The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History Channel

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Back when the internet was young and facts still had meaning, there was the History Channel, featuring shows about - you guessed it - history. But that version of the network is long gone today. Here are the biggest scandals to hit the reality TV outlet that's now simply called History.
Ice Road Truckers is one of History's best-known reality shows, depicting the perilous lives of drivers in the iciest regions of Canada and Alaska. And sure, it's been criticized by actual trucker media like Truck News for exaggerating or even faking some of the danger.
But real scandal hit the show in 2013. According to a CBS report, star Tim Zickuhr abducted Lisa Cadeau after hiring her for escort work in Las Vegas. He claimed she overcharged him by $1,000 and demanded she meet him to settle the dispute. It was then that he dragged her back to his apartment, beat her, and tied her up in a closet.
Fearing for her life, Cadeau gave Zickuhr the phone number of an undercover police officer, claiming he could pay her ransom. Zickuhr called the number and unknowingly arranged his own arrest. The Las Vegas Sun reported Zickuhr confessed on the spot that he intended to hold Cadeau hostage and prostitute her through Craigslist.
Watch the video for more about The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History Channel.
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Ice Road Truckers | 0:15
The Kennedys | 1:21
Swamp People | 2:19
Bigfoot Captured | 3:07
Hunting Hitler | 3:57
Amelia Earhart | 4:44
American Pickers | 5:47
The Bible | 6:25
Alone | 7:17
Mountain Men | 8:15
Ax Men | 9:22
Pawn Stars | 10:30

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Comments 100
Grunge Month ago
Which of these History Channel scandals do you think was the worst and why?
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 5 days ago
I think the first guy who wanted to abduct and prostitute an escort is the most horrible one. That's criminal and downright slavery
Grace Gonzales
Grace Gonzales 5 days ago
*meh* I lump history channel with discovery now that Mythbusters is gone. I want Jamie & Adam back!
Grace Gonzales
Grace Gonzales 5 days ago
+Dissenter I briefly worked with an Argentinean who had said that his gpa had done stupid stuff. He didn't say it outright buuuttt... a German fleeing to Argentina after ww2? He'd just shake his head and say 'the stupid things ppl get caught up in' like it was a high school prank or something low key.
Grace Gonzales
Grace Gonzales 5 days ago
+Laurence Hirst considering Trump is meant to wash the foul taste left from obummer, yeah that's saying quite a bit. Remember: obama = satan.
Grace Gonzales
Grace Gonzales 5 days ago
+Earl Francart nope, he got it right the first time.
Spec_Ops Gaming
Spec_Ops Gaming 7 hours ago
The swamp loggers are actually doing a real and legitimate form of logging called "dead heading" it's from when back in the day logging companies floated logs down the river (not on rafts, logs just float) but one out of every 10-15 logs would sink after a while of being in the water, and the water preserves them (no matter if it's "cold" or not). And you can make a huge amount of money from "dead head" lumber, because of it's extremely unique coloration and pattersn..i used to go dead heading with my dad and uncle every summer when i was out of school, we had a custom built pull boat and "river pig" that we used to actually get the logs up and to the boat ramp..it's a hell of a lot of fun but also extremely dangerous, but we also never used scuba gear, we just held out breath and started feeling aroynd in the river..every now and then a game warden would pull up and talk to us, ask us what we were doing and then take off after we told him and he thanked us for cleaning up the river a bit more...but dude in this video needs to do a little more research before stating his "facts"..he said "historians say that appearently" like no man, if you do any amount of research on the topic of dead head logging you'll find all the information you could ever want..btw if anybody wants to know more about it from someone with personal experience then feel free to message me. But as it's summer time i'll be in the river and creek a lot more huntin more dead heads to stack up
Tony Davis
Tony Davis 9 hours ago
Like I believe you people. 😂
ClownWhosFeelnDown 12 hours ago
William Blevins
William Blevins 13 hours ago
No ancient aliens?
Harold TheHerald
Harold TheHerald 16 hours ago
Not fit for public use, so living in the wild then...
