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I Hate Everything
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This is not an April Fools video.
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Apr 1, 2020




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Comments 80
I Hate Everything
I Hate Everything 2 months ago
Bello everyone. I hope you're all doing well in these historic times. Meanwhile, enjoy my important video essay. I should have a video about a certain season of a certain Netflix show coming very soon. Thanks for your patience.
Mustiboi Salman
Mustiboi Salman 11 days ago
I Hate Everything can you tell me how you actually feel about this franchise Without sarcasm
Henry Jewesson
Henry Jewesson 17 days ago
Noodle'96 19 days ago
#1 Madagascar Fan of All Time I love you
Justin Teamer
Justin Teamer 21 day ago
0:46 that’s Chris rock bro 🤦🏾‍♂️
Justin Teamer
Justin Teamer 21 day ago
I Hate Everything 0:46 I KNOW u didn’t say Eddie Murphy bc we all know that’s Chris Rock
Conner_The_Esquire 23 hours ago
“However, there is one sacred set of movies that have been severely overlooked. Yes, I’m talking about...” “Indiana Jo-oookay...”
Mohammed Waleed
I think motto-motto likes you
LilGabbo 2 days ago
Fun fact, the Marvel MCU was just a cover up for the real MCU
Kai Durant Valdez
I know you were joking but when you disrespected Mulholland Dr. like that it hurt
Khroniclas 2 days ago
This was posted on the first of april, but I like to think that this is genuinely Alex his opinion.
dan humphry
dan humphry 3 days ago
You sound in awful pain
Carter M.
Carter M. 4 days ago
...I can't tell if he's being serious. I honestly really love this trilogy.
I don't even know
Something he doesn't hate lol
Fren 6 days ago
Why does this have like no views this is your best video
Sparrow201 8 days ago
Blink twice if your being held hostage, we will send a strike team
Tasty Pancake
Tasty Pancake 8 days ago
Clearly the second one is the best
Tadiwanashe Matara
The dark knight trilogy takes the dub
Mustiboi Salman
Mustiboi Salman 9 days ago
Are you being real or sarcastic It’s somewhat tricky to tell due to the fact this was uploaded on April Fools
Mustiboi Salman
Mustiboi Salman 9 days ago
Eddie Murphy voices Marty MIND BLOWN
Mustiboi Salman
Mustiboi Salman 9 days ago
How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy Or Shrek TRILOGY Shrek 1, Shrek 2 and Shrek Forever After As well as the Kung Fu Panda Trilogy SHREK THE TURD IS NOT CANON
UnderratedSZN 9 days ago
I definitely like the second one the best
Gingecringe 10 days ago
Hey Alex, please do ‘I hate my wife’
Bombproofbutter 11 days ago
Kung fu panda 2 was one of dreamworks best film Shen was their best character and was one of the hardest characters they made like working on 6 characters at once
Benfalcon Fifty Seven
Are you reading your script?
Haha Haha
Haha Haha 12 days ago
Jacob Fleming
Jacob Fleming 12 days ago
Haha Haha
Haha Haha 12 days ago
MartinSees 14 days ago
lylanistiC 14 days ago
Is he joking
Andy Mullen
Andy Mullen 14 days ago
Makunga > Scar
Liz 14 days ago
1917 was from DreamWorks
j 15 days ago
Yeah imma go watch that Madagaskar-movie again
YouTube-reject 15 days ago
I hate you for making me aware of the fact that there are 3 norm of the north movies
Fremzyx 16 days ago
"Aliens cubed" cant tell if hes doing math or meth
Carl Eickelberg
Carl Eickelberg 16 days ago
What’s with the weird pauses
RedRangerTom 17 days ago
"It's a shame the better movie isn't remembered more fondly." I can't tell if he's talking about Madagascar or tropic thunder
Noalru Zanders
Noalru Zanders 17 days ago
Pauly Gonzalez
Pauly Gonzalez 18 days ago
I’ll brb I’m gonna go watch Madagascar 3 I forgot how much I love that movie
Pauly Gonzalez
Pauly Gonzalez 18 days ago
nachosNapples 18 days ago
i saw this at an outdoor theater in 3D, glad i was able to before it closed
Gabriel Mattys
Gabriel Mattys 20 days ago
our_rightangle 20 days ago
they made a fourth movie in 2014 called the penguins of madagascar
David Stauch
David Stauch 22 days ago
You are good 👍
RICH_HOMIE_CLEB 23 days ago
breeding proga m
Dave Kalloo
Dave Kalloo 23 days ago
they have a tv show for the penguins
Garpunk 24 days ago
"Alien Cubed" had my dying
Bluebubblebox 13
Bluebubblebox 13 25 days ago
Man, you just talked about my childhood right there.
Oscar David Rosero Cárdenas
I only realized he was joking when he started talking about the political themes in the movie...
