"The Big One" strikes late at the Daytona 500, takes out 19 drivers | NASCAR ON FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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The 2020 Daytona 500 was a relatively clean race on Monday, but "The Big One" reared its head late, taking out nearly half the field, including Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski, and more. Clint Bowyer narrowly avoided the carnage, meanwhile, as 19 drivers saw their race come to an end.
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"The Big One" strikes late at the Daytona 500, takes out 19 drivers | NASCAR ON FOX HIGHLIGHTS




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Comments 80
NASCAR on FOX Month ago
What did you think of this crash?
The Official Bumble Bee Channel
Reminds me of the NASCAR Xfinity Series July race at Daytona last year.🤔
Kqcxpo 7 days ago
Waaa jimmy did not win get over it he was not going to win
Chinada3 Month ago
NASCAR on FOX I think yellow car Joey needs a punch in the face
Dave Holland
Dave Holland Month ago
Bumping and pushing has always been allowed, but there need be serious point deductions or some consequences when a driver bumps and causes wrecks and hospitalizations. These wrecks are tolerated and at drivers own risk policy.
Rk0788 k
Rk0788 k Month ago
@A Hamlin fan Stop doing meth meth it's impacting you're ability to think clearly. Dummy Hamlins a bitch I'll knock him the fuck out.
Laszlo Month ago
What s cheating piece of crap, joey lagano
Andrew Beaudoin
Andrew Beaudoin Month ago
Why does this Sport have to be stupid? Kill Both Hamlin & Logano, people. Don't be afraid to get them for their own good. You're still done for, NASCAR; Goodbye! Leave our Planet.
John Kisch
John Kisch Month ago
Man. Its more interesting to watch grass growing then this shit. Or paint drying.
Billy wayne Huggins
I would put Knott's on 22head and his rear end.
Steven Mourgos
Steven Mourgos Month ago
Joey's fault drives by like I didn't do it Fine the PPrck
Michael Desper
Michael Desper Month ago
NASCAR needs penalty’s just like F1. So tired of hearing people saying it’s just racing! Drivers need to be held accountable for there stupidity.
B Knotty
B Knotty Month ago
#3 ? smh Nascar dont have a pride enough to retire a number?....not like theres not 999[999999999999999999⁹9999⁹999⁹9 #'s out there....RIP Earnhardt#3...not that these jackasses will give you any respect
B Knotty
B Knotty Month ago
announcer 1:"there goes half the. field" announcer 2 "sure does"
Fred Ragers TM
Fred Ragers TM Month ago
Hey nascar was your photo finish worth leaving an injured driver on his roof for an extra minute? The yellow checker should have been thrown as soon as Newman went roll cage first into the wall. I'll never watch another Nascar broadcast in my life. What a disgusting display, absolutely sickening and greedy. Nascar deserves to die.
Easy DaRon
Easy DaRon Month ago
NASCAR is just stupid these days. In NASCAR they bump each other into the wall without any punishment, even on straights. I would have disqualify #1 and #22. They hit #2 so hard that he didn´t stay a chance to keep control over his car. Instead of looping the throttle, they just drive through each other without regard to losses.
John Frank
John Frank Month ago
Damn Joey logano sure does know how to cause wrecks. I believe the two he caused he didn't get much Damage at all. I hope the other drivers notice this as well. I was glad to see him get damage later in the race.
iDoStuff & Knuckles
The trump curse continues. ..get well Ryan .
D Furnari
D Furnari Month ago
Joey. A baby kangaroo. That sums it up.
John Van Natta
John Van Natta Month ago
I'm glad that I didn't watch this "race.". The pack racing is stupid and will get someone killed soon.
Fit Lane Fitness
John Van Natta hmmm well you said someone dies and dale earnhart died 20 years ago... im not questioning your fandom but u forgot that.and im not a nascar fan I respect the sport tho. Your probobly right about it being a shadow of itself , because i say the same thing for football and basketball.
