The Cast Of "The Society" Plays Who's Who

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The cast of Netflix's "The Society" (Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Alex Fitzalan, and Toby Wallace) stop by to play a game of "Who's Who" and reveal who's the biggest prankster, who's the most likely to be caught napping on set, and of course: who's the biggest Grizz stan.
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Jun 4, 2019




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Comments 1 876
OnlyDark Love
OnlyDark Love 23 hours ago
Alex and Kath❤
Beyza Baysuğ
Najiah Infinity
Gideon hablen is the cutest😩😍😍😍
Totally Talia
Totally Talia 4 days ago
I love The Society and I can’t wait for season 2 to come out!!
Phera PL
Phera PL 7 days ago
I ship Allie and Harry in tv series and Kathryn and Alex irl xd They are so cute together!!!!
Dylan W
Dylan W 13 days ago
Harry strikes me as actually depressed
Kosmoツ 15 days ago
Where is kelly?
Number 5
Number 5 17 days ago
Why isn’t Grizz in this
Mpenda Kartelo
Mpenda Kartelo 22 days ago
I like it when i hate a character and God knows i hated campbell especially when he's planning that mini-coup...
Muhammad Janjua
Muhammad Janjua 22 days ago
Who’s Jose 😂😂
Duda Oliveira
Duda Oliveira 26 days ago
sonereveluv you're right
I need a 2nd season or I will die and am I the only one shipping ally with harry? I know he's an ass but he might change
Esti Sochorcová
Esti Sochorcová 26 days ago
because she says no one will listen to me is why she is like Allie because Allie said this too
Jolo Nuñez
Jolo Nuñez 27 days ago
they look so happy
Nicole Cardoso
Nicole Cardoso 28 days ago
0:41 WhAt!!!!
Hi I'm a random person
We live in a society
Dahlia Vũ
Dahlia Vũ Month ago
Jacques is just too cute
215 Joe
215 Joe Month ago
not saying this to be disrespectful but are all the guys in this video gay or somethin ? 😂 (except for harry)
Peyton Month ago
Im not kidding when I say these were my exact thoughts at these moments Introduced to Grizz- "Awww he's caring and nice compared to the others, that must be foreshadowing to something. He's my favorite character" Sam talks about his struggles with being gay- "Ok so he's gay and the fact that he is specifically saying that he will never love anyone in this town must be foreshadowing. I wonder which character will come out and if it's one we already know. Anyway he's my second favorite character." A couple seconds after the last thought- "WAIT A MINUTE" Then my obsession with this possible couple formed
Oliver The Emoji
Ok I love Sean. Even before the Society and i am glad he was in this video but his interaction with Toby made this video so uncomfortable to watch. I'm not homophobic I swear but maybe it's just cause I'm just use to see Sean kissing Vanessa Marano ( bay Kennish) Ughh!! Leave a like if you miss Switched @ Birth as much as I Do! #StillGrieving #BemmetForever
Oliver The Emoji
Ok I love Sean. Even before the Society and i am glad he was in this video but his interaction with Toby made this video so uncomfortable to watch. I'm not homophobic I swear but maybe it's just cause I'm just use to see Sean kissing Vanessa Marano ( bay Kennish) Ughh!! Leave a like if you miss Switched @ Birth as much as I Do! #StillGrieving
Ham and Sannah
Ham and Sannah Month ago
thet cast of the society plays who who aka lets all roast kat 😂😂
Ham and Sannah
Ham and Sannah Month ago
gideon has the most soothing voice istg
cricket world cup top 10
And I am very very very very very very waiting the society season 2 2020 I am waiting 2020 watching the society season 2 please fast make it
cricket world cup top 10
I love you all the society character actors and your actives amazing all of you
cricket world cup top 10
i love you all
Adam Zahir
Adam Zahir Month ago
I still hate campbell
Brxnte Month ago
The actor playing Campbell is honestly amazing, he pissed me off on the show but at the same time I felt attracted towards him. Like he had this magnesium.
Kelsey blair Gencianeo
I really admire becca's face omggg i am jealous!
Maebae O
Maebae O Month ago
sean is my favorite person ok goodbye 😌
Pran Kim
Pran Kim Month ago
Will looks so different. I don’t know maybe it’s his eyebrows l.
Pran Kim
Pran Kim Month ago
Where’s Kelly?
rafid sadman
rafid sadman Month ago
I never realized Allie or Kathryn is the girl in the Goodbyes Mv of Post Malone
No Body
No Body Month ago
Why does half of the cast have Australian accent ?
xo xo
xo xo Month ago
There's no Grizz in it, I am not watching this. Bye
K'Chelle Cherie'
Toby is a great actor like I legit hated him the whole time. 😂
K'Chelle Cherie'
*Toby and Sean hug* My brain: NOO SAM DONT DO THAT HE'S FUCKING CRAZY HE KISSED HIS HEAD OSBDKS god i hate Campbell 😂
Jessica Morales
Jessica Morales 2 months ago
They're a really awkward cast
Vee B.
Vee B. 2 months ago
Toby and Sean have such a cute friendship omg it's so endearing
human trash
human trash 2 months ago
what song is becca singing in 4:38
Micheal Lopez
Micheal Lopez 2 months ago
What the name of song Becca/Gideon was singing
alien z
alien z 2 months ago
I legit thought Kathryn was sabrina carpenter thr whole time bro im shocked
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin 2 months ago
Where is grizz my favorite
Connor Dennehy
Connor Dennehy 2 months ago
Toby is a fucking great actor. does a great job at playing the villain role. can not wait for season 2
YeetYeet Cat
YeetYeet Cat 2 months ago
The Toby guy, Who acted as Campbell is a really good actor he made me want to hide. And if I was there and it was real Campbell would be dead 💀
SiT 2 months ago
Dont understand me wrong but seriously i need grizz in some videos he is in nowhere
Roadie Naima
Roadie Naima 2 months ago
the boys are all so cute damn
Meh Tv
Meh Tv 2 months ago
so much cuteness, i'm crying.
Scarlett Todd
Scarlett Todd 2 months ago
free replays 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45
_その雌犬 2 months ago
Omg I can’t believe we have to wait till 2020 for a season 2😭
Vee B.
Vee B. 2 months ago
Quacking _ Omg whaaat that’s way too long this show was so addicting to watch
Priya Dhot
Priya Dhot 2 months ago
Anyone else recognize Sam from switched at birth as Emmet
rons_ waifu
rons_ waifu 2 months ago
Jolei J
Jolei J 2 months ago
So your telling me fucking campbell is there and not my man grizz😤
Kaitlin Towner
Kaitlin Towner 2 months ago
so what do you call New Zealand people? Like, there's English people, American people, Australian people
Ton No
Ton No 2 months ago
What is the name of the guy with the pink shirt? For research purposes 😉
Iris Gabriele
Iris Gabriele 2 months ago
ok eu sei q minha celebridade crush está certa em ser o toby porque ele é o mais fofo do MundO
ava noneofyabusiness
I love toby and sean they are the sweetest
Makayla Williams
Makayla Williams 2 months ago
This makes me hate Campbell less
Isabela H
Isabela H 2 months ago
this made me smile so much... their relationships were so unexpected after watching the show.
damsel in distress
damsel in distress 2 months ago
Kathryn looks so gorgeous in here ❤️❣️
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