The Breakfast Club Official Trailer #1 - Paul Gleason Movie (1985) HD

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The Breakfast Club Trailer - Directed by John Hughes and starring Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Anthony Michael Hall, John Kapelos, Judd Nelson. In this 1980s Brat Pack film, the athlete, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the basket case break through the social barriers of high school during Saturday detention. The disparate group clashes at first but begin to bond as they reveal their feelings and find a common enemy in their bully principal.
Universal - 1985

Published on


Jan 9, 2012




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Comments 100
Yeonjun Lee
Yeonjun Lee 6 days ago
What is the song that starts at 0:47 ??? I really need to know please
S.D. Bean
S.D. Bean 7 days ago
God these 80s trailers suck hard! Great movie though.
Jordan Ong
Jordan Ong 8 days ago
I love this movie. Judd Nelson is my guy. I always remember Judd as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime from Transformers.
Fernando Pestana
Fernando Pestana 9 days ago
very similar to friends
Rehmaan Yaqub
Rehmaan Yaqub 13 days ago
Victorious brought me here
mike mike
mike mike 17 days ago
Great movie.
03 AI
03 AI 26 days ago
80's American movies are awesome.
elisha harrison
elisha harrison 27 days ago
Is this movie good
Ainsley Ezra
Ainsley Ezra 29 days ago
This movie has always brought me such comfort. I can’t really explain why. My mom was a senior in high school when this came out and has always praised this movie. I remember after watching it looking through my moms high school yearbook and a rush of nostalgia came over me. The same nostalgic feeling comes over me whenever I watch it & I love it
Neo Noir
Neo Noir Month ago
mess with the bull, you get the horns! 🤟
Peach -
Peach - Month ago
I will never get the hype of this movie,, sorry
None '6
None '6 Month ago
Bander was my mom crush 😂😂😂😂
Stacia 2 months ago
Aileen Tejada
Aileen Tejada 2 months ago
Who else just realized that the episode from victorious was based on this
Shanen Nicolette Anlacan
Anyone here 2020 peeps
Uriel Howard
Uriel Howard 2 months ago
this is just like that one episode of victorious
UberKrassMann 3 months ago
why are all of these high school students in their 30s?
Mario Norabuena
Mario Norabuena 4 months ago
A los que quieran verla ya esta en Netflix, película ochentera para entender a la juventud rebelde estadounidense que acabó el colegio por esos años. Buena.
Sadik Perez
Sadik Perez 4 months ago
I've seen that movie last year:)
Lou Steffes
Lou Steffes 4 months ago
The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies, along with many other movies from the late 70s throughout the 80s .. when l get a chance to watch the movies from that time period, it takes me back to my youth.
Joke Lemon
Joke Lemon 4 months ago
to all fox super production make movies like that again pls
Jazzy Grace
Jazzy Grace 4 months ago
I don't know if I should watch it is it good
Rumi Gilani
Rumi Gilani 4 months ago
The actress that plays Allison actually improvised a scene where she goes into a room by herself and starts humming “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. It actually brought tears to the other cast and crew. So I’m just here wondering why was it cut. You can even see it at 0:31
Ro boss thinking
Ro boss thinking 4 months ago
I’m just creeped out on how victorious copied this so greatly
Stacie Ashlet
Stacie Ashlet 4 months ago
Kiefer Sutherland's bites hard!
Zusio 5 months ago
"that's what it isss"
Perov Lisa
Perov Lisa 5 months ago
0:29 it is what it is
Joy Boy
Joy Boy 5 months ago
I only discovered this movie in school. and im 18
Kanna46 LeSamaFrançais
Il est super ce film ! ❤
Nicole Jennette
Nicole Jennette 6 months ago
Everyone is like “victorious brought me here” or “pitch perfect brought me here” meanwhile my dad used to make me watch all these movies with him when I was like 7😂 I love these movies. Ferris Buellers day off was my dads favorite. And sixteen candles. He was obsessed with molly ringwald and now thanks to him I am too 🤣
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 5 months ago
he put you on the right track!
Romano Britz
Romano Britz 6 months ago
This movie is amazing but the ending is bullshit because naturally the 2 girls end up with the 2 cooler dudes and the nerd has to write the paper and thats it this is the problem with women even today, they are full of themselves, superficial and lazy.
Jaime D.
Jaime D. 6 months ago
Years ago, Regular Show did an episode with Benson and Rigby as the Breakfast Club. Seriously, is totally cool and OG. Bless this 80s film of gold.
Randy White
Randy White 6 months ago
March 22th 3:26 PM 2020
Randy White
Randy White 6 months ago
I’m about to watch this movie for the first time
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 5 months ago
@Randy White i'm glad!!! now its time to do a marathon of john hughes movies...you surely will enjoy them!!!
