The Breakfast Club Address Trans Issues With Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns + Nala Simone

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We getting educated today! Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns and Nala Simone drop in to talk trans issues and what we can do to support the LGBTQIA community.
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The Breakfast Club Address Trans Issues With Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns Nala Simone
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Sep 11, 2019




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Comments 40 996
Ashee Ash
Ashee Ash Hour ago
God is NOT the author of confusion. But the devil will have u not knowing your right from your left. IJS 🤷🏾‍♀️ #TheDevilisaLiar
K B 2 hours ago
I think the biggest issue is that Malik is a narcissist and really likes to center himself and hear himself talk. He talks about a lot of nothing.
Ashee Ash
Ashee Ash 2 hours ago
So they want us to “care” abt the LGBTQRS movement and talk about it. So let me care and say “Be born again”. This agenda is demonic and a sign of end of times that was already prophesied, but God can purge y’all from the spirit of confusion. That’s me “caring “. ✌🏽 #YouAreWhatGodMadeYou2Be
sir_R 4 hours ago
this is confusion of the highest order as pastor sempai said.
Qiana Walker
Qiana Walker 7 hours ago
How can men identify as a woman when they are not women, wouldn't they be something else??
Finding Good Times
Finding Good Times 7 hours ago
They dead ass manned the whole conversation 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Finding Good Times
Finding Good Times 8 hours ago
according to these comments the most anti-trans folk seem to be women lol
Jondon xoxo
Jondon xoxo Day ago
I support love is love but I don’t support this shit
Arthur Parker
I'm confused if there is no such thing as genders then why are men trying to become women and men trying to become women
BOBBY Digital
All this because niggas want dick and want to be women??? Your truth, more like your confusion/delusion.
They're missuing the word "assigned" to suit their agenda. The only people assigned a gender at birth are hermaphrodites, true non-binary people, who literally are both or fall somewhere in the middle. Many times the doctors will choose and assign a gender for them. Everyone else is born the gender they are, not assigned. But since people are choosing to identify as non-binary, they have hijacked the term assigned. I am a female, period! my sex/gender was never assigned, simply ACKNOWLEDGED at birth.
Sendawula Kajubi
I am not protect grown ass men in dresses either!
Sendawula Kajubi
YUCK! Welcome to the Age of Decadence!
noir sept
noir sept Day ago
Narcissist gender=Malik
Ahayah Love
Ahayah Love 2 days ago
You know what's going on here Trans women have the power of seduction something that most women don't have or have gotten away from
Alaina Howard
At seducing gay men? Sure. Women can't seduce gay men, obviously.
Ahayah Love
Ahayah Love 2 days ago
Naw you came out right out of the closet
Ahayah Love
Ahayah Love 2 days ago
If he has sex with a tran he is sinning against God and he is GAY
Darrien Lewis
Darrien Lewis 2 days ago
Confused people confusing people 😟
Jamie 2 days ago
This whole story is bs. What is he come out as if he is straight bs
noir sept
noir sept 2 days ago
Is there room for disgust with gay sex in the conversation on behalf of hetero men ......if we being "honest"?
noir sept
noir sept 2 days ago
The distinction seems to be gay men aspiring to the most undetectable effeminate affect. That's the only need for the term trans.
noir sept
noir sept 2 days ago
The fakest mothafuckas demand truth and authenticity but not really. They demand conformity to the delusion or deception. When you have to announce your gender it belies the point. If you cant determine this visually then theres an intentional deception at play.
noir sept
noir sept 2 days ago
Oh that's a dude.....didnt watch long enough before commenting....my bad.
noir sept
noir sept 2 days ago
Why dont she just pull them titties out
Mr. MMD 2 days ago
26K👎.......BIG FACTS! ...lets have an update a month from now! 😂🤣
Deandre Mclaurin
Deandre Mclaurin 2 days ago
I'm just lost for words on the time I wasted watching this my logic is simple if you born with a dick you a male if you born with a pussy you a female idgaf what you have to say. and I really lost respect for the breakfast club but I'm still going to support the channel but I dislike this interview. also I wish I would catch a man who turned his self to a "female" in the same bathroom as my daughter epically in school that be the day i face jail time on everything.
Monica Robinson
Monica Robinson 2 days ago
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤦🤦🤦🤷🤷🤷🤷 my uterus is upset. She says she is a female woman and happy with herself.
Gebrina Coutee
Gebrina Coutee 2 days ago
And Malik in a nutshell is saying Im coming forth because I wanted to expose myself before someone else did. I didn’t want to carry the secret of having trans sex. My issue is stop trying to blur the lines because you want people to judge your behavior less egregiously. All these half truths and slick talk and deflection are Because these people are seeking to be accepted. However full straight truths helps the psychological transition so much more better. When you mix lies in it makes us all more skeptical.
