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Life has changed for just about everybody over the last few weeks, including the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen. We've gone remote so we're going to be cooking from home for a while. Join Brad Leone, Claire Saffitz, Carla Lalli Music, Sohla El-Waylly, Rick Martinez, Andy Baraghani, Molly Baz, Gaby Melian, Chris Morocco, Amiel Stanek, Priya Krishna, Christina Chaey and Alex Delany as they cook from their homes, their parents' homes, or even rental homes in the desert, Mexico and Long Island. Bon Appétit is here to cook at home with you.
Filmed on 3/19/2020
Check out Molly's Joshua Tree AirBnB here: www.airbnb.com/rooms/21028165
Claire’s apartment photos courtesy of Alec Kugler for Coveteur
#stayhome cook #withme
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The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is Cooking at Home | Bon Appétit


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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 80
bigdadi42994 Day ago
what is priya's shirt please someone tell me
D Bag
D Bag 4 days ago
Can't believe Chris actually came in a lady
Amalia Rose
Amalia Rose 11 days ago
Are we not going to talk about Sohla playing with the knife the whole time. I was so scared she was going to run her fingers down that knife and cut herself.
aaron carr
aaron carr 12 days ago
No one else wonder who Amiel’s “friend” is?
Kristine Mae Magtubo
Who else literally watches BA videos while they're washing dishes? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Disgraced Ape
Disgraced Ape 15 days ago
Gaby is so precious 🥰
yomi _
yomi _ 16 days ago
When im sad/depressed/spiraling/anxious I watch your videos to calm down. Thank u guys.
Jessa Balatbat
Jessa Balatbat 17 days ago
Brad is me in denial that I'm slowly going crazy
Kasandra Perez
Kasandra Perez 18 days ago
Seeing Claire’s fiancé HURTTTTT
Yahli Rosenberg
Yahli Rosenberg 20 days ago
clara's kids are so cute tho
Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed 20 days ago
No, YOU can't have another BANANAAAA !!!
Luna and Stella
Luna and Stella 20 days ago
And oh, drinks. Definetly drinking more now.. so some nice juicy drinks to make the alcohol a bit more healthy maybe?
Luna and Stella
Luna and Stella 20 days ago
You guys are what keeps me sane during quarantine. I am cooking a bit more, but still working (essential worker) and want to avoid supermarkets as much as I can (i used to shop almost daily) so the pantry pastas are amazing. Would love to se some summer salads too.
ambur wanek
ambur wanek 20 days ago
Brad: “alright beat it”😂
Ato Lee
Ato Lee 21 day ago
Sohla: "What do I do with 300lbs of chicken parm, which is what is in my fridge right now?" Me, who's favorite food on the WHOLE ENTIRE PLANET is chicken parm and I have not had it in MONTHS: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 GIRL. HOOK ME UPPPPP. 😭😭😭😭
Dexy83 23 days ago
Anyone else cringe watching Shola playing with the knife at the end of her clip? 😨 🔪😷😉
Tehani Soh
Tehani Soh 24 days ago
Video idea! One pot dinners! I’d love to see what you guys come up with 😊❤️
Aleksandra 25 days ago
136kg of chicken parm in a fridge!! Sohla, you crazy woman!
ilovellamas 25 days ago
brad is so intense it gives me anxiety
Monique Siruge
Monique Siruge 25 days ago
Quaranqueens! Every single one of them.
vesito17 26 days ago
Steve seems to be the choice name for a lot of random objects in general (referencing other shows as well as articles and stories I’ve read blogs and various other publications)
Meg_Maverick 27 days ago
Priya's parents are so cute!
Mo Essop
Mo Essop Month ago
MyGeckosAreBlue Month ago
The way he says "beat it" and they giggle and run off just melts my heart. Who knew "beat it" was such a sweet term of endearment? You can tell he's a great dad by how happy and comfortable his kids are around him.
19Jetta Month ago
I never really noticed before but Chris has truly lovely skin...
flourchylde49 Month ago
Brad's kitchen...…..is the only kitchen I could not function in. Chaos.
Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin Month ago
Nice Berkey Amiel
tinkles30 Month ago
Priya's mom is HOT! Her dad is a lucky guy...
Christopher Barrows
I’m so grateful of these series...I miss you guys!
Dustin Horn
Dustin Horn Month ago
thanks to you all! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott Month ago
Everyone: what do we do here Brad: *just does the same as always.*
Rawrioreo Month ago
Just wanna say that I love Sohla's yellow wall with the hanging geometry thinggy hehe❤
Lauren Nesi
Lauren Nesi Month ago
sad that brad and claire are not together.
choo Month ago
10:35 a very precious moment
Grrr 1
Grrr 1 Month ago
Glad to see everyone's doing well. We can do this!!! Cheers~!!
Roxana Etemadi
Roxana Etemadi Month ago
I'm with Sohla: I miss having eaters! The neighbours and I used to share food, all the time. Now, we're all just eating our own food. My next-door neighbour rang me and said, "This is so sad; we can't share food, any more." Food was the way we communicated, the way we connected. I don't even bother, now. Yeah, I feel for Sohla.
