The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story

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The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story is a documentary feature that tells the story of famed boy band impresario Lou Pearlman. The film tracks his life from his childhood in Queens, through discovering mega-bands *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, and chronicles his later life, including his perpetration of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history.
This is the first time this story has ever been told from the perspective of the people involved, from the Boy Band members themselves, to Ponzi scheme investors to Lou’s childhood friends. Interviewees include : Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC), AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Aaron Carter and Ashley Parker Angel (OTown).
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Apr 3, 2019




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jomac attack
jomac attack 4 hours ago
Lou perlamin was pure evil and it's sad to see the damge he caused and how brain washed Nick's brother was i kinda felt bad for Aaron I remember reading about the scheme and Lou's death and thinking what posses someone to commit so much evil
Zlatan Axiemovic
Zlatan Axiemovic 16 hours ago
BSB is better. Period.
Handmaid Tale
Handmaid Tale 21 hour ago
Aaron is gay... after further watching his reaction to the cameras Aaron is a child. Lol. Don’t do drugs yall.
F T Day ago
Arron carter lol what a touched child
Andrescia Hooten
JC didn’t say hardly anything in the documentary
Andrescia Hooten
This can be made into a movie
MzGumby02 Day ago
GBody Rob
GBody Rob Day ago
And the parents are just as evil ! Because they traded their kids for money...and all of them are gay now...from being molested as kids 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Avg Joe Show
Avg Joe Show 2 days ago
Dang you can tell Aaron has a story there. Poor kid. I hope he can find his peace.
Gerardo deGuzman
Gerardo deGuzman 2 days ago
Who writes these songs.
Techn9cian123 2 days ago
Mainly Max Martin. He wrote all their hits as well as Britney’s, Pink, kelly clarkson, Katy perry, Taylor Swift.
Guisella Vanessa aguinaga
I was madly in love with Lance. 😍
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood 2 days ago
Everyone's saying how together Lance is - as far as I can tell the only one who isn't wasn't in either band. Aaron is the only one who feels and sounds and looks totally broken. All the rest of the guys sound like normal dudes.
Melynda Orr
Melynda Orr 2 days ago
Aaron Carter is cracked out
Techn9cian123 2 days ago
You can see a white powder in his nose
sniperwipers 2 days ago
He sounds like Purple Acky. Let me feel ya muscles.
Sarah Balcom
Sarah Balcom 2 days ago
Damn I grew up in Florida and now I know all those modeling shows I was in at the mall were just free labor, and I didn’t even get to keep the clothes 😂 also I was *constantly* trying to get slimed/picked for shows at universal so I could be on tv
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 2 days ago
35:15 kids... that noise is a landline telephone ☎️ that is off the hook. Yes, they still exist. 📝 Landline Telephone doesn’t use any electricity. So... it still works even if there’s a power outage.
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 2 days ago
Lance was always my favorite. I had the biggest crush on him. This was prior to Lance coming out. My friends somehow knew he was gay though. I dont know. He was just the one that was my favorite. He still looks great too. 📝 How cute is Lance’s Mom?!?
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 2 days ago
I still remember TRL. Each weekday, it was either BSB or Nsnyc that was #1 followed by the other at #2
ThatJohanna 3 days ago
Watching this an hour in, I've come away with two major points. Aaron Carter for sure was touched by Lou Pearlman and clearly was using during the time of this recording. Lastly Brian Littrell was always my husband I'm proud he had the cojones to stand up to Lou.
lillith77 3 days ago
Aaron Carter is gone. Hopefully he finds his way back
Maritza V. Arellano
Please let me know what other documentaries you guys recommend.
Izzy Bleu
Izzy Bleu 3 days ago
Tale as old as time
Kamandab 3 days ago
Reminds me of the current president of the United States ... The Consummate Conman. And half a nation is under his spell because they’re ignorant, fearful and racist.
CocoLoco Whatwhat
“He LOVED food”. .......no fucken joke?!??
Imnmbr One
Imnmbr One 3 days ago
These MOMagers are laughable-selling their kids souls for $$$, pathetic!
Joe Robilotta
Joe Robilotta 3 days ago
Aaron Carter looks sickly.
Baba Ganoush
Baba Ganoush 3 days ago
Lou part of the Epstein crew.
