The Cast of Downton Abbey Reviews Maggie Smith's Most Iconic Moments | Vanity Fair

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Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael and Allen Leech review Maggie Smith’s most iconic moments in Downton Abby. From her offhanded compliments to her jaded views on womanhood, they break down how Maggie’s character, Violet Crawley, is the perfect encapsulation of early 20th century British aristocracy.

Downton Abbey is in theaters now!

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The Cast of Downton Abbey Reviews Maggie Smith's Most Iconic Moments | Vanity Fair


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Sep 25, 2019




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Comments 80
29maureen29 3 days ago
I love Dowwnton Abbey
Надежда Гришина
Хотелось, чтобы сериал никогда не кончался! Мегги Смитт вне конкурса, но и все, все прекрасны, совершенно органичны во времени, в характерах героев, супер! Спасибо за удовольствие! Успехов!
Paige Desiree
Paige Desiree 4 days ago
How could you not include “w-what is a week end”
SvanEsch123 4 days ago
“Does it ever get cold on the moral highground is the best Dowager line ever.
Rana Kosten
Rana Kosten 7 days ago
Never complain, never explain.
ethienndg91 10 days ago
Isnt tom handsome!
Catherine Reilly
Catherine Reilly 10 days ago
Maggie smith amazing anyone that gets to meet her bow shes the queen of Downton abbey
NG B 12 days ago
Maggie Smith ... none better and none who could ever reach her level.
Michael John
Michael John 13 days ago
Miss they all
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 13 days ago
I haven’t actually watched Downtown Abby but I loveeee Dame Maggie Smith have for years. Absolutely adore her. But it just doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy watching. Not my cup if tea ☕️ not to mention its too long now anyway.
TMW 13 days ago
The best Maggie Smith line of the entire series: Talking about Lady Mary possibly getting married with her scandalous reputation: "Every woman goes down the aisle with half the story hidden."
According to Twina
According to Twina 14 days ago
"Why does everyday involve a fight with an American?" as she is battling to keep her balance on the modern swivel chair....😂😂😂😂
Vampire Slayer
Vampire Slayer 15 days ago
THAT is Maggie Smith? At first I thought it was Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.
susan Legeza
susan Legeza 17 days ago
I just looooved that show!
Supratim Mukherjee
Supratim Mukherjee 19 days ago
An exceptional actress in an exceptional show.. 🥰
Nelly luce Zanker
Nelly luce Zanker 20 days ago
Traduisez en français merci
zina chrys
zina chrys 21 day ago
I have enjoyed every minute of the series and all the actors are very successful on 👍👍 their part !! One of the best tv series I have ever watched😊😊
Stephanie Campbell
They were so proper British here lol
Teresa Brooker
Teresa Brooker 22 days ago
"I must have said it wrong! is my favourite. Such an accomplished actress.
beachwriter8 23 days ago
He looks like he could be a rascal
Aline Robichaud
Aline Robichaud 24 days ago
wish there were more series like this never going to forget this beautiful master piece
Emulate Me, The Universe.
Love ot when the actors are as cool.as their characters!
Stephen Lafferty
Stephen Lafferty 26 days ago
I've only seen one episode of 'Downton Abbey' but I did enjoy this cast interaction! They're quite fun and sparky with each other - more, please!
CandiCane Jane
CandiCane Jane 27 days ago
Maggie Smith is EVERYTHING!!!
JMPf916 28 days ago
“I’ll take that as a compliment!” “I must’ve said it wrong” Gets me every time 😂
Granger Harrison
Granger Harrison 29 days ago
Love Maggie Smith
Nancy Rousseau
Nancy Rousseau 29 days ago
A sad goodbye to a Royal Lady 😪💖
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka Month ago
Dame Maggie has the best cutting lines in the series. I've been re watching the whole series again and find I've missed some of her quips.
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens.
This is brilliant! One of the most entertaining videos I've ever seen on Utube! The only bad thing about it was when it was lover!!! Many thanks to Utube and the cast of DA - And of course, the one and only, sublime Ms Maggie Smith 💐 💞
Siobhan O'Connor
1:36 "Does Maggie ever break?" - Yeah - Yeah - No.. oh, well she does actually yes.
Martha Guarderas
I love you guys!!
D Tucker
D Tucker Month ago
An ill Violet being nursed by Isobel Crawley and (I think) pretending she is talking out of her mind, she says of Isobel (who is in earshot), "I don't like her at-all, she talks too much ... She reminds me of a drunk vicar!" Oh. My. God.
It’s an honor to share a name with the savage Dowager Countess
Sharon Brooks
Sharon Brooks Month ago
It's a ZINGER....
lemard mays
lemard mays Month ago
Very very nice.
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas Month ago
whoever you are- you're loved!
Tuesday Wang
Tuesday Wang Month ago
What did Sybil say? I couldn't catch it.
Tuesday Wang
Tuesday Wang Month ago
