The Breakfast Club Address Trans Issues With Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns + Nala Simone

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We getting educated today! Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns and Nala Simone drop in to talk trans issues and what we can do to support the LGBTQIA community.
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The Breakfast Club Address Trans Issues With Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns Nala Simone
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Sep 11, 2019




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Comments 41 917
Shena Sinmons
Shena Sinmons 11 hours ago
Now that bathroom shit stupid at home they going to same bathroom but not together WTF.
Patty Cuzz
Patty Cuzz 12 hours ago
My sexuality is not based on doctor-assignment&^%$*()@#
Patty Cuzz
Patty Cuzz 12 hours ago
This is gender dysphoria on display at the highest level.
Jeremy Keitt
Jeremy Keitt 15 hours ago
This guy loves to pat himself on the back. This whole interview is obnoxious lol
Quawnday Mcdowell
So being trans is completely a choice based on what they said if I understand correctly
Whitney McClinton
This is a mess. The transgender community is still forming their language and then they get upset when we use terms they dont agree with. ...tall don't have damn language together.
Origin-AL 2 days ago
Is it just me or when Malik yoba speaks HE MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!! 😂 😆
Origin-AL 2 days ago
Why does charlamaign say “sCraight” (sTraight) and “sCripper” (sTripper)
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson 2 days ago
This is dumb lol... how is gender “assigned” at birth based on “how the doctor felt that day?” It’s based on genitalia
King of Illionis
King of Illionis 2 days ago
Andrea Johnson thank you so much God such b*******.
JayPharmD 2 days ago
At the 15:00 mark you will hear the utter most ridiculous statement from someone who CLEARLY has no formal education in any science. Let alone common sense 🤦🏾‍♂️
Never Retro
Never Retro 2 days ago
Carmen is a beautiful woman.
spade2187 Day ago
Never Retro lmfaoooo that’s a man
Joyce Yarborough
Joyce Yarborough 5 days ago
I'm so confused! This interview was unclear and all over the place!
David Bailey
David Bailey 6 days ago
Malik Yoba is on the downlow bro
Balm Of Gilead
Balm Of Gilead 7 days ago
Come here whenever I need a laugh
W.R. Mims Jr.
W.R. Mims Jr. 7 days ago
I am so confused these days about this topic I feel like something changes or is added everytime I hear about it now. I need you Jesus.
John Allen
John Allen 7 days ago
All I can say is this world is done this is about to mess these little kids that are confuse
DrCash7 9 days ago
Just because her tits were out, I knew she was transgendered. (well that and the title of the show)
J H 9 days ago
No such thing as a cyst gender I’m a male.
Octavius Sails
Octavius Sails 11 days ago
keith davis
keith davis 11 days ago
I dont care how people choose to live, it makes no difference to me and it doesn't affect my life, but i am not a cis gender male i was born a fucking man, it was genetically decided when i was concieved, my kisds are taught that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina...period, i will not call a man a woman and i will not call a woman a man and i will not participate in delusion.
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor 13 days ago
"I support anyone's right to be who they want to be. My question is: to what extent do I have to participate in your self-image?" -Dave Chappelle
April -m
April -m 14 days ago
What the hell is this cis gender crap. I dont recall demonstrating and fighting to have my identity change so what make the alphabet community think they have the right to label us to make themselves feel better. Now am offended by this nonsense.
runwitvision 14 days ago
It was that moment when he sat on the float, that he realized, just how gay he really is.
Mary Leonard
Mary Leonard 16 days ago
what the hell is this world coming to?
Pho Enix
Pho Enix 17 days ago
Chile 🤦🏾‍♀️pass on this bullshit. All these acronyms and titles, I have no idea what they thought they was selling but “living your truth” wasn’t it.
tommyboy41588 19 days ago
This is such a fucking mess. If you are an activist who is accepting a public platform, you need to be well versed in your arguments. These people just say “spaces” “privilege” “cis” but there’s nothing behind it. Stop giving these people a platform.