Coco HD
Coco HD 29 days ago
"Madagascar Fan Discord" someone revive me i have railgun
AC130 29 days ago
Dude didnte even mention john wick
Munjee Month ago
This isn't an episode of "the quest for the best" because he'd have to retire that series
Hiyashi Falcion
Hiyashi Falcion Month ago
I fucking loved madigascar as a kid. Honestly, I'd say it was the best. And I really frigging love lord of the rings. Haven't seen anything that good for the whole family and for 3 movies. Like as an adult it's better. It makes me miss animation in movies, I feel like the solution to the uncaring moviemaking attitude is to have more animation. You need to care about the product you make because you'll be animating it for the next year or two or three.
nanaki randhawa
nanaki randhawa Month ago
i was in physical pain when he called the justice league the avengers
Christopher Reid
Eddie murphy? You mean Chris rock?
Eamon Craig
Eamon Craig Month ago
Alex learned not to be a bigot
What about men in black?
oraj aklahan
oraj aklahan Month ago
These comments are so confusing, because everyone is praising Madagaskar, but you have to piece together which ones are genuine and which are ironic
Tem tem
Tem tem Month ago
In my opinion these movies are fine, but i think most other trilogies from deeamworks are better. (I can't tell if he is sarcastic)
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy 22 days ago
Tem tem This literally came out on April Fools Day, dude...
Knocks Twice
Knocks Twice Month ago
5:00 better be in YMS' Lion King review
Platypuzzled Month ago
Wait since when does norm of the north have three movies
Horrormaster13 Month ago
To quote Saitama from One Punch Man: *"Okay."*
F H W Month ago
The Third movie is the worst one and ruined the franchise!
shootie Month ago
> obvious sarcasm > released on april fools day the sarcasm is an apriil fools joke, everything he says in this video is completely unironic and actually true
Jason the guy who can do stuff
me bring the gun at the people who make the moto moto meme. me. stop makeing the moto moto meme it's not a funny joke and it's bland you a#shole's
The Targaryen
The Targaryen Month ago
this has burger king foot lettuce energy
Steve Neighbors
Steve Neighbors Month ago
I honestly didn’t realize this video was a April fools joke until 5 weeks later.
Underwatch Month ago
He sounds like me doing a class presentation staring down at my notecards
Lord of Spook
Lord of Spook Month ago
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest Month ago
I like Madagascar, but you’re really annoying.
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy 22 days ago
Will G. Forrest This is an April Fools Video genius..
Jargal Bathishig
sarcasm ?
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy 22 days ago
Jargal Bathishig It’s an April Fools video...
Christian White
Christian White Month ago
Did u lose a bet or something?
Caleb LoBue
Caleb LoBue Month ago
I thought u were supposed to hate everything
synthi Month ago
Hello. I am the #1 Dreamworks fan... in the world... and I remember it... so you don't have to. It's a long debated question, in movie communities - "what is the best trilogy?". There are plenty of reasonable options to choose from. Th-the impeccable Matrix films... the universally acclaimed Hobbit Movies... the hilarious Big Momma Trilogy. Or, I may even allow the... Norm of the North suite of films... as an acceptable answer. However, there is one sacred set of movies, that have been severely overlooked. Yes, of course, I'm talking about... the Madagascar trilogy. Ben Stiller. Eddie Murphy. Friends. And Gloria. Make up an ensemble of characters so important to me, that it may even... begin to... sound like I'm exaggerating. Believe me. I'm not. I consider... this trilogy to be the inverse of the Godfather movies. Instead of the third movie being the weakest, in the MCU (Madagascar Cinematic Universe), I think most... true fans would agree that the third is the best one. Followed closely by the second, and followed closely by the weaker, but still awesome first movie. The first movie is packed to the brim with off the cuff references. Which I love. American Beauty... and others... are referenced. It's hilarious fun for the entire family. Let's not forget the catchphrases... that are still remembered. "You didn't see anything!" "When a zebra's in the zone... leave him alone." And when KJ... utters "welcome to Madagascar", I get chills. Sure. The animation hasn't aged the best. But believe me - it looked just as bad... in 2005. As many have realised at this point, Tropic Thunder, also starring Alex the Lion, completely ripped off the story of the original Madagascar - which goes to show how influential... it turned out to be. It's a shame. The better movie... isn't remembered more fondly. Now. We can all agree that Mort is really cute... and funny. And of course, we have to respect the establishment of King Julian... if not simply... for the expanded MCU TV show... "All Hail King Julien". Which is essential viewing... to anyone who is worth their salt, in the MCU community. But while I can, and always will - respect the establishment of such icons... at the same time, you have to understand... that this is just the beginning. The backbone of the story is yet to come. Yes. You heard me correctly. As good as the first movie is, things don't really get moving - until we finally get to "The Empire Strikes Back"... of Madagascar movies. "Escape 2 Africa - A Madagascar Story" marked the first time... that I felt emotion. It was the night before my birthday. I couldn't sleep from the excitement. So I decided to put on something that