The BEST Plays From the 2019 NBA Playoffs!

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Check out the best plays from the entire 2019 NBA Playoffs featuring Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry and more!
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May 29, 2019




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Comments 798
A A 3 hours ago
What a year
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 9 hours ago
dame Lillard did not know he would make that shot he just threw it up and made the best play of his life to take out the thunder and go to the Denver and face the nuggets
bryan gleisner
Born and raised in Philly. Always will have love for this city’s team, but that buzzer beater knocking us out of the playoffs was amazing.
Kleverson Morais
The girl at 0:31 tho LOL hahahahahaha
I don’t like Brandon Ingram he’s trash asf
o m man
o m man 3 days ago
NBA under control by 🇨🇳 government
さとう 7 days ago
louvenson yean
louvenson yean 7 days ago
the king louv. it´s very goood
necoguitar 7 days ago
0:29 that babe's disappointment tho..
Justin Matthews
Justin Matthews 6 days ago
lmao left her hanging
Sight Field
Sight Field 8 days ago
Where us mccaw ?
Kreepo Res
Kreepo Res 9 days ago
Dame time!
Dominicana en Eslovenia 🇸🇮
T Ng
T Ng 10 days ago
its the Kawhi show...
I‘m Unfazed
I‘m Unfazed 11 days ago
Moneer Azizzada
Moneer Azizzada 11 days ago
Bruh raptors got soo lucky this year its not even funny! Kawhi was out for about a year and everyone forgot how to gaurd him...the rest of the raptors are basic scrubs and Kawhi got them the ring! Lmaoo lets see wat they got this year...
Рустам Кильдияров
5. 10. 2019 .
Strahinja 12 days ago
1 min.of silent for OKC
3:03 "The highest I've seen him all season!" You can say that abou JR Smith also.😂
C 's
C 's 13 days ago
8:50 first celtic play
Thomas Reiser
Thomas Reiser 16 days ago
Louis Cypher
Louis Cypher 16 days ago
Drummond's reaction to the Giannis shot LOL You know you're a beast when the opponent is like "nigga you did that for real?
HippieSLiiiM 16 days ago
🤔Wasn't this that year everyone including me said this was gonna be the most predictable season... Sheesh
Kerem Sever
Kerem Sever 16 days ago
Does kawhi do a travel right at the beginning or is it just me? 00:36
esperanza ortega
esperanza ortega 17 days ago
Arnaud MANZI
Arnaud MANZI 17 days ago
i hate that "Curry...for three...puts it in"
Larry Joe
Larry Joe 18 days ago
1:53 did they made a mistake on the video
rodette2010 19 days ago
Harden has no defense at all
Meph Hendrikssen
Meph Hendrikssen 21 day ago
1:52 when the devs just won't fix them 2k glitches
Cwerdy Basketball
Cwerdy Basketball 23 days ago
Привет друг , меня зовут Артем!) Очень нужна твоя помощь , на етом канале будут выходить лучшие моменты матчей с русской озвучкой , и ещё много крутых рубрик. Много конкурсов и полная свобода подпищикам) Вам не сложно , а мне ето очень поможет) Спасибо
thegreatpilipino 24 days ago
nba edit ..fastest way possible like your motivation
Agkotsis 25 days ago
1:52 Error:Editing skills not found
ProWB 26 days ago
Making is officially Giannis’ bitch
jamal mcclain
jamal mcclain 27 days ago
If u wana see some wild ass shit klick da link ruvid.net/video/video-vyQEyOshW9I.html
Draco AC
Draco AC 27 days ago
Kawhi carried the ball and travelled
Luciano Décima
Luciano Décima 28 days ago
0:33 se camina toda la cancha en esa jugada Leonard
Jeff Thekiller
Jeff Thekiller 28 days ago
lakas boy ha
Kidgamer YT
Kidgamer YT 28 days ago
the serge ibaka block on AG was CRAZY
Luke Wolf
Luke Wolf 29 days ago
the 2018-19 nba has been the best season in this timeline
Harold Asugar
Harold Asugar 29 days ago
dave jentapa
dave jentapa Month ago
Legend has it that till now Embiid is still flying and crying.
Filipe Camelo
Filipe Camelo Month ago
00:38 OMG
richard pelaez
richard pelaez Month ago
best game on the year but best ist ,link..; ruvid.net/video/video-XMR3dyzX0I4.html
Shotzbysean Month ago
giannis loves when thon maker is guarding him lmao
Bingo YT
Bingo YT Month ago
Lakers mana
Zeke Hyer
Zeke Hyer Month ago
6:27 At that moment Gordon haward resized he f@$k up
Davis Payne
Davis Payne Month ago
Everyone who disliked the video is a warriors fan
Isaiah Cruz
Isaiah Cruz Month ago
31 seconds in the video 😂😂😂
Giannis really hates maker damn
RafaelFuji Manuel
6:19 myles turner really had me jumping right there damn
du an
du an Month ago
8:06 his name is GAY?
恋王 Month ago
crazy season in NBA history
derozanfan10 Month ago
Where's VanVleet's hail mary three that would have been a foul on Draymond Green
Lee Croshaw
Lee Croshaw Month ago
Glad I got to see a lIttle Gordo Hayward in here. (pause at 6:30)
sucesos increibles
this video 99,9% comentarios en ingles 0,1% comentarios en español
Boi Boiz
Boi Boiz Month ago
Kawhi traveled before he shot the game winner
Jeinner Castillo Nuñez
Djevon Earle
Djevon Earle Month ago
Where’s the insane alleyoop from Vanvleet to Siakam against the warriors?
Freedom1804 Month ago
6:21 wow!!! Body bag!
Jack Hewes
Jack Hewes Month ago
i’m not a big orlando fan, but that augustin three was very clutch
Dirty Burg
Dirty Burg Month ago
That was a mans jam man
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