The Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Just Can't Get Enough. Interscope Records
#VEVOCertified on December 26, 2011. www.vevo.com/certified ruvid.net/u-vevocertified
#TheBlackEyedPeas #JustCantGetEnough #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo


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Mar 16, 2011




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Comments 100
Cheeeku 12
Cheeeku 12 3 hours ago
Who's here in 2nd week of jan 2021?
mkatalin09 6 hours ago
this song has more meaning today than any of the bullshit that is created nowadays 2021&still counting
Kivashan Gramoney
Kivashan Gramoney 9 hours ago
"sicko mode has the best beat switch" black eyed peas: hold my SWITCH UP
Sarahi Rincon Arguello
Cyril Casanova
Cyril Casanova 14 hours ago
Driver: Why are you still in the taxi? Will: I just can't get enough
hanalei 14 hours ago
when fergie put her head on will.i.am’s shoulder 🥺 2:34
Melani sarahi
Melani sarahi 16 hours ago
Melani sarahi
Melani sarahi 16 hours ago
janet mcgowan
janet mcgowan 17 hours ago
Im in. recovery song relates so much to me ❤️ nearly a year clean 👌!! I can’t believe this song is nearly 10 yrs old offfft time flys xx
Amirul Ibrahim
Amirul Ibrahim 17 hours ago
1:03 that guy is from future.. wearing a mask warn about pandemic..
Cliff Thorne
Cliff Thorne 19 hours ago
I'm addicted..looking for a man named joseph Delgado
Lean Cup
Lean Cup Day ago
Sensação boa ❤️🇧🇷
Elaine Marialva
Elaine Marialva 10 hours ago
Sempre 😃 haha saudades de tempos de ouro 😕
whos hearing this in 2021?
Flow Brenda
Flow Brenda Day ago
Hello I'm in 2021LOL!
Raghav Tells
Raghav Tells Day ago
I still love it
AJ Hajou
AJ Hajou Day ago
Playing Runescape all day and listening to this..... Yeah, I had a wonderful childhood ❤️ Unlike those fortnite children 😂😂😂😂
Nagila Santiago
January 2021, Brazil. ❣️✨
Ana Julia Vargas
e eles fizeram TUDO
Felix Klug
Felix Klug Day ago
My favourite song
Mih Albukerque
HDDizzle 2 days ago
It's 2010 and you board a plane at 12PM and feel restless with excitement as a child to explore this wonderful and yet cruel world. and this song blares into the plane headphones into your 9 year old ears and you feel nostalgia before you even knew what that means. (late night comment)
Davis truong
Davis truong 2 days ago
I wish I’m 22 in 2011 it would be lit
Shela V
Shela V 2 days ago
January 2021 Anyone?
Thibaud Gonin
Thibaud Gonin 2 days ago
2:50 This is the moment you’re looking for
k shaddoz
k shaddoz 2 days ago
depeche mode wins
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce 2 days ago
Tokyo Japan 1991-2011
PeAcE NaTioN
PeAcE NaTioN 2 days ago
I just can't get enough
Muhammad Amirul Hafiz
LYRICS Boy I think about it every night and day I'm addicted, wanna drown inside your love I wouldn't wanna have it any other way I'm addicted and I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough Honey got a sexy all steamin' She givin' hotness a new meanin' Perfection mama you gleamin' Inception you got a brother dreamin', dreamin' Damn baby I'm feignin' I'm tryna holler at you, I'm screamin' Let me love you down this evenin' Love you love you yeah you know you are my demon Girl we could form a team and I could be the king you could be the queen and My mind's dirty and it don't need cleanin' I love you long time so you know the meanin' Oh baby I can't come down so please come help me out You got me feelin' high and I can't step off the cloud And I just can't get enough Boy I think about it every night and day I'm addicted wanna drown inside your love I wouldn't wanna have it any other way I'm addicted and I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough I just can't get enough Honey got me runnin' like I'm Flo Joe Signs her name on my heart with an X-O Love's so sweet got me vexed oh I wanna wish it right back like presto, yes Meantime I wait for the next time She come around 'fore I toast to the best time We L-O-L back and forth on the text line She got me fishin' for her love, I confess I'm Somethin' 'bout her smile and that combo Got me high and I ain't comin' down yo My heart's pumpin' out louder than electro She got me feelin' like Mr. Roboto Oh baby I can't come down so please come help me out You got me feelin' high and I can't step off the cloud And I just can't get enough Boy I think about it every night and day I'm addicted, wanna drown inside your love I wouldn't wanna have it any other way I'm addicted and I just can't get enough I just can't (switch up) Locked, sunk in your bed rock Heart up in your love shock Knocked out by your cold shot I'm stuck in your head li- (switch up) Can't-can't stop-stop, won't-won't quit-quit Makin' me feign, give it to me-me I want it all-all, know what I mean Your love is a dose of ecstasy (switch up) Addicted, I can't get away from you Afflicted, I need it, I miss it (switch up) I want your lovin' right next to me And I can't erase ya out of my memory I just can't (switch up)
kanari 3 days ago
Did y'all see the Lady Gaga Poker Face reference? 2:08
This song makes me wanna go to Japan so bad
Henry Pearce
Henry Pearce 3 days ago
January 2021 oh yes
Cloxcity 3 days ago
2011 Nostalgia
inhale the internet
Anyone listening in 2014
Akickz _
Akickz _ 3 days ago
Who’s here in 2021 🥺
Kingg Cadet
Kingg Cadet 3 days ago
AKA PH 3 days ago
joder que temazo
Александр Марков
BEST The group in a Time now Day
Salma Naggari
Salma Naggari 3 days ago
Who else here in 2021
elizabeth pitayo
elizabeth pitayo 3 days ago
This reminds me of the 2000s when music was actually music
Federica Guadalupi
2021, still here
Vash Ramos
Vash Ramos 3 days ago
POV:Your 7 - 9 years old in the back of your car in the highway coming home from the mall, AGH my mom really has a good music taste now her musics in my playlist
Yasir Jasim
Yasir Jasim 3 days ago
11 years 😭
Elliot 1234
Elliot 1234 3 days ago
Karent García
Karent García 3 days ago
Bunny 4 days ago
*song for roblox puppet the return*
Элбэгсайхан Баяндэлгэр
Who else listening in 2021?