Garrielee Peck
Garrielee Peck 3 days ago
My heart goes out to these people .poor young women bless there hearts . They were all completely fucked over down to greed .power its never enough for some people
jay C
jay C 3 days ago
Nothing is free....
Heather brooke
Heather brooke 3 days ago
Aaron needs some serious therapy, he's got some serious problems! I don't know if it's the drugs or what happened to him as a child
Nikki Lengyel
Nikki Lengyel 3 days ago
Lou looks like he was a big fan of pizza. If you know what I mean. 🍕
Fer Xtrada
Fer Xtrada 4 days ago
Wow, ya lo había visto, pero esto realmente de deja el estómago vacío: el dinero siempre es el mismo, sólo se mueve de un lugar a otro y mientras alguien tenga mucho, siempre viene de quien menos te lo esperas y de quien más lo necesita... qué ser tan alejado de humanidad puede estafar a quienes han trabajado por años para conseguirlo... es cruel.
Peter Piperman
Peter Piperman 4 days ago
I would never trust a blimp with a necktie never ever sign any contract without at least one entertainment attorney taking a look at it That's why these creeps prey on children...if you think this whole scenario is the exception to the rule you are wrong this is very commonplace 56:30 the Latino George Clooney 1:03 :42 Lou is an expert at push-ups😃😄😜🤨 apparently 1:07 :46 many young songwriters go to Nashville with their folder of songs and they end up missing Their songs aren't missing but they are😈👿
phughesphoto 4 days ago
Aaron is very defensive isn’t he?
Sharie Huang
Sharie Huang 4 days ago
American hustler
Jenny Stark
Jenny Stark 4 days ago
Another great documentary on Lou Pearlman is The Boyband Scam : Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync that explores the pedophelia angle
Ajda A.
Ajda A. Day ago
Is that the title?
Laquita Gilmer
Laquita Gilmer 4 days ago
Where’s Justin T’s testimony?
Louis York
Louis York 4 days ago
Lou remind anybody else of Biff from Back to the Future?
Marnie Bryks
Marnie Bryks 4 days ago
Apparently something really tragic happened to Aaron Carter by this Pearlman character. His behaviour is so irrational.
Realaw1 4 days ago
I'm so naive. It wasn't until I saw this that I realized why Aaron Carter is so screwed up. Poor guy. You always think its the drugs that make people so messed up but its actually the things that have happened to them (they are just self-medicating with the drugs) that really screwed them up. Lou may have stoled a lot of peoples' money but he stole Aarons life.
Horny Women Pictures Presentes
yes, the drugs are just a coping mechanism at that point
Edwin Colon
Edwin Colon 5 days ago
De singer are gay u could tell it was rough for de kids but gay
Anna Troup
Anna Troup 5 days ago
Typical Social Path. Classic Aaron needs those demons that are oppressing him cast out!
Grind Gears
Grind Gears 5 days ago
Aaron is crazy...cant take his opinion seriously
Ruth Estep
Ruth Estep 5 days ago
He did what Jews do.
Ruth Estep
Ruth Estep 5 days ago
I wonder how many of these guys speaking well of Lou Perlman compromised themselves sexually to Him. They have to protect him to protect themselves.
Coco Poco
Coco Poco 5 days ago
So brave of them to speak up...
Tasha Anand-Burnett
Something is definitely wrong with Aaron Carter. The way he is reacting to what the others are saying about Lou is not in a collected, or calm manner at all. It’s in a denying, angry, defensive way. He’s been abused. Lou abused him.
Hemingway 5 days ago
I want to start a boy band. Hey does this guy still manage?
ShyGuy83 4 days ago
Did you even bother to watch the documentary? Unless you're being ironic, that's very stupid.
Hemingway 4 days ago
@David Burney well damn........I guess it makes sense.
ginger elvira
ginger elvira 4 days ago
Died of fatmans disease
David Burney
David Burney 5 days ago
He’s dead
Billie Ariel
Billie Ariel 5 days ago
I highly recommend everyone watches also the Reel Truth Crime documentary as it goes a bit deeper into the pedophile aspect of it all. It also has a statement from Pearlman's assistant and his story is probably the saddest of them all.