Hahahahahahaha. "Pardon?"
Lauren Joyner
Lauren Joyner Month ago
“Sybil was a rebel...”. Allen looks traumatized at 4:18, & to be honest I feel the same.
Helen Boula
Helen Boula Month ago
I so loved the series of Downton Abbey I'm definitely addicted to it I don't have it to watch now I'm going with through withdrawals LOL
Joe Gleave
Joe Gleave Month ago
I want a complation of Marys burns on Edith.
Witchfinder General
I'm glad there weren't any spoilers here. I'm only in season 4
ema elle
ema elle Month ago
Absolutely epic show! And I loved the story of Tom Branson!
papa gyeke lartey
"Julio, it's time.." Julio:"Yes I know"
Chip Gregory
Chip Gregory Month ago
There were better lines than these! Curious.
layla kate
layla kate Month ago
allan leech looks more like niall horan than niall horan does himself.
Audrey Muzingo
Audrey Muzingo Month ago
Funny how Michelle and Laura are (to me) about equally beautiful, but somehow they made Edith look so plain, even in grand clothes.
Nauman Ashraf
Nauman Ashraf Month ago
Best Movies of Maggie Smith ruvid.net/video/video-zotXaG0XTqE.html
Joyann Goddard
Joyann Goddard Month ago
What about “what’s a weekend?”
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett 2 months ago
Toad of Toad Hollow was first performed December 17, 1929. Wasn't sure if that was contemporary to Downton Abbey or Violet was prescient. But I guess Wind in the Willows came out in 1908 so maybe it is contemporaneous. Funny what tidbits you pull out of a scene.
kaouter Mouslim haliba
There is a scene where the countess argues with her daughter about her relationship with this man that happens to be penniless, and her daughter insists that "she knows what she is doing" and leaves the room . The old lady says "she is never more righteous than when she is wrong" I loved that one
Jo Ho
Jo Ho 2 months ago
Frankly - whenever the Dowager says something - anything - it's a quote to remember. I just love her character.
Jenny J
Jenny J 2 months ago
Anyone else here mad at Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) for leaving the series? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh 2 months ago
Violet's entire dialogues and her acting in the series is fabulous❤️
Андрій Ковтюх
Мегги Смит лучшая актриса в этом сериале
Gus HR
Gus HR 2 months ago
Gosh, Michelle Dockery is a beautiful woman.
Mark Mullins
Mark Mullins 2 months ago
I loved watching the series and the movie with my Wife. Memories I will never forget.
Tiago Fernandes
Tiago Fernandes 2 months ago
They should have a series revolving aroind her younger days at Downton
Pothos 2 months ago
I wonder what Violet would think of Julio the argentinian hairdresser
Eric Stevens
Eric Stevens 2 months ago
Countess of Grantham : what is a weekend?
Виктория К
Виктория К 2 months ago
*Michelle is so beautiful. She’s fantastic😻*
Megan Townsend
Megan Townsend 2 months ago
She definitely had the best lines!
Ahmed N
Ahmed N 2 months ago
Violet: me and your aunt Rosamund are having Lavinia for tea Marry: you make it sound like you’re going to gobble her up Violet: if only we could And she does her signature giggle after saying it. Gets me every time
Hi Daßer
Hi Daßer 2 months ago
“ does it feel cold on the higher moral ground? “
Treasure2Behold 2 months ago
I live for Maggie Smith's lines.
Maryann Nardelli
Maryann Nardelli 2 months ago
Maggie Smith is not acting. She's being herself. Love her sassy, cheeky quotes.
Trish Traynor
Trish Traynor 2 months ago
😮 It wasn't a documentary?!😱
Brain4Zombie 2 months ago
"I always wanted to use that spell!"
Nancy Van Kessel
Nancy Van Kessel 2 months ago
Thank you, guys! That was brilliant!
G-Nora Turab
G-Nora Turab 2 months ago
Good 🙂
Berto de la Peña
Berto de la Peña 2 months ago
HAHAHA she's the best! I always watch twice her scenes 😍
Daniel Wileman
Daniel Wileman 2 months ago
I absolutely love the Dowager Countess! Her comedy timing is perfect! She makes this show what it is! 😂
InHisImage&Likeness 2 months ago
Matthews mom: I’ll take that as a compliment Dame Maggie: I must’ve said it wrong” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
rronax 2 months ago
It’s weird to see the girls get along with each other...
ramkeran susan ann
ramkeran susan ann 2 months ago
They do shade with such class
Valentine 3 months ago
Edith is sooooo lovely
Varshini B
Varshini B 3 months ago
Maggie smith is amazing. She cracks me up! So sarcastic n witty! N her body language n attitude is just tooo good😂 but i do love michelle as mary!
Emily W
Emily W 3 months ago
#MaggieSmith someday I pray I get to meet you and thank you for not only my childhood with Harry Potter but also my adult life with Downton Abbey. I have loved growing up watching you make wisecracks on the screen.
Jazmin Thorson
Jazmin Thorson 3 months ago
My favorite will always be : what is a weekend?
Byron 3 months ago
It’s just feels so wrong for me looking at them in the modern outfits and makeup hahaha. Cause they all look good in 1910s-20s look. But they all look good in here esp Lady Mary lol
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