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Conan claims he isn’t a boomer, but can he name his favorite Billie Eilish song?
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Nov 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Inderpal Singh Assi
I'm sorry, I'm a millennial and I can say that we don't live for the "gram" Facebook is nice...also who the hell eats Avocado toast...I mean what next pineapple pizza
Elijah Arenas
Elijah Arenas 7 days ago
Damn man, I’m a teen and I failed the majority of the questions
Sastra Pegon
Sastra Pegon 10 days ago
" most authistic skit i ever watch " - zoomer
Asahel 19 days ago
its like saying "ok old man"
realoscargv 28 days ago
If a person uses Impact Font, they are a boomer
Fitz Hugh
Fitz Hugh 22 days ago
futura and helvetica is the way to go!!
geforce now addict
Okay boomer
Ringo Dallas
Ringo Dallas Month ago
Okay teenybopper
M T Month ago
ok boomer
Batoor Khan
Batoor Khan 2 months ago
when I saw this a month later my friend texted me smdh I said why are you starting your DAMN HONDA I haven't heard from him since
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon 2 months ago
*O K B O O M E R*
kilabot749 2 months ago
If Jack Benny was still alive today, he would be a millenial because he is 39 years old, haha.
Viking Valkyrie
Viking Valkyrie 2 months ago
Phil B
Phil B 2 months ago
If she’s a Millennial, I’m 3
ItsChilly 2 months ago
Ha. Hmm yes I am very entertained. Hmm...? What will you do next? Will you crack a silly funny man? How many sillies will be cracked tonight late night funny man? Hmm I do wonder
Pink Guy
Pink Guy 2 months ago
Hey atleast boomers had been through segregation, ww2, the vietnam war, the polio outbreak, the small pox outbreak, the korean war, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and alot more others, i think that baby boomers need the respect that they need.
Marcel Gardner
Marcel Gardner 3 months ago
Smdh Saturating My Denmark Ham
Guy Smith
Guy Smith 3 months ago
Damn kids
inbal 3 months ago
this is the best thing I've seen on the internet lately. Conan making fun of kids by being an absolute boomer and showing how dumb our trend culture really is
Mason Fuck cancer
Mason Fuck cancer 3 months ago
its not about the gram its about reddit dude
Rational Thinker
Rational Thinker 3 months ago
I am gen z but people just need an excuse to use ok boomer. Most of the times it has nothing to do with the boomer mentality.
James Latini
James Latini 4 months ago
Dranzer H
Dranzer H 4 months ago
This sketch was the most boomer thing I’ve ever seen
LewDVA Time
LewDVA Time 4 months ago
Yet what even is a boomer?
Ahmed Nasir Saeed
Ahmed Nasir Saeed 4 months ago
I had to look up the word smdh and im a gen z
Allan Of El Salvador
"Whatever kid" should be the new thing.
Diego Rocha
Diego Rocha 4 months ago
Facebook being a boomer social media is a meme or people really think that of fb?
Brandon G
Brandon G 4 months ago
Funny I get a facebook ad after they say no one uses facebook
Un homme qui court.
Un homme qui court. 4 months ago
i didn t get the avocado part. I m a teenager and i don t know what the hell is this avocado toast
LastbutNotFirst 4 months ago
growing up.. boomer to me, was the kid who was much older than the rest of us.. he dug out a bike racing track in the woods.. it was stuff of legends.
한창희 4 months ago
sharkman265 4 months ago
Conan just got Boomered !!!
DamageIncM 4 months ago
The millennial in this skit looks like she's 40...
DamageIncM 4 months ago
Conan is such a Boomer, he doesn't even realize that the "OK, Boomer!" remark is years old. Nor do most other people on the internet.
hossein shahabandaz
hossein shahabandaz 4 months ago
1:23 HIS ?!
Gilbert Wong
Gilbert Wong 4 months ago
Now my favorite Billie Eilish music is no time to die
Joris Bohnson
Joris Bohnson 4 months ago
Ok boomer
OG GamerLTU 4 months ago
killed the meme in half a second
Mustafa VR
Mustafa VR 4 months ago
Nobody expects the spanish Inquisition
Riley Kuczkowski
Riley Kuczkowski 4 months ago
I hate everyone here, everyone is terrible. Conan plz just go back on sampsans.
JearlKing 4 months ago
boomer is a lifestyle, a mindset. let them joke. i am a 23 year old boomer and i love it
DeepVibes 4 months ago
JearlKing Imagine being a boomer when you’re apart of the generation you look down on.
