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This is the best of Diani. We found one of the last hidden spots here and it was easily one of the best travel experience I have had in Kenya.
Along with this, I show you a few of the best things you can do while you're in Diani, Kenya. These include:
1. Seeing the beautiful Colobus Monkeys.
2. Eating great food and Ice Cream.
3. Canoeing and watching a breath taking sunset at a secret place.
4. Riding camels.
5. Gate Crashing parties
A huge thank you to Diani Reef Hotel for accommodating me during my time here. Check them out here:
My Vlogging Gear:
Small Vlogging Camera: amzn.to/30Z9oaI
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Comments 80
M M Micheni
M M Micheni Year ago
Complete list of all casual hair-flips that Raj does: 0:25 , 1:38 , 6:19 , 9:03 , 9:49 , 10:17 , 12:10 ...and yes! I watched the video twice so that I can get all of them! 😂
Wanjiru Ng'ang'a
Wanjiru Ng'ang'a 8 months ago
Haha 😅😅
Red Universe
Red Universe 9 months ago
You're so idle man😂😂😂
Indraj Soin
Indraj Soin 10 months ago
Hahahahaha best comment ever
Jerry Mwamburi
Jerry Mwamburi 10 months ago
😀😀😀I wouldn't have seen that
M M Micheni
M M Micheni Year ago
@Adventure Singh 9:49 is the best cause it includes the head-turn as well!! 😂😂😂 **laughs in receding hairline**
Devin Workman
Devin Workman 7 days ago
Could you do a trip to Eldoret and do a video about it? I grew up there a long time ago
SAMMY RANKING 25 days ago
The budget is significantly real!
Bilal Sidik
Bilal Sidik 25 days ago
Something is free in Kenya... Ferry!!!
David Mungai
David Mungai Month ago
Nice videos Singh now I know why Kenya is magical
Tasneem Jiwaji
Tasneem Jiwaji 2 months ago
New subscriber and I'm hooked!
Nelson Kisia Swaras
Nelson Kisia Swaras 2 months ago
I live in Kenya, but you just made me admire my country ovr and over
Angel Bulage
Angel Bulage 2 months ago
its my first first time here ,watching ur videos .they are really informative and detailed especially since l am venturing into travel /lifestyle vlogs plus they are fun to watch . ive subscribed already.
pm 2 months ago
Diani is actually a backpackers paradise, lots of cheap accommodation around $10-20 (airbnb) cheap local food and amazing beaches.
Habuba Kanazi
Habuba Kanazi 3 months ago
👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Diani Reef. Just wow‼️. Need to go there inshallah
S C 3 months ago
Which is the best hotel on Diani?
Faiz Hisham
Faiz Hisham 4 months ago
Let me know when your in Msa next time. TOP VLOG
Ahmoka Adi Waza waza
I loved mombasa raha kkkkkkkkkkkk so nice
David Smith
David Smith 4 months ago
Planning a trip to east Africa - watching your videos on laptop and using google maps to become oriented!
Husnaa Hussein
Husnaa Hussein 5 months ago
hey singh may i know the name of the hotel which had the dances
TiYah Israel
TiYah Israel 5 months ago
Here in the US a hotel ranging $80 to $100 is a roach motel😂🤣
Joy Mwangi
Joy Mwangi 5 months ago
Finally subscribed 😍😍😍
Debbie Doll
Debbie Doll 5 months ago
I really want to go to Diani after my finals...in short there are a few places I want to visit before I go to university...this was so beautiful 😍❤❣I live for the "gatecrashing a party" ,oml😂
joan atieno
joan atieno 5 months ago
Your vlogs are soo dope, the drone captures even better sites. i would love o tag a long for sure, you vlog as i have the fun but this must be one of my favorite travel vlogs
Machanule Vlogs
Machanule Vlogs 6 months ago
Your drone shots are the bomb man 🙌🏾 The intro 🔥💯🙌🏾 Always a super dope vlog kama kawaida 💯🙌🏾
Eros Rose
Eros Rose 6 months ago
For people who love adventures this is the channel to subscribe to😊
Nikky Niks
Nikky Niks 6 months ago
Love your vlogs
Jay Wareen
Jay Wareen 6 months ago
Jack MJ
Jack MJ 6 months ago
NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT? So you discovered them? Crap!
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 7 months ago
I'm definitely going to ”shark island” lol.
