The Boys Season 2 Official Trailer Breakdown and WTF Easter Eggs

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The Boys Season 2 Official Trailer, Justice League Avengers Marvel Easter Eggs. Homelander Son, The Boys Ending Scene and Season 2 Release Date ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
Black Widow Trailer - Avengers Endgame Marvel ► ruvid.net/video/video-A6bXqSU40YY.html
The Boys Season 2 Teaser Trailer ► ruvid.net/video/video-aYZ5BpOfqBM.html
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Covering new The Boys Season 2 Trailer. Dark Justice League, Avengers Marvel Easter Eggs. Stormfront First Look Villain and Easter Eggs. The Boys Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date. The Boys Ending Scene. Homelander Origin Scene Flashback, Injustice Superman comparisons, Comics Changes and Alternate Ending Theory.

I'll do more videos for The Boys Season 2 as they release more details and Trailer videos!

My Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 5 video will post next!

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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 895
Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome 2 months ago
Here's The Boys Season 2 Official Trailer and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! I'll do more Boys S2 videos soon. Here's my new Black Widow Trailer video too! ruvid.net/video/video-A6bXqSU40YY.html
J B 2 months ago
@Mansour TheGreat Mbye f
Christopher M.
Christopher M. 2 months ago
Emergency Awesome - thanks man, I have to binge watch the first season. 😉
john jon
john jon 2 months ago
That was a courtroom that the fired woman was in with all the blood.
Neon P Lotus
Neon P Lotus 2 months ago
Are they going to give Hughie super powers, like they do in the comics?
THE AlienHunter
THE AlienHunter 2 months ago
I'm more excited for this than I am crisis!
Hot Katato
Hot Katato 6 days ago
Black Noir framed Homelander of raping Becca.
Hot Katato
Hot Katato 6 days ago
Black Noir is Homelander’s clone and Vought forced him to conceal his identity and not talk because he sounds exactly like Homelander.
amp 9 days ago
i think the boys are gonna take compound v somehow in season 2 they cant completely take out an entire aspect of the comics can they? even one as big as the boys having semi super strength
hieu minh
hieu minh 12 days ago
batman are the 2nd danger hero
Mark B
Mark B 15 days ago
Is Homelander getting pumped up to play Sarcastiball? He appears to be drinking Butter's Creamy Goo🤣🤣👍
Rman Hoss
Rman Hoss 18 days ago
First season ended in very sad note for my boi! I wish he gets some justice from both male and female asshole!
Sifat Siam
Sifat Siam 19 days ago
poor butcher been living like dog for eight years...and her wife didnt even got raped she was having some 'fun' time with boss...if only she at least broke up with butcher he wouldnt be this much hurt right now :D
Gawain Davies
Gawain Davies 19 days ago
Can’t believe he’s w amazing the first season was , the guy who plays home lander deserves an award.
Rui 25 days ago
Any Episode from THE BOYS , is better than all the avengers movies
paul smith
paul smith 27 days ago
Sheersh Agrawal
Sheersh Agrawal 27 days ago
I am sorry that doesnt look like a bar... I think you should do a better job.
Craig H.
Craig H. 27 days ago
3:30 looks like a courtroom, NOT a bar...
Leander Keizer
Leander Keizer 28 days ago
Im new here but this breakdown is pretty weak...
papinbala Month ago
I wish one of those bloody splatters is from technite banging someone to death
papinbala Month ago
the deep lol
rjdjjf spesl
rjdjjf spesl Month ago
I am glad that butcher is still alive
Frozen Hawk
Frozen Hawk Month ago
Dont waste your time on this dumbed down shit show. Go read the REAL THING online. Read a comic with some goddamn Balls.
Antti Kettunen
Antti Kettunen Month ago
Stranger Things Witcher and yes The Boys So much good stuff to wait for, dammit.
Toothmother Month ago
I'd eat Starlight's shit with a spoon just to see where it came from.