Dovydas Urbonas
Dovydas Urbonas 4 months ago
So so much cringe......
Eric Lawrence
Eric Lawrence 4 months ago
It is way more than doing something stupid... it is about lecturing the poor people their generation robbed blind about how to do things by them being ultra greedy and out of touch with reality.
陈恩宋 5 months ago
Ok boomer
Lumpy Mushroom
Lumpy Mushroom 5 months ago
I wish I was a Boomer, I'd actually know how to manage my money and I wouldn't have to leech of my parents, because our pension would have disappeared by the time we turn 25
Spa Splaaash
Spa Splaaash 5 months ago
We can except Conan as a boomer
PandaCS 5 months ago
ok boomer
Gert Gimaletdinov
Gert Gimaletdinov 5 months ago
Ok boomer
MJS 5 months ago
Just found out scientist are now saying that suicide is an option
David Hutts
David Hutts 5 months ago
Ok Booomer
bruh #1
bruh #1 5 months ago
Ok bommer
Oto Chkhaidze
Oto Chkhaidze 5 months ago
Ok Boomer
Nayten 03
Nayten 03 5 months ago
This was painful, they completely misinterpreted what “I’m boomer” is and stands for
jackthealienboy 5 months ago
please let this be written by a millennial
Sgt. Waffles
Sgt. Waffles 5 months ago
Ok boomer
Jasjit Bajwa
Jasjit Bajwa 5 months ago
Ok boomer
number woah
number woah 5 months ago
Ok boomer
Kyle Perlman
Kyle Perlman 5 months ago
I’m here at 666k views
Klont123 5 months ago
It’s painful seeing someone not getting the core concept.
Rude Grouch
Rude Grouch 5 months ago
He was born 1963 Boomers are 1946-1964 The council has decided his fate
Skydoeskill YT
Skydoeskill YT 5 months ago
Conan is one of the boomers that i respect
deezebee2 5 months ago
ok zoomer
Dornla 5 months ago
Gen X are boomers
LilkxngG X
LilkxngG X 5 months ago
Imagine how mad we r going to be when the next generation calling us boomer. Or maybe we won't even survive to hear them say it.
Kim Yo Jong's Sandwich
ok zoomer
LiLBOOGRiii VERT 5 months ago
I don't care what you all say but Richter is also a boomer
Superpopem 5 months ago
Anybody trying to be practical! Ok boomer...
aviral 5 months ago
Default Profile Picture
people laugh at this?
Nadia Shireen Siddiqi
Baby Boomer not just boomer. Bad guy is the favourite across generations.
Omar Gu
Omar Gu 5 months ago
Conan is the only boomer I like
Nevin Maasa
Nevin Maasa 5 months ago
Conan is looking so irish
PandaKnives 5 months ago
I'm a millennial and I never Heard a Billie Eilish Song. (And don't want to) The people who do gives me the feeling it's Trash Music
salvador vasquez
salvador vasquez 5 months ago
I did not expected the boomer inquisition.
Sebastian Skuba
Sebastian Skuba 5 months ago
*Ok Boomer*
Random Things
Random Things 5 months ago
Where did you get that meme 2009 boomer
lRobinHoodI 5 months ago
The 2K dislikes are from facebook users
Absent SNZ
Absent SNZ 5 months ago
I just think of history of the world part 1 the Inquisition song
Toby Wan Kenobi
Toby Wan Kenobi 5 months ago
Wait, everyone listens to Billie Eilish now? I am stuck in the 90's and listening to Metallica somehow?
Toby Wan Kenobi
Toby Wan Kenobi 5 months ago
@asddas fdsdfssdf lmao, me go BOOM!
asddas fdsdfssdf
asddas fdsdfssdf 5 months ago
@Toby Wan Kenobi a booming millenial
Toby Wan Kenobi
Toby Wan Kenobi 5 months ago
@asddas fdsdfssdf Damn, I guess I really am a Boomer, even though I am born in 2004 wich statistically makes me a millenial.
asddas fdsdfssdf
asddas fdsdfssdf 5 months ago
ok boomer
Jack o' Lantern
Jack o' Lantern 5 months ago
Ok boomer
CyclonicWings 29
CyclonicWings 29 5 months ago
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson 5 months ago
Conan is part of the outrage mob. I used to love watching him until the sjw mentality came in
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