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz 5 days ago
1:31 :48 is Aaron in denial?? Or something else went on with him? 🤔🤔
BronzeBullBalls 5 days ago
"Pioneering music.?" Will anyone, anywhere even remember the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC 30 years from now? Are they ground breaking music on the level of Metallica or Led Zeppelin? LOL C'mon!
Billie Ariel
Billie Ariel 5 days ago
so pretty much the Backstreet Boys are SHINee and N'Sync are EXO. Got it.
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz 5 days ago
24:20 i can personally relate to them.. but i think in the end i ended up choosing NSYNC because Justin was going out with Britney🙈🙈... oh my 😅😅 those days i missed them
Nikki Travis
Nikki Travis 5 days ago
Sad to know such talented young men were taken advantage of and abused by an old conman. Poor Aaron. I just feel so bad for him. He must have been so confused and conflicted.
Meredith Smith
Meredith Smith 5 days ago
He is a Gummy Bear?!?
Stacy Stewart
Stacy Stewart 5 days ago
The guy behind New Edition and NKOTB did the same thing
Zen Madster
Zen Madster 5 days ago
Boy band prove that music is not the important part to a successful music career. It's all about image.
Barbie Duncan
Barbie Duncan 5 days ago
He raped those boys and it was well known in that neighborhood
Felipe Figueiredo Hergovic
Aaé Aaeiou
joli minou
joli minou 5 days ago
OMG i remember that disney special of nsync. I feel so old.
Josh Life
Josh Life 6 days ago
Who is the singer in the closing song
A A 6 days ago
Some still think Lou's greatest crimes were the boy bands in the first place.
princess in mittens
Lou Pearman should be Trump's best friend. Sounds they are they exact same.
Gil Torres
Gil Torres 6 days ago
When I see Lou Pearlman I’m grossed out, my eyes are offended and I’m not interested in being around him at all. Oh Aaron a fat disgusting pig is teaching you how to get fit 😂
Do Like You Would Be Done By
Looks like a giant gay club
Donna Phillips-Keaton
This is horrible, I never knew any of this.
Karol katherine
Karol katherine 6 days ago
I understand what you are feeling,i find out a few years ago in Latin America at the time this was common knowledge. I used to love both bands tho BSB had always be my favorite. When i saw that Lou had interfered with Nick(my favorite) it broke my heart...there's another documentary in it they talk about as a "event that almost destroyed the Carter family that involved Lou" Nick was the youngest of both bands and the most vulnerable.
stringybeanss 6 days ago
Justin Timerlakes real voice is crazy 20:00
wannamama31 6 days ago
This documentary was like 2% milk.. Yes, it is milk... However, extremely watered down.
Rob Radical
Rob Radical 6 days ago
The irony when comparing this to Taylor Swift's fake music industry drama is hilarious.
Rehab 6 days ago
Never Let your Manager be your accountant....That is History....Young & Vulnerable...What your Looking For; Is What is Looking...St Francis of Assisi
Rob Radical
Rob Radical 6 days ago
Aaron Carter was 100% sexually abused and all they're doing is sticking a camera in his face.
Aaron And lexi
Aaron And lexi 6 days ago
Charming don't think so what a horrible horrible human disgraceful
Aaron And lexi
Aaron And lexi 6 days ago
Make a film please all of you get your $ , you all deserve it please 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
Aaron And lexi
Aaron And lexi 6 days ago
I wish so much l could help these lads , this is not acceptable 🔴
Scott Pollack
Scott Pollack 6 days ago
Lou Pearlman MANIPULATED PEOPLE! He cared about Money over People! PERIOD!
Melissa Irwin
Melissa Irwin 6 days ago
Lance and his mother are the best thing I’ve seen today. ❤️
Victor Castillo
Victor Castillo 6 days ago
Hey now
F.B. Chair
F.B. Chair 7 days ago
Love the dopes who came in after Nsync and Backstreet and thought they'd get anything resembling a fair deal. Some people will do just about anything to "make it", I guess.
Felipe Barbosa
Felipe Barbosa 7 days ago
🔥 🤘🏼😌
casedinlight 7 days ago
What happened to Aaron Carter stays with Aaron Carter. Aaron's party is over.
ginger elvira
ginger elvira 4 days ago
Yea he's Broke with No employable skills. Dont U know who I am?
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