K Matt
K Matt 16 hours ago
I can’t stand how these channels have swayed from what they first aired for
ProfArmitage 18 hours ago
The producers of American Pickers send out notices to communities that basically say "American Pickers will be coming to your area several months from now. If you have items that you think would be appropriate for our show, please contact us." The production team then scouts potential locations long before the cast actually comes to the area.
Caroline's Here
Caroline's Here 21 hour ago
And they did not do a good job at depicting what Jesus really looks like according to how he is described in the Bible that white man's hair is not wooly and you can't be white in the desert
Justin Harris
Eustace Bio should read “Like Kaczynski thus crazy fucker is pretentiously living in the woods because of his ego”
NiftyTheLynx Day ago
Survivorman was the only real survivor show
TheVgirl93 Day ago
Want to know why there is no more history on the history channel? Because they want to erase history.
General Lee
General Lee Day ago
The dude in the thumbnail even looks like a schmuck
qaboos4 Day ago
I miss when history channel actually did history
oƃƃə Day ago
I think the fact that they presented fantasy fiction from the Bible as history is a way bigger scandal than their casting choices.
CadillaKing Day ago
Obama as Satan seems pretty accurate.
RyeGrog1 6 hours ago
Imagine that. Leftist getting butthurt over that.
Austin Downing
Women trying to be part of history lol have your baby
hel low 19
hel low 19 2 days ago
1:36 THICC
S B 2 days ago
(((History Channel)))
11:45 so they basically found nothing.
Shaun Mattice
Shaun Mattice 2 days ago
The fact the *History Channel* goes from World War Two documentaries to a series about fictional Jesus says how bad it is..
KillaCamRon360 2 days ago
What's the name of the song used in the song used in the video? It's oddly calming.
JordanU 420COD
JordanU 420COD 2 days ago
KillaCamRon360 darude - sandstorm
Mason Newman
Mason Newman 2 days ago
How about people lay off history channel and stop getting so triggered over TV shows
Dan Ked
Dan Ked 2 days ago
Mike Wolfe is king leave American Pickers alone!!!!!
BearTrap1551 2 days ago
Eustace is SUPER into free work, him and my dad are pretty good friends, and when I met him, first thing he did was holler at my dad saying "HEY JIM, HOW ARE YOU DOING, WANNA GET TO WORK WITH US?" My dad was the Saltmaker on one episode, and to Eustace's credit, they wanted Eustace to ham up a thing where he Foooouuund a salt spring, and talk about it, but he refused to do it, saying that either they put my dad in it, or he wouldn't do the episode. Soo....ya know, genuinely cool guy.
Danny newedge02GT
The history channel is dead....
Garrett H
Garrett H 2 days ago
So meth is why he lost weight.
phong Wong
phong Wong 2 days ago
History became media outlet for conservatives.... end of story
Lita 2 days ago
LOL funny video, true that too I liked this video yes!!!! :)
Terry 2 days ago
They should have changed the name to just "Channel".
Geriatric FecalPhiliac
u goddamned liars
kick 3 days ago
Damn, Chumlee snitched lol
ducaking 3 days ago
if you can't figure out that the sasquatch show was fake.... your life will be hard
M Walker
M Walker 3 days ago
All these channels have gone to crap. So I got rid of cable.
Don Quixote
Don Quixote 3 days ago
Yeah but counting cars is pretty fucking awesome
L J 3 days ago
Look up what happened to the Sons of Guns guy if you want to here something repulsive
Gamers Council
Gamers Council 3 days ago
Censoring conservatives has been going on for years
MilesBellas 3 days ago
the presenters voice is nasally and harsh..... unpleasant
Ian Alderson
Ian Alderson 3 days ago
Bro the swamp people aren't scandals. That's just what swamp people do
Dakota Todd
Dakota Todd 3 days ago
"History channel" yet most of there tv shows are not even about history
francois untel
francois untel 3 days ago
Irishmailman 3 days ago
What do you think is worse? The new Discovery Channel or the new History Channel?
