The Best of CAM NEWTON || Career Montage || (HD)

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Jul 26, 2018




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Shame 2 days ago
never realized how underrated newton is..
Ghostlyy Playzz
Ghostlyy Playzz 4 days ago
10:20 can newton beast mode activated
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson 7 days ago
Who was already die hard Pats fan after Brady left I was but when I found out he got Superman I sayed we don't need TB12
Kingston McLaughlin
Who’s here after week 1
Gerard Jones
Gerard Jones 9 days ago
this is what the pats needed, Newton is multidimensional. Offensive coaches are licking their chops.
Chris Gravel
Chris Gravel 10 days ago
Ican definitely see us adding some more trophies to the Lombardi room.And Cam Newton is going to get us there he's our quarterback now.
BRAVO 27 days ago
I didn’t realize how much Cam got his ass beat. Hella late hits and gang tackles
Justin James
Justin James 29 days ago
The fact that I had to watch 3 minutes of video until I finally saw a pass tells me everything I need to know. The guys an old running back who typically holds onto the ball too long and then occasionally turns a broken play into 15 yards. Now he's getting older and slower, so he most likely will make less and less of those type plays. My big issue aside from the dudes fashion, is he's never been accurate at all, except for like one season. Now he has one of the worst offensive rosters in the NFL. Gonna be a tough year for Cam.
Kaizaro123 Month ago
"Who else is here after/because of ______________" is the lamest comment on youtube, second only to memes.
Kaizaro123 Month ago
7:18 My favorite Cam touchdown. And 10:18 always makes my allergies start acting up...
Kaizaro123 Month ago
Dear God, Cam Newton with Two Steps From Hell = major goosebumps!
Not a football fanbut that pass at index 11:06 is amazing... it was millimetres away from the heads of those guys...wow!
g0ferboy Month ago
I hope the Pats give him a win, because he took the Panthers so damn far. With the Panthers being my favorite team, he is definitely my favorite quarter back. Sad to see him go. Glad to see he can get a ring.
_ Certified
_ Certified Month ago
i'm routing for the Pats this season
PatWinner20 Month ago
soo uhhhhhhhh, who else is here after Cam signed with the Patriots
fasteddie bassman
Scam Newtons legacy is standing there like a dummy looking at the ball on the ground in the SUPERBOWL-!! WHAT AN IDIOT !!!!!!
Barack Afrobama
Barack Afrobama 2 months ago
I’m a pats fan and I’m pissed they signed him
Barack Afrobama
Barack Afrobama 2 months ago
He’s a good dancer that’s it. No heart whatsoever
Freeman Kebean
Freeman Kebean 2 months ago
Absolute star
Požgaj Split
Požgaj Split 2 months ago
where is the scene from sb, i'm too valuable to jump on the ball ? :))
Antonio Glass
Antonio Glass 2 months ago
Going to the playoffs die hurt I don't switch teams ps brady good quarterback but dont bit the hand that feed you watch out
Stal Zemsty
Stal Zemsty 2 months ago
I can't wait to see what happens with New England now.
MyBudinesd 2 months ago
This compilation showed that Cam didn’t have a real receiver after Steve Smith Senior left.
Karolyn Scott
Karolyn Scott 2 months ago
Say man to many commercials
jeremiah beck
jeremiah beck 2 months ago
I think that game vs Arizona was the greatest postseason game of his career. Maybe the greatest period. I didn't see Arizona that season but teams don't make it to the NFC championship game by fluke. And Carolina and cam Newton made em look like a damn lottery team. That was incredible. If cam gets back to that in new england, I might just pick new england as the favourite to win it all. That's how good he really is.
SunKey 2 months ago
This man is a beast Cams back
TecnixX 2 months ago
Sad how the Panthers treated him at the end...Go cam!!
Peter Mattson
Peter Mattson 2 months ago
Let's go PATS!!!
Carolina 1413
Carolina 1413 2 months ago
0:11 That cutback to spring the long run against the Vikings was legendary. Just straight nasty. Truly amazing QB. Will be greatly missed in Carolina
Jeanetta Love
Jeanetta Love 2 months ago
🗣Yes Siiiiir ‼️ You Go Cam...🦁 It’s green 🟢👌🏽 😂😜😂 🤩 I Love Yoooou....🥰🌏🏄🏼‍♂️
Timothy Antoine
Timothy Antoine 2 months ago
All those great highlights , I missed the one where he recovered the fumble in the Superbowl . Oh , that's right he didn't try to .