BetterKnownAsDK Month ago
I thought his reflective counter top was a TV screen in the counter 😅🤣🤣. I was just staring like, "Woowww! He lives a very interesting life."
Sam Yang
Sam Yang Month ago
I just all love of these guys and gals. And of course the people behind the camera and setting things up in the crazy time so that we still get good content. I'm just grateful.
Vlad Ilkevich
Vlad Ilkevich Month ago
Lisa Bruckmüller
it would be rlly interesting to see what rick picked up in terms of kitchen equipment! as a kind of guide for what to have in a properly equipped kitchen
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz Month ago
"change to put on clean sweatpants" 😂 I felt that
Faustdiefotze Month ago
Brad is annoying no mater where he is. Ruins so many great videos
excno Month ago
i think the kitchen is not the only thing that’s “lovely”, Andy 🙃
Tino J
Tino J Month ago
why am i not surprised that delany didn't get out of his piyama... going full hef.
Morgan Sites
Morgan Sites Month ago
Brad: CEO of “what was the question”
FoodAbroad Month ago
I looove Molly's kitchen! It's so nice.
Ramena A
Ramena A Month ago
Priyas parents standing being her proudly the whole time is THE MOST brown/middle eastern thing I’ve ever seen. Like those are my parents 1100000000000% 😂❤️
BURN-E 20 days ago
I spat my water when they zoomed on the dad's face LOL
Alecstreme Gaming
"What do i do with 300 lbs of chicken parm? Which is what's in my fridge right now?" Why is this such a feeling that i cant describe
Emma Janse
Emma Janse Month ago
12:20 she is just the cutest
elitekitchen مطبخ النخبة
Arabic recipes follow me, easy to translate
Lemontree Month ago
i did not expect Chris's clocks to be different times lol
Reigning On you
Reigning On you Month ago
I love this format
Dylan Bonansinga
I can definitely smash 400 lbs of chicken parm.
Eymi C
Eymi C Month ago
I love Gaby so much
Katy Walton
Katy Walton Month ago
This made me feel so much better
Janelle Batta
Janelle Batta Month ago
Priya's mom is so beautiful!
Eadgyth Amharach
Love the realization about the amount of equipment and clean up 😊
Kay Bryant
Kay Bryant Month ago
South jersey ayeeee my area
Yanko Rodriguez
Yanko Rodriguez Month ago
Rick Martinez está en mi estado alv
emma03 Month ago
They should do videos where we submit pictures of some random stuff in our pantry and they tell us what we can make with that. They could get through 3 or 4 people in one video if they want. They don’t even have to create the dish on the video, just tell us what we can make. Ya know? I’d live for that personally. BA if you ever want to hire me just to do this, I could make meals based off of people’s pantry. Like as a RUvid series. Just let me know.
niansillabffs Month ago
7:16 WOAH 😳 😏
Wil's Month ago
6:51 rick is like the younger version of priya father. :D
Wil's Month ago
this is why i love bon appetit, they show us their relationship like a big family instead of just a cooking channel and cooking video only. :) stay safe everyone!!!
Kavita Goyal
Kavita Goyal Month ago
Brad..... LoL...omg...did I said Q word....so.. much fun WFH
Ashley Mares
Ashley Mares Month ago
I love Sohla!!!! I love her vibe!
Knock Knock PENNY
When Andy said “in Long Island” I cringed. Every true Long Islander knows it’s ON Long Island, not in. One of our biggest pet peeves. 🤣
Dai Duarte
Dai Duarte Month ago
Love you babies
Foreign Banana bread
Sohla is awesome!
Rachel Starks
Rachel Starks Month ago
You could focus on making the presentation better on everyday items because that always takes a lot of time.
Katze Ja
Katze Ja Month ago
Carlaaaa, yes, thank you for thinking about the amount of dishes/equipment we use to make meals. The dishes do feel so endless.
Charlize Irwan
Charlize Irwan Month ago
Best line of 2020 Sohla: I wish i could just have Chris taste my pie and tell me if its ok Chris: hehe
Salett Guerra
Salett Guerra Month ago
Brad is me in this aisolation time, naming stuff 🤣
Joanna Fernandes
Brad is sooooo freakin Hilarious lmaooooo
Just Observe
Just Observe Month ago
Super bummed that Chris is straight 😢
Rona Kaspi
Rona Kaspi Month ago
me: dont know anything but ship Claire&brad Claire: im in my *fiance apartment* me: *heart shattered*
Orion M-S
Orion M-S Month ago
“*NO* you are NOT having a second banana”
Raven Larai
Raven Larai Month ago
Bella Victoria
Bella Victoria Month ago
"you're not gonna see it in pages of architecture digest" *shown pictures of claire's kitchen in coveteur style section* okay sure claire
I love the subtle shade at Claire when she made the AD comment, and they spliced in her Coveteur shoot.
M. Susan Light
M. Susan Light Month ago
Love Brad's kitchen! Having serious cast iron envy 😁
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