The Boys: 10 Biggest Differences From The Comics

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If you only watched the show, you may be surprised by these things The Boys changed from the comics. we’re looking at the biggest changes made to the plot and characters of The Boys when it was adapted to the screen. There are some insane differences between this satirical superhero show and its wild source material. WatchMojo ranks the things The Boys changed from the comics. Which change did you find the most shocking? Let us know in the comments!
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Sep 28, 2019




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Comments 360
Arn Banzuelo
Arn Banzuelo 5 days ago
The comic version is nothing until the company of the world's richest man bring it to life.
brixnoobix 7 days ago
One the huge Becca difference is also that, in the comics she's been raped, but in the show it appears to be consensual if we believe what Homelander say
Teina Kore
Teina Kore 7 days ago
I've never read the comics
Chrissy Jane
Chrissy Jane 11 days ago
Homelander is my favourite
Ethan Reber
Ethan Reber 22 days ago
Biggest changes from the comics: literally almost everything! Haha But still a great series!!!!
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 25 days ago
The show has many problems do to the changes. Like why didn't the seven straight up kill everybody a part of the boys. Their humans with guns. Also stell well in show is an idiot, who gets thing handed to her by homelander.
GeneralSchrimpf 26 days ago
Butcher [comic world] is very closely resembled to Negan from TWD [at least to me]. He's ruthless and always has a cocky smile on his person. While in the show he's more like... Not that. While we know he wants the supes to pay, and ultimately finds out his cause was a huge lie, he's just not as cocky or manipulative as so in the comics. They could've given him more in the show. Still, I can't wait for S2, esp. since he found out Becca was alive... I feel she was 'in love with Homelander' hence why she cheated on Butcher [3 hours alone with HL and then...?] and faked her death in order to keep the facade... Can't wait to see it all unfold.
jack george
jack george 20 days ago
His accent in the show is a thing of horror...yet still it adds to it
Be1lover 26 days ago
As with many Prime subscribers, I got antsy for more, but sometimes, I'm not sure if I want more. "The Incredibles" deconstructs superhero concepts, too, and it's less ugly, but I appreciated some things in "The Boys", like victims of collateral damage are people; people who can get hurt or killed as pointed out in "Captain America~ Civil War" and "Batman VS Superman~ Dawn of Justice"
Levi Thorstone
Levi Thorstone 27 days ago
I hate when they make changes from the comics
Alex Val
Alex Val 29 days ago
To me it makes it way more interesting that the boys have no superpowers. I mean this show isn't exactly the Avengers or the Justice League... I don't wanna see the boys just straight up confront the seven in 1v1 fights. It's boring and more lazy writing. If they're mortals, they have to use their brain to bring them down. Which is way more interesting to watch imo.
CommentCop Badge#666
Frenchy is the best.
Tom G.
Tom G. Month ago
I always hoped that the boys had different cool powers in the show but they were just funny and cool haha..
JT23 Month ago
Frenchie reminds me of octane
PharaohsKingdom Month ago
Jack Jupiter is not in the show
xc5647321 xc5647321
Huey lost a side kick named ROBIN. Think about it.
Samuel Henkle
Samuel Henkle Month ago
I liked the show but they totally re arranged starlights entire plot to satisfy the feminazis. I’m glad she got her justice but I liked the show because it seemed like it held nothing back, until I read the comics and saw that her plot was changed around. Even her costume was changed, when I saw the actresses interview on panels with the other actors I could tell she was a self important type of woman. BUT ASIDE FROM ALL OF THIS billy butchers story stayed remotely the same. Wife cheated and had a kid, it was fine throwing a male actor in the gutter but not a female. This is why I don’t like feminazis, they claim they want equality but they continue to play the double standard cards and call it justice
Be1lover Month ago
Has anyone, besides me, lacked the foresight of extremities in "The Boys" and their humorous purposes? Comedy was always hard for me; that's probably why I was appealed by some MCU movies along with "Wonder Woman"(2017), "Justice League" (2017) and animes regarding monsters.
Sean Lynott
Sean Lynott Month ago
Has anyone, besides me, lacked the foresight of extremities and their humorous purposes? Comedy was always hard for me; that's probably why I was appealed by some MCU movies, "Wonder Woman"(2017) , "Justice League" (2017) and animes regarding monsters.
Gus Month ago
The show started hyped then peaked at translucent death and then declinied a little bit and then came the final episode. I'm hyped for season 2.
Dr_Salt Month ago
Yea I feel the same. It had a really incredible start but started deflating. It was really fun tho I hope season 2 is better.
Dark O-man
Dark O-man Month ago
The show is better than the source material
BenRhysFisher Month ago
i had no idea there was comics to this!!!
peppydip Month ago
There always is. Creativity is ok, it exists but what's better then using tried and tested content?
