The best of Lana Del Rey

Janna Sazontyeva
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Lana del Rey RUvid playlist: tinyurl.com/y5tgrd6g
Lana del Rey Spotify playlist: tinyurl.com/y6c5lycn
Lana del Rey Pinterest board: tinyurl.com/yc5mnzwn
00:01 Video games
04:41 Blue jeans
08:11 Born to die
12:58 Carmen
17:11 Off to the races
22:14 Serial killer
26:37 Money power glory
31:00 Florida kilos
35:17 Gods and monsters
39:19 Old money
42:59 Lust for life
48:17 Ride


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Aug 18, 2017




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Comments 100
Олег Илясов
Ребят, россияне! Как вам творчество Ланы?
Danica B
Danica B Day ago
this should just be all of her songs
Malk Avian
Malk Avian 2 days ago
I am fucking crazy.... But I am free.
Sophia Reiblein
Sophia Reiblein 2 days ago
Video games is a classic but one of the bests, can't deny it
Hella P.
Hella P. 3 days ago
She actuallt taught me english cuz I had no given choices but listening to her all day and night, that was like I had addicted.... gave me heaven when I spent my days in the hell... this woman literally saved my life
Hiba Rashid
Hiba Rashid 3 days ago
She actually is amazing at music I love it helps me sleep
luci.f.e.r 3 days ago
I love coming back here 😌
Diego Armando
Diego Armando 4 days ago
dios santo no puedo creer que no vea sumertimes sadness, sacrilegio que no este esa song tan hermosa
La Brindille
La Brindille 5 days ago
La musique de fin est tellement belle... avec sa voix sulfureuse elle éveille toute ma mélancholie et ma nostalgie, "a chameleon soul", tellement belle cette expression...
brokenupsound 6 days ago
Celia Ojeda
Celia Ojeda 6 days ago
i wanna cry
Andy O
Andy O 6 days ago
Eduardo Rodriguez
One just can't say "the best of Lana del Rey" and not include Shades of cool, west coast or 13 beaches, and totally exclude the whole honeymoon album lol
Yes Its-me
Yes Its-me 7 days ago
Saved me from suicide. Amazing lady.
Owen Butler
Owen Butler 7 days ago
Helena Marich
Helena Marich 8 days ago
WOW amazing Alana Del Ray songs! no adds awesome! all Alana Del Ray
Angel Gamer
Angel Gamer 9 days ago
En la sad
Ari Chama
Ari Chama 10 days ago
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Παυλος Σαρουγιαννιδης
Her lyrics Just knows where to hit you
Wreather Loki
Wreather Loki 10 days ago
My hart... Dit is so mooi. 'n Gamer se beste vrou. Sing sy soos 'n Nagtegal vir my tot my dood.
Ferhati Chaima
Ferhati Chaima 11 days ago
its 2020 and I'll break the reply button!
Nicolas Hügli
Nicolas Hügli 12 days ago
Good job baby!
Nicolas Hügli
Nicolas Hügli 12 days ago
Good job baby!
Preshus Wilkins
Preshus Wilkins 12 days ago
If America was a playlist
ALEMEFRAZ 12 days ago
RuvianPrince 12 days ago
this playlist is impeccable
mayyy 16
mayyy 16 12 days ago
Nemika Tyagi
Nemika Tyagi 12 days ago
Dark Paradise???? Love??? I'm sorry I just love those songs so much.
Steptember Angle
Steptember Angle 13 days ago
Can someone make a 1 hour loop of Money Power& Glory?!?!!
Mukhammetali Yeleubekov
The best of Lana Del Rey : puts her whole discography including May Jailor and Lizzy Grant periods (that's how it should have been done)
Fugcxs Hjiokyff
Fugcxs Hjiokyff 14 days ago
becharef amine 20
becharef amine 20 14 days ago
m melting . she a GODESS
Azalia Brilliance
Azalia Brilliance 14 days ago
Серьезно, я вникла в ее песни и полюбила. Теперь она икона для меня, хотя раньше терпеть не могла слушать, ахаха. Серьезно. Я в шоке. Лана это как отдельная религия😍
Akriti Mondal
Akriti Mondal 14 days ago
Y'all forgot to add Young and Beautiful, Cola, Music to Watch Boys To and Dark Paradise !
last summer
last summer 15 days ago
i love how in almost every “the best of lana del rey” playlist you can find video games. i honestly think it’s her best song.
Laura Bors
Laura Bors 15 days ago
Young and Beautiful ?:(
Betül Öz
Betül Öz 16 days ago
Her songs feels like i'm in fairytale ♥
Camilo Franco
Camilo Franco 16 days ago
This video is called "The best of Lana Del Rey" but I don't see every single song of hers in here... something is not right... Great video though!
Bill Braskey
Bill Braskey 16 days ago
So the last song is about the wandering roastie. Poor Lana. She got some mileage on her.
shaghayegh yaghoubi
even lyrics wow thank uuuuuuuu
Lily Griffin
Lily Griffin 18 days ago
Jimena Olan
Jimena Olan 18 days ago
Thanks to this video i really listened to Lana and i really loved everything about her songs
Rhah Nabunaid
Rhah Nabunaid 20 days ago
Best Star Wars intro yet.