Renwoxing Nirvana
Why does Satan look like Barack Obama in that History Channel aeriea....
d davis
d davis 4 days ago
integrity is extinct, that's history
John Lester
John Lester 4 days ago
Leave it to Washington state to make it ILLEGAL to pull logs out of the water. Their citizens must feel really safe.
DALE thebelldiver
I don’t watch this crap since the 80’s. I did take a look at the BS programming about the aliens from outer space crap. Everything according to them is connected to extra terrestrial travelers. They use the terms; might, may be, could, but they suggest the facts prove alien involvement. This show needs to be trashed or why not drop the bs and stick to what they know.
John Nedward
John Nedward 4 days ago
Obama is the devil.
Kharn The Destroyer
Do you have any proof of that?
Dani Mother of Dragons
First off, actual CIA documents said they thought Hitler's escaped, second...the Kennedy's did a lot of bad shit that isn't a conspiracy.
Dani Mother of Dragons
Don't, look it up.
aviato287 x
aviato287 x 13 hours ago
I don't believe anything you say lol
Dani Mother of Dragons
Pseudoscience , like more then two genders?
michael reyes
michael reyes 4 days ago
Those 2 wanna be Indians act bad on tv but are cowards in real life jay paul and his dad lmfao
East Anglian
East Anglian 4 days ago
And these channels big boses are replacing actual history with this? That's why stopped watching this channel.
mka2qg2s 4 days ago
Lmao yeah sure it was just a coincidence that the devil looked like Obama!
ztwntyn8 5 days ago
I think it’s mostly bs. If you do anything all of your life you realize how rare some of these opportunities are. Once a year, every few years, once a decade or once a lifetime. The fact that they catch something good every episode ha to be bs
Esoterick 5 days ago
Why is American Pickers a thing? All they do is drive around, rummage through shed fulls of old shit then pretend some rusty piece of metal is super valuable when it clearly is not. At least Pawn Stars, which is shot in a gift shop sets itself up so interesting items come along.
Kharn The Destroyer
What amazes me with that show. When the pickers turn up at some old dudes acres of land ful of junk, they spend hours climbing through it to pick up some rusty looking piece of crap, only for the owner to say "it's too valuable to let you have it" come on, you probably didn't even know you had it til they found it, it's covered in rust for Christ's sake.
mrsquishyboots 5 days ago
Aggressive regulation and strange logging laws....how dare people not bend over to corruption. We need a snarky commentor mocking the silly rural folk. How about you research why his ranch was being shaken down and look further into logging laws in Washington.
BroadswordMedia 5 days ago
10:13 of course you are the first one the Northwest to do this because it is illegal to do this in the northwest.
hendersoncnc 5 days ago
The bible should hv been nixed when they made Jesus a white man..cmon history channel,but hey thats white supremacy for u
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 5 days ago
Everything was reasonably good. Until Paris Hilton showed up.
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 5 days ago
I was addicted to History Channel. I am sorry that I wasted my time. Now that Channel is a history.
Charles Day
Charles Day 5 days ago
Obama is evil. Hates America.
Brindle Chihuahua
Why us car enthusiasts are hated on this website and on TV because we took over Discovery channel you history freaks dislike us cars are also very historical this is why motor trend has a TV station now for us car enthusiasts can watch it
Robin Moreau
Robin Moreau 5 days ago
I stopped watching when the history channel adopted a new slogan "aliens did it"
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson 5 days ago
I remember when the History Channel was criticized for being mostly nonstop WWII stuff, see Hitler get his ass kicked over and over.... then they went down the sewer of “reality tv”, just garbage 🤮🤬
Debra Gantter
Debra Gantter 5 days ago
I have not watched TV for 3 yrs. now. I liked the Hitler mini series. I always liked the History channel. Not anymore....I am glad I turned off the boob tube.
Pew News
Pew News 5 days ago
The history channel is just random
THE Resistance
THE Resistance 5 days ago
Hitlers escape to Argentina was proven true by the released Kennedy files
Johen Josh
Johen Josh 6 days ago
RATM quote " they trade in there history for a VCR." I knew the reality TV was BS since early 2000s. Last real reality TV show was "Insomniac" with Dave Attle .. I know I spelled his name wrong but now a days will it matter. I hope that the real days will come back b4 I go.