We do not live on a ball the Earth is not spinning a thousand miles an hour the sun is not 93 million miles away you need to learn that to really know who you are and where you live at but you been lied to
Gebrina Coutee
Gebrina Coutee 2 days ago
We don’t have Trans bathrooms at home. Infact sharing the bathrooms at home reflect the culture practice of girls go with girls and boys with boys and very early we all develop the message that though the family shares a bathroom we DO NOT all go into the bathrooms at once like public restrooms insist upon because it is fiscally and logistic sensible for the human flow in a business space. However at home we all just damn wait our turn which often causes real life fights because we do 1 at a time at home. So much question is which one of these host in this interview room have the sense to realize they are literally getting 3 card molly’d through this entire interview. I know these lgbtq panel really believe their nonsense but much of it is utter nonsensical arguments.
Irv Lore
Irv Lore 3 days ago
The trans community is fucking delusional. Either your a man or woman its very simple. Now if you transition from one gender to another you’re considered trans whatever. I.E. if you’re a TRANSWOMAN you will never be considered a WOMAN! Period.
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez 3 days ago
I think we tend forget how short life is. It's really gone in a blink of an eye. We should be able to be whoever we want to be without hate. I'm always been confused why people try to bring down and destroy other people when there lifestyle never effects your's at all in anyway.
apocalypse the Destroyer reloaded
Are you saying we should let pedophiles be pedophiles cuz after all they're just being themselves
Stacey Dontworry
Stacey Dontworry 2 days ago
Rob Vazquez But that is the point. “They” want to impact our lives, they want us to care. I don’t agree with any of the things that were said but they want the straight community to accept / to care. The fact is Malik Yoba has crossed the line. He brought this mess to a platform that our youth listens to. For that, he’s cancelled to me. Brought 3 men on a platform with him to redefine heterosexuality and womanhood. Dude is a liar who is in denial of who he is/what he does and for some reason thought people would not call him out on his bullshit. He’s giving men this ideology that they can get away with this behavior and still tell a natural born woman, his family and his friends that he is “straight and that is okay normal behavior”. That is how this impacts other people’s lies. Only selfish, irresponsible people think that their actions don’t affect other people. That’s why Judge Joe Brown tore him up on his podcast.
Sleepy Lewis
Sleepy Lewis 3 days ago
It is sad that we have to be good listeners just to be in the same space. It's good that the space is being occupied with folks that are willing to dissect or explain issues that clearly are piping hot tea! Maliks nose is huge no?
xZANZIBARZx 3 days ago
_Transformers MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE_ *Transformers H0M0z in disguise*
MC 3 days ago
frank x
frank x 4 days ago
These comments like southern whites against blacks 100 years ago.
Starr Company
Starr Company 4 days ago
This fool bought some gay people with him to speak on that bullshit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natasha Cornu-Jbanez
This is why it’s so important for this interview to be on the breakfast club. For some reason the black and Hispanic community are very against this certain community. Out of all people if we’re not agreeing we need to at least be supportive of another minority.
Charun Hawthorne
Charun Hawthorne 4 days ago
This nigga Malik gay as hell,and trying to sound educated,u not fooling me bro.
jbaby646 4 days ago
So I guess I'm not a natural born Female.... The Doctor guessed I had a vagina. I'm trying to figure out how I had the ability to carry and birth two children. How was I able breastfeed feed them? In order to even have a baby you have to produce eggs. An indication of that is a monthly Shed of those eggs. So can someone please tell me how and why my body can do all these things, if naturally I wasn't design that way??? I'm a natural born woman, okay! Trans women or whatever other name they have for them, can't.
famochi jad
famochi jad 4 days ago
This is the only time am here to dislike a video,I certainly deserve a refund for the time I wasted watching this fuckery.Bunch of confused humans🙄🙄
nah im good
nah im good 4 days ago
being “cis” implies we’re somehow privileged for being women, when in reality being women is the reason why we’re oppressed
nah im good
nah im good 2 days ago
mcs0519 lmaoo I was thinking the same thing
mcs0519 2 days ago
Madness Ends btw you should change you’re name cause it doesn’t fit
mcs0519 2 days ago
Madness Ends what privilege for being cis you sound so stupid. We’re not privileged for being cis nothing if we have any privilege the only “privilege” we have is not having a mental disorder. But guess what? There’s over 300 mental disorders so get in line. So now deranged individuals are telling sane people that they need to feel bad for being sane and get to the level of those who are not. let’s just absorb all the sane well functioning individuals into our mental illness problem! Great fucking idea 😀 y’all just trying to find anything to support your illness with mental gymnastics. Y’all are going way to far. These people have a mental disorder they need to be treated like for any other disorders Stop trying to guilt trip everyone else. stop trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist. There’s no cis privilege. They have illness and this is unfortunate they need therapy not that we play along with their delusions. SMH
Madness Ends
Madness Ends 2 days ago
No you are privileged for being cis. Cis men also have male privilege
Bree X
Bree X 4 days ago
How can Charlamagne and Envy allow and say nothing about what that man said ? "People need to get over their dicks"???? Don't you guys have children? Is it not because of your male genitals and were created as men that made it possible having kids. That' s the ONLY way! You a disgrace to your children ! Non acknowledgement of that fact is a real disappointment . You don't deserve to have kids. Period. Charlamagne said he thinks he is straight ..WTF does that mean, You gay!