Jay Wareen
Jay Wareen 6 months ago
Whatsup me0740473612
ryan ayub
ryan ayub 7 months ago
Booked for DEcember thanks for the insights man
kitikisam_ the_barber
You look like professor in money heist
kitikisam_ the_barber
World Wild Hearts
World Wild Hearts 7 months ago
Cool video! Love all the speed ramping. You're a pro!!
kelvin kariuki
kelvin kariuki 8 months ago
Diani is just a tip of the ice-burg of what Kenya is rich of and we at @t offer nothing but the best of all Kenya destinations. Singh next time you are around contact us and we will show you around.
Adventure Singh
Adventure Singh 8 months ago
I'm around and I'm still covering everything Kenya has to offer. DM me on Instagram
kelvin kariuki
kelvin kariuki 8 months ago
Diani is just a tip of the ice-burg of what Kenya is rich of and we at @t offer nothing but the best of all Kenya destinations. Singh next time you are around contact us and we will show you around.
Enna Ryans
Enna Ryans 8 months ago
Here you are
Anthony Kago
Anthony Kago 8 months ago
good video but your b-roll shots are too short
A M 8 months ago
Tha real!, Asante Sana
Rita Gicheru
Rita Gicheru 8 months ago
Every year I travel to Kongo River 5 times. I have been trying to market this place to my friends. Thanks for featuring it.
ford hanson
ford hanson 8 months ago
21st Brian
21st Brian 8 months ago
Hello man... How much to check in into the hotel
Rhoda Mwangi
Rhoda Mwangi 8 months ago
I just booked Diani Reef and in my head right now am like ... "BIIINGOOOO!!!". Such a great vlog. First I have seen and I'm Subscribed!!!
ken mckenzie
ken mckenzie 8 months ago
The Drone shoots are amazing👏🏾🔥🔥❤
Olive Nkirote
Olive Nkirote 8 months ago
Thanks to my friend Liz, I met a fellow RUvidr. I was planning a trip to Diani and she highly recommended you. Watched this and am so pumped to plan my itinerary. Thank you Singh.
Tracy Nyaguthii
Tracy Nyaguthii 8 months ago
wow! great vlog.
Beverly Nita
Beverly Nita 8 months ago
Thanks Raj! Definitely checking out Kongo river soon! All these years going to Diani and no one ever mentioned it!
GZB 8 months ago
Instant subscription!!
oceej0 8 months ago
Man you represented on the dance floor.
Blaise A.D
Blaise A.D 8 months ago
Nice vlog, man. Next time you are in South Coast Diani, I recommend staying at Papillon Lagoon Reef Resort. Been there three times in the last 6 years. It never disappoints.
Roseline Lelaono
Roseline Lelaono 8 months ago
I have been to Kongo river and the sunset is just amazing😍😍😍
susan kariuki
susan kariuki 8 months ago
Just met your vid; love it
Kungfu Panda
Kungfu Panda 8 months ago
Bidibadu beach resort is very nice it's affordable also 80$ per night
Esther Munene
Esther Munene 8 months ago
Which was that hotel in Diani😂
Victor 'Simar
Victor 'Simar 8 months ago
Thanks man. I'm thinking of visiting Diani for Christmas and this video has got me proper excited now. Quick question please. Lotfa resort seems pretty good as well, and cheaper than Diani Reef. Is it one of those that compromise on quality?
Adventure Singh
Adventure Singh 8 months ago
Hey dude. Haven't heard of it. Trip advisor would help there
Porya Larjani
Porya Larjani 8 months ago
You don't know shit about diani and good deals...you are getting ripped off and you want to teach others?
Dorothy cheboi
Dorothy cheboi 8 months ago
incredible and all splendid
Nellie Wairimu
Nellie Wairimu 9 months ago
I love your content. You have inspired me to travel
cindy wachira
cindy wachira 9 months ago
love your channel. Please go to Turkana County.
barbara mwandagha
barbara mwandagha 9 months ago
Love the way you break down the prices. Good work..
