THE BOYS Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer (2020) Super heroes Series

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THE BOYS Season 2 Official Trailer Movie in stream 2020.
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Dec 7, 2019




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NEK MINUT 4 hours ago
Black noir is actually a clone homelander and kills homelander later on. Your welcome
박명훈 Day ago
so when is it coming out?
lili ks
lili ks 2 days ago
can't wait . this and the mando are my most awaited shows this year :)
Thiple K
Thiple K 3 days ago
I love kimiko ... !!!
Wint sp
Wint sp 4 days ago
О норм
DANTE '-' 4 days ago
Silvano Magri
Silvano Magri 4 days ago
Homelander is so terrifying and i Love it😂
Steve Buchok
Steve Buchok 6 days ago
Oh Boy ;)
Kevyn Edward
Kevyn Edward 7 days ago
So the vod it's starts to making meth? Carlos Fring is already there
Maurício Lima
Maurício Lima 9 days ago
Honey Nut Cheerios
Des Rocs " Let me live/Let me die"
M Dadi Refa Manreza
damn i cant wait
J3 draws
J3 draws 11 days ago
Boys on amazon or titans on DC / Netflix ??? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Siarhei Karavai
Siarhei Karavai 13 days ago
How is this possible that it did not get any rewards? It is the best series that came out recently with no doubt.
drew leonard
drew leonard 13 days ago
Tell me that this isn’t a coincidence that Gus mentioned going to Belize in season one talking to Stillwell I mean come on breaking bad was all about sending people to belize
Mezaque jujuba
Mezaque jujuba 14 days ago
Qual a data???
monka S
monka S 14 days ago
Compare this to titans.
MimM 15 days ago
Light Side Kylo
Light Side Kylo 16 days ago
0:35, is that Moff Giddain????
Nik Tri
Nik Tri 16 days ago
I'm sitting here, minding my own business, watching a trailer about the Boys season 2, it's got nice editing and shots and then, out of nowhere, GUS MOTHERFUCKING FRING SHOWS UP LIKE OH MY GOD GUS IS IN THIS SHOW HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!
mok 18 days ago
caramba em man :3 kk
Vent Hoang
Vent Hoang 18 days ago
0:40 i.imgur.com/wBbv8G4.jpg
Gonzalo Manrique
Gonzalo Manrique 18 days ago
Esto sale en netflix ??
Karen Boy
Karen Boy 18 days ago
More Black Noir please!
Davi Schiffer
Davi Schiffer 18 days ago
Sam 16 days ago
Dean winschester
Dean winschester 18 days ago
Homelander is scary, first few episodes you don’t feel but after that damn he is evil and scary.I like this show.comic is also amazing.
ABsoluteORIGINAL 18 days ago
The boys are back in town
Patricio Fariña
Patricio Fariña 18 days ago
I love gory shit
Anand Singha
Anand Singha 20 days ago
Dont know about yall but Sheriff Hood and Dredd Rural make this show a masterpiece. The douchebaggery in Homelander is on a whole other level, makes you hate him and love it at the same time. Im glad that AStarr finally gets some shine.
ten onen
ten onen 22 days ago
man, that's gonna be a ride...
CyberGeek Productions
well, its 2020, I want my fucking season two
Portatil 22 days ago
Gus is in this?!!
m1n1s1nk 21 day ago
Have you watched the show?
Sejuani 22 days ago
Theres too little starlight appearance .. I want her to shine on season 2..
Viejotrueno 23 days ago
It seems fucking diabolical to me
Coyote Vazquez
Coyote Vazquez 23 days ago
Fucking diabolical!
JL 23 days ago
This season is the Worse i see in my life just cancelled This ass hol shows
Viejotrueno 23 days ago
the only thing cancelled here is your only neuron
Haunter 24 days ago
Nothing better than seeing jolly o butcher sip some English tea
dfctomm 24 days ago
The only question is who takes compound V and survives to fight Homelander? Butcher or Hughie. My money says they both take it but Butcher has a bad reaction, thus completing his story arch as the tragic hero. Destroyed by his own misguided decisions.
panaproanio 24 days ago
Holy fuck I just binged season 1, I need more NOW.
Gabo Figueroa Osses
Any single word, tons of blood and deaths 10/10
Maxwelle Von Stoker
yeahhh !
Felicia Taylor
Felicia Taylor 27 days ago
I didn't think I would ever see a character that scared me more than Ramsey Bolton from Game of Thrones until I watched The Boys. Homelander is evil enough to scare the devil.
Felicia Taylor
Felicia Taylor 2 days ago
@Sho Ka Oops, thanks. I keep forgetting voice to text sometimes puts different words than what I say.
DaiZhen 4 days ago
I think he never grow up, he isn't evil.
dfctomm 24 days ago
@Sho Ka Must every mistake be corrected by busybodies online? Am I a busybody for correcting your "mistake"? Join us next season to find out.
Sho Ka
Sho Ka 25 days ago
LSDloli 28 days ago
The Boys are back in town \o/
CherryAddictz 28 days ago
1:07 should be a meme
memo baba
memo baba 20 days ago
CherryAddictz me: dies everyone who has known me for the past decade: 1:07
SupermanPrime 29 days ago
I waited for a long time
John Jamora
John Jamora Month ago
"Damn" that's all I heard.
Kent Inson
Kent Inson Month ago
I really hope the boys get powers to fight the seven
CherryAddictz 24 days ago
Nah, I like it better when they're normal people.
Viktor wusten
Viktor wusten 29 days ago
Grabmaster Diddle
Chad Homelander vs. The Vrigin human populus.
Dr. Medic
Dr. Medic Month ago
As someone who reads the comics, I really shouldnt be grossed out by certain things, but the scene where Homelander is sticking his tongue into the titty milk in the baby bottle did its job, I'm grossed out despite MM doing it before it was cool.
Nike a Boss
Nike a Boss Month ago
guss is back
Eduardo D. López
Season 2 cannot come soon enough! Fuck supes!
Patrick Dawson
Patrick Dawson Month ago
Watchman ?? I don’t no about that but it looks more like Superman. Wonder Woman. Flash Aquaman type Characters that are Evil and a star girl like Character Seems to be good Ether way it has a Decent story going on so I think it’s a really good show that they came up with
Sam권 Month ago
I can't wait this 🥴🥴
T T Month ago
Helton Adams
Helton Adams Month ago
MrRewardChannel Month ago
Yep, It's time to see Black Noir pop off my dudes...
Shin Min Ayne
Shin Min Ayne Month ago
Too much blood. Noooo. It’s scary and awful
Forest Maro
Forest Maro Month ago
an ordinary science student
blood blood blood
Rober Espinosa
Rober Espinosa Month ago
-Trailer Original +:??????? -Trailer Español +“aaaah filtro da puta agora sim tendo”
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