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About The Boys:
The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.
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The Boys Season 2 - Official Teaser | Prime Video
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 3 738
colin malan
colin malan 5 hours ago
Oi terror...... Fuck it mate
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran 21 hour ago
Final battle to end the series: Hughes vs homelander after injecting himself with compound V.
jenn Day ago
lesROKnoobz Day ago
the deep is such a pussy. lil rapey boy needs to die next
Etienne Day ago
1:00 Starlight vs Homelander oooofff can't wait to see that i feel like she hasn't completely shown us what she's capable of :)
Ian Mith
Ian Mith Hour ago
I feel like homelander hasn't completely shown us what he's capable of
imran malek
imran malek Day ago
Bhai ae hindi me hai ya nahi ??
Neeladri Mahato
When the fuck are u releasin this shit... Awaitin
David Kuriakose
about time
Myurai23 2 days ago
The Witch: Subversion is way better than this.
TROY LOCKLEY 2 days ago
Woahdude 2 days ago
I see homelanders enjoying a cold glass of mothers finest milk
Jayant Rao
Jayant Rao 2 days ago
I fucking want to kill this sson of bitch homeland3r and that eomen who gave birth as well as never met her true love who went through so much for her and at last what she got was got cheated fuck im so so so angry
Ch4rl13 Moore
Ch4rl13 Moore 2 days ago
For all the nice guys who Hate and criticize butcher's wife for cheating, know this: in the original comic she really was Raped, also it is but a work of fiction, stop your hate on Women, what is wrong with you people?
Giuliano Caracciolo
Homelander has a bit of a Sephiroth vibe to him.
Brinkantes Fuck
Brinkantes Fuck 2 days ago
A melhor !!!!
soap and butter sandwhich
let me live / let me die , nice , did you get the idea from the borderlands 3 E3 trailer ?
MCPLUSTR 3 days ago
Fuckin Diabolical Mate.
Victoria Hatzson
Victoria Hatzson 4 days ago
The character development and the way the characters are explored and come out to be completely different than what you think in the first episode is just insane! Can't recommend this enough!
Alex 4 days ago
what`s the music?
Noire Sebba
Noire Sebba 4 days ago
I love homelander
Noire Sebba
Noire Sebba 4 days ago
I’ll say it I hate star lite
Osvaldo Vargas
Osvaldo Vargas 4 days ago
There is no way anybody watches this shit and is ok in the head right after? Perverts.
BrowseByWire 5 days ago
0:40 mark, that looks like Black Noir tearing someone's head in half from the mouth. Season 2 is gonna be brutal. XD
Solid - Snake
Solid - Snake 5 days ago
0:40 when my dentist says open wide
Jeremy Broussard
Jeremy Broussard 6 days ago
Guess the wonder woman chick does nothing this season too lol
Bryant Perez
Bryant Perez 6 days ago
When is it coming out ?
Black By Day Johnson
If Brandon Breyer grew up He'll be Homelander
235azrael 6 days ago
What's the name of song in background?
BoringLex 6 days ago
Even though I didn’t like the first season, I must admit that the series did the Supes more justice than the comic book.
Grant Hatch
Grant Hatch 6 days ago
Everyone's dying n shit and I'm over here geeking out about Gus Fring being in this.
haxxor 7 days ago
Dying to see this.
London Journo
London Journo 7 days ago
1980s horror movies eat your heart out lol
Man Oizm
Man Oizm 7 days ago
Yann Yameliev
Yann Yameliev 7 days ago
Imagine if Noir turns out to be just some random military guy who refuses to talk in order to look cool and keep his secret :D
Timor Khanagov
Timor Khanagov 7 days ago
Yes! Can't wait! Who needs villains when you have the best lawyers and PR managers in the world.
ChArlIe Sharma
ChArlIe Sharma 7 days ago
I want season 2 please 🤗
Daviddd 7 days ago
0:47 is that a picture in the White House only people who read the comics would understand
XpLiZiTcOnTeNt7 8 days ago
0:31 is that hughie standing in front of Annie’s mom holding a hand lol
Benjamin Lu Tseng
I am worried about Starlight, hoping she will not be killed by Homelander…
amp 7 days ago
she wont i can guarantee you that
tmmbtofu 9 days ago
wow, NICE! the boys was one of the best shows last year. BY FAR!!!
Alessandro 9 days ago
basically that man has burned 8 precius years for that filthy slut
Clown Pal
Clown Pal 10 days ago
Holy. Shit.
lil Zaku ,
lil Zaku , 10 days ago
AW shit here go agian
Sloppy Moe
Sloppy Moe 10 days ago
Is it just me or is this music go really well with this?
hieu minh
hieu minh 10 days ago
batman gonna be the true enemy
Rajveer singh
Rajveer singh 11 days ago
Homelanders really killed his roll really intimidates me.
Cavidan Karadağ
Cavidan Karadağ 11 days ago
0:41 i love when his face covered in blood lol what the hell
PRchris13 11 days ago
The fuk Don’t tell me either Hughie or Starlight saved Atrain The dude wanted to kill A train anyways
amp 11 days ago
i hope the boys goes on for a few more seasons at least, i have a feeling it will be canceled early on like most shows nowadays
Kim Tae Ra
Kim Tae Ra 12 days ago
I just finished season 1 today and I was dying knowing her wife is alive, may the director kill her in this season real. Amen. I feel for Butcher.
EB 12 days ago
This time I'm going to savior the season, I'll watch 2 episodes per month...SIKE!...Ima binge watch the hell outta The Boys season 2!
X /
X / 12 days ago
So is it now everyone vs terrorists?
Logan L
Logan L 12 days ago
When’s the release date.??
Rob Quinlan
Rob Quinlan 10 days ago
karl urban says it my be summer.
Psych S
Psych S 13 days ago
Looks fucking diabolical!!!
Nikolas Iacovelli
Nikolas Iacovelli 13 days ago
Oh my God. The first season I binged right away. I need season 2 like now
Văn Bùi
Văn Bùi 13 days ago
I hate starlight new hairstyle
K V 13 days ago
you guys... you guys.. you are the real heroes
LYNX 13 days ago
*The boys* made me realize how dark and cruel this world really is.
Aashish Malla
Aashish Malla 11 days ago
Is this a sincere statement?
amp 11 days ago
I cant even fathom how you got that from a show about sociopathic genetically altered superheros
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