DM 1522
DM 1522 19 days ago
By the end of the interview, they abc gang were sick of Malik lol
Dalitszz 19 days ago
I wish young pharaoh was on this show this day lmao
ThePrettySweet79 19 days ago
Ball of confusion!
beloved84us 20 days ago
I like how people twist other people's words around Charlemagne said he don't care who you sleep with what you do that doesn't mean he's diminishing your existence SMH
DM 1522
DM 1522 22 days ago
I almost gave up on this interview 10 mins in, after watching Malik in Love with hearing himself talk. Conclusion this was 1:12:11 of nothing being said that makes sense. And to the real natural ladies out there, we love you, we appreciate you!
sayeed barksdale
sayeed barksdale 23 days ago
Well If a man want to live like an other women that is his decision. One can decision can change your life forever
Create 26 days ago
Malik Yoba leaned in when he should have leaned back. Now he's leaning over🤦🏾‍♂️
workwitme 26 days ago
Whole lotta double talk going on here
santos valenciaiii
santos valenciaiii 27 days ago
man malik yoba must be old asf he knew carmen and octavia. RIP to my queens
God First
God First 27 days ago
Stop comparing being black to a person’s sexual preference,behavior or the lifestyle they choose to live.being black don’t got shit to do with a group of of individuals who struggle with their own sexual identity.this is 4th grade science if you have a penis you male if you have a vagina you female and there are a small percentage of individuals born intersexual.And let’s be real Malik yoba honestly is a gay man who hasn’t come to terms with his own sexuality and is talking in circles to try to get people to deflect from the fact he is gay.
ne2 new
ne2 new 27 days ago
Lmao that's fucked up 28k people disliked this. When I watched it I fell asleep.
Kimberly Troupe
Kimberly Troupe 27 days ago
Gay. Narcissist. Sitting next to confused ass people trying to confuse everyone else. Flame Monroe said you when you push shit on people you make them hate it and hate you in the process. How about start taking notes listening to other people instead of always trying to push yourself on the masses. It's not beneficial to anyone not even yourself
Michela Demas
Michela Demas 28 days ago
As a part of the lgbt community and As the daughter of a doctor, an OBGYN who delivers babies I have had conversations with my mother in which she says “I assign nothing” assigning implies that she GIVES them a gender. The reality of it is most people are born into one of 3 bodies (male or female or intersex. At birth a doctor looks at the body, looks at the organs and determines what type of body it is. Long after this body (male or female) has grown up and has identified with and presented as the other kind of body (female or male) it is not that the doctor CHOSE what you are or was wrong. They simply did not or had no way of knowing that this body does not align with this individual’s mind. In other wards I am looking at the body of a girl but mentally this is a boy who will eventually change his outward appearance to match who he has always believed himself to be.
King of reads Justin
Come on y’all keep the dislikes coming 28k is pretty good keep running the DISLIKES UP
King of reads Justin
I see 4 dudes 2 of em playing dress up
toby_belize 28 days ago
Flame, yoba is a straight gay man
Marieta Herard
Marieta Herard 3 days ago
Kennedy 28 days ago
I have a lot of thoughts about this interview as a natural born black woman from Texas... But I have never experienced what the LGBT community has, so I can not speak in an educated manner regarding their struggles... so I encourage every one else like me to do the same and LISTEN, with no judgements and accept your ignorance in this issue. We will likely never know... but these are real people and they deserve their space on this planet just like everyone else. The only thing that was that crazy to me, watching this is how narcissistic and self involved Malik comes across!! Jeeeez
I’m so thankful a lot of our sisters ain’t falling for this madness!!! APTTMH
Warden-Sisyphus 29 days ago
Warden-Sisyphus 29 days ago
Das one hell of a titty-window
J 1
J 1 29 days ago
28:32 LOL Do work by choice miss me with that bs I ain’t letting no prostitute tell me she had no choice LOL
Joy Thabo
Joy Thabo Month ago
a bunch of confused people
Tyler B
Tyler B Month ago
As a gay black male, please throw this whole interview away. Them and Flame monroe have all the messaging wrong. They all need to stfu! We need real/raw and better spokes ppl
Shellby Shell
Shellby Shell Month ago
ME ME ME ME ME,,, this was a horrible and a complete bore, WTF do you think you are? let me know if its ok to stop bowing to you when I meet you on the street. You got to stop ramming your ideas of what is right and wrong down my throat...you may educate me on your experience but to change terminology to suite you and force me to accept what you believe to be right is just not happening.
