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First trailer for Brahms: The Boy 2


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Jan 8, 2020




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Hannah Hawkes
Hannah Hawkes 6 hours ago
guys stop hating on a movie that hasn't even come out yet
Shivanee Lucas
Shivanee Lucas 7 hours ago
Creepy ##
raven bard
raven bard 20 hours ago
Noooo, why did they make a sequel?!! The first one was brilliant; the plot twist at the end was so amazing! And now they made it into a cookie cutter possession flick. Siiiigh... Also in what world do you see a giant, ancient house in the middle of the woods, miles from civilization and think "hey, this is a safe place!" Crazy. Totally crazy.
MrSausagess 23 hours ago
Can’t wait for The Boy 3 Man Utd 0
Billy Joe
Billy Joe Day ago
This movie is so nice... I dont know how to go home after i watch it...
Focus OnBaseball
I’m on my way to cinema
Iam An egg
Iam An egg 2 days ago
I would rather watch a romantic comedy of brahms and greta
RunningStar Ayodela
Ok the makers of scary movies that are funny need to put this lil dude to work why he gotta list I got one too. Wash my hair shit kiss me goodnight make up my bed wash all these Mfkn dishes this lil devil bastered got a whole ass mansion let’s throw part er weekend and Tuesday’s lol Shm over this lil boy.
poktya 3 days ago
Who fear in 2021 by non technical ghosts
Hana Onna
Hana Onna 4 days ago
Jastine Varery Nurwan
Everybody here thinks that this a possesion or annabelle type of movies. But did you all see at 2:02 when jude give the mom some notes and say " i love you mommy" with teary eyes? And the mom replies with the teary eyes too. It probably proof that the boy did all of that bad things because he was forced to do it or else the mom will get hurt by 'the real Bhrams' who lived inside the wall. And at the end scene we can see the human hands and the bigger Brahms comes out. Isn't it pretty obvious that this still the same 'genre' with before? Note: sorry for bad english
Lalang Sejati
Lalang Sejati 4 days ago
Jared Kushner is that you !?
Raja Live Vlógß
Star Golpo RUvid channel থেকে কে কে এসেছেন.....
Suzanne Hannouf
Suzanne Hannouf 4 days ago
This movie going to make people hate boys .
Joshua Pinho
Joshua Pinho 5 days ago
The paranormal act could be the mother dreaming or hallucinating.
suriyah 5 days ago
Jordan Jay
Jordan Jay 5 days ago
tenzin tsenpey
tenzin tsenpey 5 days ago
boring. same old same old. New bottle, old wine.
Namjesus Hoe
Namjesus Hoe 5 days ago
This story doesn't even makes sense the first one was abt Brahms hiding in a wall and this one is abt paranormal...
Mike D
Mike D 5 days ago
The doll looks like Tobey Maguire
Gihi Kyrt
Gihi Kyrt 6 days ago
I love first one I hope this one will be good to
Alicia lovis
Alicia lovis 6 days ago
Does anyone else hate the people that make vids of mistakes about films because those vids ruin it for everyone else.
Jon Clark
Jon Clark 6 days ago
Looks like my sort of film. I will re watch the first this weekend then go and see the 2nd.
rafin jobaer
rafin jobaer 6 days ago
I think i saw whole movie in 2 mins..
Lucifer Morning star
It seems like I am the only one who gets the first movie here. The first and the second both of them make sense. You just got to understand how. Rewatch the first movie and look at the trailer of the second movie. The man in the wall and the boy has two things in common. The mask and having an obsession with the doll. You guys don't understand do you. I won't explain it try to build-up theories
Oki'llstop p
Oki'llstop p 6 days ago
Wait so Jude is Brahms...I’m so confused
Rana Mo
Rana Mo 7 days ago
Is this a prequel?
Jskal Benekeke
Jskal Benekeke 5 days ago
BowlofIndoMee 7 days ago
I thought the boy is a girl 'June' and the story is about her falling in love with the doll, goes on a date and having marriage planning for the future
Mayur Thoke
Mayur Thoke 7 days ago
Comme Des Garçons
I like the 1st movie But this one ? With the doll turns into a ghostly thing and those cheap jumpscares ? I think I'll pass
1k subs with no vids?
