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Thank you guys for an amazing 2019. I appreciate you all for supporting me over the years. Now let’s crush 2020

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Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

Minecraft Fortnite call of duty

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Jan 1, 2020




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Comments 1 141
J. Cube
J. Cube 6 days ago
58:33 Is the next hit of the decade
CHEEZI Month ago
What is the song at 51.07
BrentlessTV Month ago
The length of the video is as long as a Transformers movie
DxDRabbit Month ago
30:11 song sauce?
Kabdcos Month ago
I miss Brendon
Taking Over Space
Taking Over Space 2 months ago
50:42 so good 😂
The Dark Angel Assassin Prince
Chick fli la Is Just not that good
Yhgc Gvfg
Yhgc Gvfg 2 months ago
DdQwex zz b &
BARRYBENS0N _ 2 months ago
Doragon967 2 months ago
Not me taking two years to realize Marcel played with Brendon Urie
Derek Wheeler
Derek Wheeler 3 months ago
4:49 Nigga what?! And Wildcats wheeze!😂😂
alex walton
alex walton 3 months ago
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THERAINBOWMAN 56 3 months ago
Best part has to be 1:01:10
Helena Kruse
Helena Kruse 3 months ago
1:09:57 he sounded like the blonde girl from big mouth bro lmao
Fish yo face
Fish yo face 3 months ago
Ayo you right 🤣
Ay-Ay-RonUwU 3 months ago
So you're telling me he actually played with Brendon urie? How did i not notice
wyatt the votanater
wyatt the votanater 4 months ago
Yay we got a nuke. Alexa: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Zane 4 months ago
1:08:55 best part
Hunter02 TV
Hunter02 TV 4 months ago
21:26 His class names lmao
Keegan Cuisider
Keegan Cuisider 4 months ago
You grinded boys?
dorothy Susanna
dorothy Susanna 4 months ago
The puzzling drill definitely practise because noise consequently relax per a fascinated distance. unsuitable, roomy sense
Josephsurvivor 4 months ago
what song is this at 51:00? I'd like to know because it fuckin bops
Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn 4 months ago
Can anyone link the vid that 2:40 came from
Manuel Cardenas
Manuel Cardenas 5 months ago
4:49 marcel's best moment
Yeetlord45 5 months ago
watch 20:46 to 20:50 you will hear "i forgot to go pick it up to go CLUBBING"
Doris Rivera
Doris Rivera 5 months ago
1:32 He speaks the language of the gods
AA ron
AA ron 5 months ago
man remember when fortnite was fun. I wish it would just got back to season 4-5 and it be 2019 again No covid No problem And a good weekend ahead 😞
FlareHeartGamex 2020
What's the name of the game,I want to play it one time
ThrashDaGnarz 6 months ago
30:30 Song???
Meteorae _
Meteorae _ 6 months ago
This was a year ago ?! Wtfff
DeathDragon1730 6 months ago
Mw maps in a marcel quote: “WHERE AM I GETTING SHOT FROM?!”
Sasque Uuchiiha
Sasque Uuchiiha 6 months ago
What anime is that song from? I HAVE TO KNOW
Joshua Leon
Joshua Leon 6 months ago
2:36 Marcel unlocks his sharingan
Anbu Low
Anbu Low 6 months ago
That... was the best intro ever. Animeeee
Pirate Goku
Pirate Goku 6 months ago
I’m Addicted to fortnight 2019 I’m addicted to among us 2020 through 2021
Gaming Wolf10
Gaming Wolf10 6 months ago
william alsobrook
william alsobrook 7 months ago
....popeyes biscuits taste better when you put it in the microwave for about...15 to 20 seconds..otherwise they kinda crap
Kirsten Capel
Kirsten Capel 7 months ago
I have two questions. 1. What's the name of the video on 21:05? 2. Is that a nuclear bomb or nuclear siren on 21:16, 21:30 and 21:41? Sorry about that. 🙏
Kyle Kelly
Kyle Kelly 7 months ago
I can hear puffer crying after reliving the horror of editing this all year
Daddcheerios 7 months ago
Djeb Habah
Djeb Habah 7 months ago
this game is racist
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 7 months ago
The threatening canadian contextually correct because spade erroneously film per a simple valley. ill, proud acoustic
Cluch _TrevorM
Cluch _TrevorM 7 months ago
My name is Trevor to
kay kay
kay kay 7 months ago
Ayo, this was perfect to watch
Birdie03.24 7 months ago
If youtube did a wrap up like spotify, this would be my most watched video of 2020.
MrRaids 7 months ago
0:00 Whats the song called
popeye 7 months ago
1:35:55 that’s the hardest I heard marcel laugh 😂