Chiara Ardolino
Chiara Ardolino 4 days ago
Hey 2021
salsabila alia
salsabila alia 4 days ago
Trapzie_ 4 days ago
mi gusto mucho
March The Madness
2021 or is it just me
Dimeldy Gonzalez
Dimeldy Gonzalez 4 days ago
january 2021🖤
ツchristian 4 days ago
who listening in jan 2021
darum 4 days ago
Wercia19 4 days ago
That song have 10 years 😭
e tave2
e tave2 4 days ago
I know everyone says how bad life is right now and misses the old days but we all have to look forward and fight for a better future.
Manny Mitchell
Manny Mitchell 4 days ago
This video gives me driving to the airport at 5am vibes
Charisma Arndell
Charisma Arndell 4 days ago
Wow, this song is gonna make 10 years this March. WILD
Sauzcey 4 days ago
January 2021 here
Zander Kranock
Zander Kranock 4 days ago
I’ve been finding a lot of old but gold songs and it really hurts :(
Peter Kamau
Peter Kamau 4 days ago
This song just randomly popped into my head 😪❤️
Mega Mruczek PL
Mega Mruczek PL 4 days ago
I miss this old good Times :'(
Mykenzie Bowen
Mykenzie Bowen 5 days ago
Insta reminded me this song exists 👌🏻👌🏻thank god
Shane Likens
Shane Likens 5 days ago
Who here in 2021
Zuschauerquaeler 5 days ago
i was already emotional today and that text before the video started was the last straw😭
ORSIA MANIMA 5 days ago
F S 5 days ago
classic who is still listening in Jan 2064
jessenia lopez
jessenia lopez 5 days ago
bro she Is literally the best you can't change me mind
Nikita Nair
Nikita Nair 5 days ago
Oh this song hits different! 💘😿
FaZe Kermit
FaZe Kermit 5 days ago
TashaunKing 5 days ago
Kalundi Tonga
Kalundi Tonga 5 days ago
2021 hit💯
MaKenna Mutongwiza
realizing all the songs I listened to as a child was the black eyed peas 👁👄👁
Alison Brown
Alison Brown 5 days ago
aric 5 days ago
2021 anybody? Just me?
Nathan Ortega
Nathan Ortega 5 days ago
Dang it’s been so long since I’ve heard this song, it’s 2021 now sad times but this song makes me remember the good days
Adesh Narine
Adesh Narine 5 days ago
Who else listening in 2020 👌👌
Matt Zans
Matt Zans 5 days ago
2020? Or 2021? 🤔
Deniz Topuzoğlu
Deniz Topuzoğlu 5 days ago
2021 January?
Issac Lozano
Issac Lozano 5 days ago
When times were simpler😢🖐🏼
Mikes Macías
Mikes Macías 5 days ago
*_Starting the day with everything, listening to these Gods_*
Cierra Diaz
Cierra Diaz 5 days ago
January 2021😚 song is officially 10 years old yall
TheAngelArrow 6 days ago
bro has black eyed peas even ever released a bad song? i just thought about it, i've never seen a song released that isn't a complete banger, goated group, shame they aren't creating bangers anymore
TONY Trapps
TONY Trapps 6 days ago
If your still listening or came back to this song in 2021 then you know good music
TONY Trapps
TONY Trapps 6 days ago
Damn it’s 2021
Rob Who46
Rob Who46 6 days ago
Damn.. I remember this song when i was 9, time flies fast...
xSkulll 6 days ago
I can’t believe this song will be turning 10 this year. 2021 gang wya
Manny Mitchell
Manny Mitchell 6 days ago
Omg all y’all 2020🤣 2021 here
Mekselina Melissa
Nikezia 6 days ago
Petr Procházka
Petr Procházka 6 days ago
Pure nostalgia
BlazeOfGlory717 6 days ago
those days when they used autotune appropriately.
大头説电影 6 days ago
Joshwri35 -2 Joshwri35 -2 2 months ago RUvid is the closest time machine we’re gonna get closest to😭
Taha Khomsi
Taha Khomsi 6 days ago
2021 we here
blue vanilla
blue vanilla 6 days ago
2021, still here some songs are timeless
Gage Games
Gage Games 6 days ago
January 2021 here
Tomas Azucar
Tomas Azucar 6 days ago
January 2021 here
Victor Soto
Victor Soto 6 days ago
I was in middle school when this song was playing on the Radio, i had no worries. now, i'm an adult, life is hard
Linh Ngọc
Linh Ngọc 6 days ago
Gabriel Varela
Gabriel Varela 6 days ago
2021 anyone?
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson 6 days ago
Here else here in 2021 😌
Tonio 6 days ago
Memories bro this song is badass 🔥
FANI NAVA 6 days ago
Junuary 2021 ??
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