Randy White
Randy White 5 months ago
E. N.Akasha I loved it wish it was longer
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 5 months ago
and whatcha think?????? its my all time fav film....im sure im much older than you...i grew up with these films....
JAB JAB 6 months ago
First time watching the movie, MASTERPIECE 🍪💯🙏
Netties Kid
Netties Kid 6 months ago
This movie confused me as a kid. When I finally made it to high school I wondered how come the students all looked like pimply faced, braces wearing teenagers (like myself) instead of super hot 20 somethings.
saftigesgnu fan
saftigesgnu fan 6 months ago
Archies mom😂
Vivien Stiles
Vivien Stiles 6 months ago
Just watched the breakfast Club
Vandal X
Vandal X 6 months ago
Best movie ever
Em Thompson
Em Thompson 6 months ago
Anyone else not remember the part where Allison says “I don’t want to be alone anymore” and Andy says “you don’t have to be” ?? Did they end up cutting that part??
CodeSling 2 months ago
Em Thompson they also cut out that part where Brian makes an impression while they’re getting high
Alika 3 months ago
jaime 7 months ago
0:08 i can hear my inner voice.. "that's my type"
J 7 months ago
The movie turns 35 today! Still one of John Hughes best films The guy knew how to tell stories from the perspectives of teenagers
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 5 months ago
he did the best films!!!!
Dtt159 7 months ago
I love the brain
kornstar 8 months ago
This is such a touching movie, that’s all i have to say
WatchingLion777 8 months ago
That was my high school generation I grew up with.
oochie wally
oochie wally 9 months ago
people today are more annoying just like people that grew up in the 80's. damn 2 generations of headaches
Marla Wilcox
Marla Wilcox 9 months ago
John bender: you must be a fuckin idiot Brian Johnson: I'm a fuckin idiot cause I can't build a lamp? John bender: no you're a genius because you can't build a lamp
flora_bee 10 months ago
i haven’t watched this yet but i think it’s pretty accurate to say that whenever a load of teenage acquaintances get pushed together for a while it ALWAYS turns into group therapy and oversharing time
Black Occidental
Black Occidental 10 months ago
One of my favourites
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter 11 months ago
I had a few detentions in the 90s... ...they weren't much fun?
Trevor Hale
Trevor Hale 11 months ago
Victorious brought me here.
Chad Gelsomino
Chad Gelsomino 11 months ago
I cant wait for this to come out!!! I got a feeling it will be a instant classic!
El Kazekage
El Kazekage 8 months ago
Are you joking, right?
Tyson Cunningham
Tyson Cunningham 11 months ago
Also Judd Nelson From The Transformers Movies
Zack Cadillac
Zack Cadillac 11 months ago
A movie trailer done RIGHT!
BJ M Year ago
I used to have a crush on Brian
Josh Whyatt
Josh Whyatt Year ago
Chicks cannot hold der smokes manthat's what it is
Jaden Waz
Jaden Waz Year ago
Man, this movie will bomb at the box office...
The Angry Toast
If you watch this film closely john bender is in philosophy or a psychology student he gets them all to open up and see who they truly are even himself towards the end with the other students which is a cry for help as his home life is horrible. As far as I'm aware john bender is in detention for 2 months so the next lot of students he would do the same to as well he knows what he is doing and well aware of what's going on. 😊✌
Max Grabl
Max Grabl Year ago
A brain A beauty A jock A rebel A recluse This is the most infuriating thing I have ever heard in a movie trailer. It’s like it’s intentionally being wrong. Ahhhhhhhhh
Interstate 20-11
Well, that's how they were stereotyped. As Brian, the brain (coincidentally an anagram), writes in both letters, that's how Mr. Vernon sees them.
Roshan Rai
Roshan Rai Year ago
R-M Boudreau
R-M Boudreau Year ago
song at 0:45 ? please
Laura C
Laura C Year ago
These days you would need a black guy/girl, a transsexual and a disabled lesbian to play some of these roles
DeadmanDave Year ago
Top 3 Teen Movies Ever Made: 1: The Breakfast Club 2: Sixteen Candles 3: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Hailey Walton
Hailey Walton 9 days ago
Ferris Bueller should be second
Rotten to the Core!
Joystick? lol
03 AI
03 AI 26 days ago
Dazed and Confused?????
Jacob Lescallette
DeadmanDave you forgot Risky Business
DeadmanDave Month ago
@fatbully 777 Back To The Future is a science fiction adventure movie, the best in that genre.
Starting an 80s movie collection. So far have the thing, this is the next
Tomi Ocampo
Tomi Ocampo Year ago
The first time I saw this movie was during the skillsUSA nationals competition when my aunt and I were taking a break before we did something else. This movie was just on the TV and I enjoyed it.
D.K. Year ago
Great film and a must to watch
Andrew Marcantonio
The BEKFAST club.