Carolina 1413
Carolina 1413 2 months ago
Even if he would've recovered it they still couldn't move the ball. Denver defense was too much. Panthers still would've lost. Did you even watch the game???
Chris Cann
Chris Cann 2 months ago
Pat's fans here in 2020? If we see this Cam?? Woooo....
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 2 months ago
New England time 😈😈😈😈😈
7700Football 2 months ago
And now he's a backup to another ex-Auburn, overrated, flunkie.
Z T 2 months ago
Both those Auburn QB's beat the Tide.
Steve Goode
Steve Goode 2 months ago
DANGER SOUNDS 2 months ago
Whos here after cam signed his contract with the Patriots Welcome to the team Cam Newton
Kaizaro123 2 months ago
You Go, Cam! Let the haters hate.
Kaizaro123 2 months ago
Christoffer Karolyi-Brink
Who’s here after the patriots got Cam?
S.R.P (Sports, Religion, Politics)
Stidham has NO CHANCE! ... Cam will be the starting QB
Niners 21
Niners 21 2 months ago
People call this glass? Stupid as hell
Niners 21
Niners 21 2 months ago
He’s always caught tho. Not as fast as colin
Thomas Fiscus
Thomas Fiscus 2 months ago
Fuck Scam Newton!
Sai Lalanabaravi
Sai Lalanabaravi 2 months ago
He's shoulder was banged up cause he was literally carrying the team
Alex Chidester
Alex Chidester 2 months ago
He’s literally Derrick Henry who can throw, hope he can make plays like this in NE
good one lol
Dave St.Pierre
Dave St.Pierre 2 months ago
If he gets some love from Josh McDaniels and the Pats O.L, WATCH OUT!!!RUN,RUN,RUN..
Pamela Bluitt
Pamela Bluitt 2 months ago
Always pulling for my QB Russell Wilson. But 2nd runner up is Cam Newton! GO HAWKS!!!!! GO CAM!!!! Never liked the Pats but I'm on board now. Got my Russell Wilson Jersey last year gon get my Cam's this year!!!!🏈🎧🎧
Blinking Kitty
Blinking Kitty 2 months ago
Who is here when cam got signed by the pats
Milton Matthews
Milton Matthews 2 months ago
Idk if it's the music or the highlights or both, but something inside me is very happy right now😁😁😁😁
YonaPops 2 months ago
Dam where’s the passing he is a qb
Yuri 2 months ago
Patriots bought a good Running Back.
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 2 months ago
What ppl dont realize is that Cam has only had one 1,000 yard reciever but yet still gets the job done when healthy. Olsen was a pro bowler, but he was a tight end and not making 80 yard grabs. He was more of Cams security blanket. Heres a list of some of Cams #1 receivers for the year Kelvin Benjamin, Funchess , Tedd Ginn, a 36 year old Steve Smith, and a young DJ Moore but Cam made them look good and win games. Ppl like to ignore that he wasnt throwing to the Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkins, Michael Thomas's of the league
Patrick T
Patrick T 2 months ago
thats my quarterback. #letsgopats
Beast 2 months ago
When Cam Newton is healthy he’s a top 10 QB. Patriots are going from the greatest player/passer ever to statistically the greatest rushing QB ever. It will be fun to watch Brady in Tampa and Cam in New England.
AMAR 2 months ago
A lot of runs here. With him going to NE, the best of Cam Newtons THROWING TDs is most desirable.
Zone Prod.
Zone Prod. 2 months ago
Who’s here because cam got traded
Tony Wyatt
Tony Wyatt 2 months ago
Mark my words he has a chip on shoulder this year and Panthers is gonna regret letting him go smh
Enzo Cirnigliaro 1
Enzo Cirnigliaro 1 2 months ago
I believe cam can take the Pats back to the super bowl. It’ll be tough to get through Mahomes and Lamar tho
Anthony Harrison
Anthony Harrison 2 months ago
You're goofy. New England will be no better than 8-8 and the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East in 2020.
Nick Lund
Nick Lund 2 months ago
Emperor Belichick will appreciate his new recruit
Casey Snow
Casey Snow 2 months ago
Cam newton: *running* Also cam newton: *do a front flip and land on your shoulder for no reason*
Steve Greenberg
Steve Greenberg 2 months ago
Faster than a speeding bullet-More powerful than a Locomotive-Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound- Look-Up in the sky...Its a bird-Its a plane-Its Superman.!! Welcome to New England Superman..!!
Kaylee Brown
Kaylee Brown 2 months ago
How amazing would it be to see a Newton VS Brady Super Bowl?