I need to watch this
Chestney Chiller
Chestney Chiller 8 days ago
Some of the people in these comments are stupid. 1. It doesn’t make sense for this to be a prequel (before the events of the first film) because the painting from the first film is literally in this trailer. 2. The boy in this trailer isn’t Brahms, his name is Jude. 3. Half the people think the parents never knew he was in the walls, they wrote him a letter before they left. They knew. Some of y’all need a refresh on the first film bc I refuse to believe this is a prequel when the doll is smashed
dolphinsflirty 9 days ago
this doesn't look good.
Gavin Tackett
Gavin Tackett 9 days ago
I truly hope what the trailer is showing is dream sequences similar to the first movie so realistically it is still the middle aged man with the new family just showing more of the history too.
GilCAnjos 9 days ago
0:16 Kid scares mom in a completely natural way, creepy soundtrack tries to scare you 1:21 Main character makes a scary face to the doll, creepy soundtrack tries to scare you Don't you guys just *love* horror movie trailers?
Lisauglybitch Lisaugly
Thomas Studstrup
Thomas Studstrup 11 days ago
Nice to see Katie Holmes in a movie again. But the first one sucked. It wasnt even about a possessed doll. Ad the female lead was about 16 years too old for her part.
Rana Hayali
Rana Hayali 11 days ago
I feel that most of new horror movies use children as basic material and face to face with violence and that’s really sick .
Anthony Voorhees
Anthony Voorhees 11 days ago
we can’t get no Jason movie instead we get this shit !!!
Elena kamelia
Elena kamelia 11 days ago
Can't wait 😍
All Kpop Is Life
All Kpop Is Life 12 days ago
Everyone in comments: that doll was supposed to be just a doll. Me: .... That doll supposed to be just a regular creepy looking doll without being possessed? *Sip ☕* Interesting
All Kpop Is Life
All Kpop Is Life 10 days ago
@Kilian Belahcene I still thought that doll was possessed.
Kilian Belahcene
Kilian Belahcene 10 days ago
yeah in the first movie, we are made to believe that the doll is possessed by a dead child, but the plot twist is, that that child never actually died. All the creepy things were just him (now around 30) hiding in the walls
bosy alsisi
bosy alsisi 12 days ago
This is not even the same of the first movie this is like another sifferent movie
Asfandyar Talpur
Asfandyar Talpur 12 days ago
Annabel is alone this boy doll is alone i guess both will make perfect couple just like chuky and his bride ..... !!
Average Asians Productions
Who wants to bet at the end the Nun is there and Annabelle shows up, because every new horror film does this now.
Rakesh Shirase
Rakesh Shirase 13 days ago
# horror story loves love to see horror video then afterwards it's very hard to go to washroom 😭 who had experience like
ceha Hidayat
ceha Hidayat 14 days ago
Kapan nih film tayang
Frederick *****
Frederick ***** 14 days ago
So fuck all movie cinematic and theater's the ads are just soo fucking annoying
Netveri 15 days ago
I watched it for Lauren Cohan. ( the walking dead )
Emre Utas
Emre Utas 15 days ago
Ne zaman ağa
Khush Sohal
Khush Sohal 15 days ago
copying anabella
Yeshi Wangmo
Yeshi Wangmo 15 days ago
I am waiting for the movie.❤
GERARD MACON 15 days ago
This movie went from a crazy pervert hiding in the walls of the house to a possessed doll 🙄.
Lilith Devil
Lilith Devil 15 days ago
The kid looks like a yound lord Voldemort
AllGodsDue 16 days ago
People are saying it doesn't make sense, but it does. It just changes things. The boy from the first movie must of gone insane and become a killer because of the doll. Disappointing because it makes it another generic haunted doll movie, but at least it provides some more backstory.
NICE creative
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh 16 days ago
What a stupid idea -lets live in forest instead of living in village or town.... These things make movie more comedy than horror
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes 16 days ago
Jump scares are silly.
The DopeCircle
The DopeCircle 16 days ago
I just want this film to be a lil bit long than the old one.
The Bread
The Bread 16 days ago
Original Brahms is rolling in his grave...in the walls...
Rebati Nayak
Rebati Nayak 16 days ago
1.46 is that guy from bigdwass tv?
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