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Supes have been committing atrocities, which keep getting swept under the rug because they are revered by the adoring public. Billy Butcher recruits The Boys who have all been wronged by The Seven, the world’s most notorious superheroes, to bring them down and stop the corruption. Based on the best-selling comics by Garth Ennis, The Boys is a revenge story where the nobodies take on the somebodies.
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About The Boys:
The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.
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The Boys - Official Trailer | Prime Video
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Comments 80
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video 8 months ago
Watch The Boys now exclusively with your Prime membership: bit.ly/PrimeVideoTheBoys
Tahmim Taz
Tahmim Taz 2 months ago
Is this series available in hindi audio?
Frank Maverick
Frank Maverick 2 months ago
Pawasta News
Pawasta News 3 months ago
temporada 2!!!!!!
Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen 5 months ago
@Abram Carroll The Expanse is my favorite show so that's quite an endorsement. Gonna have to check this out
Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen 5 months ago
@truth hurts Dude you seriously need to see a therapist or something. Not even being facetious. Pretty sure you have delusional disorder.
Alex MacIsaac
Weird song to play at the end but it’s weirdly fitting
CDHfilms 4 days ago
So this is basically what Family guy would look like if it were about superheroes, or what Teen titans GO would look like if it were serious and bloody
Kaushik Sinha
Kaushik Sinha 4 days ago
Man! Just binged it. This show is darker than it looks. Great ending to the season.
Liam Rebel
Liam Rebel 5 days ago
Whose Justice Beaver?
Infrared Toa
Infrared Toa 7 days ago
I haven't even seen The Boys (Mainly because i don't own Amazon Prime) but i always come back to this trailer.
Metaception 7 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-xDDgN80UuJI.html Interesting video essay on the first season
At Home With Nika
Every time I see Homelander, I become nervous. I hate the honelander, bur love the performance
Targeted Individual
No one: Cody Garbrandt: HANGING WITH THE BOIISSS
Lotfi Adam
Lotfi Adam 11 days ago
Song is Who R U by Anderson Paak.
Jonathan Muldrow
Jonathan Muldrow 12 days ago
The boys or Watchmen
nikolygtx 14 days ago
This was phenomenal
Poestoe ‘
Poestoe ‘ 15 days ago
Great show!!!!! Can’t wait for the second season!
geldan1997 14 days ago
hulkhatepunybanner 19 days ago
*The Boys: Teaching every pre-pubescent boy nothing at all... except maybe killing their classmates just for kicks.*
Rahul Bhardwaj
Rahul Bhardwaj 20 days ago
Its avlable in hindi?
NEG8 23 days ago
im only halfway through season one and my stomach already hurts cuz im already halfway through season 1. this trailer is the herald of perfection
Liv Wolf 26
Liv Wolf 26 24 days ago
So I don’t watch this but my mom does and she tells me about this show and it’s fucking insane
Piotr T
Piotr T 26 days ago
I love this tv show.Thank You Amazon. First EXPANSE(Genius) Now This.
Dizz Dot
Dizz Dot 27 days ago
Helane Ruslan
Helane Ruslan 27 days ago
I binged this in a whole day
Cheezy Dayジ
Cheezy Dayジ 29 days ago
1:34 "John Cena"
perran morris
perran morris Month ago
Very cool
Jerry Month ago
1:47 song?
Arts&Trusts Month ago
Wow! Honest review time... Well done amazon, lets all face it, when it cones to tv we have netflix over amazon, but this boxset alone would have me cancel my.subscription and sign a 10 year contract with prime! Had me.hooked. right amount of action, comedy and suspense all in one! A MUST WATCH to anyone if you binge boxsets like me, this may sneak into your top 5 list. Cudos amazon
55c 7v6v
55c 7v6v Month ago
Where's stralight?
Awper Online
Awper Online Month ago
This is the only show I have ever seen where the production quality is like a blockbuster movie for every episode. It doesn't seem like a regular show with a drawn out plot every episode is great. I like every single character.
Letricblade Month ago
Whats the song in the first half
Hyena V.
Hyena V. Month ago
Anyone else come from Slipknot and maybe start watching this movie
Fortnite Pro’s
The trailer is absolutely shite. Doesn’t do the series justice at all
22 22
22 22 Month ago
trailer pretty much spoiled the best parts lol
Mirage Month ago
This is literally a gory IRL My Hero Academia. I love it lol.
Jakub Fedorco
Jakub Fedorco Month ago
Slipknot - solway firth braught me here
Scott B
Scott B Month ago
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Larry Williams
Larry Williams Month ago
I like the dude who is like a mix between jason statham and Tyler durden
Insane Month ago
This comment may have already been made, but this show is the perfect representation of what our world would be if we had superheroes. This show is absolutely stunning.
Salvador Ramirez
First I've ever heard of it... looks cool
Black Shadow
Black Shadow Month ago
You... You guys are the real heroes.
