duo
lautialvz 14 days ago
KUMAR AKASH 14 days ago
This show breaked my heart,i feel so sad watching the end. This is the only show in which main character didn't recive the end they desired, rest all the character's got happy Ending. If you like happy ending then this show is definitely not for you. It will always leave you in tears at the end. I feel so sorry for Jon and Dany both recived the worst despite being the best. Fuck GOT writer's.
Johanna 15 days ago
I just love that scene where Samwel thinks Bran knows something from his visions but in the end it's the massage from where he knows it...it's like "yeah I am special but i don't have to be for knowing some things" It remainds me of Sherlock. Some scenes in the show are kind of like this and i absolutely love it!
Satkrit Dahal
Satkrit Dahal 15 days ago
eight season was shit
BJon Thompson
BJon Thompson 15 days ago
Give me MOOOORRREEE! I dunno wtf to do now...
Parham Norai
Parham Norai 15 days ago
I watched the whole seasons during Corona Pandemic!!!!! its so cool when you dunt have to wait years for few episodes and you have all episodes in your access, Nice LOL
Sajjana Baijnath
Sajjana Baijnath 15 days ago
Iain Glen is STILL a SIMP for Dany
bw 1506
bw 1506 15 days ago
1:45 sophie turner was the size of Richard madden at 13
Soundhar Raj
Soundhar Raj 15 days ago
Sadest season 8 ep6
Abhilasha Rajput
Abhilasha Rajput 15 days ago
hey...where are whitewalkers.? they must be interviewed. n 😂
Xta 16 days ago
My favorite character was Arya Stark. My favorite scene was Lyanna Mormont vs the giant. It's really addictive watching all seasons this year.
Aritra Das
Aritra Das 16 days ago
My favourite characters.. 1. John Snow 2. Arya Stark 3. Tyrion Lannister 4. Ser Jorah
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim 16 days ago
7:36 “..and I am not 22 anymore” Ahhh that’s too cute
Zephyr 17 days ago
9:59 LOL
study for you
study for you 17 days ago
Why s4 are not dubbing in Hindi???😢😢😢😢
Jati Windriyo Yusuf
The Cast Remember, The Fans Didn't
zepedrofd 17 days ago
It might sound stupid but I enjoy watching something a lot more knowing it is done by good people that have had fun doing it...
RMAM24 18 days ago
“And it will be good.” This is what I was hoping for in season 8. Unfortunately, my hopes didn’t come true.
Tas Tas
Tas Tas 18 days ago
5:33 and here comes jorah the poor mormont😂
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