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Comments 80
Major Tom
Major Tom 2 months ago
Is that Black Noir bashing Starlight on the table at 0:45
Black Dynasty
Black Dynasty 2 months ago
I kinda hate that Homelander melted Stillwell's skull. Now there will be no kinky lactation sex scenes.
Alvin Marcells
Alvin Marcells 3 months ago
This is going to be crazy 😵
Saige Hope
Saige Hope 3 months ago
All These Squares Make A Circle
Just watched all of season 1 and I think I just came watching this trailer hold on let me check .... yep I did just cum in my pants
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 3 months ago
No vergas putas pinches mamez. Ya quiero ver esta nueva temporada, me encanto la primera y esta se ve, uffff mil veces mejor... Pd: amo el léxico de México. 🤣
Fly Lima Beats
Fly Lima Beats 3 months ago
No one: Butcher: Fuckin’ diabolical!
BareJokes TV
BareJokes TV 3 months ago
Well this is one decent show on prime, well done Amazon
Logan TDC
Logan TDC 3 months ago
I wanna see a-train die It’s been to long
Nam Trần
Nam Trần 3 months ago
The Swimming Guy (I dont remember his name) even be sorted after a dog. How cruel and funny is it!
Kumbi 3 months ago
The Boys are back!
Mortimer TLM
Mortimer TLM 3 months ago
This is good, but I still prefer the comic. ¿¡WHERE'S JACK FROM JUPITER AND THE LEGEND AND WHY STORMFRONT IS A WOMAN!?
Mortimer TLM
Mortimer TLM 3 months ago
@Tim Terrell That's pretty sad, I wish that Jack could make at least a little cameo in season 2, more people should read the comic.
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell 3 months ago
@Mortimer TLM I agree that the comics are great. Especially the hijacked plane (9/11) issue. But no one cares. The readers of the comic are a small fraction of the people who watch this show.
Mortimer TLM
Mortimer TLM 3 months ago
@Tim Terrell I have read the entire comic books and I can tell that the comics are better than the series.
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell 3 months ago
No one cares. If you want jack from Jupiter read the comics.
Flowerpatch 343
Flowerpatch 343 3 months ago
Me and the bois
ghassen bahloul
ghassen bahloul 3 months ago
I saw this trailer yesterday but i couldnt understand nothin .... So i benchwatched it tday nd i no regrets
Gattsu 3 months ago
Omg 😍
Thea 3 months ago
Yaaaaaaas, well excited!
Ackeem Esterine
Ackeem Esterine 3 months ago
Fuck you
Alan Beltran
Alan Beltran 3 months ago
Joder ya me excite
Jyde K
Jyde K 3 months ago
I love the boys!!! Definitely for me one of the most surprising action series out there!! Greets from Europe
Anthony Jonas
Anthony Jonas 3 months ago
just Felt me dic move.
colejack88 3 months ago
Looks INFINITELY better. Was fully prepared to watch with a different perspective but it looks like all I thought S1 was gonna be.
Demygea 3 months ago
I already had some many questions with the last season ending now this trailer just added more
Abdullah Zowad Khan
Abdullah Zowad Khan 3 months ago
Like who would fuck deep again
Adrian Marti
Adrian Marti 3 months ago
My Like Turned It Into 1k Likes 🤗🤗🤗
Nico Chukalas
Nico Chukalas 3 months ago
what song did they use in the trailer?
Dragon Mac
Dragon Mac 3 months ago
Max 3 months ago
my current status is milking this show, LOVE IT!!!
Marcos Kraft
Marcos Kraft 3 months ago
fack yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
GhanBuri666 3 months ago
Can't wait :D
RJM 3 months ago
Ghost Queen
Ghost Queen 3 months ago
I had no idea that I could get this hyped just from a trailer!!!
Jyde K
Jyde K 3 months ago
Ghost Queen I get hyped by your beauty too!!!
JEET SHETH 3 months ago
Fookin diabolical
ChunkyBannanaMan 3 months ago
Eh I worked on this show
Christopher Murray
Christopher Murray 3 months ago
I think Black Adam should kill him instead of killing the American Flag.
Raptur Jragon
Raptur Jragon 3 months ago
Watchmens edgy, less intelligent cousin is back!
CARPARTI 3 months ago
Damn, hyped as fuck
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunn 3 months ago
Anyone else surprise about Gus from Breaking bad showing up. 0:35
Edward Richards
Edward Richards 3 months ago
Mmm he already appeared in last season finale
Nazima Khatoon
Nazima Khatoon 3 months ago
Yeah, was looking for someone in the comments to notice it. Hope hes a villain here too.
Tayden Ellis
Tayden Ellis 3 months ago
0:36 Homelander teaching his son how fly, maybe
Byzan 3 months ago
Absolutely Diabolical
Mr. Bond
Mr. Bond 3 months ago
Last time I was this hype for a show was all the way back to Spartacus.
Mr. Bond
Mr. Bond 3 months ago
Nick corino yea man. Absolute classic. I think I watch every season about 4 times each. I’m rewatching the boys now. The show is just too dam good. Lol
NICK Corino
NICK Corino 3 months ago
I remember staying up, was it every Friday? After school that's what I was looking forward to every week. Such a good show
Novum Domine
Novum Domine 3 months ago
That look on Homelander’s face at the start of the clip..something must’ve happened to the kid.
Fly Lima Beats
Fly Lima Beats 3 months ago
Now I’m curious, did Homelander really rape Butcher’s wife? Because in the comics we know that Black Noir did it, so could this mean that the kid is actually Black Noir’s son?
Thomas Partida
Thomas Partida 3 months ago
Novum Domine maybe the ring is some sort of kryptonite that can hurt him.
