The Canon EOS R6 - Hands On Review

Peter McKinnon
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Learn more about the Canon EOS R6 by visiting Canon Canada @ canon.ca/en/Features/EOS-R-System or Canon USA @ www.usa.canon.com/virtualproductlaunch
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Jul 9, 2020




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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon 4 months ago
Obviously had to intro the R6 with some pour over! Which new camera is your preference? R5 or R6?
ChedengMB 22 days ago
Eventually I’ll get a mirrorless camera but my Canon 5d Mark ii is still a workhorse
Kevin McGovern
Kevin McGovern Month ago
I prefer a future R6 refurb. I would compare it to the Lumix G9. But I have 2 EF lenses, so that would figure into it.
Chris Truhe
Chris Truhe 3 months ago
R6, hobbyist with dreams....
Kiem Tang
Kiem Tang 3 months ago
@Steve M I hear you. The R5 is a stills camera with video capabilities - much better dedicated kit if you are serious about video. For me, I'd use it for Photography.
Steve M
Steve M 3 months ago
@Kiem Tang For how many shots you miss trying to cool it down with ice... There's a Proper review from Cinema5d where he actually shoots a documentary not some crappy Broll .. .. .. and it's awesome the doc. then he explains just how much scenes and time was lost .. Think he said like 60% and it was all the good stuff that couldnt be recaptured. Said this Camera would be a joke on any set Pro or AM. Unless you just like shooting tiny broll shots here and there
Devin Serrano-Diaz
Devin Serrano-Diaz 52 minutes ago
Can’t wait to get this
Peter Fox
Peter Fox 13 hours ago
I got the r6 in september ,no adapter from canon yet,no 100 to 500mm rf lenses in the country until at least the end of december, I haven't ever taken in out the box yet sold my ef lenses to buy the camera so as you can guess I'm rather fed up thinking of selling it and getting a 5d mk Iv.
5.17M subscribers and only 27K views. Where did everybody go? Just goes to show RUvid doesn't really mean that much after all.
Mikołaj Kaczecki
Hi Peter, what do you think about GH5s by Panasonic? Which one is better for filmmaking - Canon R or GH5s if its about colours and skintones?
jarborra 4 days ago
Damn it Peter, should I get the R6 with the 24-105 f/4 or 24-70 f/2,8. Both are L-line and coming up from the APS-C 80D with 18-135 I feel like I'll miss the zoom-end for video but the low-light flex of the f/2,8 would be perfect for most photography needs. And the 24-70 is twice as expensive...
JetterVision, Inc.
I am just getting into filming, and this Camera has caught my attention. I am currently on a Canon 80D & this will be the perfect upgrade. Looking forward to it.
JetterVision, Inc.
@jarborra I've heard the Sigma 18-35MM is pretty solid. I've been doing some research on Sigma Art Lenses. Saw some great videos and reviews.
jarborra 4 days ago
Same. Looking to go from 80D to R6. Question is which lens. 24-70 f/2,8?
eksine 7 days ago
they must have updated the R6 because it has 120 now, canon's website says: "With oversampled UHD 4K recording at up to 60fps, Full-HD 1080p recording at up to 60fps and Full-HD High-frame rate recording at up to 120fps"
Shan Moreno
Shan Moreno 7 days ago
Love your videos. Incredibly informative as I am new to this field, and fun!
Azake Rahman
Azake Rahman 9 days ago
Just got my R6 couple of days ago .... low light capabilities out of this world man its just wow
Sanjay Roy Chowdhury
Dude you're perfect.. ❤️
Eli Wesley
Eli Wesley 15 days ago
I’m a recovering coffee addict and that intro. Oh you almost had me
GeekMODE School of React Native
Do you have video courses?
Zak Viemon
Zak Viemon 16 days ago
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino 17 days ago
Always appreciate your reviews
BLUUDY NUCKLES 18 days ago
im leaning on this bad boy to film music videos and rap battling , what cha think . Is it true this camera only records till 30 minutes??
Abe Paris
Abe Paris Month ago
Can anyone tell me what’s the song used at the beginning of the video please?
bif0978 Month ago
This or the new Nikon z6ii coming out in 5 days? Im stuck 😂
Maria Elaine Fontanilla
Which one is good for landscape and wild life? 😁
Jimuel Pascua
Jimuel Pascua Month ago
All of sudden I crave for a coffee ☕😍
Android Witness
Android Witness Month ago
1 minute of useless intro? Really? Dislike is fairly earned ;)
Hatem Ghazali
Hatem Ghazali Month ago
Anyone notice that he picked up kalita but then brew his coffee with chemex?