SoulTech Media
SoulTech Media Month ago
So you're telling me you're no longer 'undercover'?
andreka buie
andreka buie Month ago
The two female impersonators were very aggressive towards Angela Yee.They talked over her and ignored her.They did not respect her at all.
andreka buie
andreka buie Month ago
Angela Yee (biological woman) sat there and allowed two men pretending to be women to sit there and tell everyone what a real woman is. 😂😂
Breanna Harris
Breanna Harris Month ago
I wish that Carmen and Nala had more chances to have an actually conversation about trans-experience and trans- truth. As a cisgendered women that what I wanted to hear not these men, have another interview from the ladies, LET THESE WOMEN SPEAK!
Coach Corey
Coach Corey Month ago
Angela Yee you set the woman back years SMH
Lisa Stark
Lisa Stark Month ago
So is Malik Yoba gay? Did he ever answer that question?
Charles Dowell
Charles Dowell Month ago
Satanic mass destruction
zi zono gui
zi zono gui Month ago
🤣🤣🤣 the blonde one just exposed him in three in less that two minutes "JUST BE YOURSELF, ITS OK" "WHY HASNT HE COME OUT" No, sorry "STEPPING UP" 🤣🤣🤣 this interview is jokes
The Thruth Is
The Thruth Is Month ago
I bet alot of yall have college education and your comments are ignorant! Just like people are born with both sex in the womb transgender women are similar defects thats where the word cis women meaning that your transformation competed itself in the womb! Yall like flame because he saying what yall want to hear but it doesn't change the facts! I get it transgender women are a threat they look better then most yall cis women that scares you i get it! BUT YOU DON'T USE THE THRUTH TO TEAR A PERSON DOWN HURT PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A JEALOUS SPIRIT! ITS SIMPLY RESPECT GIVE IT GET IT WANT IT GIVE IT WORK BOTH WAYS!
Malcolm King
Malcolm King Month ago
@The Thruth Is What does a copy and pasted organic chem definition have to do with gender or sexuality? And why would you copy that definition and not the definition for "cis-gender"....Boy you are all the way confused. Homosexuals cant even come to terms with what or who they are let alone teach anyone anything that has to do with femininity. A man can try to act feminine all he wants but it'll always be a sad a case of desperation, mockery and confusion. The only people that want gay men are gay men. Y'all not tricking anybody lmao.
The Thruth Is
The Thruth Is Month ago
@Malcolm King cis>denoting or relating to a molecular structure in which two particular atoms or groups lie on the same side of a given plane in the molecule, in particular denoting an isomer in which substituents at opposite ends of a carbon-carbon double bond are on the same side of the bond. IGNORANT WITCH GAYS ARE SMARTER THEN YALL GAYS TAUGHT YALL HAIR MAKEUP HOW ACT LOOK LIKE SEXY WOMEN A MAN WOULD WANT SHOW SOME RESPECT WITCH
Malcolm King
Malcolm King Month ago
"Cis" is a made up term meant to accommodate people with mental illnesses. Transgender "women" ONLY attract gay or downlow men regardless of the lies these men tell themselves. When a man has sex with another man, wig or not, that equates to gay sex. Trans "women" will never be a threat to real women because real heterosexual men don't want to date transgender "women". The appeal of a heterosexual relationship is reproduction not physical attraction. Heterosexual men want women with reproductive organs exclusive to the female body. Furthermore, real women aren't attracted to men that date and have sex with trans "women". I know its hard for you to understand because you not a real women and have no understanding of what a healthy heterosexual relationship looks like.
Nikki Dee
Nikki Dee Month ago
He rambling on about stuff just say it MANNNN stop beating around the bush
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