CRONA 3 months ago
I bet you he was trying to teach him something...but of course it went terribly wrong.
Maxmilian Dealy
Maxmilian Dealy 3 months ago
Oh my god, I almost pissed in my pants suit.
Eric Robin
Eric Robin 3 months ago
The boys trailer huh I think its is extremely extraordinary and forcible and despicable terrific show ever very awesome ever. I really like this film its is the best show ever very cool to me its was very enjoyable and I really feel like it's a unique show ever. I always thinking it is totally incredibly great show ever very terrific show and very exciting and extremely entertaining and really cool cool show ever very amazing to.
Pmjf 3 months ago
Thanks for uplifting me because RUvid Rewind 2019 just fuck me over!😌
Gina Darling
Gina Darling 3 months ago
I’m so hyped right now I could fight a building oh god
Jacob Maxwell
Jacob Maxwell 3 months ago
"I could fight a building" Gold
Jay Cavaciay
Jay Cavaciay 3 months ago
Hope they finally reveal Noir's identity
abid ahmed
abid ahmed Month ago
Check on Google who played black noirs identity in the cast of the boys
sarra sarra
sarra sarra 3 months ago
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Fresno Nightcrawler
Fresno Nightcrawler 3 months ago
Me and the Boys watching The Boys together on Saturday
Roger 3 months ago
0:35 gus fring is alive
Aaron Lago
Aaron Lago 3 months ago
@vijay kumar true xD
vijay kumar
vijay kumar 3 months ago
He is the one who is behind manufacturing of that blue stuff
John Tad
John Tad 3 months ago
HUDI3N3 3 months ago
look 4 idiots who disliked the trailer good job :D
Brohim 3 months ago
Too much toxic masculinity I guess.
Hamza Orakzai
Hamza Orakzai 3 months ago
0:10 *Me when I realised that Disney and Netflix had cancelled Daredevil*
B uppy
B uppy 3 months ago
In some ways this show is good, but sometimes the framing is a bit much. Too politically anti religion at times.
Keith McAllister
Keith McAllister 3 months ago
And also religion is being used against it's people. Kinda like the real world. Being too zealous in anything is bad.
Keith McAllister
Keith McAllister 3 months ago
Because in this shows universe heroes are walking gods among men.
Rethema Crawford
Rethema Crawford 3 months ago
Starlight vs homelander 1:00
Jewel Denzo
Jewel Denzo 3 months ago
Annie's escape,and Maeve was.....
Dank Pope
Dank Pope 3 months ago
@CRONA you're mad they're scared of him
CRONA 3 months ago
I feel like Starlight and Queen Mave could take Homelander
aquatic life
aquatic life 3 months ago
Keith's smile at the end is priceless
Jan Gutkowski
Jan Gutkowski 3 months ago
Borderlands 3 trailer music?? Nice
Eric the Red
Eric the Red 3 months ago
I'm looking forward to Homelander botching another save and just smirking like "Well, I guess no survivors."
C_ C
C_ C 3 months ago
Same. And the plane scene was just emotional.
MRTUPAC 28 3 months ago
Ninja 3 months ago
How can you compare though, it different at core especially when being superhero is corporate vs self search, self funding , hiding identity. Watchmen will be closest comparison
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 3 months ago
CRONA 3 months ago
It’s funny how a show made up of rip off Justice League characters does it better than the literal CW...I’d be embarrassed if I worked for DC
Robin Velasquez
Robin Velasquez 3 months ago
Bro u right
CAE Productions
CAE Productions 3 months ago
Jay Azathoth
Jay Azathoth 3 months ago
Chaz Gilbert
Chaz Gilbert 3 months ago
Damn this a good show
mhmm ok
mhmm ok 3 months ago
TheBioFlu2071 3 months ago
Me and the boys: finally season 2 is here!
CUP HUE 3 months ago
RUvid rewind is suck
Blayze47 3 months ago
I'm rooting for the supers
nuttyelf21 3 months ago
Bring on the bloody Boys season 2 yessss
FilmSelect Trailer
FilmSelect Trailer 3 months ago
Enjoy the trailer for The Boys season 2
Jay Azathoth
Jay Azathoth 3 months ago
Natt Artz
Natt Artz 3 months ago
PSA: The release date is July 2020
C_ C
C_ C 3 months ago
@Zee same here was kinda annoyed by that.
Zee 3 months ago
Thank you. Idk why they didn't put it in the trailer.
Kim Jon Dos
Kim Jon Dos 3 months ago
zaineb lona
zaineb lona 3 months ago
Waiting for it ..
Radiant Hinds
Radiant Hinds 3 months ago
HELL YES!!!!🔥🔥🔥
chanel henderson
chanel henderson 3 months ago
I dont think FUCK YEA is the right term. Need something stronger
Deadliftgorilla 3 months ago
The boys better take compound v
The Mikey G Show
The Mikey G Show 3 months ago
im replying to this comment
Read the comic
Melissa Tippett
Melissa Tippett 3 months ago
I can’t wait for the boys season 2
Panda lover bamboanater
What is this
David Hixon
David Hixon 3 months ago
A series based off of a graphic comic series.
CollectorFanatic101 3 months ago
When in 2020?!
CollectorFanatic101 3 months ago
@Wolf Ghost Niceee
Wolf Ghost
Wolf Ghost 3 months ago
The director said season 2 is coming out a year after season 1 so July 2020
Mark Largent
Mark Largent 3 months ago
Ditwaun Simms
Ditwaun Simms 3 months ago
Yoooooo FINALLY my nigga ‼‼‼😁😁
Batman Perbertido
Batman Perbertido 3 months ago
Luis Nguyen
Luis Nguyen 3 months ago
OMG . Muh BOYS!!!!!
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