Scott Carey
Scott Carey Month ago
Show the cameras and their photos, not a talking head.
rc-wingman Month ago
selling my 5D mark III and 600D and some lens to get the R6. This is the canon camera I was waiting for years!
I think i would choose the R6 over the R5,. I would not want to have to deal with 45 megapixel raw files and the 4K 60 frames per second video is better on the R6 than it is on the R5.
Reblex Month ago
Hi Bru. So the R6 or the 5D mkiv? BE HONEST how is the photos? Im currently on the 6dmkii is it worth the upgrade? Dont know
Darren Bandoo
Darren Bandoo Month ago
Hey bro! Thanks to you and a few others, I finally settled and got the R6. Had it a few weeks and for the life of me cannot enable 120fps! Even after enabling High Frame Rate I only get 100fps 😢. What am I doing wrong?
Kevin McGovern
Kevin McGovern Month ago
Is the R6 weather sealed? Thanks for your great work.
RADIN SYAH Month ago
Model name though..... sequentially a successor that has less than its predecessor? Should’ve called it R5b (for basic?)
Ziggi Mon
Ziggi Mon Month ago
The color grading of this video is awful.
F R Month ago
great video!!
Mitch Thompson
Mitch Thompson Month ago
Peter, This is some good content!
mobasti_ Month ago
Hi Peter! Do you recommend the R6 just for video or also for Photo or especially not for photographer? Thanks! keep on doing this!
Kimchi travel
Kimchi travel Month ago
This is great camera for travel 👌
Brandon Charles Productions
Amazing camera! Just wish that the interval shooting feature was more intuitive.
The Don Life
The Don Life Month ago
Could u give me a camera gor recording youtube videos and to study proffessional photography because i cannot afford to buy a camera... Those who wish to help me please give me a replay..please🙏🙏thinking someone might there to help me🙏🙏
Omar Taher
Omar Taher Month ago
The intro.. the intro maaaaan so perfect I love it fu**en so much
yeah, baby yeah!!!
Hari Unnikrishnan
Hari Unnikrishnan 2 months ago
Sir , I need a camera "7559920959
CJ 44
CJ 44 2 months ago
Robstar98 2 months ago
I just got the ‘tie game analogy’ 🤦🏾‍♂️😂‼️
Boon Ong
Boon Ong 2 months ago
Sound like R5 is still a better choice. Peace.
Tan Yee Gim
Tan Yee Gim 2 months ago
R5 is amazing, but cant afford the price, R6 still maybe can
Abbas Photo-Video
Abbas Photo-Video 2 months ago
'May be $2499 is in your ball park'. Bro due to COVID, more like $24.99 is in my ball park haha
Brandon Charles Productions
Don't forget to switch the Canon EOS R6 out of the EFCS modes when you get this camera.
TopicRuben 2 months ago
So, no crop in 4K?! Mmm 🤔 it starts to sound good...
SlickHatter 2 months ago
@TopicRuben i checked seeking happiness your short film and it is beautifully shot i guess with the eos R. i think at the moment atamos ninja 5 is a great option and honestly you can’t go wrong with it; it is a beautiful camera
TopicRuben 2 months ago
SlickHatter that’s awesome man. I was saying before that one of the reasons I got the R was the full frame which is super cool in 1080p but the thing is that I got the new iMac and now I can see the difference between 1080p and 4K!!! And I didn’t wanna sacrifice the full frame, also I have the Shinobi and I wanted to sell it to get the ninja v to record 10 bits but again, the crop was gonna get me... so the R6 is a good solution. I just have to sell all my stuff (the R, the shinobi etc) and get it. Thanks
SlickHatter 2 months ago
@TopicRuben I upgraded from eos r which i still love after the update it can record almost an hour of 4k video before it shuts down; still i had no issues with photos, the autofocus was insane and easy but i think for demanding applications or weddings maybe not ideal or a little bit risky But nevertheless beautiful hybrid
TopicRuben 2 months ago
SlickHatter Thanks man 👍
SlickHatter 2 months ago
There is a slight crop 1.07 I believe so but it is minor you will barely notice it
Wasif Ali
Wasif Ali 2 months ago
The dynamic range sucks ass on this camera. That's the only thing keeping me from getting this.
