The Breakfast Club Movie Ending

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Jan 27, 2018




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skyMTV 2 months ago
*The Breakfast Club opening scene* : ruvid.net/video/video-tFyTK3QHuHE.html *The Breakfast Club movie ending* : ruvid.net/video/video-8yQGWcUROOM.html *Movie Clips/Soundtracks (80's)* : ruvid.net/group/PL0gLu6JIcYx4nPbqAZJ9aJCaAtRuN3pWL *Movie Clips/Soundtracks (90's)* : ruvid.net/group/PL0gLu6JIcYx6bLWoxmelPTX0bqeSGPgnA
Half - Guard System
How did I fuck up in life?
nUR2 2 days ago
Is that John Hughes portraying Anthony Michael Hall's dad? Hmmm... I guess we know which character he related to most.
Jim X
Jim X 4 days ago
"The Breakfast Club" wouldn't have been as good without "Don't You Forget About Me" and "Don't You Forget About Me" wouldn't have been as good without "The Breakfast Club"
Richard P Tison
Richard P Tison 3 days ago
I agree, Jim. This song is as integral to this movie as the "Chariot's of Fire" theme song is to that movie. Another factor that elevates The Breakfast Club - indeed, elevates all John Hughes films of the '80s - in our estimation is the poignant feeling of nostalgia in those of us who experienced firsthand that decade as high schoolers. I just wonder if my fondness for this film would be the same if it had just recently come out and my first time viewing it is as a 50-year old (my current age, by the way).
Sascha Molter
Sascha Molter 5 days ago
Impossible to watch this without getting goosebumps.
Zack 007
Zack 007 6 days ago
Best ending ever. Epic.
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 8 days ago
This is one of the best climax to any 80s movie ever made.
Ironheart73 10 days ago
A lot of people have been asking "So are they gonna hangout now with each other come Monday"? I think not! They won't even say anything to each other, but it does not really matter. See, I would liken higschool to a prison wherein you need to belong to a certain gang or a pack based on your "identity" to survive. If you are white, you hangout with the Aryan brotherhood, if you are Latino you hangout with the Mexican mafia, and so on. The pressure in these kids are immense, and they understand that now! Nobody will take it against anybody if they will not really say anything. But at the same time, when they share that silent stare, none of them would see the other as someone beneath or above him. Because they now have a better understanding that stereotypes aside they are all really just the same
IlSavicAlex 13 days ago
I'm crying hahahah
16 days ago
My classmate called me the dark haired girl from this movie and I'm trying to figure out what the fuck he meant by that.
Fergus Mackay
Fergus Mackay 20 days ago
In a way bender and the breakfast club sort of got revenge on Vernon. They shut him up with the letter at the end. They didnt write the essay and actually spoke and made friends. But at the same time they tried to make him understand them.
Daniell Chisholm
Daniell Chisholm 22 days ago
hahhaha he just go in the car while other hook up poor thiing some girls like bad boy-but can also be bad for u lool
Shellyz2u 23 days ago
Class of 84.... hell yes
Shellyz2u 23 days ago
Carl is totally nerdy guys dad
dweep nem
dweep nem 24 days ago
how does this video not have at least 5M views
SickBoy 24 days ago
I love the fact that Bender closes the movie with that iconic fist. He was really the most important character of the movie.
Quantum Optimist
Quantum Optimist 27 days ago
I was surprised nobody's parents came out of their car shouting "What in the hell is going on here??!!"
jay lava
jay lava 27 days ago
So brian went home and jagged off......
Sunshine Hour
Sunshine Hour Month ago
Can someone explain to me the importance of the ending. I get that the letter was deep but.. Idk why ppl cry during the ending and ik in one movie from 2013 this girl named becca was watching in on her laptop bcuz of her boyfriend who told her to watch the movie...and she had tears coming from her face.. Was it bcuz of the crazy revelation that one of the main characters wanted/tried to kill himself?
Jay Hysterio
Jay Hysterio 2 days ago
That was Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick. The ending of Breakfast Club was to show the high school kids were stereotyped by adults, incapable of escaping those stereotypes while also accusing each other of the same stereotypes. Yet they were able to relate to each other at the end, thus proving to themselves they could co-exist on different planes and had more in common with each other than they or the adults knew. I think the song correlates to the fact that they will go back into their own worlds, hang out with the same friends but still remember the bond they formed in detention, thus "Don't you forget about me". Not sure why Anna Kendrick cried in Pitch Perfect...I can only think the song reminded her of the boyfriend and she got emotional.
Sunshine Hour
Sunshine Hour Month ago
I hope they don't remake this. If they wanna bring it back if..anything they should make a sequel with all the original characters and actors.. To see if they actually talked to each other on Monday i mean Molly Ringwald is still alive and so is most of the main cast. Maybe the sequel can be about how the assistant principle..who was always mean to them dies since the actor who played him died in 2006 and it brings the breakfest club back together and they go to his funeral.. You never know maybe the assistant principle changed and was actually likeable or maybe he stayed mean.. etc.. Or they can just bring it back 35 years since the original and tell us what happened after the events that took place in this movie.. Kinda like how they brought cobra kai with johnny and daniel back together after damn near 40 years later..