Shannan Hunt
Shannan Hunt Month ago
@John Van Natta well said sir
John Van Natta
John Van Natta Month ago
@Fit Lane Fitness Dude, I've been a race fan for 50 years. I know my racing history. I also know that the current NASCAR racing is a shadow of its former self. They are trying to compete with stick and ball sports but don't seem to realize that racing fans aren't interested in that sort of thing.
Fit Lane Fitness
John Van Natta and somone died already , do research he was a legend in mascar
Fit Lane Fitness
John Van Natta dude this will never leave u play sports knowing u could die football, baseball boxing racing all chances of death..u want big bucks u take chances on life. The idea everything has to be safe is not sports
Bryan Smalley
Bryan Smalley Month ago
Cops dont call that a "Pit Maneuver" for nothing.
Frank Klepper
Frank Klepper Month ago
It always looks like they intentionally do this.
Poor #6 that crash was horrible just seen it with my dad on his phone so sad.😭
electro1622 Month ago
Joey Logano number 22 CAUSED ALL OF THIS .... shame on you LOGANO... ban Logano .
SECK Month ago
electro1622 logano had been a victim too, so to me this is kinda karma fault
Bucks N Trucks
Bucks N Trucks Month ago
We need Kenseth to come back, Give him a trophy and $50k for every time he wrecks Logano. Sad to see JJ get taken out by a rookies mistake, but at least the rookie took out his team mate!
PYLrulz1984 Month ago
I'd rather someone punch out Kenesth's punk ass
1st lady of the american theatre
This is ALL Joey Logano’s fault. Careless idiot!
John Larson
John Larson Month ago
Daytona and Talladaga are a joke! Thats not racing.
Ismael Alvarado
Ismael Alvarado Month ago
Logano causing a wreck? No way!!!!!!
KOMROOK Month ago
Zero pity on these imbeciles.....they have no value of their lives.,,,,,,,,
David J.
David J. Month ago
Logano once again what a fucking piece of shit wish someone would wreck em to the point he'd be done for the rest of the season
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl Month ago
He shouldn’t have been texting.
Sapphire nblu
Sapphire nblu Month ago
I recorded this. AND before the race even restart....ALERT.. the WINNER OF THE RACE YOU ...WAS ANNOUNCED. nice going. You couldn't even show this live. Horse racing instead. I'm am very upset!! Fox really screwed up big time
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl Month ago
Shit happens🤷🏻‍♂️
D Month ago
Trump cursed this race
Mr Chales
Mr Chales Month ago
Worst Daytona 500 ever.Demmm Nascrap please schedule the race mid day on Sunday night races fucking suck
Crap Hitting The Fan
That wreck had Joey Logano written all over it too bad he did not get caught up in his own doing, Its fun to watch the Daytona 500 but its gotten to the point somebody is going to get killed, I think smaller CID engines like 302 or less should be under the hood than maybe we wont see this kind of racing and waiting for somebody to die.
1st lady of the american theatre
Albert Sallie Logano is dangerous and should be banned! Reckless a$$hole.
Jacabo Blanco
Jacabo Blanco Month ago
Joey Logano is a fucking piece of dog shit. That was egregious
Buck Berthod
Buck Berthod Month ago
Logano tried to play Intimatdor and failed.
1st lady of the american theatre
Buck Berthod - And almost got everybody killed. Idiot.
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Month ago
Video Compression like "lolwut"....
raul fern
raul fern Month ago
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl Month ago
raul fern He was texting.
RanchDressing Month ago
and next crash logano is out.
Aries Radke#6
Aries Radke#6 Month ago
#22 should be suspended
Toty Vale
Toty Vale Month ago
I thought you may know a thing or two about racing!
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Oh it was definitely the big one for Newman and I believe in prayers to the real big one.
Mobile Force One
Did he say bartin truex
Brian Francis
Brian Francis Month ago
Logano needs to learn how to drive before he gets his ass beat.
Jayryia Month ago
But there were aggressive movements all across the field through the race and the cars were al already a bit squirly. Can you merely just blame joey or any driver? I don't think there are quick enough communications from spotters for the drivers and it was said there the driver saying to the spotter that he has to let him know how fast he comes up on someone. You could hear he tried to pedal it even though. Same with Harvick earlier in the race and a few others in in car cameras. He might be disliked but too many factors came to play for me to say that he is outright or not... or any driver in that situation for that matter
1st lady of the american theatre
Yes! I can and will just blame Joey.
