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Since the launch of Genius' flagship series Verified, we’ve released hundreds of interviews with artists breaking down the meaning behind the lyrics of a hit song. Today, we’re counting down the best vocal performances of the series.
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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 21 577
kaliuchis stan
kaliuchis stan 2 hours ago
Chloe x Halle my goodness. And then Billie
Usman Naqeeb
Usman Naqeeb 4 hours ago
Ohhhhh....... Billie rocks
Radu Buteica
Radu Buteica 5 hours ago
Friend:Who wrote you on valentine s day? Me:1:58
Rinde Shingaly
Rinde Shingaly 5 hours ago
The nobody one be like :nobody nobody....................................
KriSmercS 8 hours ago
Nobody nobody nobody nobody will fckin know whats the end of that song
TeejSZN 8 hours ago
mitski : who likes me Mitski : Nobody
flintlights 10 hours ago
Is that song’s lyrics just “nobody”?
vonbtw 12 hours ago
Excuse me where is luh kel?
gerard bravo
gerard bravo 13 hours ago
Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody I got this from the lyrics
7sschroeder 14 hours ago
Nobody nobody liked nobody
MATTYwithAfatty 14
MATTYwithAfatty 14 15 hours ago
I be flossing
JTF Fletch
JTF Fletch 18 hours ago
Where’s “I be flossing?”
Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez
That girl singing nobody so many times and then apperently talking and explaining shit is the reason why this channel sucks
Sascha Tambayong
Cncoooooo letsgooo
Jolves Day ago
My friend : Says something stupid Me : you know who asked for that opinion ? Also me : 1:57
chris Day ago
I be flossin'
Sophia Aristotelis
where is my girl gabbie hanna
Mateo Cappellini
Iceberg Yt
Iceberg Yt Day ago
Mateo Cappellini stfu
BDawg The great
1:56 - 2:42 i thought this was about to be like the back pack kids interview
ana yakobchuk
why isn’t conan gray on the list :,(
QuIeT_KhAoS Day ago
After last horrible relationship: Everyone: "Who do you want to date??" Me: 1:57
Who loves u? 2:00
Lola Tee
Lola Tee Day ago
Miguel.is the best hands DOWN.
nhos Day ago
imagine singing fucking nobody and getting on genius how dog💩
Jad Jakbeer
Jad Jakbeer Day ago
Imagine going to a concert and sitting there to Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody
x Asencendz
x Asencendz Day ago
Omg ur vocal fuck me please
Daniel Franco
Dislike just for putting that dumb ass nobody song wtf
Rusty Ghost
Rusty Ghost 2 days ago
1:58 Lil Pump if he was good at singing and a girl.
Yvng Jay
Yvng Jay 2 days ago
drop an updated version with 645AR
Abigail Collins
Abigail Collins 2 days ago
ari’s gave me chills, sounds exactly like the sound
Abigail Collins
Abigail Collins 2 days ago
ceo of nobody
H H 2 days ago
Billie and Daniel Caesar ❤️🥰🥰
Jaydank ._
Jaydank ._ 2 days ago
Nobody: Mitski: Nobody, Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,Nobody,
Sri Devi
Sri Devi 2 days ago
3:50 Goosebumps 🔥🔥
Theangryguy09 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about Daniel Caesar? Dude was amazing.
Ivan Gluščić
Ivan Gluščić 2 days ago
No pat i
Mj 2 days ago
where’s NIKI tho
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed 2 days ago
Ugh god !. Songs can be fucked up hell. Some of those songs are damn meaningless . That fcuking "Mooo" is so meaningless nd shit that the fucking girl don't have a strong explanation of it.
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed 2 days ago
My motherfucking hell. What kind of ear rape that fucking "nobody" shit was .
Victoria Petty
Victoria Petty 2 days ago
‘nobody’ isn’t a word anymore
Skip from 2:00-2:50
Belennn Castillo
Belennn Castillo 2 days ago
becky g?
Vintage_ iEnity
Vintage_ iEnity 2 days ago
Who is body and why is he saying no
Salvadorian_16 2 days ago
Does the nobody song have any other word in it?
Kalia Bullin
Kalia Bullin 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about how amazing billie's vocals were?!
StevieRey Maez
StevieRey Maez 2 days ago
Ant sanders should be on this too
Apollo 2 days ago
Im pretty sad joji isnt here
Drake roberts
Drake roberts 2 days ago
Rosalia ruined HITR
Amanda Roman
Amanda Roman 2 days ago
That “nobody nobody nobody” nonsense gave me craaazyyy anxiety ::trigger warning!!::
Ishti_72 3 days ago
Nobody Nabati Nooowbody nowbadi nowbady nowbori nnnnooowbody no
Naver Sahin
Naver Sahin 3 days ago
*Daniel Caesar comes in* Autotune: Aight Imma head out
f u c k y o u
f u c k y o u 3 days ago
Rin TV Braha
Rin TV Braha 3 days ago
damn mitski with "nobody" damn that song is so deep i felt the pain in the lyrics, the song talking about things that are wrong in our country and i feel it through the lyrics, i mean damn nobody
LunarFang 3 days ago
4:20 that hole.
bobby kounlabout
bobby kounlabout 3 days ago
When mitski was singing nobody I was thinking if she didn't know what to put for lyrics so she put nobody
Shelby Lingenfelter
What was that nobody shit??
Yahya 3 days ago
4:10 is me all the time , like listen if I could jump out this body I would but
FGCC FearGaming
FGCC FearGaming 3 days ago
i really felt that nobody :'(
Par Dela
Par Dela 3 days ago
MVD Micki
MVD Micki 3 days ago
nobody :
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