minseo kim
minseo kim 21 day ago
alphabet soup
alphabet soup 21 day ago
mani Kahlon
mani Kahlon 22 days ago
If God is woman.. so she is 🙌🏽 possessed with amazing songwriting. What a poet!
Amazin Angelica
Amazin Angelica 22 days ago
hossain faysal
hossain faysal 23 days ago
2020!any one else?
Melina 23 days ago
Cherry is good, too ♡♡
Flavia Fontana
Flavia Fontana 23 days ago
A D 23 days ago
When you discover Lana it's as if you're discovering magic.
Destiny Maisano
Destiny Maisano 24 days ago
such a good singer love every song
Hazel Tcha
Hazel Tcha 27 days ago
I’m surprised young and beautiful is not in here
Mpho Is a literal nobody
Same that song sends me to tears even tho I'm just 15, no where near old and still beautiful;)
Healing Elements
Healing Elements 26 days ago
same , although I adore all of her songs that one sings to me ...blessings xo
Yeji Cho
Yeji Cho 29 days ago
Thank you so much for making this video this is so beautiful I really love Lana
Luanna Gouveia da Silva
i`m glad that u put the Ride monologue
honeymoon Month ago
nothing from honeymoon?
Efsun Tuana Ayyıldız
↓↓↓ *LANA'S BEST SONGS* ↓↓↓ ruvid.net/group/PLFDNxeun5w8KbFaUiZNrJspH860N9QVaZ
barb Month ago
i literally got all of my work done because of this thank u
_______ Andrea
_______ Andrea Month ago
It’s been 3 hours and i haven’t finished this bc i keep replaying it.
Alex Hutcherson
Alex Hutcherson Month ago
It’s sinful that NONE of Honeymoon is on here
Lilight Month ago
15:57 Elle parle super bien français c'est dingue 😲
catu etchebest
catu etchebest Month ago
one hour about lana del rey, this should be the paradise
Derin Mermer
Derin Mermer Month ago
Thank you, I'm studying an exam which is called LGS with this playlist
video games
video games Month ago
Queen's songs in this video: Video Games- 00:00 Blue Jeans- 04:41 editing later:))
Octavia Blake
Octavia Blake Month ago
Lana ❤
Pensadora Pensativa
brooklyn baby,dark paradise,HONEYMOON, and change. please . kidding love her
Sabrinah Mendes
Sabrinah Mendes Month ago
Ada D
Ada D Month ago
Meet me at the pale moonlight is the besttttt
Wattchn Month ago
great list but wow no summertime sadness rly :o
TANKINI11 Month ago
no se como llegue pero me alegra
FunMist Month ago
This video is now live at funmist.com/2020/09/03/the-best-of-lana-del-rey/
Sofia Istillarte
es la primera vez que escucho una cancion de lana del rey ,me encanto la cancion
Beachte mich nicht
I hate the ads
Агата Гущина
Очень люблю Лану, кто тоже - лайк
bookzscent Month ago
tbh i never understood all the hype about kpop and all those songs most kids my age like. like I don't find anything special in them. (no hate please, just stating my opinions) but Lana Del Rey. shes special. her songs are deep. it makes me feel emotions I can't explain. sorry if this comment does not make any sense, I felt like I needed to put this out here.
Sandra Jovic
Sandra Jovic Month ago
Summertime sadness
Christophe Lamoureux
As Atem
As Atem Month ago
Кто с 2020 с того лайк 🥰
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang Month ago
vyelee Month ago
okay sorry but.. money glory power.. not her best song😳😳
brianna Month ago
The best of Lana Del Rey: *Insert all of her songs*
Leen Pérez
Leen Pérez Month ago
Young and Beautiful???
1074นธฌา ด่านเย็นเจริญ
Her voice is really like Melenie Martinez, just some song ☀️
Hannah Blankenship
How is Summertime Sadness not here??
Sicci WindexFly
Sicci WindexFly Month ago
Personal lana faves ✨ -serial killer -jealous girl -be my daddy -trash -lolita -st. Tropez -playing dangerous -maha maha -queen of disaster All lana songs are great tbh 🥺
Imtiaz Hossain
Imtiaz Hossain Month ago
Adriano's Post
Adriano's Post Month ago
hey, guys! If you're a Lana's fan just like me, check this slowed and dreamy version of Sad girl. ruvid.net/video/video-PHC0PKPVNXo.html
gunnar þ björnsson
Dont he funn .
Joyce Izabel
Joyce Izabel Month ago
Amo ❤️
하하 Month ago
Black Beauty
2 worlds and in between...
Devaluator Month ago
nice set, those lyrics are great choice to show up as long singer is singing...
gothhippie777 Month ago
wow, all my favourite
royden Month ago
this video really said starwars
Zach Brandt
Zach Brandt Month ago
This is perfect
nishanth abir
nishanth abir 2 months ago
Someone from algeria 🙏💜
P u p p y P i k a ARMY
You relly had to put young and beautiful tooo😢
Muhammad Abby Love
Muhammad Abby Love 2 months ago
Abby you are all music to me. But something about these Lana Del Ray songs ay❤
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