Dave Holland
Dave Holland Month ago
Addalynn Ward
Addalynn Ward Month ago
I'm praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻for Ryan J Newman I'm hoping that he's okay and that he can participate in the race next Sunday congratulations to Denny Hamlin for winning 2020 national NASCAR race!!!!
Andrew Beaudoin
Andrew Beaudoin Month ago
Congratulations to Ryan Blaney who's the real winner!
Addalynn Ward
Addalynn Ward Month ago
Yes and he is in the hospital his injuries is not life-threatening but he is ok and he may not be able to participate ☹️ in the race next Sunday but he will be okay
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Addalynn Ward Well have you heard anything?
Addalynn Ward
Addalynn Ward Month ago
@Ronnie Bishop oh ok
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
Addalynn Ward Yes I do too but I was referring to Denny Hamlin who they said had caused several pileups and of course I always worry about all of them and still have not heard about Newman.
Delan_lan Month ago
Scary. Hope everyone is ok
Jim Myers
Jim Myers Month ago
Makes for exciting racing with this aero package and limited power. Hope everyone will be ok this time.
Michael Childs
Michael Childs Month ago
I hope Blaney thinks possibly killing someone is ok to get 2nd place
Corey Lambrecht
Corey Lambrecht Month ago
This crash isn’t the BIG one. The big one was the final lap.
Harvey Goodman
Harvey Goodman Month ago
This was the big one, the last lap crash was the terrifying one
Roy Smothers
Roy Smothers Month ago
the incredible idiot boy Logano strikes again!!! some teach this moron how to drive
Dan Dolen
Dan Dolen Month ago
Prayers for Rayn. Worst wreck I have seen in a while 🙏🙏
TheFoyer13 Month ago
I don't watch a lot of nascar but will Logano get penalized for this? Definitely avoidable. I wouldn't consider this a racing incident at all.
Karol Zawislak
Karol Zawislak Month ago
TheFoyer13 no he won’t get penalised everyone is complaining as joey is very careless and aggressive basically no one likes him lol, with 16 to go it’s common for racers to get aggressive and cause wrecks like this. Avoidable for sure but rubbin is racin ya know
Trevor Ng
Trevor Ng Month ago
That's a lot of damage! They need some flex tape!
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl Month ago
Trevor Ng ....and bondo.
Vices & Madonna
Vices & Madonna Month ago
ban logano
Rich Hlavaty
Rich Hlavaty Month ago
So about done with asscar
Robert Dolan
Robert Dolan Month ago
Joey is the biggest piece of shit cheater ever
J Bettis
J Bettis Month ago
Holy shit, Joey dodged a bullet!
Of course logano causes a wreck. No surprise there. Fuck that bitch
steve lucero
steve lucero Month ago
That was all on Logano.
Chair Month ago
When is it not? 😂
Joe Kaput
Joe Kaput Month ago
@B Faria one would think you'd back off a little bit when you see the car in front of you is getting squirrelly
John Frank
John Frank Month ago
How is that not his fault. Damn we can blame the spotters for everything if we can blame them for this. He knew what he was doing. He wrecked twice now. He could have checked up on either of those wrecks. He was acting like it was the last lap all race.
PYLrulz1984 Month ago
And how is that?
1st lady of the american theatre
steve lucero TOTALLY 💯
A B Month ago
Joey: “How you doin?”
No Way
No Way Month ago
Watching that gas pour out and those flames was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen, prayers to him and his family I hope he's okay
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald Month ago
That was oil not fuel
reelkena Month ago
If only Trump was leading on the last lap in front of Blaney.
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop Month ago
reelkena You are a punk. A sick young stupid punk and you’re a chicken shit coward.