Dylan Nitsiza
Dylan Nitsiza 7 months ago
Title idea: Basically I'm workin through 2020
Harry Base
Harry Base 7 months ago
That uno bit is fuckin hilarious every time I watch it!
SABean RPuff
SABean RPuff 7 months ago
Tbh I fell sleep to this and it was awesome best dreams I’ve had
Natson Thervil
Natson Thervil 8 months ago
Derek Wheeler
Derek Wheeler 3 months ago
Thank you!
Astral Okami
Astral Okami 8 months ago
All we didnt have to worry bout corna
HDL_ _Salsa
HDL_ _Salsa 8 months ago
Can I get the Swagnum Class?
Master Mower3
Master Mower3 8 months ago
Anime into fire this year
______ 8 months ago
When you see the anime at the beginning its going to be a good day
ThtFtBstrd 8 months ago
Gunmetallist 8 months ago
RIP to Puffer editing 🙏
2 Sweaty Asian 3
2 Sweaty Asian 3 8 months ago
Uh my man lives in the med-evil ages
Ramzee Hood
Ramzee Hood 8 months ago
Song in the intro?
Emily Differenz
Emily Differenz 8 months ago
I love the sheer amount of yelling/screeching
Jerricho Cross97
Jerricho Cross97 8 months ago
26:43 xD
Unknown 8 months ago
lv H8TED vl
lv H8TED vl 8 months ago
I like how people kill you and they laugh but I’m rich and your poor -Basically 2019😭😭😭😂
RubyV 8 months ago
I cant wait until I can speak and read Japanese
A Smol Blue Bird
A Smol Blue Bird 8 months ago
I've never had a good popeyes biscuit. They're always so dry and crumbly
Sammie Rose Jordison
In some clips you remind me of "Jay" from "Big Mouth" haha love it!
deemo san
deemo san 8 months ago
D4RKFL4M3TTV 8 months ago
58:34 best rap song 2019-2020 🔥😎
D4RKFL4M3TTV 8 months ago
39:12 the best fighting scene ever 😂🔥
BLISS YT 8 months ago
what is the song? 51:05
ShadowPlayzMC 8 months ago
2:07:07 Brian turning to a angry jacksepticeye (autocorrect)
The Demon
The Demon 8 months ago
Michael Khouri
Michael Khouri 8 months ago
4:48 you know porky pig that’s all folks? Well this is the exact opposite 😂
indhr5 8 months ago
That anime edit tho is insannenenenenenen
Jason Parrish
Jason Parrish 8 months ago
Title idea for 2020- Best of Basicallyidoquarantine
Seni kreatif
Seni kreatif 9 months ago
Brent Lindsey
Brent Lindsey 9 months ago
1:06:14 I'm done 😂😂😂😂😂
Xmdi Valid
Xmdi Valid 9 months ago
1:09:04 that junk go hard and I remember that song to
X3M 9 months ago
ian even know marcel could say nigga
Preston Vue
Preston Vue 9 months ago
Ok clean
Nathaniel Moreau
Nathaniel Moreau 9 months ago
Ay since you're rich can you buy my family a new home. We lost our car and home because of the hurricanes.
rabbit gamning11
rabbit gamning11 9 months ago
In the thumbnail
Brody Lee Sargent
Brody Lee Sargent 9 months ago
36:40 deathrun
Nate Stamper
Nate Stamper 9 months ago
Okay seriously though Marcel and Courage are probably the most entertaining duo out there
Zachary Fuhrmann
Zachary Fuhrmann 9 months ago
Bear Cubb
Bear Cubb 9 months ago
1:08:40 marcel wrong for that one 😂
stirlo 9 months ago
Ok c
Megatronic48_Gaming 9 months ago
48:43 Marcel coming in with that salty Burn
Numericcloth487 9 months ago
Can we all just agree that Brendan just nailed it at 51:19?
Bluooツ 9 months ago
Puffer deserves a fucking raise that intro was actually insane wth
Orlando Soto
Orlando Soto 9 months ago
Best 2 hrs plus everrrrr
Eli Ebersole
Eli Ebersole 10 months ago
Everyone: 2020 is gonna be one of the best years Me: Anyone else reading this after the global pandemic?
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo 9 months ago
@Sean Craddock no it’s not people still have the virus this whole thing won’t really be over until there is a vaccine
Sean Craddock
Sean Craddock 9 months ago
Yea it’s over now bro
Logan V
Logan V 10 months ago
Dude that EMS no scope at the start was baller
Andrew Yamilkoski
Andrew Yamilkoski 10 months ago
Moon Wukong
Moon Wukong 10 months ago
Dude everytime I'm watching RUvid not even Basically, just RUvid in general, and I fall asleep, I always land on this video.
Makayla 10 months ago
1:31:32 *Panda was slain by his own kind* 🐼
SweetNightmares 10 months ago
1:27:20 just leaving this for when I wake up
Brief Lean
Brief Lean 10 months ago
Its funny how basically thinks hes the only rich dude that plays video games😂
RUDY 10 months ago
Can't wait until 2021
YeetBoy .357
YeetBoy .357 10 months ago
Mangekyo sharingan
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