Siobhan Freeman
This day 35 years the breakfast club met for detention ♥️♥️♥️
IV. CECE Year ago
This was on victorious
cobalt geo
cobalt geo Year ago
The Recluse is literally me how did I not know about this?
Paparazzi LuchaLibre
A cheap rip off of DEADLY DETENTION
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 5 months ago
Rye Ward
Rye Ward Year ago
wrecklose i think they meant a basketcase lmao
Sheeva darellys
Tomorrow i have an exam..but i'm still watch this movie..😅😅
Shadistics Year ago
I wished this was part of my childhood.. it would've influenced me a lot.... this movie seems to be a classic to a lot of 80's and 90's people.. God i wish i was born a few years later hahaha..😅
oochie wally
oochie wally 9 months ago
wack wack n wack...i don't miss those days one bit..only thing i had back then was my health..the rest can go to hell
Jarod Mighty
Jarod Mighty Year ago
What this song?: I wanna know 0:14 to 0:45
Nicolás Carrazana
Nicolás Carrazana 11 months ago
Nadie lo sabe :(
Filimon Galogavros
It looks so represantative of the 80 ' s . . .
Harish Pant
Harish Pant Year ago
suits brought me here
judas brute
judas brute Year ago
one of the deleted scenes in TBC is Ally hugging and dancing herself alone to The Beatles "In My Life" in the music room of the library. apparently it was so intense several crew members wept
Alika 3 months ago
I don’t get how it could be intense or why they would cry
Tayyab Khalil
Tayyab Khalil Year ago
Just watched this movie. Unquestionably amazing work by John Hughes and the entire cast for perfectly capturing the essence of the ordeals encountered by teenagers. I absolutely love The Breakfast Club but can’t say the same about the trailer. It pretty much spills the entire plot of the movie - Five high schools kids with varying personalities stuck in a detention who end up being friends with each other. The trailer even reveals Allison Reynolds having a makeover and John Bender finding a way back to the school library. The trailer would have definitely been crapped on if the movie was released today on the basis of revealing too much. The only “new” prospects I found in the movie were the janitor Carl Reed and parents being too tough on or ignoring their kids. Regardless of the trailer, I still found The Breakfast Club as one of the best and heartwarming movies I have ever seen :) I only wish that I had seen it much earlier. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't you, forget about me! Don't, don't, don't, don't!
niceguy nic
niceguy nic Year ago
2018 and still relevant
Gulshan Bibi
Gulshan Bibi Year ago
Eat. My. Shorts !
Bryan Alessandro
I saw this movie since a week and now i'm obsessed with 80's
Stefanie Contreras
I love the 80'S and 90'S movies.
Anthone Pingul
Who's here because of pitch perfect anyone ?
Shreerag G
Shreerag G Year ago
"Riverdale" got me here!
Zeynep H.
Zeynep H. Year ago
It's like the worst movie I've ever seen
Emily Year ago
Katie Ener
Katie Ener Year ago
My favorite movie ever!!!! I can watch this 10000000000000x
Aaron S.
Aaron S. Year ago
They haven't done a "reboot" on this movie because they know that they can't. Some movies you just leave alone. This, Scarface, The Godfather, etc
Tomi Ocampo
Tomi Ocampo Year ago
Cafeína Studios
But.........Scarface WAS a reboot.
Scarface was a reboot
Aaron S.
Aaron S. Year ago
*Bender:* "Mo-Lay really pumps my Nads!" *Claire:* "Moliere" *Brian:* "I love his work-" *Bender throws book*
Harry Goodwin
Harry Goodwin Year ago
Wow. A trailer that kind of reveals the transformations/ending. Huh....
ann marie
ann marie Year ago
so much love, and still a classic.
Yoshi Year ago
0:30 and 0:51 weren't in the movie
judas brute
judas brute Year ago
re: 0:30 - one of the deleted scenes in TBC is Ally hugging and dancing herself alone to The Beatles "In My Life" in the music room of the library. apparently it was so intense several crew members wept
bahbie P
bahbie P 2 years ago
I loved this movie!!!!
JEKKEL-EX 2 years ago
I have watched 80s movies since I was 8... I bet everyone else watched it when they were even younger... the only reason people are saying they love it now is because society loves it.
oochie wally
oochie wally 9 months ago
this movie is garbage.. never watch back then.. wont watch it now
Tyler Penberthy
Tyler Penberthy 2 years ago
In my opinion, this movie was the flagship film of the 1980's
Ke'Ala Santiago
Ke'Ala Santiago 2 years ago
John Boyega's latest Instagram post brought me here. 😆👌
Amedio Avocado
Amedio Avocado 2 years ago
this is the best movie of all time and i will THROW SUM ROUNDS with people who think otherwise
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams 2 years ago
Gr8 movie
Sibs restaurant
Sibs restaurant 2 years ago
Such a good movie
Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement
My parents brought me here because I appreciate older culture
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