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper Month ago
Love "Sleepwalk" instrumental in final scene of season 1
German Bonivento
German Bonivento 2 months ago
well to be fair, the comic has some real gruesome shit, and i don't think it would have been aired of they get to honor the story line to the letter. man i really wish simen pegg played hughie and i like the male villain more than the female version in the show, not because i'm against woman having that kind of character, mostly cuz that guy was a real piece of work even by that comic standarts.
Ivan Ivanovich Rasputin
The comic seems way more fun than the show, even though I really liked the show.
Roben 2 months ago
Billy in the comics is suppost to be British, but Billy on the TV show has an Aussie accent.
Aphelion Month ago
Uhm, Karl is actually Aussie, so that's his normal speaking voice. So, have no idea why it sounds fake.
Roben 2 months ago
@Nigerian Prince Yeah the 'cunt' thing we (Brits) do use but not anywhere near as much or in the same context as he was using it. He was using it in the same way Aussies use it. He's a Kiwi so he did change his accent, but he just went Aussie and it was very annoying to hear it so blatently but still being called the 'British guy' by other characters. It really makes no difference what nationality he is in the show, as this video shows there's been changes made from the comics so they might as well just own him as an Aussie, Karl Urban does a great job playing this role and is a fantastic actor, but he can't do a British accent so just scrap the idea of him being British off. Put it this way, it's a bit like putting on a Canadian accent and being called Texan.
Nigerian Prince
Nigerian Prince 2 months ago
Roben And he calls everyone cunts or twats which is pretty Aussie to me.
Argad Argad
Argad Argad 2 months ago
I thought his British accent was abit fake
BATMAN 2 months ago
I think it is actually blacknoir and not homelander, because blacknoir is a direct clone of homelander and vice versa.
Jake Zimmer
Jake Zimmer 2 months ago
Look at homelander's face when Stillwell tells him to bring everyone back alive. You can already tell he's planning to do the opposite because he's a genius but also a psychopath
Fatassnibba69 yeet
Fatassnibba69 yeet 2 months ago
Starlight had it much worse in the comics
PTFO 2 months ago
thx slipknot to introduce me to this show
Sebastian Calvey
Sebastian Calvey 2 months ago
The Justice League Has The Joker, Dr. Light and a Few Others The Seven have Homelander, A-Train, Black Noire, and The Deep The Watchmen Have The Comedian Who Does Marvel Have? ~The PervMaster
Richard S.
Richard S. 2 months ago
One more thing, the Comics is a Crossover with Porn and Super Heroes, which they can do Whatever the F$ck they want!
Dustin Bailon
Dustin Bailon 2 months ago
I enjoy the show but man they changed a lot from the comics and I don't know if I like it or dislike it but I haven't stopped watching so that has to say something
1982Nightwing 2 months ago
The comic book is a thousand times better even though the show's good, there's a lot of differences and I do mean a lot of differences. This is just a pinch of the many many differences. The Boys ran for 72 issues plus a good handful of spin-offs within the series.
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 2 months ago
They really cut out a lot of the edge lord/angry atheist vibe that was in the comic and trimmed the fat. The show is better than the comic in pretty much every way they could manage.
Woody Bootsnake
Woody Bootsnake 2 months ago
Ironically the deep then got sexually assaulted himself
Александър Скалд
Damn, she have an amazing voice.
Bumbum Inspector
Bumbum Inspector 3 months ago
"Homelander accidentally fries the controls." Accidentally was the wrong word to use in that sentence.
Jack N
Jack N 7 days ago
He only fried the controls because he’s too lazy to actually try
Kanesh Raveenthran
Nah, homelander definitely did it on purpose. He shot the first terrorist with the beam too, but he controlled it so that it wouldn't harm the other passengers, while in the cockpit he increased the intensity to fry both the controls and that terrorist. It could be a sudden decision to do so, but it's definitely not an accident.
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 27 days ago
@Sharan Kulanthavadivel I interpreted it as a legitimate accident and he just pulled the idea of blaming it on not being allowed to be there (since not even the government knew they were there) out of his ass. I could be wrong.
Sharan Kulanthavadivel
@Jacob Staten I thought he made it look like a accident to Maeve. As it was revealed later on, he wanted a reason for getting supes to war. letting the plane crash will incite people to want war more after all.
Sean Lynott
Sean Lynott Month ago
@Jacob Staten Agreed.
TragicLight 3 months ago
Pretty crazy how The Boys and Preacher were comics written by the same person, which were both adapted into TV Shows by the same people. Which both different a good bit from the source material (although Preacher is a bit closer to the comics).