Jay Hysterio
Jay Hysterio 2 days ago
They tried that with American Grafitti and it went over like an elevator in an outhouse. Completely different world than it was 35 years ago and you couldn't possibly connect the two eras.
Rick Dynes
Rick Dynes Month ago
Lemme tell you ... it's almost Godlike how deeply these filmmakers And Actors understood how perfectly nostalgic this movie would become..
Rick Dynes
Rick Dynes Month ago
I was in high school when this movie came out and The Breakfast Club Truly SEES a Lot...if you wanna know what the 80s kid experienced one year removed from high school then check out LESS THAN ZERO or possibly BLUE VELVET
Don IsMyName
Don IsMyName Month ago
Wow, I’ve seen this movie sooo many times… more than I can count. I watched the ending just now, and for the first time kind of picked up on the things that I never saw before. This day was pretty much the beginning and the ending of The Breakfast Club. It’s all right there in front of us. The taking of the patch... the giving of the earring... that subtle and foreboding sense of sweet togetherness alongside bittersweet separation... and the realization that something really special (though ridiculously brief) is coming to an end. It was right there all along; I think I just went out of my way to not notice it until now.
Miguel R
Miguel R Month ago
As a 22 year old I can say it gives me such Nostalgia to an Era my Eyes have Never seen.
What I love most about this ending is how most of their parents are intentionally not in the frame, like the don't deserve the attention.
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera Month ago
Sinister cause presents just a friendly reminder on RUvid
Spooky Mulder
Spooky Mulder Month ago
What a terrible ending! It should of ended with queenie and cure girl banging, but OH NOO we got earring boi anal fisting a pink sky instead.
A Unicorn With No Name Skywalker
Brain athlete basket case princess criminal
fuck2016 Month ago
I love that Allison dresses up super girly in the end but she’s still a weirdo deep down inside when she rips off his patch on his jacket he still Is into her
Lucian 530
Lucian 530 Month ago
John Hughes made some of the best movies this is just one of many ...r.I.p john
Runadolls OOAK
Runadolls OOAK Month ago
As you walk on by will you call my name?
The look when, Anthony Michael Hall gets in the car at the end. Picked up by one of the best directors ever 😁😁
Will Hull
Will Hull Month ago
Iconic film with great actors, one of the best directors and music thats even more iconic.
MrMisterMan 2 months ago
Criminally underrated movie
Christina Bearden
Christina Bearden 2 months ago
The way Andrew gazes into Allison's eyes before she gets into the car and drives away, is just beautiful. He don't even give a shit that she ripped off his patch lol.
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 2 months ago
watching this for the 75th time, well there's nothing else on 📺 right now. they need to do a breakfast club reunion.
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez 2 months ago
Its a fine movie but it bother me that the nerd didn't get a girl and the goth chick had to change her self to be accepted
Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man
The Breakfast Club is what inspired X-Men Evolution
Armando Montoya
Armando Montoya 2 months ago
uhm... awesome?!
A Car Channel
A Car Channel 2 months ago
0:22 John Hughes Right There
Jamie Farrell
Jamie Farrell 2 months ago
What a great film
Christophe De Meilleursbiens
The ending of this movie is tubular.
nc lp
nc lp 2 months ago
i always get goosebumps when bender raises his hand and the song intensifies
J b
J b 2 months ago
must have seen this film 10 times or more one of the best ever!
Flo.St17 2 months ago
I didn't cry! You cried!
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson 2 months ago
This movie was not only funny this shit was emotional.
D A 2 months ago
Cada vez que reviso esta película, cuando la imagen se congela al final con la música de Simple Minds, la termino con una sensación de inquietud indefinible. Creo es una mezcla de nostalgia por un tiempo pasado perdido que ya no volverá, y, a la vez, de curiosidad por saber cómo continuarán las vidas de sus protagonistas. Ojalá hubieran hecho una secuela.
Margaret Pelcher
Margaret Pelcher 2 months ago
And the dork is forever alone *The End*
Guille Alonso
Guille Alonso 2 months ago
Allison is so cute, I was in love with her character. But I prefer her dark version lol
The Emperor
The Emperor 2 months ago
Watched this awesome movie right at that age. Never gonna forget this movie 🎥
Handren 3 months ago
I watched this movie and i dont get it, it was cringe all the way. Ugh. wtf.
Tommy C
Tommy C 3 months ago
Damn I didn’t realized that’s my high schools stadium
Tre_shawn14 EdwardsTheGamer
Is anybody watching this in 2020 because I miss going to school 😭😭😭
Brad Barnes
Brad Barnes 3 months ago
Darn RUvid and they're lack of Love buttons
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 3 months ago
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 3 months ago
steve dales
steve dales 3 months ago
And I'm 68 in UK lol
steve dales
steve dales 3 months ago
That's School beautiful true, film...
fr4ok 3 months ago
Hans Wach
Hans Wach 3 months ago
I saw this movie about 30 years ago and it's still in my mind...