Haruhito Tsushima
que porqueria
pararanman58635 Month ago
Sad, dark path. I'm not watching this junk!
Mystery Surprise Toys
Nobody cares about Star Wars
Brandon Bodley
Brandon Bodley Month ago
His son is a half auper? None of them are actual natural supers .. are they?
I am Nobody
I am Nobody Month ago
This is the show that "Heroes" wished it could have been!
keelo brown
keelo brown Month ago
Fuckin diabolical
Chemical Z
Chemical Z Month ago
Stillwell was way cooler in the comics
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 Month ago
The in the show they female is named kimiko btw
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 Month ago
I really wanna see how piss butcher when he found out about his wife and her child
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 Month ago
Let’s cross our finger and hope that A-Train dies
Tosh Omni
Tosh Omni Month ago
Great breakdown. You didn't mention that there seems to be a new super with telekinetic powers, the guy with the baseball cap.
Oliver O'Bryan
Oliver O'Bryan Month ago
I'd also love to see Nubian Prince
Loutzenheiser Month ago
Butcher is awesome! Can't wait for S2!
Mazinger Ivan
Mazinger Ivan Month ago
OMG so really looking forward to watching this 😱
von Gimbel Group
von Gimbel Group 2 months ago
The female? Frenchie: She has a name!
ceddy jj
ceddy jj 2 months ago
Better than starwars rise of the skywalker
brandonberger89 2 months ago
I won’t spoil it for anyone, but for those who want to spoil it for themselves, just google “Black Noir’s real identity”. I believe that person getting their face ripped in half is a very important character that Black Noir kills in the comics in the same fashion.
John Milton
John Milton 2 months ago
-SPOILER- I think black noir is not clon of homelandr in tv show.
Roger Goza
Roger Goza 2 months ago
This season is gonna fucking rule
MunchesCrunches 2 months ago
if they finished it now why wait another 6 months like bruh
Robert Gough
Robert Gough 2 months ago
9:48 “there’s this restaurant scene...” Looks like she’s in a courtroom, not a restaurant . You see the flag, what looks like a judge, she seems to be in nice clothing and the next clip looks like it is under a table where the lawyers sit.
Kyle Stark
Kyle Stark 2 months ago
Man I hated the Tek Knight story plot in the books. I actually stopped reading it because of it.
Darren Bauer
Darren Bauer 2 months ago
When the superhumans are still just humans with powers...
Rael G
Rael G 2 months ago
Hopefully Urban's worked on his accent...
Charlie 2 months ago
"It's a lot of Homelander in and around his son." Hopefully he's just around his son.
Sad Puppy
Sad Puppy 2 months ago
Starlight looks like a porn star in her outfit
Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins 2 months ago
surprised you didn’t mention lamplighter sighting at 0:55
jmyboi 2 months ago
Ah you have edited that part out now
Jet Black Cloud hero
I can't wait to see all of the new characters.
Ivan Drago
Ivan Drago 2 months ago
That kid was probably given Compound V as a baby and add to that either none to all of Homeladers powers in his dna.
Jerediah Jedi
Jerediah Jedi 2 months ago
yo that song fire
Danzy 2 months ago
Maxwell Joestar
Maxwell Joestar 2 months ago
It's funny how Black Noir and Homelander have the same build. Almost as if......
Varcolac_Kir 2 months ago
I loved the Season 1. Especially the dolphin scene. Lol. Can't wait for the second season.
ARandomUserName 2 months ago
The diner is gonna be Silver Kincaid! Calling it!
malcolm adderley
malcolm adderley 2 months ago
UR HAIR IS "BETTER" BESTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PSYCH!!!!!!
jayfore 2 months ago
Thanks for the breakdown. This was such a great surprise of a new series, and I really look forward to more.
Rai Iftikar Fairuz
Rai Iftikar Fairuz 2 months ago
that was diabolical.
jyd1384 2 months ago
This TV series is the most anticipating program I've ever seen. What would be the Homelander's fate?
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