Hillary Rono
Hillary Rono 9 months ago
Nice channel, you document your travels so well. Could you tell us about the drone footages and how you manage to get those nice aerial shots
N N 17 hours ago
steve mwangi
steve mwangi 9 months ago
Maryline Apaa
Maryline Apaa 9 months ago
subscribed coz i love venturing keep up the good work
nyakundi cosmas
nyakundi cosmas 9 months ago
Thanks a mill. Traveling in 30 days at least now I know I must visit Kongo river
Love Le'Thera
Love Le'Thera 9 months ago
I just found this Channel and I'm exxcciiiitedd! Really cool. It's simple yet really exhilarating. I feel like I'm journeying with. So well put together. Good job. 💃🏽 I'm defoo a new subscriber!🌻 And a happy one at that☀️😄 #🇰🇪😊
Laura Jeanlouis
Laura Jeanlouis 9 months ago
Love your channel check out Tembeakisumu
salah abdinoor
salah abdinoor 9 months ago
Pro tip: When in Diani go to the backpackers!! Micheal and the staff is amazing and it is MUUCH cheaper and also an amazing place Also the backpackers in kenya are great along the coast.. recommend Kilifi and Lamu!
Lovie Anita
Lovie Anita 6 months ago
salah abdinoor who or what is that??
Joshua milton onyango
Singh you are a typical Kenyan
Maithya Willy
Maithya Willy 9 months ago
I am a resident of Diani We are actually advocating for a major reduction in the number of tuktuks on beach road. There are 1645 tuktuks operating on the larger ukunda/diani 20km radius (ukunda traffic police dept) Polution has increased marginally ( noise/air) Accidents have gone up Morning runs means you come back with soles full of black soot Major reason is that they don't respect service schedules/humid salty environment has a fast impact on mechanical wear/tear We champion smart use of tuktuks (ones with service tags, properly kitted drivers and drivers who respect traffic rules)
Patrick Makanda
Patrick Makanda 9 months ago
Reducing tuktuks may not work since its a major source of employment to most of the youths. The county government is not keen on creating job opportunities, so for now the tuktuks will have to stay. But going forward such ideas are worth brainstorming over and finding out the alternatives that are available or that can be created.
Adventure Singh
Adventure Singh 9 months ago
There's lack of alternative business in Diani on the beach side. It's either you drive a tuk tuk or you become a beach boy ie pests to tourists. The locals should be introduced to new forms of making money. Like street food. Maybe then you'd be able to make a change
Jackline Mugo
Jackline Mugo 9 months ago
Just found your channel, I think I'm in love with your vlogs, beautiful! Subscribed, bell on! ;)
Fred Samwel
Fred Samwel 9 months ago
Dude mad BRoll
Ramachandran Natarajan
bwanjohi28 9 months ago
I just discovered your channel, it’s amaze balls!!
Claire Ngugi
Claire Ngugi 9 months ago
loooved it!! nice job
Mohammed Kola
Mohammed Kola 9 months ago
Subscribed, the shots are so awesome and clear, I really enjoyed watching this blog.
vijay suryawanshi
vijay suryawanshi 9 months ago
hey videos are osom, but do you know ur style and voice is similar to another blogger from kenya, Farhana Oberson. Your videos are good too.
Adventure Singh
Adventure Singh 9 months ago
Thanks. But Farhana and I are nothing close lol.
ryan ayub
ryan ayub 9 months ago
If by nobody you mean me then... yes you are totally right... for now. Thank you Adventure seeking for yet another insightful video man
MeMyself & I
MeMyself & I 9 months ago
Yes you nailed it man. GoK is not sincere the industry
GIDEON GICH 9 months ago
you deserve more subs than you have, keep it up
Zeynab Abdirahman
Zeynab Abdirahman 9 months ago
Thank you for Sharing with us your lovely trip may I will take my kids it's so beautiful
Alex Wambugu
Alex Wambugu 9 months ago
Planing to visit Diani Next month. Great insight. Keep up the good work..👍
Jarvis tube
Jarvis tube 9 months ago
Welcome to coast
Kenyan Asmr
Kenyan Asmr 9 months ago
Kate kendy made me your fan
Ch Nu
Ch Nu 9 months ago
Love your video. Was in Diani 3 weeks back. Loved it!! Perfect white sand and turquoise water. Great diving too!! Diani can be cheap too. Im back home in Nigeria and I feel like going back again...tmrw!
Anne Yush
Anne Yush 9 months ago
I don't know but somehow you look like professor in money heist. Nice vlogs 👍
Kevin Ambunya
Kevin Ambunya 6 months ago
Hahaha. Mimi nangoja season four. Aki Nairobi asikose
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