Bruno Lapointe
Bruno Lapointe Month ago
Wonder if the Boys will get their compound V upgrades in season 2
SN Azziera
SN Azziera Month ago
Can someone tell me which comic is this? So rad
gododoof Month ago
Same title
Kevin Sanchun
Kevin Sanchun 2 months ago
I put off watching this show for the longest. I figured it would be just another series that I wouldn't finish like The Walking Dead Grimm, Orange is the New Black not even The Flash ,Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow,nnoo.This series is badass.It has just the right balance of action and drama,subtle jokes,while being serious.Wtf was I waiting for?I don't finish many series,but I'll definitely finish this one.
Jonathan Sheppard
Jonathan Sheppard 2 months ago
Whole time watching this show I was afraid homelander was gonna kill the baby
Ryan Rai
Ryan Rai 2 months ago
Fucking amazing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
gold tube
gold tube 2 months ago
best part 0:54
Good Man
Good Man 2 months ago
Who else watched more than 3 times?
mishasan7 2 months ago
OMG I've watched 4 episodes and am totally addicted, THEN came to this trailer and laughed my arse off at everything still to come. Love it, it's brilliant, and the bonus of not watching the trailer first is that I had lovely casting surprises to enjoy, especially Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and Elizabeth Shue. Love it love it love it :D
mishasan7 2 months ago
Days later still pissing myself... 'pardon my French'... :'D
mishasan7 2 months ago
OMG HOWLING at the Spice Girls bit
naga morich
naga morich 2 months ago
Open the video: 0.01 I: but did I ask you?
CarlosEnriqueM 2 months ago
The best one is homelander I hope that in the end it becomes good I think they wanted to put it as an example of toxic masculinity and they put all the defects but in the end he is a hero like those we have followed as children and with whom we have identified
CypherX -
CypherX - 2 months ago
Vegeta 2 months ago
watch the feminist try to take this idea and create "The Girls"
Camille Month ago
Vegeta Briefs Oh stfu
Homie JEREMI 2 months ago
is that kendrick lamar track?
Ocean Ace
Ocean Ace 2 months ago
For these who can't afford Amazon prime you can watch this free in 123movies
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan 2 months ago
I am the only one who thinks spice girls songs ruined the trailer ?? Wtf was that ?
Yeetboah 2 months ago
Hands down Frenchie is the best character
George 2 months ago
This is the best series I've ever seen.
ShmilS 2 months ago
I really disliked the trailer, but I thank my friends for convincing me to watch the show anyway, it's amazing. Just finished the first season, can't wait for the second. Went and got the comics for now.
Frank Maverick
Frank Maverick 2 months ago
Tanmay Singh
Tanmay Singh 2 months ago
This is best superhero show of all time.
Awekening Bro
Awekening Bro 2 months ago
translucent can't be hit by a bullet but gets hit by a car?
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton 3 months ago
Frank Maverick
Frank Maverick 3 months ago
Like se sei italiano e ti sei venuto a vedere l'originale (LA VERSIONE ITALIANA È MEGLIO)
Chico Neto
Chico Neto 3 months ago
It's like USA is copying British material. They always do...I can't watch 5 min of USA material. It's crap. First time they do it right,. And it is crap too ,... But it is good crap, not that unitedstadistan
Jermiah Estacado
Jermiah Estacado 3 months ago
Um ok who even asked ?
The game The movie
The game The movie 3 months ago
Ready for blu-ray.
B Adventures
B Adventures 3 months ago
This actually looks good
MD Arshad
MD Arshad 3 months ago
Dub in hindi
V1TÃO 3 months ago
I finished the series yesterday, I'm already reading the comics and the hype just increases
Goonswarm 3 months ago
Karl Urban would make a great Wolverine
MrBear 3 months ago
Nagron WillNeverDie
Nagron WillNeverDie 3 months ago
I've been looking for the teaser where Gotta Go by James Jacob Farris is playing and the women supes are featured. Saw it on Facebook and nowhere else. Anyone have a link?
Space S
Space S 3 months ago
This gives me serious Rocknrolla vibes.
UOSTON013 3 months ago
ניהיה שחקן תומר שלנו! :)*
Gotael 3 months ago
This is fucking good""
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 3 months ago
"Solway Firth"
Alistair Borthwick
Alistair Borthwick 3 months ago
Ok, I've just watched the first episode. Firstly, is Preacher meant to be a Cockney with an Australian accent or an Aussie with a Cockney accent? It's really not clear. Secondly, it kinda dragged on in places .. felt like a long hour.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 3 months ago
Can anyone what this series is exactly about ?
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 3 months ago
@Owen King is this DC ? They somewhat look like JL (Superman, WW etc.) but I can tell from their suit that they're not
Owen King
Owen King 3 months ago
Superheroes who are corrupt. And the boys are responsible for keeping them in line.
Grid 3 months ago
Karl urban would make a good punisher and maybe a good wolverine.
Nestor Guerrero
Nestor Guerrero 3 months ago
Best series i had seen made me feel afraid of homelander jajaja
Kaeden Steele
Kaeden Steele 3 months ago
1:34 all i can think of is Just Dance
Adityawan Sigit
Adityawan Sigit 3 months ago
Um... Slipknot?... Anyone?... Solway Firth?... No?... okay...
henriqueacabral 3 months ago
Best trailer of 2019
Drachen Zor
Drachen Zor 3 months ago
Best show ever
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