Q- Bert
Q- Bert 6 days ago
When you have money, no matter how guilty you are, you are innocent
Q- Bert
Q- Bert 6 days ago
I watched ice road truckers once, 👎🏾
Not Sure
Not Sure 6 days ago
To be totally fair, Obama is a very evil man.
Pa Slot Player
Pa Slot Player 6 days ago
Can't watch today. Stopped at 2.53. Against fighting or abusing women. If i am ever a sucess. Thanks for the reminder to keep a roof over a woman's head and her fridge full.
Casey Sand
Casey Sand 6 days ago
There is no bigfoot and there is no treasure on Oak island
Saber Wolf
Saber Wolf 6 days ago
Meh who cares Obama is a bitch anyway
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 6 days ago
4:30 damn that sucks
Volunteer Patriot
Barry as Satan. Seems fitting.
Pedro Rabaçal
Pedro Rabaçal 6 days ago
The video didnt mentioned the main reason why many viewers stopped watching and started searching REAl History sources: aliens.
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Swamp fucks
jeremy balsley
jeremy balsley 7 days ago
I live in Hoquiam, wa where that moron was pulling those logs from. Zero "water sports" going on here other than fishing. Losing a lure on a log is hardly life threatening.
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau 7 days ago
Im a conservative and i know Kennedy was the last great democratic president.
John-Del 6 days ago
+Remy Lebeau agree.
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau 6 days ago
+John-Del true at home wasnt bad but to other countries he sold us out.
John-Del 6 days ago
Actually, Slick Willie was a fairly good president domestically. He's the only one who actually reduced the spending and cut welfare and other "entitlements"..
Christina Burke
Christina Burke 7 days ago
Sounds like what happened with MTV...the M used to stand for Music TV...now it stands for morons.
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard Day ago
Christina Burke as Dave Grohl said, “Mafia TV.”
John Brown
John Brown 7 days ago
Where is survival show where 24 men and women have to work together to survive but all speak a different language. The back grounds alone would make tv!
John Brown
John Brown 7 days ago
Looking for part 2! These were my favorite shows. Not anymore...Doooped.
Brion Hanes
Brion Hanes 7 days ago
sooooooo, a castmember was weaving on a motorcycle on their own time.....Channel Scandal? really?
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 7 days ago
If you watch history channel for facts you have more chromosomes then teeth. And your parents are brother and sister.
Maria Cowle
Maria Cowle 7 days ago
😂😂 Obama as the devil! I love it! 😂
Rito 7 days ago
How is ancient aliens not on this list? Blows my mind how deceptive they were with the facts.
Mr peace frog
Mr peace frog 8 days ago
History Channel was awesome when I was younger, same with many other cable channels. We got RUvid for now....
History Channel: We show you what the past was like Also History Channel: *Never shows anything to do with history*
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick 8 days ago
Mike Easton
Mike Easton 8 days ago
Fired from swamp people? "Okay were not gonna follow you everywhere with a camera anymore." Good, fuck off.
Amin Yap
Amin Yap 8 days ago
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson 8 days ago
Obama is the Devil.... What's the problem?
Kaiser Wilhelm XXXVII
You guys are snowflakes
Jefferson Falk
Jefferson Falk 8 days ago
Grunge doesnt like History Channel because the majority of the stars are conservative
PS 400
PS 400 8 days ago
Anybody see Joe Robinet @ 7.37
Jennifer Aliff
Jennifer Aliff 8 days ago
Joseph Meador
Joseph Meador 8 days ago
Hunting hitler was dope.
Josh Rick
Josh Rick 8 days ago
Reality TV is also known as Bullshit; it's no where near "reality" it's scripted, edited and called reality.
Jake Walko
Jake Walko 8 days ago
Incredible opening line
Frisky Bottomsuuater
Kennedys: No, too accurate!
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