Joey Rector
Joey Rector 2 months ago
Pete, make a video comparison between R6 and the R.
Sagar Gupta
Sagar Gupta 3 months ago
Does the Dual pixel autofocus work while shooting 120 fps. Please let us know if you have any answers to this..
Gurmehar singh
Gurmehar singh 3 months ago
what about low light performance? both video and stills
Bo Zire
Bo Zire 3 months ago
Does the R6 "overheat" when shooting 4K video @ 60fps?
Kenan Henew
Kenan Henew 3 months ago
thx for your effort! appreciate alot! can u tell about the 1080p quality? and if there is any overheating issues in all 1080p modes? thx alot!
Thomas Larmit
Thomas Larmit 3 months ago
Sorry but how did you not run into overheating issues when everyone else did?
eSysman 3 months ago
Get the R5 and when you’re in the field you can use it as a camp fire to keep you warm as well.
KHADE bramich
KHADE bramich 3 months ago
So its 3300 but I'm still getting a budget sort of camera
Jithin hari. k.p
Jithin hari. k.p 3 months ago
❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Jithin hari. k.p
Jithin hari. k.p 3 months ago
I love Peter Mckinnon 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍
Abdelmoughith Lemkhentar
Please someone gives me the name of the sound used in the beguinning of the video 🤯🙁
A person who has a Google account
If you could loan me $4,000 for this camera, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 🙌🙌🙌
Louis Burley
Louis Burley 3 months ago
for stills would you go for the R or R6? My buddy has the R but said it's lower megapixel, but I don't really know if 10mp is that much worse?
David Brizuela
David Brizuela 3 months ago
Depends on what your shooting; any cropping or printing, then it matters. Just for social media, eh, not really, when talking megapixels/photo
Dave 3 months ago
Thanks For posting, Can you give me you opinion as to how this unit would be for astrophotographer ( milky way for example)
Steve M
Steve M 3 months ago
only video I saw here was a slow mo coffee broll now years later... I wake up to another.. oh wait that's all it can do before overheating lol I get it ......
Eric Liebe
Eric Liebe 3 months ago
My current gear is the R and 5DMIV. I don't shoot video, only photos. So outside of the megapixels would the cost saving be wise to just stick with the R6? For photography does the R5 offer anything more than the R6?
Felix Castro
Felix Castro 3 months ago
If you had to choose between the R or the R6 which will it be?
Anna Kozlowska
Anna Kozlowska 3 months ago
How would you compare R and R6? Which option would you choose? Because when I check and read about that I have an impression, that R has few advantages and disadvantages over R6.. And I am buying one of those, but not able to decide which one. I am looking for advice! :D Which option would you choose if it would be only for photos?
Xsavian GamerLess
Xsavian GamerLess 3 months ago
Cough cough 1.5k donation And sure I’ll get the R5 lol
Just H
Just H 3 months ago
Eos R6 > R? 🧐 Saaaayyy whaaatttt!?
CHELY FILMMAKER 3 months ago
Maybe you can do a review about PANASONIC LUMIX DC-S1H?
jaden 3 months ago
The sony ia better
CybrSlydr 3 months ago
So tired of hearing of the R5. Glad someone's done a review of the much more appealing R6! Thank you Peter!
The Beardo!
The Beardo! 3 months ago
Dxomark retested 1Dx mark 3 sensor Dynamic Range : 14.5 EV Widest DR for a canon camera so far R6 shares the same sensor, great news for canon fans
Luis Carlos Pedrazzoli
Hi Pete, have you experienced overheating with R5 or R6 on photo mode only? I do only stills, but heard these cameras build up heat just by being on.
ThinkVlog_ 4Life
ThinkVlog_ 4Life 3 months ago
Amazing cameras And my wallet is laughing at me... Someday I'll be able to buy one :)
soulless 3 months ago
"Film maker" but when the time comes to shoot an intro for a camera it's just coffee as always.
Patrick Drahman
Patrick Drahman 3 months ago
WOAH that first part, WHATT!???! The football commentary, the music, the entire sound design is PURE GENIUS, I'm truly blown away
Cian Seale
Cian Seale 3 months ago
anyone whose a musician notice that the music in the beginning of the vid was in the same key as pete’s intro song. perfection 👌🏻
The Cineguy
The Cineguy Month ago
Fluorescent Funeral
Fluorescent Funeral 3 months ago
Met mixing is probably easier using Epidemic sound, they probably have a way to find music in the same Key
R P 3 months ago
Agreed, was effing awesome. Played it 6 times
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson 3 months ago
Why did you pick up the Kalita wave then brew with a Chemex?
