The C-SPAN Control Room During The Impeachment Trial - CONAN on TBS

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President Trump’s impeachment trial is the C-SPAN control room’s “goddamn Super Bowl.”
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 60
Melissa Chiou
Melissa Chiou 24 days ago
That TD looks way too in shape and unstressed.
FuturisticHub 25 days ago
Trump will be 2020-2024, mark my words
Tee Carr
Tee Carr 25 days ago
For a second, I thought that was Eugene Levy. 😁
Paid Programming
Paid Programming 25 days ago
Ha ha!
Edwin 25 days ago
FYI: This happened because of rules setup by Mitch McConnell.
Finnian 24 days ago
Wherever a Democrat can be found, blame can be passed. Wherever a Republican can be found, blame can be found.
KingJulian .R
KingJulian .R 25 days ago
Reminds me of The Office
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz 26 days ago
the same shot on the screens killed me 😂
Biggie 26 days ago
seems about right
I want to Go Home
I want to Go Home 26 days ago
Of course I’m using the F$&@ing Tri-Pod 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mrfluffybeehive 26 days ago
I’m a bee and I’m fluffy
Mrfluffybeehive 26 days ago
EmpyreanLightASMR I’m a fluffy bee and I live in a fluffy beehive
EmpyreanLightASMR 26 days ago
But your name says bee *HIVE* !!!!
Ganiscol 26 days ago
So many people and screens for just one camera 😮
Denis Lara
Denis Lara 26 days ago
This is why the Senate should not have control of the cameras or cameras should be allow by the main networks.
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico
Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m watching C-Span or a town hall meeting
D. Johnson
D. Johnson 26 days ago
Gold, pure gold!! LMAO!!!!
Cihangir Çağatay
Cihangir Çağatay 26 days ago
I don't give a damn about the trial
Ty Nao
Ty Nao 26 days ago
Who remembers when Conan used to be funny?
psy0rz 25 days ago
Try his podcast
Narrenspiel 26 days ago
@Ty Nao I wish you the best. Things will become better again.
Ty Nao
Ty Nao 26 days ago
@Narrenspiel sometimes Conan has some sense and posts clips of when he was funny in the 90s and 00s
Narrenspiel 26 days ago
So you come here to leave comments like this, even if you dont like Conan Clips? Well...
JN TributeZ
JN TributeZ 26 days ago
Ty Nao ❤️ Trump
UnwaveringBackBone 26 days ago
Was really disappointed when they all didn't say C-SPAN
Nhzharuthopar 26 days ago
John Smith
John Smith 26 days ago
Trump 20/life
Jeff Harbaugh
Jeff Harbaugh 26 days ago
"...impartial..." So 2 Republican senators shouldn't have said they don't care about the evidence, they will vote not to impeach no matter what. So the senators are violating their oath of office.
Frank F
Frank F 25 days ago
Jeff Harbaugh they have all violated their oaths of office ,on both sides,for decades.
Panch Lal Yadav official
Drew Saluk
Drew Saluk 26 days ago
Poor Robbie
jdng86 26 days ago
If Robbie doesn't want that job I'll take it.
PA -Mail
PA -Mail 26 days ago
jdng86 Ok, but you have to bring your own tripod. Do you own a tripod? You have to have a tripod. You own your own tripod, right?
aztro187 26 days ago
This just shows that nobody cares about this empeachment... its a Hoax made by the Demorats jajaja...
Michael 26 days ago
ShadowHwkX7 Are u being languagist?
aztro187 26 days ago
@ShadowHwkX7 jajaja ok ok 😁😁😁
ShadowHwkX7 26 days ago
@aztro187 lenguages 😂😂😂
aztro187 26 days ago
@DarkSchneider i speak 5 lenguages amigoooo... We all make mistakes right?! Jajaja Btw i did check my AutoCorrect
DarkSchneider 26 days ago
Amigo, are you trying to reply in Spanish? "empeachment", "its" ... Takes dedicated effort to override auto-correct though. 😏
Dave Ozborne
Dave Ozborne 26 days ago
Badbye Ronald Chump.
Blerdy Nerdy
Blerdy Nerdy 26 days ago
I've never thought of C-SPAN more than a camera on a tripod yet somehow it's still better than Fox News.
aztro187 25 days ago
@Patreeko theArtist BTW why don't you explain my so called problems?
aztro187 25 days ago
@Patreeko theArtist No Main stream Media is inpartial ... Or are you that stupid...
Patreeko theArtist
Patreeko theArtist 25 days ago
@aztro187 so you admit that Fox is political and not impartial news then? Well, that's a good start. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.
Drew Saluk
Drew Saluk 26 days ago
aztro187 That’s what I’m saying
aztro187 26 days ago
@Drew Saluk the Nerd made it political hihihi
Hh Krishna
Hh Krishna 26 days ago
Jordan schlansky is better than conan
XGN JONNY 26 days ago
Big oof
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 26 days ago
MonkaW 26 days ago
MAGA 2020
SSKYWLKR 26 days ago
Trump 2020 :))))))
KeeperOfKale 26 days ago
Don’t really agree with Trump on a lot of things, but is one of the few candidates who doesn’t outright hate our country. Andrew Yang is the second closest. He focuses on the right issues but I don’t like his solutions... but given the complex nature of the problems he talks about I’m not even sure myself what the right answer is.
Charles Thoreson
Charles Thoreson 26 days ago
MonkaW bringing that Twitch cringe over to YT with that username. 🤢
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 26 days ago
Happy 2 B Rodz X Wife
No. You weren't first. Some guy perpetuating the RussiaGate hoax was first. I slammed him for it and then he deleted his comment.
Marcelo biggusio
Marcelo biggusio 26 days ago
We love you Conan!
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