would be simple, and easy... to watch. Sure. I could have put on something... edgy... and boring. Like "12 Monkeys", "Mulholland Dr.", you know - the obvious factory-produced garbage... we're all used to at this point. But instead, I ironically put on Escape 2 Africa, assuming I would turn it off in mere seconds. The clock ticked over into midnight... right as the penguins made an incest joke. Tears filled my eyes, as I looked at the time, and noticed that it was my birthday. Let's just say... that's a 25th birthday memory... I'll never forget. Ever since that day, I've been a diehard Madagascar fan. In the fandom, we go by the moniker of... Madagascarians. That's only for the elite few who have important roles, in the Madagascar Fan Discord. Sure. Some might say that Escape 2 Africa is a rip-off of... The Lion King. Except, if we're actually honest with ourselves for just one moment... it's clearly obvious that Madagascar has a much more genuine sense of humour, a better soundtrack, cleaner animation, and so much more. Fuck The Lion King. I don't mean to get emotional but... how can I sit back and not call out blatant copying... such as THIS? I guess the proof... is in the pudding... as far as relevance goes. Many... many... MANY more people remember Makunga. Only idiots... don't see the deep, political satire behind this movie. The penguins are capitalists... through and through. This is Ben Stiller, finally putting his foot down... against communism, cleverly using cute birds to get this message across to children. One of the stronger scenes (arguably in the entire trilogy) is when the penguins fight back, against the apes forming a union. Fuck The Avengers. The penguins are honestly cooler, and basically more capable, in every single way. Speaking of the Avengers... King Julien is the Thanos of this universe. He represents the sickening nature of absolute power... through dictatorship. But at the same time - he's still extremely funny. And has a pretty good... singing voice. His chemistry with Mort obviously stops things from getting too intense or serious. Which I'm happy for. The commentary doesn't end there, though. Far from it... Marty has an emotional journey. Where Alex can't find the real Marty... because he's racist. Luckily by the end... Alex learns not to be a bigot. Thanks for the lesson, Marty! The emotional center of this film is the love triangle... between Gloria, Melman, and Moto Moto. The importance of Moto Moto cannot be misunderstood. Not only is he a cultural icon... but he's brilliantly performed by pop legend... William. He brought an element of vulnerability to the role. Which is crucial to the Melman arc. Which is about him learning to come to terms... with the fact that he is a cuckold. Fuck Madagascar 2. At least compared... to the most beautiful conclusion of a trilogy - since "Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End". Or maybe even "Alien Cubed". As I mentioned earlier, Madagascar 3 is the strongest movie in the MCU... yet. The animation is stunning. The action is more intense. The penguins are crazier than ever before. Are you telling me... the circus is in town? Sign me up. What's this? Brian Cranston needs to fit... through a hole? Can he do it... and live up to his past mistakes? Do you honestly think you stand a chance of putting this movie down? This film was co-written by the same, Oscar-nominated legend... who wrote and directed Marriage Story. Which really shows in the stunningly raw and emotional scenes, between King Julien, and the new... Bear... character. It's safe to say that things... get hairy. Sometimes you need to ask yourself "Hey... do I really need to watch a good movie? Do I really need to waste my time with stuff that's just going to confuse me?". Why would you put that much pressure on yourself, especially when clever, underrated gems like this exist? I say... explore the bottom of the barrel. Never leave your comfort zone. Settle for whatever you can get. And you might just find... that the Madagascar trilogy is the greatest and the purest series of movies... of all time. And I personally cannot wait for this trilogy... to become a qualology. So next time you look down on afro circus, the hilarious Mort, or misquote the penguins... remember... that these beautiful pieces of art were made by people... and what are people, aside from humans? I'm only... human after all. So don't... put the blame... on me. This has been Alex, from IHE... the #1 Dreamworks fan... signing off.
Ryan Rickaby
Ryan Rickaby Month ago
No1 talks shit Bout tropic thunder, SURVIVE
12345 67890
12345 67890 Month ago
Hey, decide yourself. Are you serious, or not? It's a simple question.
Phillip Woodland
When are you going to do an I hate asmr?
Gingecringe Month ago
Do I hate mars bars
The simmertron
The simmertron Month ago
The zebra is played by Chris Rock 😂😂
Epic Big Boy
Epic Big Boy 22 days ago
The simmertron It’s an April Fools video, bro.
PyroPikmin500 Month ago
I Hate Everything, I have a question: do you REALLY hate everything?
Blue Month ago
madagascar is so good i named myself after King Julien tbh
DrewJuice Month ago
I was so engaged and interested in this video then I saw it was made April 1
luminousflame Month ago
that was the longest 10 minutes of my life
Vox Populi
Vox Populi Month ago
The MCU is clearly better than the MCU. Only a pleb can't figure that out.
Zachary DeZ
Zachary DeZ Month ago
I swear this is a joke, nothing can touch the HTTYD series
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Month ago
Nice to see alex still bussin out this fire content
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