RRT 4 days ago
If you cant get pregnant you not a woman. If you cant get a woman pregnant you not a man. simple.
RRT 4 days ago
Alaina Howard infertility doesn’t take. Away from your being a woman that’s just unfortunate if that person indeed wanted children.
Alaina Howard
Alaina Howard 4 days ago
Not fair to people who are infertile. You could just say every person who's been pregnant before have all been women, every person who's gotten a woman pregnant have all been men.
Kennethia Singleton
Assigned sex by doctors at birth?? That’s crazy Nature assigns your sex. A doctor did not choose my sex I was naturally born a woman
ayo0130 4 days ago
Boring ass interview...they don't like labels but still labeling themselves like non-binary
VIC FM 4 days ago
If you have a prostate, you're a man
Jackie J
Jackie J 5 days ago
What type of fucking clownery is this...
Jay Cole
Jay Cole 5 days ago
Sometimes when you're constantly correcting people on the language they speak it becomes annoying not trying to be a homophobe or anything but if you to have a dictionary or thesaurus to talk to somebody it becomes a bit much
Patrics Cannon
Patrics Cannon 5 days ago
This was the hardest next to the 69 interview to listen to. The worst on so many levels! There should not be so much censorship on how we talk and the world has become so sensitive to everything. I am in no way against anyone "living there truth" but lets get this straight. the anatomy of a female is having a vagina, a womb, and ovaries. ( Am I right?) a male will have testicles and a penis. These are not "assigned" by a doctor with instruments i mean come on! Like i could not stand to hear that guy talk not because he is gay but because he wanted to create something that he feels and force it to make sense or seem right to everyone else. I do believe you can say you don't care and i do think this whole thing is being too publicized. Gender dysphoria is a real disorder why is there no awareness about this instead of trying to change what is. The talk of not putting labels to the LGBTQ community is contradicted by there very people asking for no labels. You like what you like, you believe what you are that is it stop looking for validation from a world who still doesn't give equality to all sexes, races and religions. The only thing I feel trans community should be raising awareness about is the killings because it is wrong. Now it seems like the youth are being force feed a way of life or someones belief and because others don't agree or see it in your way they are upset. Get over it and live the life you want to live.
One Eyed Man
One Eyed Man 5 days ago
@Patrics Cannon I agree... Here's the link to that Malik Yoba 'The Root' interview. It's hard sit through it because Malik rambles on and on without answering questions but close to the end it's when the interviewer cut through Malik's bs... Ps, the interviewer is a lgbt person also. ruvid.net/video/video-4YOlbfvsYyI.html
Patrics Cannon
Patrics Cannon 5 days ago
@One Eyed Man i haven't. but i will take a look. The only reasin the 69 interview was hard for me to listen to is because of where he is now and it just sad to hear hw cocky and confident in what he was saying then and now his freedom is on the line based on the trust he had for his set and the people around him. i grew up in and around that world but i think we need more old heads telling the young ones this isn't were its at. you know. but i agree it was entertainment.
One Eyed Man
One Eyed Man 5 days ago
@Patrics Cannon Nah. That 6ix9ine interview was lil entertaining, even though it was cringey... Have you seen that interview Malik Yoba did with The Root?
Patrics Cannon
Patrics Cannon 5 days ago
i mean to add the interview was to shed light on the trans awareness right? Why on earth were the two men speaking as if they had the experience? We should have been hearing from the trans women. Just because the other man identified as a gay male gave him no greater insight to the trans life than a heterosexual male. You all need a do over if you were really trying to get a point across. CTG couldn't even express how he doesn't really care without being told how he should say it and what this means to me when you say it. you are but 1 person among millions of others who says what CTG says that are trans. We have to take or feeling out of the way we respond to others opinion and the realistically. That is all.
TheButterFly InEffect
You are who you say you are.. But your black if your black. 🙄
TheButterFly InEffect
FitForReel 5 days ago
Carmen come to my place looking like dat she gon get that booty ate
FitForReel 5 days ago
Why the dislikes?
BlackPower Diva
BlackPower Diva 5 days ago
STFU! If niggas like Yoba would defend the Actual BLACK WOMEN’s movement to turn black males to loyalty and desiring AND staying with AND defending actual naturally born “BLACK” women! Ol f boy shit. And then bring this WHITE boy with fake boobs into this conversation?!!! On top of everything.!
ShareeHardge 5 days ago
I have no problem with the trans community. Be who you want but this explanation about how the doctor uses instruments and make educated guesses about gender at birth is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
Rayne Smith
Rayne Smith 5 days ago
I've never seen a trashier, more thoughtless comment section
keshus christ
keshus christ 6 days ago
this comment section is so horrible. i’ve never seen so many ignorant comments and takes on this.
MsBROWNIEBABE 6 days ago
Malik Yoba aka Ashy Lips is very self absorbed...Nobody has checked for this man since New York Undercover...This interview was exhausting.
Tyree Weston
Tyree Weston 6 days ago
Look at all these freaking weirdos trying to normalize their INSANITY. Charlemagne is trying his best to hold his shit together, Yoba is Gay and trying to keep from saying he likes dick.
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