Johnny Hinkley
Johnny Hinkley 3 months ago
It's still a shock he got to kiss her wow
CARLOS MENDOZA 3 months ago
He put the earring on his Left side 😮😮 GAYYYYYYYYYYYY
Liana Soares
Liana Soares 3 months ago
The man that picked up Brian is director John Hughes of this film.
angel montes palma
angel montes palma 4 months ago
mojo 4 months ago
Looooooooove this film so much! It's a classic!
Paige Anne
Paige Anne 4 months ago
God I would’ve given anything to see this when it first premiered...just to go back at least
Sharon B
Sharon B 4 months ago
It was a brilliant ending that tied the movie up into 4 minutes. Perfect song for a perfect ending. We will never find out what happened that Monday 😉.
George Henderson
George Henderson 4 months ago
0:09 Bender to Carl: See you next Saturday. 🤣
Joshua Johnstone
Joshua Johnstone 4 months ago
Sean Sterio
Sean Sterio 4 months ago
This movie is amazing i love it my new favorite movie 10/10
Smechulock Reehimbe
Smechulock Reehimbe 4 months ago
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you. Bottle episode the movie
Conn Guy
Conn Guy 4 months ago
"Welcome to the 80's viewers"- Mr. Zeitgeist
Htotha Hizzie
Htotha Hizzie 4 months ago
I can never get tired of watching this movie!! ✊
The Pondering Minimalist
Its the greatest teenage drama movie, legendary as hell..
Matt Chiasson
Matt Chiasson 4 months ago
Zulaykah Begum
Zulaykah Begum 4 months ago
I love this movie even tho I was born in the year 2000. I’m only 20 now. But I first seen this movie in 2015 when I was 15
Buttercup Butter
Buttercup Butter 4 months ago
I sill love the victorious one of don't you forget about me
AppleScruff88 4 months ago
I just watched this movie for the first time in a long time, and I realized I really don't like the ending. It just doesn't make sense for there to be kisses between Andrew/Allison and Bender/Claire. It's strange. Bender sexually harassed Claire for most of the movie and she says she hates him, but then minutes later she kisses him and gives him one of her earrings.. wtf. The makeover for Allison was pretty unnecessary too. Anyway that's just my opinion.
Jenifer Perez
Jenifer Perez 4 months ago
victorious did a episode based on this
Matt Chiasson
Matt Chiasson 4 months ago
One of the best movies ever
Joanna Baguio
Joanna Baguio 4 months ago
One of the best movie endings ever.
Tj Rafaels
Tj Rafaels 4 months ago
One of those, “Holy shit, that was a great fuckin movie” moments
Trisha C
Trisha C 4 months ago
He gave Allison his sweatshirt💕
Milli Salisbury
Milli Salisbury 4 months ago
goosebumps the whole way through
Jamie White
Jamie White 4 months ago
Classic....love it...
Buttercup Butter
Buttercup Butter 4 months ago
This is not bad for me but I under if I can find this on my tv
Yankeeschamber 99
Yankeeschamber 99 4 months ago
“Sincerely yours, the breakfast club” chills
Yankeeschamber 99
Yankeeschamber 99 4 months ago
I know how people remake classics and sometimes they’re successful and actually good (example: it) but this is a really good classic. No one should ever remake it
Jules B
Jules B 4 months ago
I feel like the fist raise at the end captures something about that time. What it was like to be young back then. The world was just kind of turning to shit - young people were a lot more cynical starting in the 80’s, than they were in previous generations. But Bender raising his fist like that - it is a gesture of hope and defiance. Despite everything.
Ryan Grimm
Ryan Grimm 4 months ago
Love John Huges's cameo as Brian's father.
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno 5 months ago
The worst thing done to a child. “They ignore me.”
Diana Anastasia
Diana Anastasia 5 months ago
Do you guys think they became their own clique or retuned to their old cliques?
Archie Wolf
Archie Wolf 5 months ago
Watching this in the teathers back in 85 must've been a unique experience... wow
GCam 5 months ago
At 0:18. Brian's fetcher is actually the director of the film.
Kaden Spence
Kaden Spence 5 months ago
John Hughes picking up Brian is awesome
Kaden Spence
Kaden Spence 5 months ago
Kevin Prima it’s crazy 😂
Kevin Prima
Kevin Prima 5 months ago
LOL I just noticed that --- and I seen this movie about 10 times in the past 35 years
Gacha Fnaf
Gacha Fnaf 5 months ago
Okay let’s say this the same song that plays in victorious In victorious they say see you next Saturday.. Cat gives Robbie her gum They leave a note for vice principal dickers oKaY tHiS iS wErE tHeY gOt iT fROm
Albert Vasutoga
Albert Vasutoga 5 months ago
They should make a reunion movie
kelvin jansen
kelvin jansen 5 months ago
Pitch perfect got me here balls. Anyone?
Chandler Keaton
Chandler Keaton 5 months ago
It is entirely unnatural how much I love this movie.
Frankie Gee
Frankie Gee 5 months ago
My favorite movie hands down. There is no other movie on Earth that I can watch over and over again and get so much joy from it.
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