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 2 months ago
PUSH!! 🙋🏽‍♀️
Tony Imperato
Tony Imperato 2 months ago
Bill does it again
ThunderPlays14 And Caleb
i cant wait to see what bill belichick will be able to get him to do this year!!! :)
Winston Virgo
Winston Virgo 2 months ago
Fuck Jake Fromm.He's a pussy.
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones 2 months ago
You deserve all the happiness that your hands and heart can hold Cam!!! I love Carolina turquoise. I have been a Cowboy's fan all my life. But I'll follow you wherever you go. Hello New England. Momma that's a BAD MAN!!!
Mike Joao
Mike Joao 2 months ago
Nice addition Patriots will be completely different from anyone seen before with a new playbook Belechik' is shifting gear and will confuse the hell out defensive lines
Mike Joao
Mike Joao 2 months ago
Cam dangerous in the red zone
Justin 2 months ago
As a Patriots fan, I am STOKED Cam Newton was signed. Can’t wait to see what he does with Bill!!
Jac ck
Jac ck 2 months ago
If he can stay healthy y’all are making the playoffs again
Antonia Hardy
Antonia Hardy 2 months ago
It's called GROWTH and HUMILITY.... can't wait to see Cam in a Patriot's Jersey. Cam is the reason I became and Auburn fan and then a Pamthet fan. Much success this season
Jake Hopkins
Jake Hopkins 2 months ago
Who’s here after cam to the patriots
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux 2 months ago
Who’s here after the pats got him
Ron 2 months ago
Also, no hate against Teddy Bridgwater, but Panthers mgmt is about to see what a mistake they made by disrespecting the BEST player and only superstar their franchise ever had.
Ron 2 months ago
Best Campilation I’ve seen so far. Nice job!
Chris Collier
Chris Collier 2 months ago
Anybody wondering why Cam is playing hurt all the time, or, even worse not playing at all? See above.
michael bergeron
michael bergeron 2 months ago
I'm a saints fan. Like him or not, the mans a force to be reckoned with for sure
John Bob
John Bob 2 months ago
Does he throw the ball?
D P 2 months ago
Its all running plays, dude has an arm too ya know jeez
Charles Tolbert
Charles Tolbert 2 months ago
Cam made the pats LINEBACKER core look like kids but aye that's how to cookie crumbles🔴🔥🔵👏👏👏👏
robbierob808 2 months ago
Who else is here after they traded Cam Newton to the Patriots
Shawn Coley Jr.
Shawn Coley Jr. 2 months ago
Devin Funchess should ask to be traded to New England cuz when he played wit Cam he had some great games and Cam could use a healthy weapon like Funchess back as his wide out
Sam S.
Sam S. 2 months ago
Watching Cam play is like watching Bo Jackson play. Every snap you’re just a little bit on the edge of your seat because you know something special might happen!
DanimusPrime 2 months ago
Can I find one fucking Cam newton highlight video without some type of anthem? Shit.
kevin babu
kevin babu 2 months ago
Panthers must regret letting QB1 go 🙌
Hammad H
Hammad H 2 months ago
Cam is going to get what he deserves. A Ring
Marshall Gelder
Marshall Gelder 2 months ago
Hey yall check out The Whole 9 Inches Podcast on Spotify! Lmk what you think @t
JaySayz 2 months ago
Who else is here watching this after learning Cam is a Patriot?
Deep State
Deep State 2 months ago
Pats Haters when Brady left: Haaaa Haaaa last place! Pats Haters when Cam signs: Gulp 😶
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 2 months ago
Here after the pats signed Cam Newton 🔥 LFG BABY
CookiesBigToe 2 months ago
Who’s here because the pats signed him
Eduardo Link
Eduardo Link 2 months ago
The music in the background almost made me cry 🥺🥺
Cromo6 2 months ago
This man looks like he is made of steel.
Big Gotit
Big Gotit 2 months ago
This man is a elite quarterback when healthy and I can’t believe he carried a decent team to the super bowl
Kim Limb
Kim Limb 2 months ago
i hate how he celebrates first before acknowledging his teammates
PlayfulTitan 2 months ago
Who would have ever thought he would be on the Patriots.
Luke Schroeder
Luke Schroeder 2 months ago
This video has me hyped for the upcoming season. This man is truly Superman!
Car Kid
Car Kid 2 months ago
Cam=pats Super Bowl
Cameron Parrinello
Cameron Parrinello 2 months ago
Who else is here during 2020 wishing cam was still in Carolina
Yes Now
Yes Now 2 months ago
ThatEggThatDoesRobloxCommentary YouTube
Who’s here when Cam is with the pats?
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