Tim Valdez
Tim Valdez 4 months ago
will external monitors slow down cannon r5 overheating?
David Brizuela
David Brizuela 3 months ago
External monitor might speed up the heating, but I heard an external ssd will prevent it from overheating
fotoboi iso
fotoboi iso 4 months ago
pete you look like having jaundice
fotoboi iso
fotoboi iso 4 months ago
you look so dark orangy pete
Michael Nazer
Michael Nazer 4 months ago
What lens is a good match for video on the R6? I want this for my first camera but don’t know a ton about lenses
__ 4 months ago
Thinking of buying new canon camera for stills and some video. 1DX mk2, 6D mk2, or r6? Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.
M.Uğur Umay
M.Uğur Umay 4 months ago
You're talking empty buddy... Sony is the King of the market. 😁
Niels M
Niels M 4 months ago
can i live without both my kidneys?
Smart Photo Vault
Smart Photo Vault 4 months ago
Folks, It's 2020....EVERY CAMERA is 'capable' in the right hands. Pick the best in your budget and get out and shoot more. ....Great vid Pete.
Anuraag Eessar
Anuraag Eessar 4 months ago
How's the auto focus at 4k 60fps? When shot all day, doing 2-5 minute shots, as in video, shooting, 5-6 days at a stretch, does it allow that, without heating up??
David Brizuela
David Brizuela 3 months ago
Raymond Isbill
Raymond Isbill 4 months ago
So sell my 6Dii and all its accessories and get the R6 to pair with my current R? Use the R6 for video work which I'm just starting with and the R is my main stills camera.
Ricardo de Melo
Ricardo de Melo 4 months ago
Peter, how do you setup your white balance? Dp you just fix it on a Kelvin number or do you customize that?
rab78 4 months ago
Hi Richard from Sydney, Great review mate👌 but you left me w an ocean of doubts 😱😱.. I'm a real estate photographer & videographer , also I'm doing food photography and love landscape photography.. I gotta canon 90D and I've been waiting long time for R5 to upgrade my system most because I love canon lenses .. I do like EOS R too.... as I spend time shooting houses that overheating issue shooting 4K or 8K make me think a lot or if it worth to spend $4K ..🤔🤔🤔 Does it overhead at 1080fps too??? What about a whole day shooting photos 📷???any issue?? Please help me out to upgrade my system in terms of what i do for living 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏... cheers
Peter Labrow
Peter Labrow 4 months ago
I'm poised with my finger on the buy button to get one of these, but I've seen a few reviews (people with pre-production models) saying that neither the R5 or R6 are fit for purpose because they can't film for very long at all before overheating. Obviously this is worrying. Did you have any issues with the R6 in the studio (ie, not outside in the cold!)
Andy Bullen
Andy Bullen 4 months ago
This would be the perfect stable mate to my 6D2!
monowelt 4 months ago
Wow, Canon home shopping channel. What is with unpredictable overheating like Cinema5D mentioned...
Luis Fernando Cruz
Luis Fernando Cruz 4 months ago
You say you can shoot 4k 24fps without a crop....but it has a 1.07x crop...am i wrong?
Isabella Littlewhite
How tall are you
Andrew McKenley
Andrew McKenley 4 months ago
Would you get this R6 or a Sony A7R IV?
Andrew McKenley
Andrew McKenley 4 months ago
20 megapixels in 2020 That's unheard of lol
Think Big
Think Big 4 months ago
If $ isn't the primary consideration, do you think the R5 will consume too much processing time when it comes to 8K videos or photos?
Rafayelle E
Rafayelle E 4 months ago
Please i need feedback yall. This or the bmpcc6 ?!!!
Thinking Art Entertainment
Bmpcc6k. R6 overheats after 40 mins of use.
John Carey
John Carey 4 months ago
20 mp.....20. As usual Canon have the chance to make an ideal camera but decide not to.
911skull 4 months ago
Started photography with Canon 15 years ago. There were circumstances I swapped to Sony one year ago and I don’t miss my Canon anymore.
Andrew McKenley
Andrew McKenley 4 months ago
What are you using now?
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