The Best Of Sport Stars On The Graham Norton Show!

The Graham Norton Show
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Anyone you'd like to see on the red sofa?
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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 296
Man has no name • 20 years ago
Graham Norton floating in the air
imba ttuto
imba ttuto 2 days ago
I'm 15 and I got a higher punching score than Anthony Joshua
Kkkjjggh Dnksjs
Kkkjjggh Dnksjs 14 days ago
I love how snoop is so high he is not even looking at the Rock
Molly Chard
Molly Chard 14 days ago
You know I thought David Beckham would have a deeper voice
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan 15 days ago
One of the most famous footballers ever and he still had that respect for his manager. That’s why that team was so good
Nguyễn thành
Nguyễn thành 15 days ago
No one can disrespect Sir Alex Ferguson in the Football world bro , even cr7 scared of Sir alex .
Caleb Cox
Caleb Cox 17 days ago
If had a teacher like Greg, I would never leave school XD
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 20 days ago
Mr Gilbert is happy for once
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester 24 days ago
Snoop doog mk ultra 😂😂😂
Creed Haze
Creed Haze 24 days ago
2:40 Channing's laugh tho🤣
Courteney Havenga
Damn John Cena is fine af
Nutella and Breadsticks
5:51 beckam looks like bale
Jonathan Payton
Jonathan Payton Month ago
The rock always has a look in his eyes like hes still not TOTALLY comfortable being on camera haha
DaRealFxVnM Month ago
Everytime i think of the rock saying CAN YOU SMELL WHAT DA ROCK IS COOKIN I always think fruity pebbles
Varun Sen
Varun Sen Month ago
Cristiano Ronaldo!
KBM 515
KBM 515 Month ago
Best for last
Pleasant_boi Month ago
I expected david bekhams voice to be deeep as f
Mohan Shanmugam
Mohan Shanmugam Month ago
Rock rocks
White people smh
I respect the fact that Graham does his own stunts
w w
w w Month ago
Omg the it doesnt matter was just perferct 😂
Shirinmi Keishing
Am I the only one who sees Snoop Dogg as weed at the end?
DUD3 SAVAG3 Month ago
I'm just happy that someone believes that F1 drivers are sportsmen. I do go karting and people always tell me it's not a real sport you just drive round in circles
christian anderson
Came here for the ROCK
Rich Richie
Rich Richie Month ago
graham norton had no themes about his show. he invited whoever he wants. real talkshow
Fabs519 2 months ago
kobani Kurdistan
kobani Kurdistan 2 months ago
Lewis Hamilton #44
Northernfire 2 months ago
if you smell l l l l l l l l l l what the Snoop is smokin!
Maxxc Delcampo
Maxxc Delcampo 2 months ago
If you smell wha the rock is cooking💪 november 3/2019😁
mannypapapacquiao 2 months ago
Yeah, snoop's feeling it...
Sudipta Acharyya
Sudipta Acharyya 3 months ago
The rock's:'It doesn't matter'!!!!!is just too good to hear...The people's champ never forget to entertain the people.
Pankaj Rajodia
Pankaj Rajodia 3 months ago
The Rock is Cookin....
Amal Vinod
Amal Vinod 3 months ago
Only for The Rock
Stephen Ganan
Stephen Ganan 3 months ago
Snoop never sees. He hears.
Raheeem Mahmoud
Raheeem Mahmoud 3 months ago
Sport hhhhh only I see one sport man and that is David bechkam
JOHNNYwxw 3 months ago
The rock looks like buzz lightyear
Saim Aktar
Saim Aktar 3 months ago
Imagine Sir Alex managing Pogba..
jollychild 3 months ago
Does John cena with hair make anyone else uncomfortable
SOMESH ROSHAN 4 months ago
Omg Graham is flying in the start
Mr Lol
Mr Lol 4 months ago
Virat kohli
mohd fadil23
mohd fadil23 4 months ago
snoopdog has no feeling😂😂
M.Otis 4 months ago
Tyl Aml
Tyl Aml 4 months ago
Hamiltons whistles wen he speaks.... Listen carefully.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Apollo 4 months ago
Who thought in the beginning he was going to do aa through the table, then do 5 nuckle shuffle😂😂😂
Edward Robb
Edward Robb 4 months ago
you know they stretching this compilation when they got wwe celebs in the 'sports stars' category
abdul rafay
abdul rafay 4 months ago
Hugh Jackman watches football wow
2-SpaZ-4-U 4 months ago
John " Such a gentle gut" Cena Funny aside, he Allways "just try it" seems like a cool guy. Yes that was a A.W commercial pun btw for 90 " who still know.
Uma Mahesh
Uma Mahesh 4 months ago
Why there are no cricketers in this video!!!!
NEET HELP 4 months ago
David Beckham hi voice dnt 'sounds' on him
anonymous 878
anonymous 878 4 months ago
if muhammad ali plays the boxer machine, the machine goes insane
daryl joe
daryl joe 5 months ago
Rock is a shy dude
Gingerninjagamer Gingerninjagamer
Snoop is just staring at the floor when the rock is shouting like nothing is happening 😂😂he’s so lost 😂
SubZero Cyclone
SubZero Cyclone 5 months ago
Started with John cena but ended with the best the rock
Anton Berg
Anton Berg 5 months ago
OBI WAN KENOBI !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manuel Elia
Manuel Elia 5 months ago
Lets play a game called ”where is John Cenas hair”
Karan Johar
Karan Johar 5 months ago
Where was snop dog looking at that time? He is always stoned. I bet he has couple of weed in pocket.
iphone 10
iphone 10 5 months ago
One day aj will be a boxer.....not
disadadi 5 months ago
Same clip twice? Cmon
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib 5 months ago
9:20 Snoop dogg isn't even watching.
Calum Goodfellow
Calum Goodfellow 5 months ago
WWE isn’t a sport
Timmy Bucky
Timmy Bucky 5 months ago
Sir Alex the goat
Tau Rian
Tau Rian 5 months ago
This is first maybe i saw him lift a person for FU n didn't slam him down.....lol
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