BBDcummins Month ago
@reelkena fuck you boy
reelkena Month ago
@BBDcummins learn english
BBDcummins Month ago
Reelkena you're punk
Michael Ribeiro
Michael Ribeiro Month ago
Fuck you
Paradiselawns Month ago
Staged crash to get people to watch NASCAR.
Mamun Wasim
Mamun Wasim Month ago
Your comment has to have some evidence because you're going to get reactions to the hardcore Nascar fans & car enthusiast.
dzlf250 Month ago
Paradiselawns your a fucking idiot. That's all I gotta say about that.
Oscar jr Jimenez
Newman wouldn't have flipped if it wasn't for this crash
Ricardo Masvidal
So much for sitting back until the big one but you never know when or where itll strike
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Month ago
I hope their ok 🙏🙏🙏
Lawrence Month ago
Winners drive Toyotas. Thoughts for Ryan Newman, too. That was a 3x bad crash: Hard wall hit, flipped and got hit again, slid on roof. Good response by medical and fire crews.
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver Month ago
CNN will blame Trump
red7fifty Month ago
Impeach the Driver
dzlf250 Month ago
Fake news
Erik Corr
Erik Corr Month ago
I hate to say it, but I made a video about this only a week ago. These races are outdated, boring and dangerous. The only thing people remember are the wrecks. 4 hours of boring conga line racing can't be erased by a couple of crazy laps at the end. Hopefully Ryan Newman is ok.
jojojosmart1 Month ago
19 out in one crash- rediculous.
DNG Month ago
I’m praying for Newman, no time for jokes.
reelkena Month ago
@BBDcummins Nascar fans think prayers are real too.
BBDcummins Month ago
@reelkena karma is real little boy
reelkena Month ago
Praying is a joke.
BuschGuidoFan 1821
Get rid of this damn overtime system for superspeedways
Eric Kohler
Eric Kohler Month ago
BuschGuidoFan 18-21 that isn’t the problem. This was a freak accident.
NASCAR Nerd 34
NASCAR Nerd 34 Month ago
Do not post the Newman wreck on here
Fit Lane Fitness
Why not
Rian Harper
Rian Harper Month ago
NASCAR Nerd 34 They already have it on the Nascar on Fox Facebook :(
TeachMe2Fish Month ago
Still waiting on Newman update 🙏
Juan D. Flores
Juan D. Flores Month ago
Man that Air Force car is sweet
Keith Studly
Keith Studly Month ago
The first time I ever saw Joey race was just before he started cup racing for Home Depot/Gibbs racing. It was on the 1/2 mile at Irwindale, CA and a lap before the finish Joey wrecked the leader. He was penalized for rough driving or he would have been the winner. I notice his skills at causing wrecks and not being damaged are not going to waste!
Oscar jr Jimenez
Even in 2007 Joey was a Dick
Stevie Joe Sampson
It’s all on you NASCAR it’s all on you , which driver will die Nascar which driver will die, it’s all on you.
Mamun Wasim
Mamun Wasim Month ago
Racing is a dangerous sport in general whether it be Nascar or Indy or F#1 or IMSA/ Endurance Racing or 24 hours LeMans we need to get the opinion of retired Nascar drivers thoughts.
D3eathCom3sEasy Month ago
Oh I'm sorry they dont inform the drivers of how dangerous their sport is. Shut up you're the reason football is sissified now. They know what they sign up for and they've made insane safety measures.
Silas Orta
Silas Orta Month ago
Who cares...... Pray for newman
Noah Pike
Noah Pike Month ago
Please tell me Ryan is okay....
Maden0413 Month ago
I dont like newman much but i still hope hes ok
Cito Browne
Cito Browne Month ago
Is Newman gonna be ok?? I hope to God he's fine!!!
Mr gamer io
Mr gamer io Month ago
he's ok
Joe Sigl
Joe Sigl Month ago
The man with a mustang lodged in his ass is in stable condition.
Cito Browne
Cito Browne Month ago
@TucoBenedictoPacifico JuanMariaRamirez Thank God
TucoBenedictoPacifico JuanMariaRamirez
Just heard on Fox news that he is in stable condition! Thank God...that was a horrific wreck...
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