Kaden Harley
Kaden Harley 3 months ago
Can someone please tell me how Homelander died in the comics!! Is it brutal?? Does he suffer? I wanna see Homelander suffer a glorious, painful death!!! Somone please tell me!! Does he die or not!?!
jack george
jack george 20 days ago
Yes, its brutal9
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 2 months ago
You don't want the ending ruined. In fact, it involves a big twist they may keep in the show and you'll enjoy it a lot more if you wait than have it spoiled. You might not even hate him as much.
D L 3 months ago
1.53 >>> that face when he tells huwey he is not a FBI agent. Brilliant, amazing actor. (Biggest LOTR fan.... never knew Karl Urban was Eomir)
Noah 'VintageWeedKiller'
He looks like a hybrid of bill hader and evan peters
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 10 days ago
Yeah!! I definitely thought Rainn Wilson and Micheal Shannon too lol
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 2 months ago
and a little bit of Michael Shannon
Ruben Chavez
Ruben Chavez 2 months ago
Noah 'VintageWeedKiller' mixed with Dwight schrute
Albert The Hun
Albert The Hun 3 months ago
Yeah like B-train is not A-train.
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron 3 months ago
He wouldn't have been caught by Translucent in the comics since he's not actually IN the comics. How did THAT detail not make the list exactly? As for the Homelander & Stillwell thing, am I the only one who was fully expecting (and also quite disappointed) that things didn't get all Hancock in that one scene? I was half-cringing waiting for it to happen....
*********** 3 months ago
Hopefully black noir still is who he is in the comics...
gentleman maniac
gentleman maniac 3 months ago
Erik Hansson I hopes he turns out to be the Batman or Rorschach of the series.
Ultimate Player
Ultimate Player 3 months ago
"insert explosives inside his...... hm.... body" seriously!
Kyle Hughley
Kyle Hughley 3 months ago
I read a little bit of the comics (enough to know about the juicy stuff lol) and let me tell you: When I found out that Becca was still alive, my jaw was hanging open for a solid 2 minutes 🤯 I have absolutely no idea what they're going to do next for season 2. Especially with Billy since his main purpose was getting revenge on Homelander.
Dario 3 months ago
can someone pls explain me who the shapeshifter supe was ?
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 2 months ago
He was just a shape shifting guy who sexually assaulted a senator in cooperation with a scheme to blackmail a sitting US senator with a threat that probably would not have even worked as far back as 2006. He wasn't in the comics.
Diego Dreossi
Diego Dreossi 3 months ago
Queen Maeve in the comics is lesbian too?
jack george
jack george 20 days ago
No just a washed out alcoholic
Jalen Ikezeue
Jalen Ikezeue 3 months ago
What happening to A-train with Compound V will be the same with the Boys and besides he used it too much which is why he Had a heart attack
Gwenpool 4 months ago
The biggest difference is that they are immune to rule34
Kayson Hoffstead
Kayson Hoffstead 4 months ago
Y'all click baiting now??
She covered for him they R getting back together
Ted Ingalls
Ted Ingalls 4 months ago
You get a thumbs down for issuing a trigger warning...you morons.
Owen Teague
Owen Teague 4 months ago
Black noir is actually a clone of homelander. You’ve been spoiled
Krypo 4 months ago
If this show was on Netflix it would be top trending
moa Month ago
@AcE Temperzz 😭😭😭😭😭
AcE Temperzz
AcE Temperzz Month ago
moa I’ve heard people try and compare daredevil to arrow verse and it’s really frustrating
moa Month ago
@Faran Khan except Daredevil, it's the best superhero show of the decade.
moa Month ago
The Boys is one of Amazon's most watched shows of 2019, its' release was more popular than The Umbrella Academy (from Netflix) and is bigger than any Marvel Netflix show. They don't need Netflix.
Faran Khan
Faran Khan 2 months ago
I'm glad it's not.. Netflix is famous for killing shows after 1 or 2 seasons, if they ain't bringing them new subscriptions. Anyways the production design and story of this show is far superior to any superhero show on Netflix
Craig Wolfe
Craig Wolfe 4 months ago
How awful was Simon Peggs American accent though?
jack george
jack george 20 days ago
Not as awful as urbans english accent...wtf was that meant to be be!?
Tora 4 months ago
If they keep out Mother's Milk's well... Mother.. that will be a great change. I still have PTSD from that scene ugh.
Oscar Armando Arroyo Guerra
What Happened to him on the comic??
xc5647321 xc5647321
xc5647321 xc5647321 4 months ago
He loses a side kick named ROBIN....hmmmmmmmm
ExMachina70 4 months ago
Simon Pegg kicked ass in his role as the father.
brucenatelee 4 months ago
I enjoyed both, but still wish to see adaptations done faithfully. On one hand, fans may not want to just know what is gonna happen, but on the other, we wanna see how it is done in motion.
Tora 4 months ago
I'm just excited for the plot point with black noir. Can't wait to see that >:).
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